Zhan Long Chapter 1269

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The duty in the body, did not have the means to go back temporarily, has reported a news to Lin Wan Er, reported safely, afterward on the cell phone mute, exchanged one set of new actor, the white shirt and black windproof coat, below is covering the armed forces trousers, two handle saber minutes inserted about, were binding the back with the black cloth the butterfly sword after behind, the whole person besides looking to be cooler but actually does not have the suspicious place.


About 5 : 00 pm, Shen Bing and Pei Ying reached agreement to eat meal together, discussed the matter of bar joint management.

Tonight's Shen Bing is specially beautiful, a white long skirt, the whole person left several points of immortal intent, takes the cream-colored packet to sit in the base to ration her race car to speed along to go, I stand in the lawn, several seconds of latter bright black rushes greatly in the roadside stops, the glass falls, Xing Lie cracks into a smile: „Boss, walks, tonight I team up with you."

I nod smile to board, suspends the butterfly sword, afterward rises the glass.

Turns on the tracking device, traces the Shen Bing phone signal, not near, the Xing Lie road sense is also good, is distanced over 200 meters, but had not been thrown off.

The Shen Bing evening's appointment place in a French restaurant, we stops in the diagonally opposite of dining room, Xing Lie brings to be responsible until completion to cut the beef, two people are eating, while looks at the distant place with the night-vision telescope, confirmed that Shen Bing security, Shen Bing is proposing a toast by far, Pei Ying was interesting to Shen Bing this young beautiful woman, naturally has drunk several times.

When they finished eating, on my cell phone also received an information from Shen Bing: „Probed the little source, they managed to breed to think of the person to improve the medicament to be called ‚strength potion', strength potion truly purchased from Booster Company, but all purchase data with trading record in an electronic box, the box in his family, I must go home with him."

I have not replied, at this time was too simply dangerous to the Shen Bing short note, but hints Xing Lie to drive to continue.


Pei Ying and Shen Bing go out was quite affectionate, the arm on the ring in the Shen Bing waist, Xing Lie cannot bear fights with the fists on the steering wheel, gets angry: „Mother, wants to chop his dirty hand really!"

I knit the brows: „As if the Shen Bing elder sister does not drive, must ride Pei Ying car(riage), careful point."


Xing Lie in earphone inside lane: „Two groups please note, Pei Ying must walk, locks him several dwellings in city, do not make him flee, after we ten minutes, embarks with again."

Two groups are the axe compose with another three team members, a tattered gold cup followed, drives such car(riage) somewhat to be actually similar to the makings of axe, he is so rough, the person who ten days do not take a bath if comes this to run quickly instead to appear suspicious.


After ten minutes, the dim light of night also slowly arrives in the Hangzhou city, seven revolutions eight circle, unexpectedly does not go to the dwelling place, but circled the Papa bar, Xing Lie could not bear knit the brows: „This Pei Ying is really a bastard, can soak? The Xiao Yao elder brother, do we go in?"

„No." I sit in the car(riage) look outside, said: „We carried out excessively inferior task, already in their blacklists, let enter the little brothers of group to go most newly."


Xing Lie arranges in communication immediately: „Three groups depended on the past, little brother urged somebody to drink, asked a girl to enter casually together drinks, told me with the forum private letter the implementary status."

Several minutes later, he turns the head to visit me: „Truly is drinking, Pei Ying looked for several packs of scoundrels, as if wants the Shen Bing elder sister getting drunk, then the convenient belt went back."

I: „Relax, Shen Bing elder sister's alcohol capacity I know that will not compare me to be bad many."

„But can't support one group of people to drink?" He somewhat worries.

I somewhat am also annoyed: „What to do that clashes now, duty failure? Xiao Lie you remember to me, you is a special police officer, must the command prompt!"

Xing Lie clenches teeth, said: „Sorry, boss......"

I pat his shoulder: „I am also impatient, I am also worried about the Shen Bing safety, now but we can do waited."



To around 11 : 00 pm times, finally three groups transmit the information, they went out, does Shen Bing has drunk sway, but Pei Ying is holding Shen Bing, on the face has the happy expression, the palm to walk randomly in the waist buttocks of Shen Bing.

„Mother!" I drink one lowly.

Xing Lie has almost bitten tooth, status of Shen Bing in base looks like the sister is the same, same **, takes care of good Xing Lie these little brothers, everybody naturally can be imagined to her respecting and loving.

Pei Yingjiu has harnessed, drove his car(riage) to leave blue Shuijie slowly, we.

At this time, on my cell phone received a message from Shen Bing once more: „I go home with him, he complies to make me have a look at this mysterious box first, don't worry."

I laugh in spite of trying not, how can not be worried?

About 12 points time, vehicle stops in some Di Xiaoqu slowly, Pei Ying hugs Shen Bing to go upstairs drunkenly, Xing Lie just about to drives with the past, I stop to say hurriedly: „Does not want, turn left, circles a circle to come back again, some people are monitoring!"

At night, my eyesight is far from the average man can compare, Pei Yingzhu in an alone villa, the surroundings at least over 7 people eying covetously is protecting him, and behind followed two car(riage)s, is Pei Ying people, this blue Shuijie underground Boss' manner was too simply big, simultaneously I can also induce to the fluctuation of that energy, in this group of people have to breed to think of the person, moreover is the A level breeds to think of the person!

The risk of this motion promoted suddenly, I said in communication immediately: „All groups pay attention, the risk promotes to the S level, around Pei Ying Dwelling has to breed to think of the person, everybody is certainly careful! Enters the zone of security the vehicle flameout, the person do not appear immediately!"


