Zhan Long Chapter 1263

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The flame that jumps unceasingly illuminates red a Lancome pretty face, she scrap is adding the fuel, while is full of the hope looks in the pot the ebullition appearance, half deer leg has slivered to boil out in the pot, after increasing the wild herbs have taken the seasoning, the fragrance overflows, already made this young girl be ready to make trouble.


„Few variants."

Nearby, the old person is wheting a handle hunter short sword, said: „We later did not deliver presenting tribute game, this really? I always thought...... In will not let off us easily, the parents of Lancome early perish, only remaining she and my this old bones is bound by a common destiny, even if few variants take responsibility for us today, but...... Once few variants depart, I must face the unpredictable danger with Lancome as before, the retinues of god emperor are flagitious, they will not let off our types ‚traitor', the later day, really how does not know to be able."

Saying, an old person sigh, on his face is the wrinkle, but looked that actually completely spoils to the vision of Lancome, I understand that this feeling, Lancome is old person's all.

I think that said: „That eradicates this matter, is the person who you dread that calls Yun Yu's person?"

„? Sir Yun Yu?"

On old person's face passed over gently and swiftly panic-stricken, said: „Do few variants, how you know this name?"

I said: „Listens to that to mention, who Yun Yu is, is under one of the god emperor Yun Qianzuo bodyguards?"

„That is the god servant!" An old person face is astonished, said: „Few variants, the name of god emperor cannot mention at will, on this trim earth, nobody will say the given name of god emperor, this is the capital crime!"

I nod: „Knew, Yun Yu Yuanlai is only one of the god servants, I still remember, when my previous time comes, has massacred a god servant, called Yun."

„What?" The old person opened the eye: Is person who „massacres Yun every Sir you? Is impossible, this impossible......"

He shakes the head, said: „Upper boundary person had said that killed Yun every assassin to be massacred by emperor your father personally, were you also living how possibly?"

I smile: „Because I do not belong to this potential surface, therefore some special places, this time I came the day boundary be honest with you, to challenge god emperor Yun Qian."


This time surprised incessantly is old person, Lancome that is fearless was also astonished has opened the small mouth: „Wild pig elder brother, do you want to challenge the god emperor? Does not want, you will be massacred, does not want!"

„, I will not have confidence to win him." My corners of the mouth raise, reveals in speech and appearance self-confidently.

An old person face is sad and despairs, in his eyes I as if turned into a deceased person, Lancome is holding my hand actually, said: „Good, Lancome believes that wild pig elder brother can challenge successfully! If successful, wild pig elder brother was the god emperor, can protect Lancome not to be bullied by, these unprincipled people do not dare to move my slightest!"

The old person said silently: „Earlier ate meal, finished eating rests earlier."

He has certainly the concern, but, this is unimportant, the god emperor I was the challenge have decided in any case . Moreover the map that I am at now was the god emperor Yun Qian Military Control domain, this was actually convenient, so long as I were upward the flight definitely to find Yun Qian the den, tonight rests, tomorrow will try one time.

Again soon , the deer bouillon was ripe, Lancome gave me and grandfathers was abundant full one bowl, afterward also ate the venison to eat the soup, but I was a player, does not need to eat food, therefore has only eaten little a few point, gave their master grandson the venison province, although was only the game data, but I their was bound by a common destiny to be moved as before.


After finishing eating, Lancome returned to itself crudely „boudoir" has rested, but the old person was the same with me, depended on nearby big tree is sending the long night.

Water in the stove on bonfire opened, spattering in all directions that incites at fire of high-piled firewood, Lancome rests as before very soundly, I am silent, the old person narrows the eyes to focus, does not know that rests has not rested.

Daybreak, the bonfire has been put out, changes into blue smoke to curl to raise.

At this time, outside the village actually heard an intermittent hoofbeat.

„Some people came!"

The old person sits suddenly sets out, said: „Is the cavalry soldier, how to have the cavalry soldier to come to the village? In the past what levied the moon/month supplied was only the carriage, why this time will have the cavalry soldier?"

The hamlet makes a mess immediately, by far, about 20 + people of cavalry soldiers flushed, has the person who disperses the spirit strength many, but is the retinues of god emperor, flying shuttle of cavalry soldier group in village, to village end of time actually stopped, stops in the front of Lancome, was I the moral nature one thump, in informing immediately?

It is not right, the words of real informing, god emperor Yun Qian should come personally, but does not send these small fish small shrimp to come, if the match is a god king, these people came also to bring death.


When first that cavalry soldier stands up from failure to discontinue, is grasping the sword hilt, said with a smile slightly: „Mr. Rance, had the good deed to visit, I must congratulate you really well, Ha Ha!"

The old person stares: „Sir, what matter?"

Comes the person to launch a reel, read: „Upper boundary Sir Yun Yu knows your granddaughter Lancome beautiful intelligent and virtuous virtue, therefore decides to get married her to wait on the concubine, from now henceforth can you on the auspicious day, a bit faster not meet the words or order of the empress or empress dowager of Sir?"

„This......" old person is astonished: „Wasn't Sir Yun Yu had 12 to wait on the concubine? Why...... Lancome why also wants my family? Sir, Lancome just crossed 17 years old, asking the Sir to let off her!"

