Zhan Long Chapter 1272

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High-temperature armor piercer!

The short flash, Yang Flame hot armor of whole body was hit hard, hot armor has had the slight disintegration piece by piece, but I have one type to escape the strength feeling baseless, resists the attack of high-temperature armor piercer, means that takes me to consume is mad for the price, in this world never has any constant, some are only the conservations of supplementary fluctuation.



A missile deviated the path, behind rumbles the roof in me a big hole.

I am enduring the whole body severe pain, an arrow step arrives by the big hole, put out a hand to hold a section of bulge floor, drank to grasp lowly it, several hundred jin (0.5 kg) floor in the hand, the knees sank horizontally slightly, has thrown Going out it suddenly, sudden, where the dead ahead helicopter can respond that „" a bang, this helicopter was hit the fuel tank afterward, flew high to explode.

Another direction, „whiz" one, is the rail gun, another helicopter also becomes a flame.

Only remaining last, the pilot panic-stricken turned around to walk, but „ping" the sound is unceasing, is Xing Lie and the others with the attack of sniper's rifle, moreover they have exchanged the high melt armor-piercing head, struck thoroughly the outer covering of helicopter directly, the next quarter that pilot had been exploded, the helicopter lost the direction, falling to the place, the propeller has blown in the ground, made the ear-spitting sound.


At this time, „Bang", on my front hot armor a (spear gun), the body shook shaking, narrowed the eye to have a look, the main building was distanced less than beyond hundred meters also two villas, is sound of gunfire that that side heard, person who there also had Wang Ze Cheng as before.

In me was planning orders the axe and Xing Lie to bring the person breaks through that two buildings the time, suddenly in communication has broadcast a calm sound: „Li Xiao Yao, I am Sun Xiang, two J-20 is hanging the precise missile to approach you, about after two minutes arrives, marks the point that needs to attack, you evacuate there rapidly."

I: „Locks my present position, altogether three villas, the bang falls together!"



Cooldown did not allow me to think anything, raised the butterfly to jump to leap the villa, directly soared the front wooded mountain to go.

Is less than two minutes, airborne hears the keenly blowing sound of fighter aircraft, simultaneously three flame Shua Shua flies high to crash, next quarter Wang Ze Cheng three sets of villas are changing into the smashing instantaneously, the might of these three missiles may this not be the lids, three sets of villas almost turned into the ruins instantaneously, bombed the shock-wave even to sweep across me several hundred meters away, the impact resulted in the person almost unable to open the eye.

„Boss, now what to do?" Xing Lie asked.

I said: „Assembles base all people, declared martial law in the surroundings rapidly, hunts down Wang Ze Cheng and his remnants of faction, Wang Ze Cheng has been injured, was cut off a arm, did not walk away."



Day dawn time, suddenly lightly raining.

I am raising the butterfly, walking that the step limps on the mountain road, intent sea dispersing, actually cannot search for the Wang Ze Cheng aura, which did this S level breed to think of the person to go? Withdraws my DNA password to make the mortal really Yang Yanji the powerhouse? In fact seems not this, but helped them obtain should not the acquired strength, as for the fight, Wang Ze Cheng collapsed at the first blow to look, bred to install Yang Yanjia of person is similar to under the strength of my Yang Flame the joke is ordinary.

A slippery raising sword walks on the mountain road, at heart only then a faith, found Wang Ze Cheng, restrains according to the law it, otherwise this scum will also continue to injure someone.

To approaching noon time, had not found Wang Ze Cheng as before, near this Xihu villa area already completely has surrounded by the police and army, this our sound made that is too big, the surrounding resident affirmation had been alarmed, especially the bombings on pinpoint of two J-20, the Hangzhou city is a peaceful city, the previous war is more than half century ago matter.

** Always has been thinking since covering-up, for fear that the people know existences of our group of people, to maintain stable social situation, even takes our lives as the chip, but this time he did not have anything to retain, coordinating the military directly to attack, this act has indicated but actually also Chinese Military's manner to Buesst.


In brain a confusion, when Xing Lie and axe found me in the mountain I the whole body has soaked, Xing Lie saw that my is not normal, has touched my forehead with the hand hurriedly, is out of control said astonished: „Quite hot...... The bosses you had a fever!"

I nod: „Um, sleeps well."

At this time, an intense weary feeling raided finally, the strength that night consumed was really too many, the person but who massacred were also many enough, Royal Air peak gymnosophists and 10 dragon blood soldiers, sur- dozens Wang Ze Cheng partisan, but Wang Ze Cheng was how heartless, loses that many people he not to be grieved, but I, lost Shen Bing sufficiently to make me feel like a knife twisting in the heart.

„Wang do Dui and General Sun Xiang under the mountain, we hurry?" The axe said.

„Um, walks."

Takes a step again, the discovery both legs are almost not actually able to step, the axe and Xing Lie are holding me hurriedly, nearby five members of protector squads are gripping tightly the [Assault] (spear gun), alerts in the surroundings, they know that I lost the battle efficiency now, only then they can protect me.

Under mountain, temporarily control center, Sun Xiang with another two major generals periphery, large quantities of army surrounding, **, then frowns tightly, saw that I came to relax, asked: „All right?"

