Zhan Long Chapter 1271

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The world forbids today of land mine, Wang Ze Cheng lays down the destructive land mine in the surroundings of villa unexpectedly, is this how rash? However, since he breeds to install the matter of person to be able continually to meddle the chief instigator, that was also nothing unusual.


This is an ejection land mine, so long as I will lift the foot to spring the explosion.

„Was boss, how motionless?" The night vision aiming of Xing Lie correct use sniper's rifle visits me.

„All right."

My light [say / way], drinks afterward lowly, Yang Flame the roaring flame proliferates the whole body immediately, formed flame remnant armor to protect me, lifts under that moment of starting to transmit „" an explosion, the huge impact made me fall to fly Going out with the sword, both legs numb, under hot armor protected oneself not to have what important matter.

The whereabouts has exposed, that has nothing to worry that jumps, but directly soars the villa group, but Xing Lie in consternation said in communication: „You...... You stepped on to the land mine!"

„All right, reported my concrete Wang Ze Cheng in the position!"

„Main building 3, the room by west, Wang Ze Cheng, a woman, as if a little look familiar...... It is not that smoke in game locks the love affair probably!"

„How to do the same place?"

I somewhat wonder, but periphery already head lamp headlamp full, this villa group nearby according to well-illuminated, here guard had been alarmed completely!

„Some people sneak attack, hurry up!"

In the villa exudes the sounds of people, dozens people raised the [Assault] (spear gun) to clash, simply was a nest of thieves, what person had, what weapon had!

I draw out the pistol, sprints, while burst, almost (spear gun) solution these people, but surrounding full is the crowded bullet, avoids again is unable to avoid completely, the good bullet hits on Yang Yanhua the armor spatters in all directions the ball to start in abundance, only consumption was real of my within the body is mad, the fever were less, this was certain.


A rocket launcher brings the thick smoke to fly, my hurried bends down, it almost pasted my sending tree top to fly, „bang" behind was blasting out, the flame soared to the heavens, my goodness, this sound was really makes suffices in a big way!

„Puff puff......"

Long-distance points shoot down on this group of hoodlums, 11 strike to massacre, is the reenforcement of Xing Lie, as if also incessantly Xing Lie, should be several other snipers also together helps.


„Boss, I mass-criticized the main building with track directly, how is it?" The axe said in communication.

I shake the head hurriedly: „No, Xu Yue also in inside, she is just a stupid woman, is insufficient to want her dead, moreover this time we can find the Wang Ze Cheng crime evidence to be best!"

„Yes, needs to expedite reenforces the time, although said that I have brought the heavy weapon of base completely, entire third engineer!"


The soldiers who really I lead are one group of lunatics.

The butterfly sword under the moonlight flood the fearful gloss, I am raising the sword hilt, the sword blade edge is hanging down, directly soars one group of people to go, Xing Lie and the others bullet as if steadily eye general clears the way for me, the hoodlum who will hold a gun strikes to massacre, but these people as if also understood a matter, the bullet and land mine attacked to me invalid, this was Yang Flame the scala media strength.

„Tears into shreds him!"

In the villa hears one to whoosh, 9 dragon blood soldiers flushed together.

I deeply inspire, the illness drew back several steps suddenly, the right hand holds up the butterfly sword, the left hand is actually searching in the waist, works on an anti-tank grenade the ring to throw Going out on pulling, how this group of dragon blood soldiers think that the solemn Yang Flame powerhouse will do this set, immediately was erupted directly in the crowd by the anti-tank grenade, „" an explosion, although was insufficient to be killed violently is also actually blown by the shock-wave leans this way and that.

The opportunity came!

Explodes the thick smoke has not dissipated time I overran, the butterfly sword in a flash, the consecutively three swords, airborne then flew three heads, solved three instantaneously, lifted starts to trample Going out fiercely, on the tip of the toe the strength of thick Yang Flame, kicked to explode the head of fourth dragon blood soldier directly, but on shoulder suddenly one tight, sharp claws of dragon blood soldier, but there is a hot armor guard, could not injure me, instead by Yang Yanjia hot the pitiful yell, turned around is a sword, shut off around the middle.

Also the remaining four dragon blood soldiers, almost together threw.

My both hands grasped the sword, the butterfly are already burnt down a handle flame sharp sword by Yang Flame, but absolutely did not have the meaning of melting, red, but, a sword did not puncture to go suddenly, punctured thoroughly a head of dragon blood soldier, a body spin, the both arms caught up suddenly, the butterfly sword was making a circular arc same place, was two heads flies, the last dragon blood soldier stood there, unexpectedly felt the fear, does not dare to go forward.


A distant place bullet has shot, is accurate, shot through his eye directly, the nano ball was unable to penetrate his scale, but the hit eye and oral cavity can explode the head, Xing Lie the marksmanship also was really.


I said in communication: „I went upstairs, you wipe out all glasses, maintains the field of vision, momentarily reenforcement!"


An arrow step enters the villa, found the staircase to overrun, simultaneously outside gunshots, are combining the glass shatter sound, this time thinks that Wang Ze Cheng has not thought I can come to destroy Huanglong.

Also the bodyguards of several holding a gun are blocking along the way the way as before, but how can block [Vanguard] of butterfly, complete cutting to pieces of sword sword!


The numerous foot, trampled the front door of western room, that trampled to turn into the smashing in my violent force immediately, in the dust, Wang Ze Cheng has worn a western-style clothing, but nearby Xu Yue actually as before wore the night clothes . Moreover, a middle-aged person of wear black T-shirt held the arm to stand there, vision ice-cold visits me: „Are you Li Xiao Yao?"

„Who are you?" I asked lightly.

