Zhan Long Chapter 1274

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Has a look at the coverall attribute of overlord coverall, died one time to promote 30% entire attributes to weaken to only increases 15%, and most also can only die 10 times, depended upon the level promotion attribute to kill strongly was not so feasible in own BOSS, and price that must pay also was really too big.

However the butterfly sword received System Notification actually, increased one to evolve a attribute, I am unable to trigger, because my auxiliary skill was the hermetic art, but did not cast the soldier technique, should look for Palace Spirit.

Opened the good friend to list, found Palace Spirit, has sent a news: „Spirit, you where, my weapon can promote, do you help me have a look?"

„Good!" Palace Spirit replies quickly: „I in Fan Shu City first builds up the work place, Brother Guildmaster you come!"



Leaves Frost and Lancome, returns to the city!


Appears in Fan Shu City, directly soars first to build up the work place, Fan Shu City was too big, moreover is one focusing on defending, the military city, therefore altogether 7 build up the work place, the majority is responsible for building the pointed weapons, armor for the palace guard, and ministry of public works of day plume empire has set up the weapon work place here, the Fan Shu City pointed weapons, military baggage and other outputs continuously, then provide to various empire large units use.

First builds up the work place, approximately altogether 40 + players, other is NPC, in the player majority is the [Zhan Long] people, tempers skilled likely here the appearance, when I step into builds up the work place, one group of people in abundance turn around to greet: „Guildmaster, you come!"

My also 11 nods expressed best wishes, afterward saw Fox also here, was raising a flintlock richly, the interest looks at falling of Palace Spirit hammer hammer on the iron slab.

„Fox, you also in?" I said with a smile.

Fox shows a faint smile: „Yes, in the guild was building altogether the ferroguinous bow embryo for the archer recently, 220 levels of day plume bow, significantly promotes the output of archer Class, I am overseeing the manufacture of!"

No wonder, that many blacksmiths are the player here casting, this scene is actually magnificent.


Ting, the long bow in Palace Spirit presented the shape, has built to complete, she clapped to say with a smile: „Brother Fox, has completed 100, my raw material is somewhat insufficient, you do some hundred years of profound irons again, the weapon that Brother Guildmaster, you must promote, with shows me!"


I hand over the butterfly sword, this handle five-star magical instrument was turned on the promotion function by the system again forcefully, the next scale was God Tier, but also really made the person somewhat anticipate.

„Spirit, are you capable of promoting this butterfly?" I asked.

Spirit is gripping tightly the sword hilt, closes the eye, whole body blue color rays lingers, hum as if some appearances of hard sledding, after several seconds later, opens the eye, said: „Can the energy, two promotion directions, Brother Guildmaster you choose one actually actually."

„? Which two promotion directions?"

„First, is promotion is God Tier, this request is simpler, only needs to provide 50 ten thousand years of profound irons, the sur- 19 steps built the atlas to be good, second was more difficult, to promote as world Country Weapon, was not right, should say is on difficult many, this need 200 ten thousand years of profound irons, consumed three 19 steps to build the atlas, in addition needed a biography country imperial jade seal."

„Passes on the country imperial jade seal?"

„Um, I really does not know as for this biography country imperial jade seal is anything, you want to look."

Nearby, Fox said: „Ten thousand years of profound iron about 2 thousand R motherfucker same place, can buy actually, 19 step atlases on 5 thousand books, are not considered as that any issue, the key was this biography country imperial jade seal."

I nod: „OK, that Fox helps me prepare ten thousand years of profound irons and 19 step atlases, I look to pass on the country imperial jade seal."



The moral nature is somewhat small excitedly, in looks to begin the butterfly sword, can this promote the sword as world Country Weapon really? Thinks the shooting day in Dancing Forest to bend, knows that fierce location, shot the day bow to be so strong, that butterfly sword promoted to world Country Weapon certainly is also terrorist, this really made the person anticipate!

May think that biography country imperial jade seal on some headaches, which did look for this thing to go in the game?

Asked Frost, seemed not quite appropriate, the Frost dedicated domain was the god demon, passed on country imperial jade seal type of philistine she is impossible to involve, that asks Tian Ling Empire these old ministers!

Transmits Tian Ling Empire, the life of rushing about!

Directly soars the imperial palace main hall, this time shallow forest above the main hall, the bodyguard did not tell my sovereign to play chess with several old ministers in the back garden, when I overtook, actually discovered that the shallow forest with wishing the sea played chess, one side also several old ministers, two marquises, an uncle, was the status prominent person.

„Holds the spear greatly!" A bodyguard loud [say / way].

The shallow forest stands up to greet hurriedly, I beckon with the hand to say hurriedly: „Your majesty continues to play chess, I am have a look."


Shallow Lin said with a smile: „Has not thought that Li Master also does have this leisure to come to see us to play chess?"

I nod smile, spin body to hold the arm to sit on nearby stone balustrade, comfortable looks here scenery, the back garden of emperor is not general, luxurious incomparable, a little Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden regards the feeling, but the shallow forest as if does not care about these, even he brings in person audiences majority is the male bodyguard, as for the maidservant, basically comes but actually the liquor with delivering the fruit.