„Go away!"

Comes a person foot to trample old man, said: „Proposes a toast does not eat to be made to drink as a forfeit, this Lancome, our Sirs must decide, immediately combs the hair and wash the face with us, tonight makes them give the beautiful matter!"

The old man must revolt, I have stopped him, hints him the senseless revolt, on the contrary to coming the person said: „Sir, I am the elder brother of Lancome, long ago travelled outside, trains hard the feat of arms not to have becomes, return hometown that now goes down in the world, since Sir Yun Yu must get married Lancome, that...... When my this elder brother should go together, but must prepare the dowry to be right for Lancome."

This cavalry soldier leader could not bear smile: „Yo? Lancome also has such an elder brother unexpectedly, really cherishes the matter, but your boy is also sensible, after Lancome marries my Sir Yun Yu, you can also with, drink spicily, said that you who is popular together what good gift do have to be regarded as the dowry of Lancome?"

I lifted the hand to draw out have done the sword, both hands offer, said: „Is this."

The leaders looked to do sword, immediately on the face passed over gently and swiftly a startled color, laid aside the long sword in the box rapidly hangs one side of the warhorse, said: „That preparation!"



One group of upper boundary cavalry soldiers wait outside, Lancome complaint visits me: „Wild pig elder brother, how you can marry Yun Yu me at will, heard that is a full colored soul is pale, I do not marry that person!"

I put out a hand to caress her fragrant shoulder lightly: „Lancome felt relieved that I will make Yun Yu before getting married you go to hell."

„Good, I believe wild pig elder brother!"

Lancome believes me actually, her grandfather has not believed that does not have the means that when I seek for the opportunity butchers Yun Yu the time again said that this time I am also suffice to spell, did the sword continually regards the dowry to offer Going out!


Dressing and applying makeup of Lancome is very simple, but replaces the beast fur lined robe of hunter, trades upper boundary clothes that the person brings, the whole person immediately becomes slim and graceful, although is also having a faint trace fondness of countryside, but truly is the most beautiful woman.

I also summoned being lost in thought fierce fine horse, directly soared along with one group of cavalry soldiers to north, above the earth spacious, how my doubt they must step the upper boundary, at this moment, ran the cavalry soldier in front line pulls out the reel to scatter suddenly to airborne, immediately an invisible pale blue staircase appeared, like the foot the tall ladder, making one line of cavalry soldiers tread to empty to go, directly soars the upper boundary.

After dozen minutes, re-enters the former home grounds!

In order to avoid being recognized, in I downloaded to admit the armor and butterfly sword have wrapped, wore the cotton garment to enter the palace that Yun Yu lived in them together, in the meantime, was thick as thieves with a nearby god servant unexpectedly, he knew the word to express oneself fully all, said: „Sir Yun Yu is the emperor Venerable the most favorite disciple, has built the godship who the god Venerable, several years later can perhaps fly upwards into the god king, therefore Sir Yun Yu most receives thinking highly of that the emperor Venerable in scud, this wedding, the emperor Venerable perhaps also meets your honorable self to visit to congratulate!"

I said: „Scud, what is that?"

„, Seven one, isn't your this clear? The day boundary altogether is divided into seven, the strength of scud is strongest, in strength strongest the emperor by seven god emperors Venerable Military Control, you inquired that knew, Emperor Yun Qianshen understands four big principles, is seven emperors revere the strength strongest, hey, in brief your younger sister marries Sir Yun Yu, Sir Yun Yu is the favorite disciple who the emperor Venerable, you can also have a meteoric rise step by step!"

I smile: „I will certainly not forget leading by the hand of your brother!"

„Good, the careless riches and honor do not forget the brothers!"

„Said it and meant it!"

Mixed a lot, I more and more will also talk nonsense......


When we arrive between two cloud penetration columns, the team of going to bride's home to escort her to the wedding came, Yun Yu puts on a terse armor, is grasping a handle long blade, but on the arm is wrapping the red ribbon, not too likely is the bridegroom of going to bride's home to escort her to the wedding, is actually more like the military commander who a preparation goes on an expedition, but, his auspicious day today was also to the end.

The appearance of Lancome appears, when Yun Yu at present, he has adored immediately, commended: „The female in world of mortals is actually beauty causes the downfall of the nation, comes the person, quite entertainment, tonight then achievement good deed."

„Yes!" One crowd of bodyguard loud [say / way].

But I also together go, a Lancome face anxious was being crowded around by one group of people, but following of her grandfather face dying embers in crowd, I am simpler, in the bodyguard crowd that mixes in Yun Yu, prepares to approach him, with the aim of looking for the opportunity, moreover cannot wait till the darkness wedding to begin, must cut to massacre Yun Yu before god emperor Yun Qianlai, this Yun Yu is a god Venerable, scud Venerable besides the emperor another god, first does to fall him, then Emperor single Tiaoshen, this is my script.



Hey says with a smile with the bodyguard who I get to know each other well: „Walks, we go to backyard, Sir Yun Yu heard that you have presented tribute handle peerless [Soul Army], therefore invited you to go to the backyard to meet, thanked you face to face."

Zhan Long Chapter 1263

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