Zhan Long Chapter 1275

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The sea breeze sways the cloak flap flap to make noise, I depend upon on guarding harbor the flagpole of Ba Huang City army, looks on the beach from afar, iron armor sea turtles are crawling here slowly, almost players raise the long sword and bow arrow to chase to kill the sea turtle, the carapaces of these sea turtles can be used to manufacture the medium shield, is the good raw material, can sell 1 R motherfucker approximately high and low . Moreover the sea turtle meat can be used to boil the system to promote 2% lives to restore the attribute sea turtle soup, many 200-230 levels of players have stopped over kill the iron armor sea turtle to make money here, the group the team on will not be massacred by the sea turtle, a day. Gets down can also gain 100-200 R motherfucker, subsidized the net fee and living expenses has sufficed, but can also promote, this group of people were called take up a collection the player, many work rooms were doing these matters.

Actually before me, establishes [Zhan Long] work room time, once has thought we will mix that distressed map, day-by-day taking up a collection, but has not thought that our winding speeds so will be fast, has no longer needed to handle these redundant and arid matters.



In not far away seashore jungle went out of several female, stature exquisite Qu Zhi Lin Wan Er walked in the front line, a scarlet red cloak, the bright moon coverall flood the bright moonlight, was wrapping the beautiful woman young lady's attractive dressed carcass, in her hand was holding appreciatively a dagger, was the dragon tooth sharp knife blade of God Tier rank, Dong Cheng Yue side Wan Er, god level Mage, Dancing Forest and Darling Duck also together walked, four big beautiful women arrived in full!


I 11 drag into them the team, said: „Because does not locate the mausoleum exact location of beginning emperor, but must judge by the star aspect, therefore we did not fly, requisitioned a Ba Huang City warship to drive past, slowly looked, how is it?"

Lin Wan Er shallow faint smile: „Good, goes to sea together the long-distance voyage, sounds to be very interesting."

„That!" Dong Cheng Yue is proposing Aiersha scepter, on the pretty face has filled with the anticipation, said with a smile: „The map of beginning emperor, should monster Level very be high, just I now am flushing Level, we refuel, sweep away this map!"

„First can find this map to say again!"

I have swept her Level, 244 levels, this to the level madman, now is the entire server Level highest player, I 239 levels, the next round country fought Dong Cheng Yue certainly to want the ray to be greatly abundant, with her share impulse, can become the player who first promoted 255 levels of full Ji?


Brings four female to enter harbor, free requisitioned a Ba Huang City warship with my status quickly, a warship of medium level, the original garrison commander must deploy a 200 people of army to escort us, but had been rejected by me, wanted 20 sailors, after several minutes, the warship drove away the harbor slowly, aimed at the deep sea!

I lie down on the cross bar of bow, is resting the head on the both arms, looks at the stars of space, now the issue came, which 7 stars can aim at [Seven Stars Teleportation] Dragon Wei?

Wan Er, East city and other female also open the eye, four pairs of beautiful eyes look together airborne, but quick from seeking for [Seven Stars Teleportation] Dragon Wei turned looked at the meteor to make a vow.

Looked for nearly a half hour, I had discovered the photostar truly will move . Moreover the speed of moving is not slow, when soon the near midnight, in which seven in stars unexpectedly really slowly continually became, and became later glimmer Shua one pours into the sea water continually, in front.

I stand up hurriedly, am pointing at distant place, said to the captain: „Quick, that side, accelerates to pass!"

„Yes, holds the spear greatly!"

The boatmen glide twin screw, warship whistling goes furiously, but this also belongs to look at the rhythm of Shan Pao dead horse in the sea level obviously, the warship has skiced for nearly 20 minutes, but that light beam in not near place, as if forever is unable to hope to attain as before general.


Dragon Hou, Lin Wan Er summoned silver dragon Little Bai, does not want to endure: „We fly directly!"


I also summoned dragon god's daughter raspberry, the Dong Cheng Yue diving posture jumped up the raspberry back, must ride my being suitable windmill, Lin Wan Er is bringing Darling Duck and Dancing Forest took off Going out, two big dragons roared were leaving the warship, directly soared the light beam the direction to fly.

The dark night in game can only continue for 8 hours, converts the reality Cooldown also 2 hours, crosses more than for a half hour, leaves our Cooldown not to be many.

Shuanglong pastes the sea level speedily to fly, often unexpectedly also has the giant shark fish dive to leave the sea level to try to worry, what a pity this is courting death, raspberry was only a dragon rest/breath together with small range together evaporates the sea water of several shark.


Is distanced we about 100 meters, truly arrived at the place, seven stars a line sky over our top of the head, they were moving continually slowly, therefore flows swiftly to fall the light beam on water surface also slowly moves.

I start to cancel raspberry the mount condition, said: „Fully enters the god shape, we must dive, the god shape can make us in Cooldown that in the sea water stays longer!"