Wish the sea moves the board game piece, while said with a smile: „Holds the spear so good interest greatly, visits us to play chess?"

I do not pay attention with a smile, said: „Actually my this time has a matter to consult fellow old ministers."

„?" Is observing Yuyang Hou of chess to say with a smile: „Does not know that what matter holds Ge Xiang to ask greatly?"

I said: „Does not know that everybody does have to hear passes on country imperial jade seal thing?"

„Passes on the country imperial jade seal?" Not is only the Yuyang marquis, wished the sea slightly to be also startled, 4 old ministers looked up me together, Yuyang Hou [say / way]: „That biography country imperial jade seal treasure that but ruler can have, holds the spear to seek for this thing greatly for what?"

My sip purses the lips, said: „Promotes my weapon to need such a thing, you do not need to consider thoroughly, I look to pass on the country imperial jade seal to not to plot a rebellion anything."

Shallow Lin Puchi smiles: „Li Master cracked a joke!"

I said: „Shallow forest, you know that passes on the country imperial jade seal what's the matter?"

The shallow forest nods: „Slightly has a knowledge, passes on the country imperial jade seal is ten thousand years of treasure, started to inherit from before the Flood, was respectively for the king long-awaited treasure, but afterward as if gradually had annihilated, the people of later generation also no longer took the emperor with this imperial jade seal ** thing."

„In effect it is not so......" wishes the sea light [say / way].

I one excited: „Does sea well-known [say / way] pass on the whereabouts of country imperial jade seal?"

Wish the sea not to gather with my political view, is repeatedly awkward, but this time could help actually, he looked up my one eyes, said: „As far as I know, passed on the country imperial jade seal before the Flood was called ‚beginning emperor' sovereign all, afterward the empire cracked, passes on the country imperial jade seal to go through repeated spreading in the major vassal hands, obtained the person of this imperial jade seal is called has a mandate from heaven, loses, was considered as the destiny already completely, many years later, passed on the country imperial jade seal to absorb the tyrant soul of emperor, until afterward, the beginning emperor initially the male offspring of guards formed has been called ‚iron health/guard' the army, launched the war, recaptured passed on the country imperial jade seal, sealed the imperial jade seal in the mausoleum of beginning emperor, later this passed on the country imperial jade seal not to have. Has said goodbye the daylight."

„? Said that passes on the country imperial jade seal also in the imperial tomb of beginning emperor?"

„Yes." Wish the sea route: „Where just this imperial tomb nobody knows, these iron health/guard also sealed in the imperial tomb became the death guards, even if can find definitely is unable to bribe to pass on the country imperial jade seal."

I have licked the lip: „But I also want to try, who knows the imperial tomb where?"

Wish the sea to shake the head: „Old man does not know."

The shallow forest is stunned: „That...... Uncle Hou does Ke have to know?"

The sovereigns questioned personally, appearance that several uncle marquises deep frown, after several seconds later, Yuyang Hou [say / way]: „Actually, the old minister has heard the hearsay about first emperor mausoleum grave actually."

„? Said quickly!" My excited [say / way].

The Yuyang marquises hold the fist in the other hand, said: „Holds the spear greatly, that beginning emperor will be an eternity emperor, will be bringing countless wealth and mysterious buried treasures enters the mausoleum, since the ancient times does not know will have many people to drool these treasures, but never had the person to find this imperial mausoleum truly truly, actually this was traceable, I once looked for a famous litterateur of living in seclusion in the flint mountain range, he has told me, the geomancy position that the imperial mausoleum of beginning emperor used was called ‚[Seven Stars Teleportation] dragon position', already submerged in East China Sea, but overflowed for 500 years is a samsara, when the stars raised, in East China Sea seven star natures continually will become a line. The position that aims is the imperial mausoleum of beginning emperor, although now just when 500 years a samsara, but this difficulty was too big, needs to enter in the deep sea!"

I smile pleasantly surprised: „Thanks the Yuyang marquises to direct, I understood!"

The shallow forest brings to worry saying: „Li Master, can you seek for the imperial mausoleum of beginning emperor really? This...... You are empire pillar, cannot have any accident!"

I said with a smile: „Your majesty could rest assured that my life is take risking, but also nobody can kill dies I, relax."

„Um, Li Shizao goes morning to return."



What what a pity is this time did not have what duty System Notification to me, looked like seeks for Qin Huang Grave not to be simple, the first Coordinate did not have, to need to seek.

A person is not quite safe, asked several people to move again together, best to fly upwards for the god, like this encountered any danger also to have in the deep sea to take care.

Therefore, as before was initial lineup, called Wan Er, East city, the small dance and swimming, altogether 5 people, moreover these five people had a flying upwards superior god, another four were to fly upwards the god, this lineup somewhat was aggressive, which Guild the world did not have to put out such luxurious lineup again, moreover Xue Rou was because must have the person to hit S7 therefore me not to make her come, otherwise we can collect [Zhan Long] 6 people of god level teams.


Everybody prepares respectively for one hour, in game the day quick was also black, in east coast harbor set.

Zhan Long Chapter 1274

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