Zhan Long Chapter 1270

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Pei Ying is arrested, the Shen Bing remains are shipped back the base by me personally.


Changed one brand-new police uniform, Shen Bing has calmly lain on the bed, as if has slept soundly generally, I stood in the one side, almost thought that each quarter she may wake up, ** stood in the one side, the eye was red, Xing Lie and axe and the others was gripping tightly the fist, was silent.

Eye somewhat dry, I am holding the sides of the bed, was saying in a soft voice.

„She has wanted to join [Zhan Long] Guild, but had been rejected by me, because this is too dangerous, has exposed very much her easily."

„The Shen Bing elder sister is good, shouts each time is making me ask her to eat the beef steak, may be I brings a cheaper KFC she not to be angry."

„She added that must be Xiao Lie introduces the girlfriend, now what to do."

„Axe, the uniform of your large size is she gives you to apply especially, you strong XXXL unable to put on you."

„She has not permitted in the base to smoke, said that is the banning smoking crazy demon of base."

„I also owe her many food."

„If she can awake, I make her join [Zhan Long] immediately, moves into the [Zhan Long] palace."


I was still saying, Xing Lie after grabbed my shoulder, the tears flows copiously, cries saying: „Boss, you let alone, you let alone, everybody knows that you have suppressed a lot of fires."

I turn around to visit him, shook the head, has referred to the Chest, said: „Xiao Lie, my pain, good pain......"

Axe finally eye one red, is wiping tears, this is everybody first time sees him to cry, such a tall man, cries to really be ugly.

** Said: „Xiao Yao, she went, we are very sad, you...... Restrains your grief and accommodates change......"

At this time, outside has heard the weeping sound, an old age couple cried to run, was the Shen Bing parents, his father eyes is red, but mother already the spirit break, cried is putting on the Shen Bing remains, was shouting her infant name loudly, but everyone knows that Shen Bing will never wake up.

Has cried a meeting, mother turns around suddenly, visits me wickedly, lifts a hand palm of the hand to hit on my nape of the neck, cries to obloquy saying: „Your these scoundrel police, said that will protect her security, why my daughter went now, you can actually live are standing here, why certainly is she? You told me!"

I have not avoided, had not explained that the whole body shivers, no matter what she one by one hits on the face.

On face a numbness, but at heart actually such as in deep sorrow!


„Aunt, you leave this, this is not the Captain Li mistake." Xing Lie blocks the aunt.

The uncle is also reasonable, supported own wife to go to nearby room to rest.

Also people of remaining one crowd of protector squads defended here, in a while, four military senior generals appeared in this small room, a lieutenant general, two major generals, a colonel, at least was the vice- master rank.

„**, What to do this matter do you plan?" What speech is Sun Xiang, we have seen early a military representative, is in these four people the only lieutenant general.

All vision fell on **, he was restless, grips tightly the fist saying: „This is a trap, Buesst knows that we will have the idea of box, therefore has installed the pulse bomb of remote control in the box, once our people attain the box immediately to detonate, Shen Bing is this is also murdered......"

Sun Xiangdao: „Did you grasp are the evidence that Buesst did?"


** Shakes the head dejected: „Evidence did not have along with the explosion together, I also lost right-hand one."

I know that in ** in the mind, the protector base he most regards as important two people, he had boasted to the person, reason that the Hangzhou protector squad is strong , because „article has Shen Bing, the military has Li Xiao Yao", Shen Bing is entire Hangzhou and even the southern area most outstanding computer decodes the master, case many that we uncover are her merit, is now, Shen Bing not.

Sun Xiang clenched teeth, said: „Since does not have the evidence, the military cannot directly intervene to Buesst began, the background of this company was too big, headquarters in New York, and arranged the massive international reporters to stay in China, so long as we began, will immediately be exposed, the international opinion will affect to the status of our country is big."

** Somewhat grieved, said: „I know, this matter...... The responsibility in me, has anything to pursue the responsibility to me and that's the end."

A major general snort the sound, said: „Now does not pursue the responsibility time, but how can have their crime evidence, how we can be quietly cancels from China Buesst's group of people!"

„Difficult, was too difficult."

Sun Xiangdao: „They train a substantial number of A levels to breed to think of the person, even if we are send the special troop unable to contend directly, one week ago the fight that the Zhujiang Delta has did you forget? Only if the use heavy weapons, otherwise will be very difficult, but the consequence of use heavy weapon is very serious, Hangzhou this had the old cities of more than 2000 years of history possibly to be destroyed in a moment."

Saying, Sun Xiang a sigh: „Sends out the plainclothes, even if were pays the big price also to find Buesst with breeding again to install the person science and technology related ironclad proof, when the time comes we can set out the army to begin directly!"

** Nod: „Yes, I will manage fully."


At this time, I gained ground, look at their one group of people, said lightly: „Also can wait? Can wait for that evidence? You did not fear that will have more people to suffer distress?"

