Zhan Long Chapter 1273

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Returns to the dwelling time was very late, Tang Qi and Qin Wen watch the television in the hall, but in television exactly in broadcasting the news of Xihu event, even, has broadcast a netizen with the fight scene that the cell phone photographs, including my incarnation is the person's who a whole body covers entirely flame remnant armor in the roof missile by the scene that bombs, as well as two J-20 level off instantaneously the magnificent pictures of three buildings.


„Comes back!" Qin Wen stands up, visits us with a smile.

Tang Qi afterward sets out, said: „Xiao Yao, in the roof is that person you?"


„Was rumbled by the missile has been all right?"


„Yang Flame the boundary is monster."

„Also not necessarily." I sit on the sofa, said: „Must divide the person, you look at Ouyang Chuan are also Yang Flame, by a Royal Air peak my sword butchering, his person...... Only practices moral culture and does not cultivate the mind, boundary also such for a lifetime."

Qin Wen said: „For these days the long wind and rain, Buesst all the way had been pasted the seal in article building, moreover many staff had been taken away by the police, exactly what happened, Wan Er, the uncle and you do not know Wang Ze Cheng?"

The Lin Wan Er corners of the mouth raise: „Cousin, Wang Ze Cheng this scum do not raise again, he is the recent turmoil finally instigates the person, what a pity this time has not caught him, but sooner or later will catch."

„Originally he is this person......" Qin Wen spits the tongue.

I said: „When serves a meal, I am quite hungry......"

„Immediately immediately, the chef has been cooking food."


The rarity is so comfortable, my two open to sit in the sofa, Lin Wan Er clever sitting side me, by has made a connection with Ouyang Nuoyan telephone in my arms: „The face, is I! Yes, that...... The matter needs to trouble you, you inquired, had ID of player to call ‚chalk face', um right...... She is a special police officer, had died in the line of duty several days ago, therefore...... She is unable to get online, because her final last wish can join [Zhan Long], therefore I want to ask you to help, right, such as the blood adjusts [Zhan Long] to come from the rising sun her guild subordinate, what? What procedural authentication also needs? Um, most not over three hours? That is good that to be good......"

„Was good, handles." Her taking undeserved credit -type smiles to me.

I nod, am hugging her slender waist, said: „Wan Er, you said that our time altogether adds three people to enter the [Zhan Long] palace, what kind , the scale expansion [Zhan Long] palace to 15 people, this time I thinks that does not vote, direct Guildmaster assigns, you said that can some people revolt."


The beautiful woman young lady delicate eyebrows raise, said with a smile slightly: „You are Guildmaster, who dares to revolt? Also, this matter Guildmaster has assigned to be also normal, so long as arm elbow don't too on line."

„Um, this you could rest assured that I planned these three quotas respectively are the Shen Bing elder sisters, sur- general Bai Qi and Yue Yao Yan, how is it?"

„, Doesn't make ahead of time Meng Yao?"

„Has not related, my younger sister can drag again, but Bai Qi already joined [Zhan Long], performs high service through hard work, Yue Yao Yan also together joins [Zhan Long] with you, is Guildmaster of [Zhan Long] guards, early should join the [Zhan Long] palace, unites for the guild."

„Um, does not have the issue, that these three people."

„Good!" I also said: „In I carry out the task as well as the stupor these in four days, how many person of flying upwards illussion?"

„Altogether 4 people fly upwards the god, is Q-Sword, Simple and clear pupil develops black ink and ancient musical scale separately, the person of flying upwards lower position god were more, probably 20 + individuals, includes Ye Lai, Jian Feng Han, Mu Xuan and Bai Li Ruo Feng these people."

„?" I am astonished however: „The Jian Feng Han natural disposition is so arrogant, unexpectedly only flew upwards trivial lower position god?"

„Snort, does he want to fly upwards actually the god, single Tiao does not have the means? The key is, he possibly was helps Simple obtain the god godship, afterward could not select only, reluctantly flew upwards with the lower position god godship, you looked that Ye Lai, Mu Xuan and Bai Li Ruo Feng these players of Guildmaster level were also not equally flew upwards with the lower position god godship, without the means that they do not dare to tow to be too long, otherwise Level was much lower than has flown upwards the player, once the country fought, suffering a loss was they."

„Also said is reasonable, has news that the third round country fights?"

„No, but the edition renewed, had your overlord coverall attribute chopped news, the overlord rebirth is weakened large scale."

„Expected matter......"

I sigh with emotion secretly, it seems like, cannot come Shua BOSS by the attribute that the overlord rebirth provides, after all every time falls 1 level to promote 15% comprehensive attributes, this refused stubbornly, wants to promote 300% attributes to challenge the dark blue billows, that must die 20 times, died 20 times to hit dark blue billows infinite MISS, moreover dark blue billows Level hit my definitely also super pain disparately, when the time comes perhaps went for wool and came back shorn.