„Wang De, cultivates in Mt. Zhongnanshan."

„Makes way, do not keep off me."

„I, if doesn't let?"

„That dies."

„Ha Ha......" Wang De sends out to laugh, said: „I heard that you are Yang Flame, but how your age so possibly is Yang Flame, thinks that is also generation of the gaining fame by deceiving people, comes, actually making the grandfather experience a Xiayang flame the strength how!"

When I go upstairs received the hot armor guard, enters the time strength of this room is reducing naturally to lowest, this can save is mad, because I need time can erupt hot armor to protect oneself instantaneously with the strongest Yang Flame strength, Wang De of this Royal Air peak too was probably big with my disparity, unexpectedly cannot see clearly my strength completely, alternatively, I, when outside strikes kills the dragon blood soldier, strength full, if he opens the intent sea, this induction obtains to?



Moves sideways, my speed has gone far beyond Wang De, above the left fist full is the roaring flame, „puff passed" one to hit thoroughly his chest directly, the blood has spattered in all directions, Royal Air peak, was a round matter.


Wang De opens the mouth, the blood is flowing crazily, opens the eye, as if not believe all that at present sees, but he truly died, this jumped over the fate of two-level challenge.

If I currently initially the Ouyang Chuan strength, perhaps Wang De also had a slim chance of survival, but my present strength absolutely by far Ouyang Chuan, especially when Shen Bing died in the line of duty, my cavity anger appears, this is no different is courting death, to take revenge for her and Dong Cheng Lei, I can not work as the police, will I also care kill one person?



A scream, Xu Yue looks that Wang De's corpse drops down slowly, afterward visits me, in the vision has been full of the fear: „Li Xiao Yao, you...... You killed people! Your this murderer!"

I laugh in spite of trying not, said: „Xu Yue, outside has more than one rail gun to aim here, momentarily can mass-criticize the even this villa, you know why I don't make them open fire? Because of you here, you are innocent, immediately leave Going out, quick!"

Wang Ze Cheng actually Ha Ha smiling: „Li Xiao Yao, you may really be too ruthless."

„Has you to suppress?" I am nipping the steel tooth.

„Yes, what you said is that attractive young policewoman? Really has been a pity, did an inside job in [Thousand Burial] was so long, went to close Pei Ying that idiot desirably, moreover was so attractive, the both legs exploded did not have, was really a pity, what a pity......"


Wang Ze Cheng nearly in fierce is laughing, I near the video establishment photography with ear all these, the direct transmission returned to the headquarters, at least this could be the ironclad proof?


The body of Wang Ze Cheng is having transformation, flame scales appear on his face, the nape of the neck, chest and arm, in an instant he also has become the dragon blood soldier such monster, Xu Yue frightens screams one, compared with appearance that my hot armor protects oneself, Wang Ze Cheng now is perhaps scarier, completely is a monster.

Dingy flushed Going out from the front door, Xu Yue ran, I said in communication: „Xu Yue ran away Going out, sent for aiding her, do not injure accidentally."

Laughing that Wang Ze Cheng cannot bear, saliva star spattered in all directions, the hand pointed at me saying: „Li Xiao Yao Li Xiao Yao, when do you want the womanly compassion to? This Xu Yue is worth protecting, she was just a father plays greasily **, what's wrong, do you also want to rest her? Doesn't the result that your this heroes, most like rest the woman who oneself have protected?"

I have not spoken, shouted , the butterfly sword has rumbled Going out!

My speed above him, Wang Ze Cheng is unable to move aside absolutely, but is not unexpectedly startled, suddenly raises the arm, roaring flame condense on the arm, unexpectedly completed has protected oneself the same defensive system with my hot armor, was this?!


A bang, strength shock-wave breaks nearby window glass all, I raise the long sword to draw back several steps continually, Wang Ze Cheng is more miserable, on the arm splutters blood, stumbles on the wall, the impact is too big, the entire wall has produced the crack.

His slowly crawls from the ground, saying with a smile of glorious defeat: „Faces up to the technical the strength, Li Xiao Yao, you thought that you did step into Yang Flame on the unmatched in the world? It is not, I collect your cell and DNA, studies your DNA sudden change and arrangement rule, I can also become Yang Flame the powerhouse, moreover is the resiliency by far your Yang Flame powerhouse . Moreover, I can make many S levels to breed installing, you felt that was afraid?"

I do not utter a word, unites the strength of whole body in the sound of long sword, an arrow step + chops to cut!


Wang Ze Cheng miserable howling, an entire left arm uneven velamen I have chopped, the disgusting blood spatters in all directions everywhere is, he as if insane generally, laughs saying: „You how me, you forever how me."

Saying, his one was jumping to break the window, crawled following the wall.

I also pursued, several arrow steps arrived at the roof, but does not see the Wang Ze Cheng trace, actually discovered that several intense light beams condense on oneself, is the ray of armed helicopter.


„Boss!" Xing Lie said anxiously: „They have the armed helicopter, be careful, will the rebel that altogether three armed helicopters, have not registered, mother, how this group of people do these?"

My hurried luck, the intensity promotion that hot armor protects oneself to highest, at the same time loudly shouted to clear the way: „Axe, mass-criticizes these helicopters with the track, should not be worried to injure me!"

„Yes, immediately calibrates!"

But before the axe calibrates, the airborne flames flushed, I sink immediately at heart, is the missile, the day, the instantaneous 6 missiles have locked me!


Clenches teeth, shouts angrily a frontage to withstand these injuries!

„Bang bang bang!"

A flame, almost anything is unable to see clearly, the continuous at least several miniature missiles explode around me, the body of whole person as if must be torn into shreds general.

Zhan Long Chapter 1271

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