„All right." My weak shaking the head, asked: „Caught Wang Ze Cheng?"

„Temporarily did not have, was escaped mostly."

Sun Xiang asked in side: „Li Xiao Yao, Buesst's Chinese region CEO, that is Wang Ze Cheng also breeds to think of the person?"

„Um, the S level breeds to think of the person, duplicated my strengthening of some strengths to breed to think of the person."

„Scoundrel......" grandson flies in circles makes a fist, said: „Has not thought of their this malignant tumors already rottenly to this situation!"

I asked: „Searches for the Wang Ze Cheng dwelling, what found?"

Sun Xiang nods: „Um, found research and development to breed to install the technical in the ruins of basement the laboratory, has captured alive more than 30 their scientists, this evidence [Gouge], Buesst was ends firmly."

I implored the tone, said: „That is good, the Shen Bing netherworld has the knowledge, should also comfort some?"

Sun Xiangdao: „The Shen Bing duty subordinates in military region, she died at one's post, the military region will certainly not make her sacrifice in vain, plans to supplement the lieutenant colonel military rank and first-class merit."

„Person did not have, these are also useful."

I smile lightly, said to nearby Xing Lie: „Xiao Lie, holds me to board, I must rest a meeting, Wang Dui, has anything to be good to punish my, although looks, I recognize."

** Looks at my appearance, said: „I can also punish your anything...... Rests quickly! When your recovered, this arrests the Wang Ze Cheng duty also to need you to carry out personally."


I know that the Wang Ze Cheng present strength by far in the ordinary people, having made the ordinary police officer arrest this devil truly to feel embarrassed them . Moreover, Wang Ze Cheng does not die, I am unable to face Shen Bing and Ah Lei under dwelling place of the dead as before.


Returns to the vehicle, rests completely does not know that periphery had anything.

When I wake up, discovered one are lying down in the convalescent room in base, has an intravenous drip, opens eyes, the one side sits Lin Wan Er, she bored truncation apple, Dong Cheng Yue is playing the pixel bird, whiz whiz the sound of bird flight here appears especially tranquil, I cannot bear smile, can live actually also be considered well.

„Awakes?" Lin Wan Er visits me pleasantly surprised: „You have rested for three days three nights!"

„, Then was long?"

„Um, was good because of the doctor said that your physique was at variance with the average man, certainly will not have an accident, otherwise I soon was worried dead."

I smile: „Since that were worried that a bit faster has not sat to come up to the bed, making me hug."

„Um." The young girlfriend was obedient at this time specially.

„Wait / Etc., puts the knife......"

„." Although is obedient, because worried that Benben, making people think funny.


The Lin Wan Er hug in the bosom, front was being pressed by soft tall and straight 34 D, feels very well, simultaneously the intent within the four seas regarded the body, the strength basically restored to over 90%, on the body the little wounds were also good almost, thinks that Shen Bing death, the painful penetrating heart, the life so was still frail, then let Shen Bing that we loved, suddenly went away.

Dong Cheng Yue puts down the cell phone, walked saying: „You awoke well, in the afternoon is the Shen Bing funeral, you should participate."

„Um, I know......"

I think, said: „One of Shen Bing last wishes is to hope to join [Zhan Long], I plan to relate the destiny branch of Beijing, making them revise [Zhan Long] the Shen Bing guild respectively, I think...... Joins the [Zhan Long] palace Shen Bing, she should not forget."

„Um, I will manage." Lin Wan Er said.

„Good, that asked you."

I think that said: „Ouyang the face also owes me the favour, this is busy at her being probable to help, holds me to get up, I moved the hands and feet, the whole person soon rust."



In the afternoon, Shen Bing funeral.

The tomb choice in the martyr garden of secret, stands in the crowd, I am out of control some to smile, the Shen Bing individuality is such, if knows after one died, was buried in the martyr garden, will think will be unforgiving, thought how own such pure and chaste woman of integrity can bury in this place, but, the tears fell with a smile.

Xing Lie and axe and the others is also wiping tears.

When the funeral will soon end, came one group of people, looks familiar very much, carefully looks unexpectedly is Call Me Master and Su Yan, moon/month Yao feudal official and other rising sun such as the player of blood, but Shen Bing before one's death once was the rising sun such as the person of blood.

„On lord."

„Xiao Yao." Call Me Master wears a black woman western-style clothing, said: „The black ink evil men are so good, in rising sun such as in blood Guild...... Everybody likes being together with her very much, but has not thought that she meets unexpectedly......"

I deeply inspire, said: „The Wang Ze Cheng status, do you also know now?"

„Um." Her eye is red, said: „I...... Always feelings of helping a tyrant do evil, are unfair to Shen Bing she...... I......"

I said with a smile lightly: „Does not need to rebuke oneself, Shen Bing went, has nothing to do with you, is police, this is our duties."

Call Me Master looks at my front the badge, the tears is out of control fell, sobs was saying: „You...... You really good...... Really good...... So is good......"

I said: „On lord do not cry, now you were the rising sun such as the pillar of blood, said that what to do you did plan?"


Zhan Long Chapter 1272

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