Zhan Long Chapter 1261

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Next day, obtains the latest news, the sky roses and ancient musical scales and remnant dream three people enters the boundary, and after experiencing for 14 hours meets, challenged to massacre a god king together, in the fight the remnant dream died in battle, but the sky rose obtained in one god godship, later, the sky rose flew upwards, the ancient musical scale challenged another god king to be defeated after the later 3 hours, was killed to be lost in thought.

In addition, demon mountain, brown pupil and maplewood are drunk three people also the bitter experience failure in the boundary, was challenging in the fight of god king to be massacred completely, even if it seems like were the top player runs into the god king also to kneel, only if looked like the player of my this high [Drain], the high output and high reply to be able with god Wang Dantiao, otherwise raised does not need to raise.


Afterward in several day, Matcha, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and other [Zhan Long] the players entered broken lonesome god one after another, moreover everyone has had custom-made the goal to oneself, the Matcha goal was the god godship, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K only strives for massacring the god Venerable first, flies upwards said again, when Level has come up, then entered the broken lonesome god promotion to be OK.

But like my this type wants to stutter the fatty is really rare, once so long as has succeeded, then on the prize investment, the superior god godship has seven, killed one few one, the selective wait words possibly this village did not have this shop.

Waits painstakingly for 4 days, finally, I waited till System Notification to enter broken lonesome god once more news.

Does not worry, first satisfactory sleeping, was satiated with food and wine next day has gotten online again!


In the morning, Wan Er and East city bound the apron to play the role of the beautiful female cook to make the breakfast, I ate do not know the taste, looks the female servant who two young ladies has installed, afterward got online, drafts the war-god territory!


Gets online, takes out from the warehouse prepares the good thing, card 20 +, includes that purgatory ghost the card, I Ching pill two, in addition many compounded drug and micro equipment repair oil, brought fully the thing, flying upwards god stone.

The second time, light gate familiar road.

After a ray, I already appeared in the broken lonesome god surface, does not waste Cooldown, seeks the surrounding brook, found the later diving to enter, is similar to at the forum said that as long as is in the ground has the water place, explained that under enters the entrance of person boundary, waste Cooldown are not many, fast entered a person of boundary.

The domain of person boundary is not general big, city over a thousand, black flame city that I do not know first coming where, therefore does not look, from the sky soars directly, seeks crater, looked for nearly one hour, finally in the distant place sees the flame column that soars to the heavens, during a crater is erupting, did not fear, on!


Holds up the shield of stars, the whole person is crashing into the volcano rapidly, coming is the scalding hot lava, I do not have the stay has attacked downward, finally arrived in a knot between person of boundary and boundary, immediately breaks it, direct impact on the sky of boundary, „Shua" a Pure Brightness, arrives at present has had not seen you for a long time the boundary.

Turns on the map, anything could not see that can only look, because besides me basically on nobody since day boundary, therefore this entrance also can only look, but is unfamiliar with the people and place, therefore first went to the Turin empire to say again, the good and evil I was also the Great General in Turin empire, although currently very much has the possibility already by lu, after all I left the Turin empire 4 days, according to the game Cooldown conversion was 16 days.



The brushing sound of horsewhip transmits, a trade route harnessed the carriage to come by far, about 30 + people of appearances, on the freight vehicle were inserting the fresh flag, actually does not know that which empire belonged.

I non-stop fly, falls on the front of trade route suddenly.

„What person?"

Wears the fatty of Chinese dress to jump down the horse rapidly, said: „This brave warrior, are you?"

I said: „Does not need to fear that I am travel of get lost, wants to ask the way."

The fat people behind, two hands grasp the Axe military person to be then relaxed, looks at my equipment appearance, they also probably understand that radically was not the match, once hit, I destroyed completely their one group of people absolutely am not the issue, saying that the fatty was then all smile: „, Does not know that you do want to go?"

I said: „Turin empire."

„, Turin empire? That must pass through the border......" he to say astonished: „Are you really the person in Turin empire?"

„Yes, how?"

„Strange, Turin empire distance place is separated by two big empires, you can become lost unexpectedly here, can not be strange?"

„That...... Turin empire in what direction?"

„From here to east, about 400 li (0.5km) almost arrived, but wants the way ominous crow empire and blood tooth empire, these two empires esteem martial arts, everywhere is military who cultivates the feat of arms, and emperors in two big empires are the god kings, you are certainly careful, otherwise had much easily not."

„Many thanks shows the way."

I naturally did not worry that will be killed, now is god Wang to come challenges, I can massacre greatly and that's the end.

If this self-confident does not have continually, I do not need to challenge the god emperor.



Rises straight from the ground, the ground has left behind a cyclone, has left behind trade route of one crowd of staring dumbfounded, they have probably not seen the follower who has been able to fly, because in their cognition, only then god Wang Cai will fly, but is the present person, the god king?

