Zhan Long Chapter 1265

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Yun Qian is most powerhouses in seven big god emperors, once I defeat Yun Qian, means that I will show disdain for this potential surface, lets my heart fresh feeling generally, this so-called god, gods among obtains heterogeneous that clearly, the soldier slave and powder spirit, patrol hunting for and god to honor, the god king and god emperor, in their minds, the god emperor is unsurpassed to high existence, but I promoted 30% entire attributes almost to tie the god emperor, but I in every, promoted 150% entire attributes also as before am not the dark blue billows. The matches, the god of this potential surface has obviously how shortsightedly, probably Frost enters this potential surface words, to tall Shen.


Thunder and lightning are glittering around Yun Qian, his arm extends the flame, gathers the flame long blade in hand, the corners of the mouth shows to sneer, said: „Haven't you died unexpectedly?"

„Temple blesses, will not die." My lazily smiling.

„That suffers to death!"

Yun Qian flushed suddenly, the hand medium baking temperature blade occupies a commanding position strikes, the speed is much faster, I do not have Cooldown to walk the position avoidance, can only lift the hand rapidly, does the sword continually without enough time remove, the shield of stars rapid spreads on the sword blade edge, „buzz" opens in the left arm front, „bang" a hit, fell 72% toughness, is really scary!

I no longer think anything, in works to wrap the purgatory ghost to raise the card, first promoted 10% striking power and 20% HP said again, otherwise could be killed by the second, and can also provide 50% thunder and lightning injuries to remit, this card specially in view of Yun Qian.

Really, after using up the purgatory ghost card, the killing injury that I place oneself in the thunder and lightning field of force every second of receive reduced 50%, was not again fatal, but cannot be negligent as before, [Seven Stars Teleportation] position [Soul Army] [Azure Dragon Crossbow] release together, Ancient Heavenly Tiger was also summoned, You Yi in the one side, actually could not find the opportunity of starting, the war of god emperor, as if the pet of Demon Harvest step was unable to meddle.

Adopts the tour to fight the tactic as before, mainly outputs the method is [Great Realm of Desolation], [Azure Dragon Crossbow] and [Seven Star Fragment Slash], uses fatally the escape position avoids Yun Qian strikes, then touches to -type the way output rides the wind to cut, [Strength of a Thousand Men], therefore scene basically I completely am inferior, was being pursued killing by the god emperor, only has after my riding the wind cut, [Strength of a Thousand Men] CD well will contact close combat, this can assure my own security, before HP of god emperor was lower than 50% should better do not hand over too many skills, at least the eternal boundaries and domain of two big skill god cannot. The junction, otherwise the behind 50% blood will make me die once more.

When a master, must learn to plan carefully.

These time smooth surpasses my expectation, the purgatory ghost was good the effect of card, restrains Lei Xi who Yun Qian has most excelled at to attack the injury completely, but the issue came at this time, near 50 minutes of time I will say that shallow HP consumes to 50%, but purgatory ghost persistent Cooldown merely 120 minutes of card, if the card effect lost BOSS actually not dead, that following died approximately on was I!

Speeds up outputting!

Cooldown every little bit is passing, when Yun Qian 40% HP, opened another strong fire is the crowd kills the skill, my HP started unable to stand firm, but has not used skill, stood firm furiously, when Yun Qian HP remaining 35%, started frequent use one to be called „ice spin" the attack effect, can freeze 0.5 second the human, broke the skill directly, he was too intelligent, after I will leave to ride the wind to cut each time at least will break to exceed 10 times, some attacked.

Finally, after the continual two knocking of god emperor, my HP emptied instantaneously!


Immediately chooses overlord rebirth resurrecting, but system System Notification I, in 10 seconds will also be transmitted!

In pulls out to wrap hurriedly two I Ching pill, swallows together!


The golden light flows swiftly to fall together, rose 235 levels, and obtained 30% entire attribute addition effects, long sword one cold, fought with all might with the god emperor once more in the same place, this time had the energy to be many.

Yun Qian the attack is continuous, has suddenly to strike continuously time can scare to death the human simply, is good also frequently appears because of my Dinghai effect, several savior, restored 50% HP too to be simply easy-to-use.

Cooldown every little bit passing, when Yun Qian 20% HP, attack even more bone-chilling cold, animal general fiercely attacking, the [Soul Army] minefield pattern, the hot axe and Saint cut three big skill almost bang to kill together on me, but boundary of large-scale skill my eternal compelling, the output, has been entangling the BOSS chaotic dance long sword furiously.

„Bang bang bang"

Bone-chilling cold sword air/Qi spatter in all directions on the summit, carries over the snows of innumerable scattering, simultaneously I also noticed that in the cave of distant place a ray shoots up to the sky, Lancome flew upwards successfully, she became a god Venerable, when she trod the cave, I the look one order her to go back immediately severely, even if became the fight that the god Venerable here is not she can participate, was good is also obedient because of Lancome, in the obedient returning cave waited for my fight result.

When HP of god emperor remaining 10%, the purgatory ghost the Cooldown also only also remaining 12 minutes of card, my heartbeat soon stopped, this showdown continued Cooldown to be too long, already for nearly 100 minutes, moreover killed by my attack output as before was so long, this god emperor strong? On the words of HP quantity, compared favorably with any Hybrid Demon king sufficiently, even can compare favorably with Stella this prehistoric giant beast!

