Zhan Long Chapter 1266

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Arrives at the boundary, suddenly felt to be safer, because in this potential surface few individuals is my match, after all I flew upwards with the godship of superior god, attribute on in addition many, in addition after flying upwards the god, hides crush characteristics that added that therefore majority of NPC and player should give me a face?


„Wild pig elder brother, slow point......"

Lancome just became the god Venerable, probably could not have accepted my this fierce flight to pass through the speed, the small cheek red piece, said: „We have forgotten a matter, has not buried the skeleton for the grandfather."

I said: „Does not need to be worried that I have massacred god emperor Yun Qian, this matter affirmed that quick passed on Going out, Yun Qian the disciple was afraid me to clean up them, naturally met elaborate funeral Grandpa Rance, this point you do not need to worry, after , you cultivated to have, re-entered broken lonesome god to hold a memorial service for the grandfather again and that's the end."

„Um." She makes an effort to nod.

Continue, seeks for the boundary to go to the entrance of person boundary, I open the superior god domain, the intent sea extend, the space turned into the graph shape immediately, no matter what I see clearly each strength gap, a recent crack is away from us to be quite far, needs a long-distance flight.

I can only stay in broken lonesome god again for 120 minutes, therefore cannot stop over, immediately brought Lancome to fly.



After flying upwards, the flying speed had the enormous promotion, the whole person just liked the passing over gently and swiftly horizon like lightning, however, when I departed less than ten li (0.5km), suddenly in ground „whiz whiz whiz" flew several Daoist believers light, directly soared the obstruction in my front, was actually powerhouses of several military garb, the vision sweeps, two god kings and three gods Venerable, appearances of harboring evil intentions.

I sharply stop suddenly, the right hand lifts draws out the butterfly sword, asked: „Does?"

God Wang Wo who wears the purple armor the flame pointed weapons, was saying with a smile lightly: „Boy, visits you to cultivate for also good, the young girl but who please put down your arms, this lower position god godship we must decide!"

„Why?" I asked that at the same time is thinking, I am a player, is hiding the aura of god, couldn't this group of people visit me is a superior god?

He laughs at one, said: „Depended on you to intrude into the sky of our Rotter empire unexpectedly, was greedy, simple wasn't such truth clear? The boys, be not thinking worked as protector, immediately puts down the god who bosom just flew upwards Venerable, she was just a woman, has not let the necessity that you such protected, you must know, after the woman took off the clothing , was actually same."


I sneer, said: „Also wants her godship, although grazes a horse!"

Actually, what situation I want to try flying upwards superior god later attack power to go to actually very much, especially currently also has the 30% attribute additions of overlord rebirth in me, raises hand to use up a additional attack power card, the preparation fights! Flying upwards superior god, what the promotion is most remarkable is attack power, physical defense has almost not changed, but I know that after flying upwards hideaway physical defense absolutely is suddenly to increase, may fight greatly!

Three gods revere to be eager to try, raises is fighting the god of hammer Venerable says with a smile ferociously: „Big brother, making me go to be able this boy, if I can kill him, that this female gives me, I must before building up her godship enjoy her body well, hey, I have dallied with many women, but has not played the god!"

Purple clothes god king shows a faint smile: „Goes!"


In my vision is passing the chill in the air, moved has killed the heart, this causes to fight the god of hammer Venerable is courts death simply! Takes advantage of opportunity toward behind pushes Lancome, I said: „Static in one side, when I massacred this person to say again!"

„Good!" Lancome makes an effort to nod, she now to my strength absolute trust, because knows that I am the god emperor, the trivial two god Wang He three gods Venerable definitely how me, the disparity of rank was not few quantities can make up.

When that god Venerable to brandish fights the hammer clashes, my shouts at the later whole body purple thunder and flame dance, has formed unexpectedly also a thunder and lightning field of force, kills the surrounding hostile goal, opened the wing that a pair of ray has soared to the heavens, on the overlord armor has covered a god light, this was flies upwards the appearance that the player of god entered the battle condition, was called „god shape" by Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and short spear trick and the others.

But what I fly upwards is superior god, the god shape unusual military might, almost in changing body made this god revere instantaneously was fearful and apprehensive, the step anchored suddenly, randomly is actually chopped before by I rushed , the double sword, rides the wind to cut and other skills to erupt rapidly, this time injury digit was terrorist enough, moreover was the crush of godship is too probably serious, his blood strip Shua Shua fell, was less than two minutes, HP that the god Venerable fell 50%, otherwise such output speed they with amazement, had a scare on me, the strength of superior god also extremely in absolutely crush.!

„Saves the Third Brother quickly!" Purple clothes god king in great surprise, holds up the pointed weapons to rush ahead hurriedly.

I do not dread, do sword, the sword air/Qi instead shake Going out two god kings suddenly, the butterfly sword erupt [Strength of a Thousand Men] , to continue to lock that bad luck god Venerable the output, the [Tempest Sword] + [Thundering Heavens] skill bang kills together, in an instant this causes to fight the god of hammer Venerable HP to fall spatially, sobs dead under the butterfly sword, blows out a sparkling godship.


