Zhan Long Chapter 1277

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Beginning imperial tomb two, a gloominess, the ice-cold wind has stroked the skin, making the person have to plant a feeling of goose flesh, Dong Cheng Yue lifted hand one group of fireballs to depart, has lightened the flare on front wall, the kerosene on that flare already dry decayed after ten thousand years cannot withstand, can light is good, burnt to send out flip-flop the static.

The mark time on the road, the front darkness, anything could not see that „hum" rumor comes suddenly, blows disorderly the flare waves, the flame nearly must extinguish.

„Person lights a candle, nonsensical talk."

Lin Wan Er mysterious said with a smile.

Dong Cheng Yue frightened one immediately, firmly held the arm of boudoir honey, obviously she was the person of that lighting a candle.

„How on the map to demonstrate monster?" Dancing Forest wrinkles the delicate eyebrows to ask, but nobody replied, because I do not know why can on the map not demonstrate the monster.

The next quarter, the answer appeared.


Airborne invisible, sound that but the sandy soil in ground actually makes step on, obviously is the monster of stealth, I judge the position without hesitation, lifted the hand doing has thrown Going out the sword in the [Blade Spin] shape!


The flame spatters in all directions, does will repel the stealth maneuver to come, in the empty road also presented a famous artisan to grasp the clay funerary figurines of dagger, hard shell is diverging rapidly, his hair combs from the middle, afterward grips the chignon crookedly in the one side, seems like exactly the same as the terracotta warrior, but the name on top of the head actually showed that he is not a Qin

【Yan assassins】( Antiquity warrior)

Level: 252

Attack: 57000-82000

Defense: 34000


Skill: 【Stealth】 【Gust of wind series】 【Remnant rainbow strikes】 【Ghosts and gods chaotic dance】

Introduced: The Yan assassin, by the brave warrior who the body died for one's country, Qin annexed five countries one after another, saw that army soon soldier near the Yan city , the massive Yan assassins were willing to sacrifice the life, went to assassinate Qin Jun commanding general, these assassins understood the [say / way] of hiding, the hand grasp the sharp dagger, entered in the Qin big camp to render meritorious service innumerably, but was overwhelmed by sheer numbers eventually, finally was killed by Qin Jun as before, his corpse and ghost were conquered, became surprise-attack forces that guarded the beginning imperial tomb


One time repels, actually compelled three Yan assassins, their attack power not compared with previous monster inferior many . Moreover the attack repertoire seemed to be more changeable, cannot let behind crisp by the direct attack, my held up the butterfly sword to swoop, at the same time controlled is doing continues [Blade Spin] the sword, attracted the hatred values of three Yan assassins instantaneously.

„Takes revenge for the monarch!"

Three assassins called out to clash, in drawing close my moment has raised the dagger in abundance, was the gust of wind series skill, was similar to assassin Class surrounding and attacking of continually, erupted a series of crowded skill attacks instantaneously, my speed was not luckily slow, the left hand held to do the sword to lift on the draw, around the sword blade edge the star light gathering, took the sword blade edge to form light screen as the axis, was the shield of stars, almost perfect standard parry their attacks, the butterfly wielded, [Tempest Sword] + [Strength of a Thousand Men] started.

But three assassins do not retrocede, instead under waves the dagger to start strikes, is the remnant rainbow strikes, their daggers had the distortion, rainbow brilliant Sheng, falls on my armor in abundance, the instantaneous three injury figures fly




Good pain! I looked hurriedly to behind said: „Avoids, the remnant rainbow of this assassin defeated against and promotes attack power too to be high!"

The voice has not fallen, several assassins had only been swept by Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest remaining are less than 30% HP, the ghosts and gods chaotic art of dancing can start, the whole body ghost chaotic dance, wields the dagger to attack me crazily, the short flash, my HP fell unexpectedly below 50%, frightened the face quickly to be blue, walked the position rapidly, turned round one time to ride the wind to cut cuts to massacre completely, HP also attracted much, was too scary!

Lin Wan Er raises the dragon tooth sharp knife blade to walk to go forward, sticks out one's tongue to say with a smile: „This antiquity warrior good fearful attack power......"

I nod: „Um."

Dancing Forest said: „Actually is very good to explain that their broken against characteristics relation previous iron hawk sharp gentleman has striven to excel . Moreover, our Level was too after all low, Guildmaster 240 levels, lowered 15 levels compared with them, actually the words of equipment crush, their second fall Guildmaster people should not be the issue."

I have gripped tightly the sword hilt, said: „Then is discrete, after all I am double sword class Swordsman, is not Knight, lacks the defense and standard of shield keeps off the injury to suffer a loss."




【Yan assassin card】: Promotes user 50% attack power and 30% attack speed, simultaneously provides to disregard the goal 30% defense effects for the user , to continue for 120 minutes, requests the Level 230 levels.

Really, the Yan assassin antiquity warrior main characteristics of were the broken defense, no wonder can hit me to be so sore, changes into other monster definitely is not this.

