Zhan Long Chapter 1264

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The opportunity came.


The backyard, the trivial Yun Yu's dwelling greatly like the palace, is actually not able to imagine the palace of Yun Qian this god emperor luxuriously to any boundary, it seems like that this all god are flooding actually also the exploitation, for example the hunting for slave, serf in world of mortals and others, actually provides food and other resources for the god emperor, this is exploitation relations.

„You have reached an agreement, if your boy obtained Sir Yun Yu recognition, may not forget the brothers!" Nearby bodyguard was always talking as before, did not know him frantically to the authority.

I nod, across a garden corridor, goes straight to the backyard of mansion, periphery the observation, without the bodyguard, majority is the maidservant, the bodyguard has probably 78 people secretly, belongs to that my one set of combo to be able the level of second of killing, does not cause anything to threaten, the biggest threat was Yun Yu this god Venerable, should kill not to be difficult.



The heavy iron gate opens suddenly, Yun Yu's bedroom palace is equally luxurious, inside four bodyguards check, deliver the bodyguard who I come not to come, but raises hand, said: „Good luck!"

I took a step, was one, the front door is closed by the bodyguard, the dead ahead, wore military of green long gown to sit on the throne, in the hand was grasping a handle long sword, my doing the sword, he looked up my one eyes, showed a faint smile saying: „Are you elder brother of Lancome? Do you name?"

„Lanling......" my casual Zou name.

Yun Yu Haha smiles, said: „Lanling? An unusual name, main body asked you actually, where can your this from come the sword? This as if not belong to god."


„? Have you gone unexpectedly every? Hey......" Yun Yu shows a faint smile, will do the sword places the one side, said: „You do not use cautious, from now henceforth we were also the whole families, after Lancome has become my waiting on concubine, you may be my bodyguard, the main body will certainly not treat unjustly you, moreover Lancome beauty like that I well will certainly love, was really rare, your boy so can have causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman the younger sister of that unexpectedly."

I knit the brows: „Sir, aren't you willing to let off Lancome really?"


Yun Yu stands up suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Boy, your what meaning?"

My single-handed, the strength of imperial day starts, the corners of the mouth raise the happy expression: „What meaning? You seize Lancome to let her, when your waiting on concubine, your this scum does not die is also keeping useful, father here, to participate in funeral ceremony today!"


Does receives my summon the sword, immediately flew, the thing returning to rightful owner, 78 bodyguards draw out the sword together, shouted to clear the way lowly: „A bit faster puts to death this boy! Comes the person, goes to the lobby to summon troops to come!"

How I will make them summon too many people to come, direct [Blade Rush] clashes forward, opens the hand to hold a long halberd of bodyguard, he also wants to struggle, was actually trampled to fly by my foot, the long halberd in the door bolt of front door, pulls directly horizontally fully, immediately the long halberd twists, the front door counter- buckle stubbornly, the strength values of these bodyguards is inferior to I, such comes outside to come the person unable to come for a short time.


Turns around, Yun Yu came, in the hand holds up [Soul Army] that a handle is transforming, the anger cuts under.

Venerable facing a god does not need to dread, the shield of standard stars keeps off, the butterfly sword attack, one set of combo shaking has drawn back Yun Yu, a additional body of my overlord coverall each article, flash Yun Yu has recognized simultaneously me, exclaimed lowly: „Young fellow, is you, attempts to challenge the emperor Venerable and kill Yun every thing, today do not want to walk again!"

I also sneer: „Does not seize your lower position god godship, how will I give up to leave?"

[Tempest Sword] + treads the broken heavenly thunder to start together, routs Yun Yu with ease once more, the shield of stars diverges, the double sword attacks together, several times Ping Kanjie one set rides the wind to cut, is one set of Ping Kan, hits Yun Yu who this god Venerable the strength not to have the strength of resisting, but bodyguard of surrounding one crowd of scud is also dumbfounded, unexpectedly stands there is motionless.

Does not need me to shout, they also know that the obedience does not use, NPC of this potential surface was too simply intelligent, moreover does not know how the loyal two characters write!

The short less than 30 minutes, Yun Yu whole body has covered entirely the sword cut, but surrounding bodyguard has not begun, they probably think that this is the fight between god and god, oneself cannot meddle, Yun Yu thorough despaired, the attack does not have the methodicalness, finally sobs to fall to the ground under my one set of combo.


A lower position god godship falls to the ground, this is Yun Yu's godship, very rare godship.


Puts out a hand to work on the godship to force in the bosom, I to rush horizontally, the double sword screw cuts to strike, „bang" breaks a Dadong on the front door, Yun Yu's mission has been completed, was my journey, first before going the palace, saved together Lancome and Grandpa Rance, then caused that god emperor Yun Qianzhui came out, then sought to massacre his opportunity.


