Zhan Long Chapter 1268

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Following in three day, the Chinese war zone altogether 7 people fly upwards, Matcha and Fang Ge Que they fly upwards the god by god godship, but Yan Zhao Warrior, six he, Li Mu, Wang Jian, the Lu Chun Yang five people flew upwards by the godship of lower position god, according to the meaning of Li Mu, the in god cannot select only, in short Cooldown could not find each other, is all the way easy to encounter the god Venerable, chasing down of god king, therefore might as well fly upwards with the lower position god godship first said again that the waiting next turbine will enter once more, but Lu Chun Yang, six he and Yan Zhao Warrior are the powder spirit godship who uses. The fragment gathers the complete godship to fly upwards.

This is not quite easy, in broken lonesome god everywhere is the crises, was not careful could hang in inside, can kill 10 powder spirit not dead continually, was in itself the set of luck and strength.

However a little makes me not think, after the self-, few players since the day boundary, in other words, basic challenged the god emperor on nobody unexpectedly, afterward inquired knew that after god emperor Yun Qian I massacred, entire broken lonesome god has been shocked, all god king and god emperor and god Venerable reached the agreement, in every adventurer who in god chased down all entries, saw one to kill one, NPC of god had such AI me not to think actually, was too user-friendly!

According to the intelligence system, the overseas player also obtains the flying upwards opportunity in the crazy entry illussion, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk, ancient musical scale and brown pupil and the others almost to live in broken lonesome god does not come out, moreover in god has the dispute as before, was massacred by the Chinese players who is countless by the Chinese players as well as the foreign player who they massacre.


In the morning, is less than cleans up the S6 transcription by god shape one squad 30 minutes in gang guild, I have flown back to Fan Shu City, was the time inspects the army to be detailed, the distance second round country war ended had good Cooldown, as if the third round country war should not be far, this round country combat general will be more frigid, Tian Ling Empire VS iron skull city + Ze deep pool city, this was gambling of two big camps . Moreover the significance that this fought was extremely also profound, possibly after one fought , the mainland general will have the tranquility of very long Cooldown.

Airborne hears an intermittent hawk whining noise, in Fan Shu City is standing in great numbers dozens hawk nests, perches for the flame hawk, lives to rest up after that long resting, the Fan Shu City military strength is abundant, has Heavy Flame Archers 50000 to be used to defend the imperial city, another 12 thousand multi- Flame Hawk Archers and 15 thousand multi- Cliff Dragon Cavalry are used to attack, over 100,000 Flame Hawk Archers, each has I 110% attributes, I have maintained the god shape the words, the attribute is to also share, this crowd of Flame Hawk Archers will be the main forces that the country will fight, even, I suspected that was only a Fan Shu City military strength sufficiently resists [Legend] and [Zhan Long] two big Guild, only insufficient. Is the direction has to inconvenience, intelligence quotient possibly is inferior to the player, according to the circumstance ability inferior many.

„Holds the spear greatly!"

In the barrack of palace guard, Han Yuan instigated Thunder dragon to clash, the big voice Ha Ha said with a smile: „The group of clever male servants of ministry of public works are really fierce, short half a month was less than has exhausted all pure dragon crystal, currently we altogether had 28 invincible might artillery, special-purpose shell also 5000 of invincible might artillery, enough used!"

I satisfy say with a smile: „Good, delivers 3 invincible might artillery to cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den . Moreover, allocates and dispatches 300 special-purpose shells again."



Leads Han Yuan, Xiao severe, scenery sound three Yorozuo long to walk in the barrack of palace guard, does an inspection all, the present palace guard military strength resumed the establishments of 15 thousand people, will be we will resist the main force of Hybrid Demon and overseas player, the country fought does not come, I was worrying at the same time, actually also somewhat anticipated in the moral nature deep place that the third round country war, will be will show I, showed [Zhan Long], proved the opportunity in Chinese area!

Waits again, we need the players of many flying upwards, following country combat generals can be the showdowns of high-level flying upwards player, whose flying upwards player are more, who has the superiority on exceed, it is well known, Level of flying upwards player can break through 235 levels, skill Level can also break through the god step, such as I, have practiced the skill of most of the day in the mansion, basically all my skills broke through 20 levels, has achieved the god step skill, might suddenly to increase , the player who numerous flown upwards rose over 240 levels, has not pulled open by Level of flying upwards player, adds on the god shape changes the body., The flying upwards player goes against is injuring kills the match hardly is not the issue.

Just is thinking, suddenly together the ting reverberation above the sky, Chinese area another person flew upwards, [Zhan Long] Dancing Forest!


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Dancing Forest】( China) flies upwards successfully is 【God】( Sacred & flame), is 27 th flies upwards for the player of god, obtains the reward: The Level + 2, Charm + 50, gold coins several + 10000, after flying upwards, the entire hideaway attribute large scale promotion, the Agility growth promotes 100%, Stamina growth to promote 50%, strength growth to promote 40%, Magic growth to promote 30%, all skills break through 20 levels, practices skilled to promote to the god step 7 levels high!


„, Did the small dance fly upwards the god?" In the guild, Li Mu Ha Ha asked with a smile.

Wolf said: „Continues she in the boundary, Darling Duck also."