The vehicles of altogether four protector squad members entered the peripheral region of alone villa, stops slowly, Shen Bing went upstairs with Pei Ying, no one knows that exactly had anything.

I was saying to communication: „Technical group, the according to Police status enters the supervisory system of community immediately, sends to my car(riage) to come up the real-time picture in villa."

Is less than a half minute, the guidance picture of Mercedes-Benz had the transformation, turned into indoor scene, as can be seen, Shen Bing walks arm in arm in the bosom that Pei wins, seems acting like a spoiled brat to beg any thing, I know that what she needs is that box, so long as obtains that box, Buesst's destruction has been a foregone conclusion, we have needed an evidence, but this is the evidence.

Quick, drunken Pei Ying is stubborn, but, then stands up in the safety deposit box to take the thing, is really a pitch-dark square box, when touches some button, the two wings of box open slowly, light beams condense the picture, Buesst's thing truly is the high tech.


Xing Lie laughs.

I am fixing the eyes on the picture, sent an information to give Shen Bing: „Knocks down Pei Ying, comes out!"

In the picture, Shen Bing is holding box, a relaxed elbow strikes, knocks down Pei Ying directly, it seems like that this Pei Ying does not breed to install one of the person.

Saw that Shen Bing must come out, I immediately order to say in communication: „East 2 groups of cleaning up villas the 4 people in thick patch of grass, two on 3 groups of cleaning up benches, on 4 groups of stopping pads the person in that Buick car(riage), I handle the north that A level to breed to think of the person, Xiao Lie, the attention protect the good Shen Bing elder sister, do not make her have the matter!"

Xing Lie held the sniper's rifle on the glass, smiles: „Relax, the Shen Bing elder sister gives me!"



I already raised the butterfly sword to clash Going out, is quietly, the step falls in the thick patch of grass has almost not made any sound, but that A level breeds to think of the person still to smoke in the car(riage) unexpectedly, pulls out tastes completely the life likely bitter general.


He detected suddenly my time, I flushed, butterfly under moonlight flood fearful chill in the air.

„Holds......" him only with enough time to obloquy one, the blood red scale of nape of the neck place extends rapidly, the arm turned into the steel and iron jib to break the glass bang to me, was too what a pity late.


The butterfly sword cuts into from the vehicle roof directly, cuts from the chassis, but this was known as that the A level of dragon blood soldier bred to think of the person to fall on the steering wheel suddenly, the head took advantage of opportunity to tumble, struck to kill, sneak attack it's that simple!


Another several directions have also heard the sound of gunfire, hears the sound is our sound of gunfire, should also attend to similarly, Pei Ying has probably not thought that our protector squads will send out that many people to come „serving" he, this motion is a big ritual!

In the lawn, Shen Bing is embracing box, staggers, drank, small face under street light glowing red, walked flushed me to say with a smile: „Evidence...... Finally has succeeded in obtaining, hee hee......"

Xing Lie raises the (spear gun) to walk, said with a smile: „Was makes Pei Ying that bastard eat that many bean curds, the Xiao Yao elder brothers must irritate!"

„Not? Does he have heart that to tighten me?"

I do not know whether to laugh or cry, gains ground, actually sees in the dim light of night, the box of Shen Bing bosom emits the dazzling blue gloss, is getting stronger and stronger, immediately the moral nature one thump, shouts hurriedly greatly: „The Shen Bing elder sister, discards box quickly, quick!"


Shen Bing is stunned, discards the box hurriedly, but was too late.


The explosion sends out from the under foot of Shen Bing, at present a flame, shines the person unable to open the eye, and has formed a blue shock-wave, sweeps across the surroundings, the body of Xing Lie is flushed sharply draws back several steps, falls down.


„Shen Bing......"

In a flash, as if the world revolves, my Chest transmitted the rending ache, staggering along has crashed in the explosion area, present makes me lifelong unforgettable, Shen Bing lay down in the ashes, the both legs of lower part almost exploded the smashing, the upper body full was the blood stain, is shivering, actually as before opened the eye that the body did not live, wants to have a look at this world finally.

I throw to go forward hurriedly, kneel down hug her in the bosom, the blood overflow from her mouth, she lowers the head to have a look at her both legs, on the face actually a tranquility, said: „Leg...... Did not have......"

The tears flow copiously, I think her, the heart was chaotic, trembling sound track: „Do not look...... The Shen Bing elder sister do not fear that you will be all right, you will be all right!"

Saying, gains ground to bellow: „Comes the person, called the ambulance quickly, were you doing? Called the ambulance quickly!"

However as we all know, late, the upper body of Shen Bing had been made many perforations by the shrapnel.

She grabs my arm suddenly, gaining ground of hard sledding: „Dear Li Youngster, makes me have a look at you again......"

I hold her scruff, the tears fall unceasingly: „I......"

Shen Bing smiled: „Will you also cry?"

I am nose acid: „You...... You let alone......"

„Did not say...... Did not have the opportunity......" her as if severe wound person is not one, tight was staring at me, said: „Was a pity...... What a pity I...... I cannot visit you again like this...... Was a pity...... The evidence exploded together did not have......"

My whole body shivers: „The Shen Bing elder sister, asked you let alone......"

„Finally, kisses?" She squeezes a smiling face, said: „Although I now...... Is unattractive............ Without enough time in attractive said that loved you......"

„No, attractive, our Shen Bing forever attractive......"

I also want to continue to lie, but Shen Bing has actually closed the eye, the body hangs down, the final breath also vanished.


Finally kisses......

I have not cried, actually lowers the head to kiss on her lip, tastes, only then thick bloodiness, as well as incomparable bitterness and astringency.

Zhan Long Chapter 1269

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