Moreover since continuously what I most am worried, if I use this BUG same overlord rebirth to go to Shua king level BOSS, I die over several times , to promote certain attribute, goes to the northern boundary to seek for the king, but if they hide not to see me, I what to do...... How long a person online can, most three days three nights unable to boil, but three days three nights of Cooldown cannot train several levels certainly, what when the time comes suffers a loss is one.

Therefore I do not dare Shua BUG, never think one are more intelligent than others, otherwise thinks oneself clever.


Has had a supper satisfactory, ate to support the incorrect situation to put down the chopsticks quickly, this went to the room on one to play, does not know I not in what transformation in the Cooldown played exactly had.

Takes a bath, gets online!


The characters appear in Fan Shu City, „drop", system System Notification I: Players 【Chalk face】 Has joined your Guild through the system regulation way 【[Zhan Long]】!


„The Shen Bing elder sister said the sentence in management channel who came back......" the Xing Lie sound to shiver.

Li Mu knows all, comforts saying: „Xiao Lie, left too sadly......"

Although Shen Bing has joined [Zhan Long], but the name has been being dim, and will again never shine, just like Ah Lei, I read and here cannot bear feel like a knife twisting in the heart, silent a meeting, directly has joined the [Zhan Long] palace the chalk face three characters!


Guild System Notification: Guildmaster 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Player 【Chalk face】 Moves into the [Zhan Long] palace, moves into reason „Shen Bing, the Li Xiao Yao good friend, the Hangzhou policewoman, had died in the line of duty, outside [Zhan Long] arranges member"!

I move into the [Zhan Long] palace Shen Bing, nobody has any objection, moreover I was moving into the reason also to write clearly, the reasonable people know that should not have any objection.

Also assigned two players to move into the [Zhan Long] palace

Guild System Notification: Guildmaster 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Player 【General Bai Qi】 Moves into the [Zhan Long] palace, moves into reason „general family core member, [Zhan Long] second Berserker"!

Guild System Notification: Guildmaster 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Player 【Yue Yao Yan】 Moves into the [Zhan Long] palace, moves into reason „[Zhan Long] guards Guildmaster, guild first Moon Elf heavy Knight"!


Hence, [Zhan Long] had 15 players to move into the [Zhan Long] palace, although 2 people forever will have separated with our beauties, but the [Zhan Long] palace is not one enjoys the honor the place, but is a milestone, the testimony walks with our tourmates, testimony repeated difficulties all the way, witnesses each smile and bursting into tears.

„The Xiao Yao elder brother, too sad......" Wolf do not know that I am uncomfortable, said the sentence in management channel.

I um, said: „I am all right, since returning the police force, I know that I will face to lose once more, but has not thought that this time lost in the police force most to care about my person unexpectedly."

Xing Lie: „Boss, let alone......"

I have not continued again, how should fly to cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to have a look at Lancome to practice, I four days in the reality have not gotten online, in the game is 16 days, practicing of Lancome should also show improvement after illness.

It is not out of the anticipation, when I arrive in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, sees Lancome to be built on the wind, in the hand is lingering strength of the faint trace star territory, I went to this to be somewhat scary!

„Lancome?" I said in consternation: „Did you learn to control the strength of star territory?"

Lancome turns around to discover is I, said hurriedly: „Wild pig elder brother, you came to see me finally, yes, Sister Frost started to teach me to comprehend the strength of star territory several days ago, and gradually controlled."

„Right, is fierce!"

I fly to fall on the place, at this time Frost also appeared in the observation post, said with a smile: „Actually, I have not thought that the practice of Lancome so will be smooth, she flies upwards by a godship of lower position god, but the soul chaste degree goes far beyond my imagination, cultivates simply twice the result with half the effort, I consumed for one month to comprehend the strength of stars, Queen Zi Shu have used for three months, but Lancome only used for five days not to arrive unexpectedly merely can grasp the strength of stars initially!"

„This......" I think unable to bear laugh in one's heart carefully, when god, Lancome to eat venison called, such chaste country young girl is truly rare, and natural talent of Lancome is not bad, Frost said that has acted according to inevitably, therefore I also asked: „Is that Lancome compared with it Zi Shu, which stronger?"

Frost smiles: „Does not have the commeasurability, Zi Shu is the Red Dragon queen, is current Dragon Shen, has Dragon Shen the great power, although the strength of star territory grasps is not very perfect, but Lancome wants to surmount Zi Shu also to need Cooldown."

„How long probably wants?"

„About 10,000 years......"

I: „......"

Frost sees my disappointment, said with a smile: „Does not need to worry that the Lancome natural talent is intelligent . Moreover the soul is succinct, guide sufficiently one-on-one has resisted with the Hybrid Demon king friendly . Moreover, I also planned recently leads her to get back one's composure again, can look search a superior god godship to build up for her, this can speed up her lifting process."

I cannot bear in the moral nature whin, great-aunt you do not make do, god emperor also 5 of god, you again have only killed one, the player had 4 separable, I also want to let my Wan Er flying upwards superior god!

Zhan Long Chapter 1273

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