The body passed over gently and swiftly in the midair, before I fly, palace, actually heard the wail of Lancome, saw only Mr. Rance to fall down, the wound that the front lance punctured together thoroughly, above also had the half to break the spear, the one side, grasped the bodyguard of short spear to sneer was saying: „Old thing, such is unappreciative unexpectedly, dies gets what one deserves!"

My anger launches a psychological attack, sharply clashes, is a sword chops from the day, rides the wind to cut the eruption, has deducted this bodyguard directly pile of hashed meat, then looks at Lancome, said: „Lancome, the grandfather went, runs away with me quickly Going out."

A Lancome actually face angrily visits me: „You let me and grandfather come to here, how the grandfather will die, is you!"

Nearby, many bodyguards also draw out the sword, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Has torn to shreds this boy, dares to kill people here!"

I lift single-handed, in the palm is grasping a lower position god godship, shouted at: „Yun Yu had been massacred by me, doesn't his godship here, which your fear death?"

This drinks makes the surrounding bodyguard dumbfounded directly, no one dares to begin again, but Lancome dull looks at the godship in my hand, said: „Wild pig elder brother, you...... Have you killed Yun Yu? Didn't I need to marry Yun Yu?"

„Only if you are willing to marry pile of dust, otherwise no one could force you, Lancome, we walked, here sound passed on Going out, god emperor Yun Qian will pursue quickly."


Lancome holds my arm, under I caught up to lead her to fly from this airborne palace.

Although in airborne, flowing that but the tears of Lancome cannot stop as before, she and grandfather is bound by a common destiny, today actually with own eyes looks that the grandfather was killed, this type sad conceivable.

I flies, while said: „I will massacre Yun Qian, revenges for your grandfather."

„But......" she is nipping the red lip, cried saying: „But god emperor is so fearful, the wild pig elder brother together will also be massacred."

I show a faint smile: „You a bit faster stiffen, help me, I will not be massacred by the god emperor."

„How can I stiffen?" She is bewildered, the tears are gushing out as before unceasingly, said: „I am only a small hunting for slave, my strength Venerable regarding the god emperor and god king and god is similar to the ant is simply ordinary, what to do I can also."

I spread out her hand, then east Cissey one goes, said: „If this gives you, you will be small and weak?"

Lancome looks down the thing in control, that impressively is Yun Yu's lower position god godship, flash Lancome was shocked: „Wild pig elder brother, this godship, you wants......"

„Right, I want you to build up it, I want you to become a god revere, this can help me."


I continue saying: „After I massacred god emperor Yun Qian, will lead you to leave the day boundary, goes to the person boundary, there god Venerable to run amuck, but you practice the strength that the god Venerable, should not dread them."

„But...... Lancome wants to follow the wild pig elder brother together, I do not want to keep god."

„Do you want to go every?"

„Um." Nod that Lancome makes an effort, said: „God made me be weary, I want to go every, will the wild pig elder brother lead me to go?"

I think: „Um, if possible, will lead you to go."

„Good." On the face that her mind is damaged has shown a happy expression finally, has cried afterward actually.

„Lancome, what mountain peak the nearby has, quite high that?"

„Flying cloud peak, entire scud and even god highest mountain peak, in dead ahead."


My intention is obvious, decisive battle god emperor Yun Qian on the flying cloud peak, this will not be affected by immaterial the person.


The cloud layer disperses toward the both sides, quick, at present presented a Qingfeng, is truly high, almost with floats the spatial main hall that the god emperor lives is maintaining the same altitude.


Fights the boots to tread the crushed stone, I arrived on the flying cloud peak, this peak slightly appears somewhat smooth, above full is the snow, very good battle place, has a look at the distant place, very secret caves, therefore delivers Lancome, inspects, in the cave has not been occupying other species, therefore said to Lancome: „Here builds up the godship who melts Yun Yu, I want you to fly upwards the god Venerable immediately, before I look for you do not come out, otherwise Yun Qian will certainly massacre you."

„Um, the wild pig elder brother was careful that if you...... You did not come back, what to do should Lancome?"

„Relax." I have clapped on her fragrant shoulder, said with a smile: „I will certainly come!"

„Said it and meant it!"



Leaves the cave, Lancome still cultivated, but I held the arm to stand above the snowy peak, looks at the East, that was waiting for the god emperor Yun Qian arrival.

Yun Yu was massacred by me, this news should quick be able to pass to Yun Qian there, he dares to come, this flying cloud peak was his being buried place, moreover dares to come mostly, after all previous time I encountered with Yun Qian absolutely do not have too big strength to hit back, this time he had a low opinion of the enemy, definitely will again kill me.

In the cave transmits the light fluctuation of energy, Lancome is building up the lower position god godship, in any event, I should strive for this Cooldown for her.


Is less than ten minutes, the distant place airborne transmits a long and loud cry.


Form plundering like lightning to my dead ahead, the hand is grasping Yun Qian of flame energy sword together, this superior god godship walked in finally!

Zhan Long Chapter 1264

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