Zhan Long Chapter 1260

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Next morning, early gets up, Wan Er and East city do not plan to practice the level today, but knew that Ouyang Nuoyan must see me, therefore together sees her with me, for fear that I by this CEO carrying off.

All conform to simplicity, nearby coffee.

In the morning about 10 points time, when we pass, Ouyang Nuoyan already, and is also leading 78 people, wears the Class attire, has the male also to have the female, fronts are wearing the chest card, looks from afar, is the officials in destiny company, not far away, the young people who several drink the coffee look to here, as if also already discovered that this group of people were the popular game «Destiny» official.

„Xiao Yao, long time no see, the Cang Tong beautiful woman and Cang Yue beautiful woman is also good!" Ouyang Nuoyan stands up on own initiative, saying with a smile.

I sit in their front, is bringing Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, with them the table encircling, the appearance that must discuss, but I also know that assigns is not the good deed, Ouyang Nuoyan is any status, she comes definitely to have the need she to sell the face personally the place, but I was also knew well with her, sometimes the face has no alternative but to sell.

„What can drink?" Staff member who wear Class installs asked with a smile.

I said: „Comes several coffee casually."


She went to a list, but I looked to Ouyang the face, said: „Ouyang, comes straight to the point, this time asked me to meet, certainly what pit father's matter also had?"

Ouyang Nuoyan throws smiles, the flowering branch shivers all over, said: „Good, since Xiao Yao you are so honest, I was also embarrassed had covered-up again, truly this matter suitable sorry, in equipment attribute matter about game."

I one thump: „Which equipment attribute can weaken my?"

„Is the coverall." She has the apology saying: „Did Uncle Wang, you say to Xiao Yao?"

That about 35 -year-old high and low person nods, very Class nature nods to me smiles, said: „The Xiao Yao Zi Zai player, this matter we have been pressing actually about 4 days, the matters about many people of suits, with the sky rose, ancient musical scale of US server and other artificial heads, brown pupil and highest heaven city of Russian server the demon mountain and other celebrity players in also together seconds the motion together jointly, thinks the overlord rebirth skill that your coverall supplements extremely has really balanced at the influence game, they approximately 200 000 + the player protested jointly that requesting the Chinese server to weaken the overlord rebirth the skill, therefore, we have made the following revision"

He, turned on front tablet PC, said: „Overlord rebirth revision: Summoned Xiang Yu Ba Hun, various hideaway attribute large scale promotion, and when was killed may the rebirth, Level reduce 1 immediately, the entire attribute promoted 15%, the death rebirth 10 times, the attribute addition will vanish after offline most, was this, the effect weakened 50%, increase resurrecting has limited, does not know whether you did have what objection?"

I showed a faint smile, visit him saying: „The design of overlord coverall came from in the destiny, thing that you design, moreover is self-confident at all in did not measure that this is your mistakes, why must make me pay, illuminates you such overbearing procedure, what significance the player kills BOSS to explode equipment also to have, so long as my equipment enough OP, you can reduce immediately, who has entrusted with your this arbitrary procedures?"

This uncle stares, is speechless, he knows my status, knows that I in the human spirit in the game controlling the forces of nature, naturally needs respectfully.

Ouyang Nuoyan apology smiles, said: „Xiao Yao, I know this matter unusual is not reasonable, the player who however reported was really too many . Moreover the corporation also used judgment several conferences, thinks that the overlord rebirth the original attribute truly sufficiently affected the game to balance, the corporation gave us the pressure of Chinese Branch too greatly too to be really big, I soon could not withstand, hopes that you can understand."

I implored the tone, said: „The face, cannot, because we are ripe, you such bully me, which the dignity of our China player went, said that weakens weakens?"


Ouyang Nuoyan pouting, said: „I do not want, you to believe like this that facing this situation, we do not have the means."

„What has not to have the means?"

My corners of the mouth raise, said: „Jianfeng of sky rose advances, the biggest advance is away from 40 yards, moreover can advance 3 times, this point regarding the close combat was the player very OP, the fire god spear attack addition of demon mountain was too high, these I must report, moreover I will mobilize the player of Chinese server to sue together jointly, the face you must do reported these that must make them also taste the evil consequence."

Ouyang Nuoyan could not bear finally, threw one to smile: „Xiao Yao your this fellow quality"

Lin Wan Er narrows a pair of beautiful eye to visit her, said: „Face, solemn, the good and evil you are also the solemn president."

Ouyang Nuoyan also discovered one extremely in the young female student manner, the principle took care of the skirt pendulum immediately, sat respectfully there, said: „Ok, so long as you reported that I will certainly utilize all resources to agitate, other cannot guarantee, but at least Jianfeng of sky rose advances large scale will certainly weaken, I can also give the corporation to make the pressure."