The domain of god, starts! Meets Cooldown of eternal boundary, otherwise could not block.

God emperor Yun Qian in roaring, but own HP actually little was worn down up by me, when I start the [Thundering Heavens] + Longteng nine days kill together, this god emperor thoroughly is enraged, brandishes the flame long blade to divide to chop the shield of my stars, while the anger exclaimed: „Is impossible! Is impossible, you are only a trivial mortal, you are only ants, how this emperor will die in your hands, this is absolutely impossible, damn, I must kill you, I must dismember a body you!"

What a pity, said the ruthless words everybody metropolis.

The death of god emperor was imminent, but my heart also mentioned the throat, when Yun Qian HP 2%, my purgatory ghost the card Cooldown also only remaining 1 minutes 57 seconds, NND, so long as the ghost remits the effect to disappear the 50% thunder and lightning of card, the surrounding [Soul Army] minefield pattern can the instantaneous second kill me, if BOSS, when 1% blood have killed me, my definitely meeting wants dead.

In fact the destiny goddess quite cares for me actually.

My final strikes is rides the wind to cut, 15 times cut struck strongly finally to the five to strike 2 times to leave fatally has struck, 1 time struck except for Superior, one time left the 4 times of attacks of butterfly sword, this set of output directly has polished directly god emperor Yun Qian final 1% HP, almost same Cooldown, the purgatory ghost attached Cooldown card in addition instantaneously by the detachment!

Day! Succeeded!

Drops down in the god emperor, body changes into dust dissipations time, I also all of a sudden knee down, the mental effort of whole person almost soon overdrew, this BOSS was in BOSS that I massacred hardest to deal with one, most made me exhaust the skills.

In the cave, the Lancome rapid flight comes, one falls down in my arms, bursts into tears with a smile: „Wild pig elder brother, Elder brother, you have massacred god emperor Yun Qian finally, good, good, you are the new god emperor!"

I am also happy, the left hand embraced the slender waist of Lancome, the right hand has been picking up Yun Qian the godship, inside this glittering and translucent carving godship was glittering the thunder and lightning, the incorruptible and sacred aura, but the surrounding was lingering the light flame, grasped warm feelings in the control, when at this time didn't fly upwards also treats?

Builds up directly, immediately the godship changes into golden light to seep my body, is having the incomparably vigorous strength, next quarter, a system ting reverberation in the sky of entire server


System announcement: Congratulates the player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) flies upwards successfully is 【Superior god】( Thunder and lightning & incorruptible & flame & sacred), is 5 th flies upwards for the player of god, obtains the reward: Level + 2, charm value + 80, gold coins several + 150000, after flying upwards, the entire hideaway attribute large scale promotion, the strength growth promotes 150%, Stamina growth to promote 100%, Agility growth to promote 80%, Magic growth to promote 60%, all skills break through 20 levels, practices skilled to promote to the god step 7 levels high!

Instantaneous 237 levels, and after flying upwards, the attribute also had very big change, before every 10 strengths can make me promote 7-10 points attacks, now can actually promote 17.5-25 points for me the striking power, but the Stamina value direction, my Dragon Rider is 1 Stamina value promotes 8 HP Class, now turns has promoted 16 points, equipment fixed addition has not changed, but the promotion in additional aspect had very obvious promotion, my equipment + attribute added that on having 38000 + strengths, overlord coverall each added 4000-5000 strengths to be possible. It is not false, the present foundation striking power was the real full house

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Town day Dragon Rider)

Level: 237

Attack: 110055-144570

Defense: 47732

Life: 845120

Magic: 128492

Charm value: 2303

CBN fights the net rank: 2

Title: Broken cauldron male

God level: Superior god

Striking power thorough explosive table, because the overlord coverall main attack attribute adds in the strength value, but is not in the striking power, each equipment overlord special effect , to promote 5000 strengths, therefore after flying upwards , to promote the strength to grow, this flies upwards regarding the player, I was the biggest beneficiary, the foundation striking power already thousand +, after the addition, nearly was simply invincible, even I thought before Fang Ge Que flew upwards, once after by my near body, can a sword broken shield, a sword murder?

Thinks carefully that this is very likely!

After system System Notification I 120 minutes, will be left by the automatic transmission, is not good, must bring Lancome to leave here in 120 minutes, she extremely elegantly, is the god Venerable, in this god emperor day boundary of able to move unhindered looks like beautiful Yangyang falls in the ash wolves simply is too same.

But, where re-enters the entrance of boundary?

Time that I transmit appears in directly airborne, this seeks?

Thinks of here, then closes the eye, the intent sea lets loose, in flash mind „buzz", had a scare me, after flying upwards superior god, I the intent sea in game extend dozens li (0.5km) unexpectedly instantaneously, the strength in space surge to see clearly without doubt, in not the far place, potential surface crack, so long as the strength urged to send can open.

Previous god emperor Yun Qian as if forcefully opens the crack with this means that but likely is not my such, Benben must drill the volcano and drill ditch sole, tastes completely the misery.

„Lancome, we walked."

Grasps Lancome, this time did not need thousand frost wings to fly, jumped, the speed of light has fired into the space crack of distant place, distant rumbled a fist, „bang", the supernatural power of superior god concentrated on the fist wind has formed a highly regarded shock-wave, has ripped open a potential surface opening directly, jumped to enter, at present „whish" one bright, appeared in the boundary!

Zhan Long Chapter 1265

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