Put out a hand to hold this lower position god godship, I raised the godship, was revering to other two god kings and two gods shouts to clear the way lowly: „Do you also want to continue to fight again?"

Purple clothes god Wang Shenti fights to shake, in the eye passes is being unwilling and fears, said: „You...... Are you unexpectedly the god emperor? Why the upper boundary god emperor arrives at the boundary unexpectedly, don't you fear three principles to your disciplinary punishment?"

I killed intent to look at his one eyes imposingly, said: „I passed by, you obstruct me to be chased down by me, make way a road, I must walk, anyone of you cannot detain."

Purple clothes god Wang Yao the steel tooth, is turning around slowly, said: „Second Brother, we make way, since the god emperor must fly from the sky of Rotter empire, we cannot lose the courtesy!"

I laugh, the great disparity in strength, their stances make me appreciate actually, put out a hand to embrace the slender waist of Lancome, flies rapidly to the distant place, passes through the space crack suddenly, left the boundary, arrives at the person boundary, here I was an invincible terrifying existed, when even I flew in airborne, various gods in Daijouike Venerable do not dare to come out to stop, because this time I have entered the god shape to fly, their distant can see that a god emperor from airborne has flown, naturally does not dare to appear.

The god emperor arrives at the person boundary, on generally to hunt for the deicide Venerable to obtain the godship to build up the promotion, this point they are clear.


My surplus Cooldown were getting fewer and fewer, immediately opens the space crack of person boundary, bringing Lancome to fly surface layer the broken lonesome god ground, spent less than 20 minutes to find one to fly to every space crack, but before leap I have actually anchored, has given Lancome the lower position god godship who just obtained, said: „The quickest speed builds up it to promote itself!"

Lancome nods, holds the godship in the control closes the double pupil, the surroundings cyclone circulation, I protector in the one side, the god emperor protector, this time builds up the process is unable to be safer.

Is less than a half hour, builds up the success, Lancome opens in the time pair of show pupil of eye to have the fearless appearance, the whole person seemed bright however was different, did not need to think, if gave her again some Cooldown, built up 3-4 lower position god godship again, can perhaps break through steps into the boundary of position god, but we did not have this Cooldown, must leave here.


Hugs Lancome to enter the space crack, surrounding environment suddenly ice-cold, the familiar chill in the air, we appeared nearby the flying upwards god stone, not far away, one group of players gathered round the flying upwards god stone, person who also there is [Zhan Long], Death God's Elegy was raising Zhen Yue Blade, progressed on the incorruptible channel of summit, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Guildmaster, your flying upwards superior god?"

„Um." I nod smile: „You how here?"

„Waited for that Li Mu and Wang Jian, they also entered broken lonesome god, therefore we protector here, near the flying upwards god stone radical unprincipled person were not few."

My vision sweeps, the rising sun such as the blood, the male tyrant wind and cloud and Ben Lveru fire and other Guild have to send for defending by far here, the flying upwards god stone as if has become the transcription entrance that must struggle, is everybody limiting each other player to enter the illussion?

„Guildmaster!" Death God's Elegy visits me excitedly, said with a smile: „Makes the brothers have a look at the god shape quickly, we have seen Cang Tong and position god god shapes of Cang Yue two beautiful women, but has not actually seen the god shape of superior god, making the brothers open mind!"

I nod, deeply inspires, the whole body innumerable purple thunder surge, already entered the god shape, even airborne Thunder Guang and roaring flame are waving, echoes me is changing the body, the snow in ground changes by me the air current that the body produces blows instantaneously, response that the flying upwards god stone also buzzes launch of supernatural power.

Changed the body continues for 5 seconds I to close merely, said with a smile: „OK, you continue, I should walk!"


Death God's Elegy nods, raises Zhen Yue Blade to continue to lead dozens [Zhan Long] players to stay here, like fully a gate god, so long as he stays here, does not have anybody to dare to disregard [Zhan Long].


Then, should arrange the staying or going of Lancome, I said: „Lancome, every two places suit you to live, one is cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, but the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den position border, was attacked by Hybrid Demon easily, extremely in the danger, another is Fan Shu City, there is my possession, is the station of palace guard I govern, where do you want to live?"

Lancome blinked, said: „Which distance wild pig elder brother is quite near?"

„Fan Shu City."

„That Lancome lives in Fan Shu City."

„Also good, but before then, leads you to see a person first."


From now henceforth Fan Shu City came the town gathering place by a genuine god, but must make Lancome see the genuine god before then, did not see Frost and Seurre these true God, Lancome was impossible to know that what the true strength was, since I came out from the broken lonesome god belt her, that must let her going on living well, but did not degenerate into the ghost under Hybrid Demon king sharp claws, I do not hope that Lancome was the second fire god Gaia.

Zhan Long Chapter 1266

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