Zhan Long Chapter 1267

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In the entire flight, 11 have replied Wan Er, East city, Yue Qing Qian, Wolf and Old K and the others congratulation information, I can become first fly upwards the player of superior god, truly is one matter that is worth celebrating, but my person of this personal experience recalled that cannot bear somewhat sobs, for single Shashen Emperor Yun Qian, it may be said that takes great pains, the method that almost all can use has used, after gathering many essential factors, obtains successfully, and luck also occupied very big ingredient, kills end of the BOSS time Yun Qian attack somewhat to feel weak, perhaps leaves several times storms to strike me on to again. To broken lonesome god said that said goodbye.



Fights the boots to tread in the snow, treading out lets the will of the people bottom crisp sound, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den ice-cold as always, and today's climate enters the stadium, the flying snow is faded and fallen, on the city one group of unyielding Dragon's den armed soldiers do not fear severely cold, raises the pointed weapons to stand erect in the snow is standing the post, a pupil is staring at the north in pairs, they need always to pay attention to the northern trend, the Hybrid Demon army mysteriously appear and disappear, no one knows when their next wave of attacks and where will start.


Has opened the door of administrative hall, as expected, Frost, Zi Shu and Seurre three, Frost lie on the desk signs the name in documents, Zi Shu is sitting on the window looks down their chest, Seurre is inscribing Fu Wen on long bow with the short dagger, is busy the respective matter respectively.

Frost gains ground first, in pair of wonderful is passing joyfully, said with a smile: „You have really succeeded, I felt the aura of superior god!"

I nod: „Um!"

„Seven big god emperors, whose godship have you captured?"

„Unexpectedly is strength strongest Yun Qian!"

„Ha, good!" Frost stands up, the body is throwing over the pretor coat falls following the fragrant shoulder, she visits me with a smile, when sees my behind Lancome, immediately on the small cheek passed over gently and swiftly a hostility, said: „This miss...... Is who?"

I was somewhat awkward, said: „This is I in a girl who in broken lonesome god runs into, her grandfather was said the shallow subordinate massacres, but I seized a lower position god godship to help her fly upwards the god Venerable, her name was called Lancome, Lancome, has seen superior god Frost quickly."


Lancome has opened the small mouth: „Every...... How every to have superior god, was too inconceivable!"

Seurre smiles lightly: „Young miss, do not sit the well view day, this superior god is not simple, puts together seven big god emperors of god, not necessarily is her match."

This point I believe absolutely that Frost already was not the general superior god, since saw clearly the star territory strength, after grasping the strength of stars, her strength progressed by leaps and bounds, otherwise in the impossible frontage to contend with 12 with the dark blue billows.

I sit in the Frost front chair, said: „I decided that makes Lancome move into Fan Shu City, assumes my possession, but she just carrying lower position god, feat of arms anything cheaply could not have withstood, the battle efficiency lowers pitifully, therefore leads her to come cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, Frost, Zi Shu and Seurre, but also asked you to be liberal to grant instruction, exercised her......"

Frost chuckle: „, You could rest assured that since she has the godship, my definitely parsimonious Wu Jue, Wu Jue in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den book collection pavilion, she cannot study willfully, we can teach personally, since our Dragon's den cultivates a formidable god for you, you should express?"

My speechless visits her: „Wants anything to speak frankly, I will manage in one's power, I the sentiment to you and Dragon's den you also know."

Frost throws smiles: „That is good, is old style, after we experience the previous dark blue billows leading personally army attacks a city, the dragon crystal artillery buckle more than 100, the shell almost ran out, therefore, needs you to dial to take 100 dragon crystal artillery and 10,000 dragon crystal shells from Tian Ling Empire armed forces again sends cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, thank you!"

The beautiful woman teacher is holding my hand, appearance that somewhat acts like a spoiled brat unexpectedly, for a dragon crystal artillery almost must say that „clip clop", did not have the appearance of superior god simply, I shot a look at her one eyes, actually discovered that Frost has worn one new uniform, is the dark blue background women military uniform, inside a white shirt, outside the shirt is passing a soft armor appearance faintly, outlined the twin peaks outline, on shoulder especially was the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den golden symbol flood the moving gloss, this time beautiful woman teacher beautiful beckoningly, looked on me simply. Palpitated with excitement.

Defends the heart, cannot be at a loss!

I try hard to restrain itself, said: „Wants the dragon crystal artillery and shell, but has reached an agreement first, you need to provide the purity to be higher than 95% dragon crystal again to me, previous time you also saw, the invincible might artillery has rendered meritorious service on the knife point mountain, but was also wrecked several invincible might artillery by the dark blue billows, we need the casting more top heavy artilleries to contend with the Hybrid Demon army."

„Um, does not have the issue, but I provide dragon crystal at the same time, you must bestow three invincible might artillery as well as enough invincible might artillery shells give Dragon's den, this is the condition."

I applaud with her with a smile: „That said it and meant it!"

Frost turns around immediately, said to Queen Zi Shu: „Zi Shu, sends for the dragon grave deep place excavating this afternoon, I can induce, some there also massive dragon crystal."

