Zhan Long Chapter 1276

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When I approach, on the clay funerary figurines hard outer covering has been flaking piece by piece, „flip-flop" the sound is unceasing, what making me not think is under the putty outer covering unexpectedly is the bright human body, the complexion of this iron hawk sharp gentleman is similar to the average man is ordinary, but the next quarter becomes fierce, grasped the long sword to clash, in the mouth got angry shouts to clear the way: „Violated my Qin Empire, although must execute!"


The cyclone waves together, he uses unexpectedly is the swordsmanship?

A thorn preying techniques, a sword came from out of the blue, the speed is quite fast, is this monster should have the speed that?


Spark spatters in all directions, the overlord armor withstood directly this has struck, jumped out 7 thousand + the injury digit, attack power of this monster was really not a lid! I not polite, under god shape directly is a [Strength of a Thousand Men] attack effect, similarly is terrorist, combo belongs sacredly is the skill, but my godship has the sacred set attribute, in addition the strength eruption under superelevation growth, this iron hawk sharp gentleman must cry in an instant







One set of combo gets down, this had 800 thousand HP monsters on only the remaining 50% blood, he stuffy snort, the long sword strangled to death the effect that the preying technique cut, above the sword blade edge was reappearing „broken + 40% against" the phrase, the system really sympathized, now fights this System Notification to have continually, the next quarter, an abdomen pain, fell 12 thousand slightly + HP, but also was good, my total HP 84 thousand, have not cared about the attack of such degree.

Nearby, Wan Er also killed, under the god shape the blade edge of direct various god + surrounded and attacked continually, the bright moon storm started the direct second has massacred this iron hawk sharp gentleman.

The Dancing Forest long bow just lifted, even connected Jianshi with enough time have not built in the string discovered that the fight had ended, cannot bear the speechless [say / way]: „You leave this...... Also made the person play......"

Dong Cheng Yue chuckle: „Does not worry, the front monster are more!"

Said like East city, dead ahead also large quantities of iron hawk sharp gentleman, and started 35 in groups stood, has caused as the matter stands our to kill the monster difficulty to increase much, attack power of iron hawk sharp gentleman was placed there, if made their near body project on our crisp Class, that might the second kill very much.

I continue to act to advocate T, Wan Er with armor of vice- T god, forward kills, quick touched ripe in the iron hawk sharp gentleman the Swordsman characteristics, preyed on the technique thorn is the puncture injury, to leather armor of Wan Er and small dance had the extra injury, but „cutting" was the broken against injury, is most ruthless to the damage that Heavy Armor caused, preys on technique „striking" to be simpler, can 100% shook the player draws back, dizziness 1.5 seconds, therefore I walked the position to avoid this to strike as far as possible.

Iron hawk sharp gentleman was the grade of antiquity warrior, a mysterious grade, the empirical value of but giving was also rich, after Large expanse of massacring iron hawk sharp gentleman, empirical value naked eye obvious little was increasing upwardly, this was the good deed, my also need many empirical values promoted Level, after all the third round country war should not be far, the Level insufficient words, god arm [Defeat the Dragon] skill had more than enough.


In the imperial tomb the channel is very broad, causes the monster to be getting more and more, killed completely for 3 hours, finally killed the beginning imperial tomb first final spot, there, a small army in waiting for us, 12 iron hawk sharp gentlemen was holding the sword to defend in the front, about was 12 grasps the iron hawk sharp gentleman of long halberd, 24 people gathered round a middle combat tank, above the combat tank stand to grasp the commander in chief of lance, both sides altogether 6 iron hawk sharp gentleman archers, altogether one BOSS sur- 30 small monster, this time was a little thorny!


Dancing Forest is grasping the long bow, said: „What to do, can Guildmaster be killed by the second directly?"

„According to the injury value computation load, should be almost killed by the second." I touch the nose, said with a smile: „But, if I use the shield of standard stars to keep off the massive injuries, then with riding the wind to cut [Drain], should be able to attempt, a meeting, I on, Wan Er dances + [Ice Pick Whirlpool] to control to output first using the bright moon storm + beautiful woman, East city uses [Thunderbolt Finger], the small dance direct multiple arrow, strives to massacre 30 in 7 seconds slightly monster, then the concentrated fire power kills BOSS!"


I gain ground to have a look, that combat tank the name on commander in chief is very familiar, Wang a Ben Qin stars, Dong Cheng Yue also rapid Wang Ben's attribute sharing in team channel, attack power and physical defense are strong, some killed


Level: 255

Attack: 97400-122000

Defense: 55000

HP: 420 million


Introduced: Wang Ben, one of the Qin stars, the child of Wang Jian, was very fierce, has the military strategy, once commanded troops the flooding summer beam and broken generation to extinguish neat, has completed the reunification of Qin, after the beginning emperor died, soul of Wang the Ben returns to the body, became garrison commander who guarded beginning imperial tomb one


„The BOSS good greasy evil......" Dong Cheng Yue to stick out one's tongue.

My micro smile, grips tightly double sword: „, I withstood the injury of BOSS as scheduled, prepared to open BOSS, remember, first killed to be small, then killed BOSS!"

