Zhan Long Chapter 1262

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„Few variants, under the sword are forgiving!"

Shouted, young girl, carries the bamboo basket and beard gray old man to grasp the small iron shovel to shout loudly: „Please careful, do not injure my granddaughter."

I lower the head to have a look, was held the young girl of wrist skill by me actually likely is the small beast that is unable to tame, has struggled furiously, and tries to pull out the short dagger of waist to puncture me.


I visit her funnily, this young girl also really acts recklessly, takes advantage of opportunity such one lets go, immediately she obtained from you, a spin body draws out the dagger to assassinate, on the dagger is bringing incorruptible, has not thought that she started to practice young unexpectedly.

Young girls punctures is expected, I naturally cannot the move, left hand, in the palm emerge the innumerable stars, „buzz" formed the shield of stars, the dagger of young girl has broken off in the shield surface suddenly, soon will rebound to cause heavy losses to her moment I to receive the skill in the shield of stars, the giant light shield vanished instantaneously, young girl face backlash several steps with amazement.

The old men walked, to the back of the head of young girl is being a palm of the hand, scolds to shout to clear the way: „Doesn't dead girl, you want to live?"

The young girls are tender the sound track: „Grandfather, this person is so ominous, why you must hit me!"

The old men said: „Your this dead girl, you could not look that others did show mercy? Otherwise struck already wanted your poor life, you acted recklessly really!"

I turn over to the sheath the butterfly sword, shows a faint smile to ask: „Why can you shoot me?"

„You hide in the woods, I also think that you is a wild pig, therefore shot arrows." Although she sound was gentle, appearance that but some do not concede as before.

The old men walk to go forward, look at a I armor, in the eye have several points to awe, said: „Do few variants, look at your attire certainly are not here person?"

„Um, I just came from boundary."

„Are you a god king?"

„Temporarily is also not."

The old men as if relaxed, said: „Since is not the god king, should understand that on this day the boundary is the domains of seven big god emperors, you come here are momentarily looked that you wrote off."

„I did not fear that who you are?" I asked one.

The old men have gawked staring, afterward self-ridicules smiles: „We? We hunt for the slave."

„Hunts for the slave, what is that?"

„Is......" he is resigned-looking, said: „Is this potential surface status meanest humanity, the value that we have is to plant, hunts and catches fish, textile, provides all that the life needs for the upper boundary god clan."

„Upper boundary?"

I knit the brows, already understood anything, said: „What you refer to is these floats in the airborne palace, in your eyes, are these people called the upper boundary god clans?"


The old men nod, afterward lowers the sound, said: „The informer of god emperor is found in the entire world of mortals, few variants, we do not say here, if you do not shut out, returns to the village with us, the weather was late, night time will have patrols hunting to appear in the world of mortals, hunts and kills these night as before followers outside."

„Has patrolling hunting for who the god Venerable the strength?"

„Yes, they are one group of bandits and thieves, disregards the world person three principles, while the night penetration potential surface, hunts and kills the powerhouse to supplement that promotes own spirit strength, even hunts for the slave not to let off."

Has not thought that day boundary also has to patrol hunting, I nod saying: „Good, I follow you."

The young girl visits me panting in indignation, has not spoken any excessive words again.


Although this is my second time comes the day boundary, but I do not know one where, does in Rome as Rome does understood first said again, is not killing Yun Qian in any case anxiously, completes the schoolwork is not the misdemeanor.

As the old person and his young girl return to the village, the old man hunted and killed a deer, but old is almost unable to move, is drags away, I cannot tolerate , helping him carry on the shoulder, on old person's face left a smile, the young girl also extinguished to my alert.

Returns to the small village time already darkness, night only in remaining villages fragmentary lights.

Old person's family is very crude, is only a thatched shed, has divided two rooms, young girl, old person, I must sleep in the street today mostly.

„", Deer has placed on the sheet iron, this is a very lush deer, when the maturity, the meat are also many, the young girl looks at the deer, then has licked the lip, said: „Grandfather, today do we eat the deer bouillon?"

The old person spoils has caressed lightly her head, said: „Um, you cut off Lu Tou, is used to make the soup, then in takes the deer corpse to deliver to there, in tribute the game as us, otherwise, does not receive this month this month, perhaps our master grandson day will not feel better."

The young girls dig the small mouth: „Is Lu Toutang, when we can eat Lu Tuitang, badger that previous time hunts for is also can only the tastiness, radically only then little few meat......"

„Lancome, do not say." The old person called granddaughter's name finally: „Our status hunt for slave, is the master makes us have the opportunity to live on this lands, does not give the words that the god the emperor presents tribute, we living the qualifications do not have, a bit faster manages! Let few variants help you."