„?" Li Mu said: „That can explain actually, the shooting day bow of small dance let any god Wang Niao pants sufficiently, had Darling Duck to help to add the blood, single Tiao was also possible, but, the small dance flew upwards, what to do Darling Duck Healer, single Tiao definitely could not kill the god king!"

„You are stupid!" Wolf said: „After small dance flies upwards, 120 minutes of Cooldown, can help to swim kills the god king or is the god Venerable, initially the Xiao Yao elder brother like this helped Dong Cheng Yue fly upwards."

„Makes sense......"

Then, was awaits calmly Darling Duck to fly upwards.

Really, has not made us many be too long, the Dancing Forest shooting day bow quickly good special effect after striking to kill the goal to promote 1% Movement Speed, she mixed in Jigyeong-ri from yesterday evening, killed small monster definitely also many, Movement Speed came up, dodged god Wang Chao to cross 50% injuries sufficiently, in addition her tactic walked the position quite to be good, therefore in less than 20 minutes of Cooldown, Darling Duck also flew upwards, and similarly was a god, everybody has been shocked, the output of Dancing Forest this had much high, in 20 minutes on massacring a god king?

In fact, shot day bow handle world Country Weapon attack power truly by far to dominate above other [Soul Army], in 20 minutes the deicide king was not very accidental.

Therefore, Darling Duck has become the Healer player of first flying upwards, and unexpectedly flies upwards with the godship of god, made innumerable Healer envy dead sufficiently.

[Zhan Long] one group of players truly make me very gratified, the Matcha single Tiaoshen king, Dancing Forest and Darling Duck double play two god kings, these are Jian Feng Han, Q-Sword and other players have not completed, present [Zhan Long], even if I in cannot assume sole responsibility for an important task sufficiently.


The entire server also had 28 players to fly upwards the god, broken lonesome god present chaotic piece , is really lively.

Just is thinking, suddenly „drop", a news came from beautiful woman police officer Shen Bing: „Superior god schoolmate, Wang Dui Lord said that makes you return to base one time, on noon today, hurries to catch up, Buesst's case has obtained broke certainly through."

„Made the breakthrough?"

„Um, here let alone are too many, comes and that's the end!"



Said one to Wan Er and East city, I immediately offline.

Opens A4 to directly soar the base, when I arrive also almost high noon.

„Conference room." On the cell phone an information, came from Shen Bing.

I took a step to move toward the conference room, poured is also the light gate familiar road, when I opened the door, discovered was not only **, two wore the person of military uniform , the military rank that wore from the shoulder, two bar two stars and two bar three stars, a lieutenant colonel, a colonel, two people both dept frown, after I came, ** immediately said: „This is Li Xiao Yao!"

Two military officers stand up immediately, with my 11 handshakes.

After I sit down, asked: „What kind, what situation?"

The colonel is about 35 -year-old high and low person, had a look later saying: „In the Sino-Burman border presented a handful hoodlums, has destroyed our two watch boxes continuously, casualties over 50 people."

I slightly one astonished: „Not? On border line, but will the regular army, how collapse at the first blow?"

He clenches teeth saying: „Because these hoodlums were different from these poisonous peddlers of past, they were breed to think of the person, otherwise we will not appear here!"

** Deeply inspires, said: „Xiao Yao, should you also guess? Bred to install the person science and technology to be used by them in ‚trade' in use, now, they breeding to think of the person to sell to the poisonous peddler, helped their border crossing narcotics, it's that simple."

Nearby Shen Bing said: „This is easy to solve some, so long as provides the nano bullet to the soldier of border line, can basically relieve below the A level to breed to install the threat of person, what now is more difficult to solve, some people start to invade our military systems, is deciphering our armament systems, moreover is the threats of expert rank."

I in consternation: „Who is the opposite party?"

„Does not know, satellite decoding that uses, we can only look up the system source in Hangzhou, the exact location is unable to lock temporarily, I suspected that has not being able to withdraw responsibility with Booster Company."

„Needs me to look up a low-quality cloth Stee again?"

„Does not use." The lieutenant colonel shakes the head, said: „That was too easy to alert the enemy, above has given us to order, this time must breeding to think of the person to eradicate in the influence of China! Now cannot alert the enemy, we need to find out their details in detail, afterward destroys completely them by the thunder attack, the military will use the biggest support force your motion, even can use the fighter aircraft and most recent long-distance accurate rail gun."

„From Wang Ze Cheng?" I asked.

But Shen Bing shakes the head: „Useless, Wang Ze Cheng has soaked the matter of busy flying upwards illussion for serveral days in the game, he as if knows nothing to this matter, is unable to start from his here, must start from his person."

„Pei Ying?"

„Right, Pei Ying is influence now is very big."

I show a faint smile: „Grasps directly, the severe punishment interrogates and tortures......"

Two military officers are somewhat speechless, as if not approve of the proposition of my simple violence.

Shen Bing smart-alecky implored tone, said: „Good, this matter gives me to manage, I will think means close Pei Ying, draws out from his mouth about breeding to install person and Buesst's extreme complication, after obtaining firmly the [Gouge] evidence, can begin."

„Um, I have the person in secret with you, protects your security."


[Zhan Long] was done fourth, asked the monthly ticket, asked the counterattack!

Zhan Long Chapter 1268

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