Sun Xiang is stunned, said: „Li Xiao Yao, should not be angry first, but we need to handle matters according to the regulation, moreover this matter is truly thorny, if Buesst China Headquarters in the suburb, I can transfer the fighter aircraft to rumble immediately evenly it, but now...... The price of doing this too greatly was too big, is we are unable to withstand."

I stood up, have cast off the badge on shoulder, placed the Shen Bing remains gently on hand, said: „I will not let your difficult office, Wang Dui, this is my badge, from this quarter, I no longer was one of the Hangzhou police force, matter that you are unable to solve, I solved!"

„Li Xiao Yao, should not be insane!" ** Shouted to clear the way lowly: „What meaning is your this?"

I also get angry: „What meaning did you say my? Waits wait / etc.! Waited for death Dong Cheng Lei, waited for death Shen Bing, how many important people do we want to kill to get rid decisively? Today I die, must draw Buesst's person to go to hell together!"

Saying, was turning around to walk, took off straight uniform rapidly, only kept a vigor attire, afterward in the intercom said: „I now am not one of the police force, but asked everybody to help me, the reconnaissance party, informs my Wang Ze Cheng tonight in the position, Xiao Lie, drove to deliver me to pass, the axe, having the person to aid, blocked off them in the surrounding, saw that bred to think of the person to run away to use the nano bullet, was killed violently directly."

„Yes!" In the earphone has broadcast very consistent sound.

** Looks at my back, clenches teeth to get angry: „Li Xiao Yao was insane, are your one group of people together insane with him?"

Xing Lie smiles: „We do not want to see colleague dead again, Wang Dui, forgives our insane this time."


Went out, Xing Lie drives, axe and the others raises the heavy weapons to bring up the rear, the reconnaissance party has sent in the Wang Ze Cheng real-time address, is very good, in Xihu villa resort, should be his house, rich, although this money background was too dirty.

Everyone knows that killed Shen Bing is the idea of Wang Ze Cheng, everyone knows that the genuine chief instigator of death of Dong Cheng Lei as before is Wang Ze Cheng, Buesst CEO that this is good at camouflaging when will smile nobody to know, but I know that today I will wrestle by the fate!

Around 4 : 00 am, the vehicles on road are scarce, the speed that Xing Lie drives has surpassed 100, at the same time worries has a look at me, said: „Boss, we...... Although we very much want to be the Shen Bing elder sister revenge, but you go...... Doesn't have the issue?"

„Does not need to be worried about me."

I have grasped the sword hilt of butterfly, said: „This is a revenged kill of personal gratitude and grudges, possibly...... After I massacre Wang Ze Cheng, will be arrested by the police, so long as massacres Wang Ze Cheng, at least can constrain Little segment Cooldown to breed to install the arrogance of person, at least can be the Shen Bing elder sister and Ah Lei revenges."


Xing Lie layer on layer nodded, the vision becomes firm.


A water tranquility of Xihu, we lead the way following the road of bund, a quick villa group appeared in the front, biggest just liked the castle is simply ordinary, that was the Wang Ze Cheng site, the satellite has located to lock.

Was distanced at least also one kilometer I to make Xing Lie stop, raised the butterfly I to open the vehicle door, said: „Xiao Lie, I on direct, you seek for hiding on nearby mountain, long-distance reenforces me, 1000 meters should be the ambush distances that you most excel."

Xing Lie burns out the car(riage), shows a faint smile: „Revenge!"

„Um, revenge!"



Steps on the fallen leaf to directly soar the villa group to go, I run while open the intent sea, stares slightly, this villa group surrounding person is not general many, breeds to think of beside the person except at least over 10 A levels, unexpectedly also the powerhouse of Royal Air peak, the Wang Ze Cheng really hand eye direct access to the highest authorities, what person can boss around in the subordinates.


Jumped, crossed fence, I wore the black clothed, the rapid traverse under the moonlight is almost unable to be discovered that bred to install the strength of person to be very strong, defense is very strong, but the insight compared with me actually does not know that inferior many, after I followed the North Star view cultivated, both eyes have been able the dark night to look at with the daytime are common, in addition seeing clearly of intent sea, these bred to think of the person not to hide.

„Ka", blood spatters in all directions, hides the B level on tree breeds to think of the person not to utter a word was solved.

I continue to press the aura, jumps to fall from the tree, is treading the fallen leaf, an arrow step fires into the front, draws out the saber is a projection, „puff", solved a B level to breed to think of the person, both hands grasped the butterfly electricity to shoot to go, again the front was a dragon blood soldier, did not wait for him to respond that I attacked swiftly and violently, the personal appearance jumped, knee hit on his chin!


The blood spatters in all directions, he fell to the ground the later nape of the neck place to give birth to scarlet scales, the opportunity that but I have not assumed an awe-inspiring pose to him, Zuo Zhang stopped up on his mouth, strength of Yang Flame the spewed out, has fired the ashes together with the nape of the neck his head directly together.


Stands up, thought that suddenly the under foot stepped on anything, was bad, was the land mine!

Zhan Long Chapter 1270

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