Young girl 100,000 are not glad grasps the hatchet to arrive by the deer corpse, was saying to me: „Does wild pig elder brother, I like eating Lu Toutang?"

I laugh in spite of trying not, when my Brother to become Shanzhu? However said: „Likes, my this person does not select food, can eat to the full was good, without many requests."

„Snort." She groans lightly, said: „Deer brain made soup to drink completely to you! Make suspect who your mouth mounts disgusting! Come, helping me cut off Lu Tou, then sends to honorable person there in the body."


I have not met the hatchet, but draws out to do rapidly, a ray twinkle in the past, Lu Tou tumbled in the place, the blood already congealed, but does on a bloodstain not to have, turns over to the sheath rapidly, lifts up the deer corpse, said: „Does Lancome, where in the family, guide to me?"


Lancome turns around, with a smile is pulling the deer tail, said: „I refer to Lu Yo for you."

After is a young young girl, is subject to changing moods, now actually probably knew well with me generally, in she turns around actually also to show the flavor that a young girl has grown into, the slender waist, the outstanding buttocks and milk-white bosom, all are the best quality goods, even the cheek of Lancome is also the great beautiful woman, even if wears the tight-fitting clothes of hunter unable to conceal her beauty originally.

My silently follows Lancome, on the track in village, hunts for the slaves to shoulder the game, some are many, some are few, several people are putting up a wild pig with the stick with joint forces, some are only tying up hares and several birds in the waist, does not need to think that a journey can only hunt to a person of hare affirmative is not only able to maintain the livelihood, on not to mention tribute.


Soon, light and spacious dwelling appears in a slightly at present, the front had several to hunt for the slave's tribute in the waiting, is one's turn our times, that wears the black clothed in strokes the beard lightly, a pair of pupil sweeps to sweep off in the chest buttocks of Lancome, said: „Lancome, you and income of grandfather journey is good, unexpectedly makes you hunt and kill a head good wild deer."

Lancome self-confident is supporting small milk-white bosom, said: „In honorable person, this is natural, grandfather's archery ranks among the best in the village!"

„Ha Ha!"

In was examining game, suddenly the complexion got dark, said: „Lancome, why will the head of this wild deer disappear? We need a complete deer, like this roasts the standard to be good!"

Lancome puts in great inconvenience said: „I and grandfather...... Two months had not tasted the meat taste, this time we this deer, did not have other any harvests, in the honorable person, you made us eat venison."

In is sneering: „Eats the meat? You have forgotten, you just hunt for the slave, your masters are great Sir Yun Yu, do you want to present tribute not to have the deer of head to Sir Yun Yu?"

Lancome was suffering from injustice: „But...... But I quickly forgot the meat taste......"

I said in side: „Sir, you show mercy, hunts and kills the deer in any case is not only then Lancome."

„Who are you?"

In is showing the whites of the eyes to visit me: „Looked that your weapons are complete, should also be Xiuwu, how to appear here?"

Lancome is drawing my bracer hurriedly, said: „In the honorable person, wild pig elder brother is I and grandfather in travel who in the mountain found, he has just become lost, does not have what evil intention."

In is smiling: „Is well-meant? You said that didn't have evil intention without the evil intention? Comes the person, gives me to take this boy, the father must think him well-meant really!"

After right person, two powerful and brave guys walked, in the hand is holding up the axe of murder.

I dept frown, lift the hand to draw out the butterfly sword, urging the valley to be mad, „buzz" a butterfly sword expressed a sharp sharp cry, the surroundings golden light lingered, an invisible pressure arrived in the surroundings, although I was not a god, but I had the strength of imperial day Frost passed on, the forge supernatural power pressure was very relaxed.


In is startled slightly: „Are you god king?"

I did not speak, was default.

In just and two military people kneel immediately, the forehead knocks the sound on the ground, said: „Wang Zunqing forgives, we do not know really you are the god king, we...... We do not dare!"

I have not disclosed that said lightly: „Gets up, I came here matter everyone not to say Going out, otherwise I let his state of mind entirely to extinguish! This deer, I shouldered, do not tell me to have any question . Moreover, in positive, the game that later can not levy the Lancome master grandson, cannot pick a quarrel in them, otherwise I killed certainly you."

„Yes, yes! The villains act certainly accordingly!"

I shoulder the venison once more on shoulder, said to nearby young girl: „Lancome, walks goes back, today makes you eat deer bouillon, did not need to eat Lu Toutang again!"

Which Lancome knows the fear, cheers one to put my arms.

I am heavyhearted, the day boundary for me is only a illussion, I sooner or later must walk, once I walked, some people feel embarrassed Lancome and grandfather again, what to do? Even if I am the god emperor, perhaps isn't able to control all that here has?


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Zhan Long Chapter 1262

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