I naturally do not pay attention to them to think anything, but straight flew to east, increases speed the peak, the whole person has reached the limit of speed.

Near two hours of flights, enter in the Turin empire, afterward asked the way, revised under one, flew again for nearly 20 minutes, a palatial city appears at present, has had not seen you for a long time the Turin city!

The Turin city restored tranquilly when the war, that several armies that the garrison outside city is I leave orders, and Wang Qi high hanging in the military compound, the imperial prince and king controlled the army life of entire empire finally.

Flies into the city from the space, directly soars the imperial prince palace.

„" Falls to the ground, a not far away maidservant had already recognized me, said with a smile pleasantly surprised: „Great General, is you? Does the Great General you come back?"

I nod: „Yes, leading me to see your highness!"



The imperial prince compared more beaming more and buoyant past, and body the supernatural power cyclone, this made me be astonished on Monday very much: „Your highness, have you built godship?"

The imperial prince nods, immediately bends down to worship on bended knees in the place, said: „Many thanks the Great General, your good friend granted me a god Venerable the had godship, therefore I have practiced for half a month diligently, finally promoted for the god Venerable!"

„Good, congratulated your highness!"

„Great General, you return to the empire, won't this time walk again?"

„No, I am only the way, the battle path as in the distant place."


On the imperial prince face passed over gently and swiftly a disappointed look, said: „That...... I lead you having an audience with father, he has been missing you!"


Quick, arrives above the main hall, the facial expression of king was also better, saw after me, immediately must seal to enjoy innumerably, even is willing to bestow my dozens to wait on concubine anything, thinks somewhat small excitedly is not willing to leave, but for the godship of god emperor, I cannot easy and comfortable leading a life of comfort here, must walk, asked the road of day boundary.

The king was all of a sudden astonished: „I and others are not god king, naturally does not understand how to go to the day boundary, moreover day boundary by seven big god emperor Military Control, our such mortals, even if were also difficult to run away since the day boundary dies."

„Nobody knows how to go?" I am astonished however asked.

At this time, an old man held the fist in the other hand saying: „Your majesty, the old minister had heard actually goes to the legend of bygone days boundary."

The king said: „Said?"

The old men said: „Hands down the day boundary is the genuine god territory, from bright potential surface, but Sun is the entrance of god territory, the daily first Xuyang penetration cloud layer time, the follower is moving to the sunlight direction, so long as speed breakthrough certain limit, can find the potential surface entrance, since day boundary, but this Cooldown is short, only then less than one minute, I think that the Great General must go to the words of day boundary, can try this method."

I nod: „Good, understood!"


From the dawn also two hours, waits!

Said good-bye the imperial prince and king, this time walked, approximately, will not come again.

Found the mountain peak that quite stands tall and erect in the, sits waits for the sunrise above, patient, this is the first essential factor that each follower can practice, hasn't the patient person possibly had uncommon cultivation is?

In the first Xuyang ray injection view, I opened thousand frost wings, goes toward the direction rapid flight of Sun.

Also does not know that this means are reasonable, if that old fogy in deceiving me, I can only seek for another god king, after defeating him, forced him to say the means of Going out day boundary.


The bone-chilling cold morning breeze sways near the ear, my speed is getting more and more fast, but is only the flight, actually as before cannot see the entrance of day boundary, was deceived really?

When my speed close limit, suddenly at present „" had the transformation, that seven color dawns changed into the potential surface strength of innumerable grid shape, the present world also instantaneously twists, the entrance appeared , the innumerable roaring flame flaming are burning in all around, but the dead ahead is one transmits the luminous exit / to speak , the potential surface strength exceptionally twists violent, unceasing wreaks havoc my body, HP Shua Shua is falling, is really fearful!


The speed has crashed in entrance quickly certainly, at present suddenly bright, came, day boundary!



A bang, I hit above a precipice, HP already fell about 20%, was good because of successfully since the day boundary, but I was located above a stretch of earth unexpectedly, initially the god emperor clouds the epizone I came time was not only then hung in the airborne city? What now this stretch of earth has is, comes to the wrong place?


I just am thinking, suddenly the broken rumor transmits, is the arrow arrow!

Quick of eye and hand, single-handed, grasps an arrow arrow of speedily flight directly in the hand, I am sideways to explode kick the rock to overrun with the strength, the left hand draws out to do the sword direct penetration together thick patch of grass, sword blade edge horizontally in the nape of the neck place of attack, but the leaf blade shakes, I actually saw an attractive cheek, in the hand have been grasping a cheap short bow, visits me astonished.

This is only a young girl of hunting, what's the matter?

Zhan Long Chapter 1261

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