Saying, I have pasted to fly, the speed is extremely fast, distant is [Great Realm of Desolation] locks Wang Ben, has caused the massive damage, immediately the combat tank starts, 30 young privates flushed, in bellowed slogan „to violate my Qin Empire, although must execute", but a beautiful form dropped from the clouds at this moment suddenly, opened Lin Wan Er of god shape to start the bright moon storm, „" aroused the innumerable dust, simultaneously the powerful suction gathered together with BOSS to the center 30 young privates together, did not wait for them to launch the attack, the Wan Er pink / white arm raises suddenly slightly., The physique waves, the beautiful woman art of dancing can start, their dizziness!

However what makes my astonished is Wang Ben unexpectedly not by the dizziness, he resisted, the lance attacked fiercely the base of combat tank, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Your these lazybones, wake up to me!"


The scarlet ray surges, unexpectedly has relieved beautiful woman dancing confused effect of one group of young privates, Lin Wan Er intelligent like the snow, the rapid stealth flees by the destiny of second killing forcefully, the next quarter, the arrow arrow and sharp sword greeted to me, I did not have what to be good to fear that lifted the hand to do the sword vanishes, what replaces it is the shield of radiant stars, „pingpong" will attack a series of the complete standard parry.

Long sword one horizontal, golden light Sheng, under the god shape started greatly has ridden the wind to cut, the sword air/Qi grazed to sweep away, covered 20 + young private seconds to massacre in the range rapidly together.

„Boy is extremely arrogant!"

Wang Ben jumps suddenly, both hands grasped the lance to puncture thoroughly my shield of stars, direct shatter!

I retrocede two steps, will draw out to do the standard to keep off hastily in the future, sees only the BOSS lance to wrap the flame, will just like the fire dragon spiral straight thrust, unexpectedly the standard will unable to keep off, in the chest a spear, HP fell suddenly 26 thousand +, NND, six star god level BOSS truly were too probably more than five-star god level!

The Darling Duck long-distance treatment, I hold on BOSS as before, but Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest seizing the chance concentrated fire power gives to kill the remaining several iron hawk sharp gentlemen, was Wang Ben this six star god level BOSS time of death.

This time I have the treatment, Lin Wan Er this attack outputs the noticeable control system department assassin, in addition the shield of own stars can also the standard keep off the frontal attack, Wang Ben Xiangmiao I am difficult such as to ascend to heaven simply.

Our team compositions were too scientifically and were too strong, Lin Wan Er struck, ambush and beautiful woman dance to find the opportunity to control BOSS with [Gouge] unceasingly, I was responsible for withstanding the injury and output, Dong Cheng Yue Magic one after another, hit the incomparable pain, the attack of Dancing Forest was most ruthless, shoots the day bow anxious spin special effect to send the invincible might greatly, every time attacked 7 times to BOSS to cause one time to strike the flying effect, moreover this struck to fly is 100% interruption skills, harassed BOSS directly to my attack output, Wang Ben Suiran was six star god level BOSS, but unexpectedly not strength to hit back under our attacks., Middle two skills counter-attack smoothly are also melted by us, to refusing stubbornly far.


„Six star god level will BOSS explode six star magical instruments to us?" I have filled with the small anticipation.

Lin Wan Er in BOSS rear continual dagger cutting multiple, the diving posture illness draws back the avoidance attack, at the same time speechless [say / way]: „You do not read the new edition material...... BOSS had six stars and [Seven Stars Teleportation], but the magical instrument was as before highest is five-star, most was six star and [Seven Stars Teleportation] BOSS blows out the probability of five-star magical instrument to be higher."


I think that probably BOSS besides king level will not blow out God Tier, as the matter stands also made God Tier more valuable.

Therefore thinks that my butterfly can promote as world Country Weapon, excitement at heart multiplied!


Finally, under the Lin Wan Er dragon tooth sharp knife blade, Wang Ben Canhao drops down, crash-bang blew out one pile of equipment! The mother, mixed in broken lonesome god for a long time, BOSS did not explode equipment, now suddenly BOSS blows out that many equipment, the feeling was too simply happy!

Lin Wan Er walks to go forward, starts to look at equipment, the first BOSS luck is not quite good, Wang Ben Zhishi blew out an armor wrister of three stars magical instrument, I had no need, to take away to sell for money everybody to divide together actually, moreover this was three inferior magical instruments, left the scenes of three inferior magical instruments not to be actually many all of a sudden.

Picks up card that in the ground Wang Ben Bao comes out, in throws into wraps, the feeling is very useful



„Was star card......" Dong Cheng Yue said: „In the content of this new edition has raised, BOSS that the [Epic] level honorable person has the probability to blow out this specific name the card, is the only one type can promote the team overall attribute card, meets we kill 2 BOSS the time, Brother Xiao Yao uses this card, can promote the team overall output, you output can also increase much."

„OK, continue!"

Is raising the double sword, crosses Wang Ben's corpse, enters next, has a stair in the rear area, but going up steps of first-level level under entered two, the first star light shone two, but was quite as before gloomy, but several female feeling pleased, equipment attained much, and empirical value was too rich, everybody flew upwards after the god level player most needed a bit faster promoted, can say this map simply was too time, moreover this map was almost our exclusive, don't the player is simply impossible to discover this ultra. Secret map.

Zhan Long Chapter 1276

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