All the way, killing of being shocking but not dangerous in the past, the empirical value also rapidly rose suddenly, soon will end the time my empirical value two Shua is 240 levels 71%, massacring BOSS should be able to rise 241 levels, the fairyland of here promotion, the speed of empirical value promotion also wanted compared with the S7 empirical value on actually high.

Quick, killed final of two maps, by far, was a small army is waiting for us, this population were more, careful number altogether 50 cavalries, the sur- 20 Yan assassins, the command was one is raising the military officer of long halberd, was one of the Qin stars, commands Meng Tian who 30 thousand armies guarded the He Tao region

【Military might marquis Meng Tian】( God level BOSS ★★★★★★)

Level: 255

Attack: 100400-127000

Defense: 60000

HP: 450 million


Introduced: Meng Tian, after the general's family, one of the Qin stars, once led the Qin 30 thousand invincible armies to defeat the Hsiungnu, regains the Henan region, deters the northern Hsiungnu using the Great Wall, guards on the county ten for several years, overawes the Hsiungnu, the later generation pursues for the military might marquis( this is not historical evidence, is, after Meng Tian who leaf pulls) is wronged and driven to death, the soul does not extinguish, Qin Er Shi orders its spirit rate commanding troops burial puppet to guard beginning imperial tomb two


Meng Tian's attribute is very no doubt strong, but lets is actually he who I worry.


I said: „You looked at the past following the shackle, incessantly was Meng Tian, BOSS that this closed had two, by the person who Meng Tian controlled, behind warhorse."

Several female looked at the past , the shackle in Meng Tian hand was also pulling a person, that person was tying up the nape of the neck by the shackle, the wild animal that the entire photograph was immobilized was common, but he was not the common wicked beast, the body put on leather armor, the vision was fierce, in the hand was grasping a handle flood the rainbow light dagger, did not understand at a glance affably, the name on top of the head was more shocking

【Assassin Jing Ke】( God level BOSS ★★★★★)

Introduced: Yan assassin leader Jing Ke, grasped the remnant rainbow to strike the first emperor not, was killed


„This time was a little thorny......" Dancing Forest to stick out one's tongue, says with a smile: „Six star BOSS sur- five-star BOSS, in addition has 70 not allow to neglect small monster, what to do?"

I think that said: „Simple, puts together skill time."

Deeply inspires, I continue saying: „One will be opening in the god shape directly, I can first Cooldown release eternal boundary skill, maintains for 10 minutes, these ten minutes we will definitely not be killed, then the strategy as before, massacres first slightly monster, then cleans up Jing Ke, last solves Meng Tian, everybody acts according to circumstances!"

„Um!" Several female nod together, fights intent to be soaring, can simultaneously challenge two big BOSS, thinks that these fellows are very excited.

I am constraining excitement at heart forcefully, grasped the double sword upward to clash, did not wait for BOSS to trigger to our hatreds has rotated the abstention of order conservation, eternal boundary skill started, filled the next bottle of good wines to restore fury points again, trod broken heavenly thunder + [Tempest Sword] to erupt in the monster group together, the foot pedal earth, „" erupted the [Ice Domain] effect, has frozen 70 small monster majorities, but Meng Tian progressed to at this time, the long halberd raised, „whiz" a vocal cord the cold wind was puncturing suddenly!



My goodness, I added hold effect physical defense of eternal boundary to promote 150% also to hit that many unexpectedly, didn't have skill BUFF the injuries of words at least about 40 thousand? Cannot look, although Meng Tian the attack power and influence looks like not, but superficial strikes actually that fatally, attack power endured compared with the god emperor of day boundary simply.

My life restores fortunately also quickly, fights the boots lift-off to tread ripples, under the god shape walks the position to seek for the best angle, anchors suddenly is one time rides the wind to cut the attack, rides the wind the attack output that cuts to be too ruthless, one set cut to kill about 40 directly slightly monster, in addition the attack of Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er, 70 small monster have been not much left in a flash.

But in entire journey I am maintaining extremely quick Movement Speed, the station chops this matter absolutely to be here crazy, 4 Yan assassin ghosts and gods chaotic dances, Meng Tian's attack second killed me together in addition sufficiently, I cannot be so silly.



A cerebellum direction cool feeling, I turn around suddenly hurriedly, do sweep away to go the sword, „bang" cuts to strike on a body, simultaneously among napes of the neck a pain, Jing Ke strikes, falls blood 30 thousand +, in addition Meng Tian strikes, HP saw the bottom once more, the hurried [Cleansing Rain] technique + filled health potion, the treatment of Darling Duck was also very prompt, but frightened my as before, [Strength of a Thousand Men] started suddenly, Jing Ke's body „" repelling, NND, making you puncture the beginning emperor you not to puncture certainly, punctured me actually quickly ruthless!

„First kills Jing Ke ghost!"

I drifts away the position, while raises the double sword to output, actually my this time walking position is most basic circling walks, the tactical also simple walking position circles chops, walks around Jing Ke, avoids Meng Tian's [Vanguard], simultaneously does not affect to Jing Ke's output, when Meng Tian's hatred value displacement surpasses 50%, immediately gives him one set of skill , to continue to pull.

Zhan Long Chapter 1277

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