Zi Shu is somewhat helpless: „I turned into the Dragon's den first tomb raider madman quickly...... The lords, you excavate the Dragon Clan tomb pit like this crazily well , the older generation Dragon Shen ghost saw that this scene certain meeting wants to kill your."

In Frost pair of wonderful is bringing reluctantly: „That can be what kind, so long as can defend cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, I make anything."

I look to Zi Shu, gathers supernatural power in Shuangmou, immediately discovered the Zi Shu differences, said with a smile: „Queen Zi Shu obtained the godship, right?"

Zi Shu chuckle: „Really is the superior god, this looked by you, right, now I have is also the superior god godship, captures in god three days ago, the present god day boundary, had five god emperors!"

My sigh, pitiful broken lonesome god, the god imperial capital soon turned into the cash machine, in fact probably was this, along with unceasing emerging of player, the god Venerable, the god king and god emperor even more few, the player flew upwards unceasingly at the same time, broken lonesome god must certainly turn into the domain of mortal, but these powder spirit and soldier slave cultivated also to have the opportunity to fly upwards to obtain the godship, once flew upwards successfully is harvested by the player immediately, looked like shears the fragrant-flowered garlic to be the same simply, has sheared.

My luck is quite good, sheared the fresh and tender top fragrant-flowered garlic of stubble, thinks that was somewhat small excited.


Therefore, keeps Dragon's den to let Frost and Zi Shu and Seurre Lancome together **, said according to Frost, the intelligence of Lancome was good, moreover had the godship, believes that soon after can become the god who can assume sole responsibility for an important task.

However a little makes me quite not comfortable, the player flies upwards god many of more and more, but compares to Frost and gods in Zi Shu these NPC, we missed are far, in fact, the player and NPC god with Level, the attack and defense have not missed many, you can hit my many blood, I can retaliate your many, but disparate in the HP upper limit, god level NPC frequently hundreds of millions blood, player actually only then several hundred thousand blood, therefore the pattern has not changed as before, flew upwards is also what kind of the god, after running into the dark blue billows and Sif these god level NPC, must be affected, must spell. Words, injured can only be one.

Goal, Fan Shu City, [Zhan Long] administrative hall.

When I step into the hall, Wan Er and East city, going that two female have not gone all out rushed to the god step skill Level, but is the choice gets together here.

„Hurry up, the god shape shows us!" Wan Er lithe walks, said with a smile.

I have filled reluctantly, after flying upwards superior god, like is a monkey makes others look simply everywhere that immediately the god shape changes the body, the ray is radiant, around the shining hall, then under my hint, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue together enters the god shape, really has the difference, the god shape of superior god changes the body corona at least is two times of big of position god, and can form the principle strength to injure the match in the body week continually.

„Superior god changed the body is too graceful......" East city to narrow beautiful eyes, appearance that moved extremely.

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „That prayed that in one month 7 god emperors had not killed off, like this we can enter god once more, has a look to have the opportunity to obtain the superior god godship."

I nod: „Um."

Saying, under arrives at the desk of administrative hall to be implicated, I slanting by the chair, lazy lying down there, said: „Two beautiful woman secretaries, come, reported to me recently the [Zhan Long] situation, has mixed god, did not have the matter in what thoughts control guild."

„Also can have the multi- important matters." Wan Er said with a smile: „Basically is busy to level, waits to enter god."

I asked: „What hearsay in god has?"

Dong Cheng Yue said: „Until now, the Chinese area had over hundred people to achieve 235 levels of flying upwards illussion, successfully the person but who attains the godship is very few, it is said Yan Zhao Warrior, six he and Quick Thunder Swift Wind and the others is trying a make the blood boil flying upwards way."

„, What way?"

„They do not enter the person boundary, because has not revered the assurance that must win to god, therefore stays in the surface, alone kills these powder spirits, each loose spirit will blow out 1 godship fragment, therefore they want the collection uneven 10 godship fragments to synthesize a complete godship, as the matter stands can fly upwards completely."

I in consternation, cannot bear to praise sigh: „Wise action! Let the [Zhan Long] rank first about 20 players also use this means that safe effective, the person the boundary, boundary and day boundary truly are not the person dull places, was too savage, was right, is the Matcha progress how is it?"

Takes a broad view at [Zhan Long], most made my confident is Matcha, her selected the strength to be also strongest only, most had the opportunity to obtain the senior godship.

Lin Wan Er said: „Matcha entered the boundary, does not have what news, makes him pass on to everybody through Wolf, awaits calmly the good news and that's the end, her equipment is now good, has the possibility of challenge god king."

I think that Xue Sand strength, couldn't bear tremble, Matcha has been able to challenge the god king to be successful really? After all her equipment is far inferior I.

Without the means that that awaits calmly good news.

Several days later, does not know that must have many people to enter broken lonesome god the surface to kill to disperse collects the godship fragment spirit, thinks also to think but actually exceptionally lively, this probably is common people -type flying upwards.

Zhan Long Chapter 1267

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