I nod, said: „Also a little I must say, my overlord rebirth can weaken, but must extend for 7 days to weaken."

„Why?" She is puzzled.

My corners of the mouth raise, said: „The face, you know why they will request to weaken the overlord rebirth at this time? That is because they are afraid, is afraid me to use the overlord rebirth the deicide emperor of special effect in broken lonesome god, the gain superior god godship flies upwards, they were too afraid me to fly upwards the superior god, therefore that anxiously will be requesting to weaken the overlord coverall."

„Extends for 7 days?" Ouyang Nuoyan thinks that said: „Good, this point I can help you accomplish self-confidently, the data alignment power of Chinese server in my hands, so long as I do not nod, no one has the authority to change the player data."

„OK, that did not have issue . Moreover, you abused the authority to weaken my equipment, can give me a compensation?"

„Puff." She laughs in spite of trying not to: „When do I abuse the authority? Words that must compensate , the line, I must with returning to the headquarters discussed that compensation plan, cannot independently decide."

„No, today you must independently decide here, otherwise I here kick with your liao today, I do not accept equipment to weaken."

Ouyang Nuoyan has not known whether to laugh or cry, although she expensive is the destiny China area president, but nearly does not have the means regarding my such hoodlum -type acting shamelessly, said: „Since you want liao to kick, I have no alternative but to listen, you said that what compensation wants?"

As soon as I let go, said: „The butterfly sword that my main hand sword, player Nangong builds spirit, had the special effect of evolution, but the last evolution has also been completed, the present is the five-star magical instrument, therefore I hope the compensation that takes the overlord rebirth to weaken, gives the opportunity that the butterfly the sword one time evolves again."


Ouyang Nuoyan has opened small mouth: „You take by force! Evolved again one time is God Tier, how the God Tier weapon can beg casually, I feared that other player met did not agree."

„That cannot dispute, no one permits to weaken the overlord rebirth, otherwise I go to at the official forum liao to kick, starts over a million people of liao to kick together!"

Facing my this type „liao kicks recklessly" stance, Ouyang Nuoyan complete non-solution, immediately prays for rescue nearby staff: „Does Uncle Wang, you watch this matter?"

Uncle Wang closes the tablet PC, but said with a smile: „Also can be what kind , are we in the wrong in first, cannot make Xiao Yao Zi Zai kick on liao really here? Good, increases the special effect that may evolve to a weapon, secretly came to be good, who knows the content that our edition updated writing on a grand scale should not be good, in the edition renewal wrote the weakening revision of overlord rebirth to be good, as for lengthening for 7 days, the reason was better to look, because the renewal content of next edition must emit at least 7 days later, therefore, we had enough reason to explain to above that always has no alternative but other servers to renew on revision equipment, will make the little data mistake, the possibility on will cause the entire server, when machine, entire Chinese area. The server works as the machine, the headquarters does not want to see this scene approximately."

„Um, good!" Ouyang Nuoyan visits me with a smile: „I agreed with your condition!"


I nod, the both sides standing up hand, shakes the hand, felt that has made a list shameful big business!

At noon, Ouyang Nuoyan is determined to ask us to eat meal, therefore we „pushing someone take on a difficult job" complying, then ate quickly supports returned to the dwelling, the first matter that I must do got online, posts the reporting post, game equipment and skill data collected sky rose, ancient musical scale, brown pupil, demon mountain and the others completely, then compared the OP characteristics to report completely, afterward started player reporting of [Zhan Long], in one hour reported that the population crosses 200 000, quick [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Vanguard], [Prague] and other Guild also together allied, after three hours, reported that the population has surpassed thousand, a little momentum dreadful feeling, NND, plays with us simply cloudy, that is cloudy you, before the third round country fights, weakens these overseas peak players completely, looked that you when the time comes take anything to fight us!

To the night about 12 points time, my empirical value practiced completely, simultaneously airborne system ting, some people flew upwards


System announcement: Congratulates the player 【Sky rose】( US) flies upwards successfully is 【God】( Sacred & great crag), is 4 th flies upwards for the player of god, obtains the reward: Level + 2, charm value + 100, gold coins several + 200000, after flying upwards, the entire hideaway attribute large scale promotion, the strength growth promotes 100%, Stamina growth to promote 50%, Agility growth to promote 40%, Magic growth to promote 30%, all skills break through 20 levels, practices skilled to promote to the god step 7 levels high!

Unexpectedly so will be quick, does sky rose little girl kill the god king?

Zhan Long Chapter 1260

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