Four female nod, enters the god shape together, immediately in sea level bright with many colors, I also together start, afterward „puff puff" five forms of falling in the water, raise the long sword to enter in the sea water, opened the eye, the god shape lower part of the body week forms a guard shield, the sea water was unable to invade, opens eyes and not affected, was bringing four female together to the sea deep place tour in the past.

In the sea level, in the stars light beam injection sea, is moving as before rapidly, we are pursuing the light beam to the forward flight, is good is quick because of flying upwards player Movement Speed, everybody's flying speed can also be able to follow, but we also know, although the god shape does not have the consumption, but cannot long Cooldown maintain, such words player will have a fatigue, this point official has not given the explanation, but everybody understands that the god shape continues most for 60 minutes on this rest several minutes.

„Looked quickly that the entrance appeared!" Lin Wan Er is pointing at the front, said excitedly.

Everybody looked at the past together , the stars light beam was moving in the seabed, but the mysterious strength has torn into shreds the space in the seabed unexpectedly directly, the entrance that has made one stiffly motion, my first Cooldown flushed!


Passed through the space potential surface, the next quarter my body hangingly appeared in a dark space, and near the ear ting transmits


System System Notification: Please note, you entered the dangerous map 【Beginning imperial tomb】!


To! From appraisal Level of map, star-level altogether 7 of this beginning imperial tomb , are only probably more inferior than the well of god demon, here affirmed that is hiding the innumerable crises, but this is also good, since our five people come to explore, dangerously is better!

The ray twinkle, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and other female enter one after another, treads on a beginning imperial tomb stair, I also falling slowly, enters thousand frost wing effects, started to try to find out this map.

„Quite dark!" Dong Cheng Yue mumbled one.

Very is truly black, puts out a hand not to see the five fingers, can only depend upon the equipment ray to illuminate, but one side is the Dancing Forest unusual feeling of archer is keen, puts out a hand in one side stone wall, moved the hand, immediately imperial tomb sky „Shua Shua Shua" threw star light, shone upon well-illuminated here.

„Quite mysterious, is the ray centralism in sea comes?" Darling Duck asked.

Lin Wan Er nods: „Um, the pattern looks like truly ghost axe finger of God, the designer designs this map time thinks that also certainly has put many thoughts!"

I grip tightly the double sword to take a step to lead the way slowly, said: „Do not chat, the monster appeared!"

The dead ahead, a hand grasped the ancient soldier sculpture of long sword and iron shield to appear, was not right, should say is the terracotta warrior, this map truly made the prototype by the Qin empire, before us Shua the Luming hole belonged to the same series, but Luming hole final BOSS was Linglu, but this beginning imperial tomb map final BOSS inevitably was Qin Shi Huang, the map rank must by far in the Luming hole.

„Is 251 levels of monsters." Lin Wan Er blinked.

I pursed the lips, said: „Awful, my Level was too low, cannot see the monster the attribute......"

Dong Cheng Yue throws smiles: „I come!"

The god level player can reconnoiter Level not to exceed 10 levels of goals, this terracotta warrior Level my 12 levels, could not see high is also normal, but Dong Cheng Yue all takes the Level day list first person of superiority to see by oneself, after several seconds, the attribute of this terracotta warrior appeared in the team channel

【Iron hawk sharp gentleman sword】( Antiquity warrior)

Level: 251

Attack: 57200-84000

Defense: 36000

HP: 8000000

Skill: 【Preying technique & thorn】 【Preying technique & cuts】 【Preying technique & strikes】

Introduced: Iron hawk sharp gentleman, the Qin empire sharpest soldiers, had cloud „uneven art of attack and defense to meet Wu of Zu Wei, Wei Wu of Zu cannot meet Qin sharp gentleman", the Qin sharp gentlemen have been able able to move unhindered the world, to sweep away Liuhe fully obviously fully, but the iron hawk sharp gentleman was the outstanding person in Qin sharp gentleman, thoroughly understood various fight skills, and had the greatly strengthened explosive force, after these iron hawk sharp gentlemen died, voluntarily became the clay funerary figurines, the loyal guard in the imperial tomb, please be far away from them, otherwise you become by the object who the iron hawk sharp gentleman hunted and killed


„Attribute of good exaggeration!" Darling Duck has opened the small mouth, said: „Before didn't Stella have such attack power? This too has also exaggerated, the foundation attack on 84000, were stronger than the king level BOSS attribute!"

I show a faint smile: „Is very good to explain that the edition has promoted, the players flew upwards for the god greatly have promoted the attribute, the monster, if did not strengthen that to have no way to mix, said again, this map was close top map, the monster cannot be so good to kill! Adds hundred to fight BUFF to me, on!"

Darling Duck lifts hand one hundred to fight on me, has promoted I 44.3% attack power and Magic attack power, this skill weighs the promotion at the dosage of Healer, by the Darling Duck equipment strength, promoting 44% to be second to none in Tian Ling Empire, can with approximately also be [Legend] chief Healer Chang Sheng Jue that she placed on a par, wanted more inferior as for the chief Healer Who's Blue face of [Blood Contract], was the second grade.

Zhan Long Chapter 1275

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