Zhan Long Chapter 1278

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The resiliency of eternal boundary promotion was too strong, even if Jing Ke and Meng Tian attack together cannot massacre me as before, instead is makes us consume very frigidly, Jing Ke's HP was not high, wanton bombing that which can withstand five god shape players, less than 10 minutes of time, Jing Ke's HP saw the bottom.


The butterfly sword launches the swift and violent attack, hit to empty its final HP, however Meng Tian seems not willing to see us to massacre Jing Ke, raised the long halberd to call out one: „You rebelled, An was Gan so wild in my Qin Empire national territory? Jing Ke is my Wang Zhanqi, how Rong Thou and others blasphemed!"

Saying, he has drawn out wearing a sword of waist suddenly, has swept rapidly, unexpectedly directly Jing Ke's head cutting, has simultaneously put out a hand to hold to fly to fall on the airborne remnant rainbow dagger, inserts the dagger in the warhorse carries on the back , to continue to raise the long halberd to meet our five people of squads.

Finally, Jing Ke died in battle, we have not obtained except for empirical value anything, is good because of the empirical value is also enough rich, I am 240 levels 96%, massacres Meng Tian definitely to promote!

However, at this time BUFF of eternal boundary also vanished. But is unimportant, I have used Wang Ben's star card rapidly , to promote 100% attack power with 20% Military Control effects( team attack power + 15%) , to continue for 120 minutes!


The front spattered in all directions the blood, Meng Tian's third company punctures suddenly was too strong, has projected on my full Xue directly, only then 20% do not arrive, when he started fourth struck, suddenly on the long halberd cutting edge „biting" a flame trembles, was Lin Wan Er resists with the dragon tooth sharp knife blade, but her strength was Meng Tian's match.

„Courts death!"

Meng Tian had kept off the attack by square, becomes angry out of shame, the wrist skill turns, the hangnail of long halberd has fluttered the dragon tooth sharp knife blade, drags to entrain the straight run several rice Lin Wan Er, catches up suddenly, the long halberd was passing a vigorous strength thorn state-of-art to the Lin Wan Er abdomen, was good is quicker because of the Wan Er reaction rate, lifts the hand to hold up the tapping umbrella, swept away to open!


The energy surges, god level BOSS shoots down on god shape the defense umbrella of Lin Wan Er, has only caused less than the damage of 10 thousand to Wan Er, the majority of injuries had been blocked by square, the strength that but this strikes is too big, Wan Er was rumbled as before flies to draw back dozens meters, hits on the stone column, standing firm personal appearance will.

But this precious 3 seconds have made me restore to the full blood, bringing Ancient Heavenly Tiger to overrun together, the long sword raises, [Combo] + [Fierce Ice Blade] wreaks havoc above Meng Tian's upper body, single-handed, „bang" the wire rope broken, gives to tie up Meng Tian's warhorse together, is very good, [Binding Chains] unexpectedly by MISS, has not really been rare.


Meng Tian kun beast fights, the long halberd handle covers unable to move to me, then draws out the remnant rainbow dagger straight thrust of waist to come, to I have created 30 thousand + injury, NND, did this power to injure also rather go against heaven's will? After the system edition upgrades, star-level BOSS as strong as this situation? Perhaps is really, especially in the Level disparately big situation.

I and Meng Tian dogfight, the treatment output of Darling Duck has not stopped, and has locked me to treat, but Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er also attack the control in the one side, naturally, swiftest and fiercest is the attack of Dancing Forest, 3. one seconds time strikes the flying effect, making Meng Tian's attack rhythm in great confusion, especially was stroked the appearance that flies with horse together, very funny.


Actually single Tiao the words I definitely am not Meng Tian's match, his fight attribute spoke the truth compared with the god emperor has striven to excel much, what was helpless was he must face our five people of squads, like his opportunity almost did not have, in situation that especially in Jing Ke had been first massacred by us, Meng Tian thoroughly did not have opportunity destruction our teams.

„Come on, remnant rainbow dagger exploding!" Dong Cheng Yue fills saying of hope: „That Wan Er assistant weapon was also the high Level magical instrument dagger, the remnant rainbow dagger definitely was the five-star magical instrument!"

Hoping is this, otherwise everybody was disappointed.

However the remnant rainbow is Jing Ke's weapon, once nearly assassinated the dagger of Qin Shi Huang, comments a five-star magical instrument should at the game not to be considered as that later excessive.

Meng Tian when projected on 10% blood has not given up as before, started the large-scale skill to counter-attack continuously twice, what a pity was given to melt by us, this overwhelming power invincible ancient times star also finally must in this moment say that said goodbye.

„Must explode remnant rainbow dagger......" Lin Wan Er to pray low voice, it seems like she definitely very much likes the remnant rainbow the modeling, that dagger ray circulation, the modeling is fine, is truly likable.

But I at heart was also praying, please must blow out a Meng Tian's star card, his star card effect definitely compared with Wang Ben's striving to excel on many!

Finally, Meng Tian in my attacking fiercely next miserable howling, went along with own 50 Qin cavalries together, has not disappointed us, the remnant rainbow dagger also really exploded, blew out the card, altogether three cards, exactly the same card, natural!


I walked to go forward, have picked up card much, the attribute really compared with Wang Ben's star card

【Star card & Meng Tian】: Promotes 120% attack power with 30% Military Control effects( team physical defense + 60%) , to continue for 120 minutes!

Card that the offense and defense has both, this is the most popular card, receives, one will hit the BOSS situation incorrect time to use, otherwise is saving, such card is very marketable, in considers fights in the country, group 100 people roll, everyone promotes 60% physical defense, to rushes in the crowd horizontally is quite invincible, thinks to think somewhat excitedly.

Lin Wan Er also collected remnant rainbow dagger, attribute sharing in the forming a team channel, unexpectedly is 240 levels of weapons, attack power strong, very suitable assassin Class

【Remnant rainbow】( Magical instrument ★★★★★)

Attack: 17000-23500

Agility: + 770

Stamina: + 760

Magic: + 755

Strength: + 720

Additional: Promotes user 185% attack power and 120% attack speed

Additional: Neglects goal 40% physical defense

Special effect: The rainbow light swallows, when target has 30% probability summon rainbow light to swallow the goal, making its Movement Speed reduce 50%

Special effect: Kills one's sovereign, when attack 5% probabilities strike the corona goal , to continue for 1 second, to the king level goal probability promotion is 15%

Special effect: Chases down, the player faces the directional hostile unit Movement Speed to reduce 20%

Only effect: The remnant rainbow, kills 10 units every time , to promote own 1% physical defense, superimposes to 300% physical defense high

Introduced: Remnant rainbow, Madame Zhao Renxu the dagger of casting, sharp exceptionally, when assassin Jing Ke dai the remnant rainbow its conceal in the map, is seeing for the beginning emperor offers the Yan map the chart poor dagger, what a pity punctures, but not, afterward Jing Ke was put to death by the beginning emperor, the remnant rainbow also fell in Qin people the hand, thousands of years later, the remnant rainbow wandered about destitute every, it is said obtained the person of this dagger to obtain the strongest chasing down strength

Needs the charm: 1000

Needs Level: 240


Remnant rainbow attribute too I motherfucker A, everybody was speechless, crossed for nearly 5 seconds I saying: „That chases down the special effect too not to be concerned about face......"

Dong Cheng Yue nod approval: „The hostile unit that yes, Wan Er faces will decelerate, is simply concerned about face compared with the cold ice arrow of master, once were stucked, the rainbow light swallows the triggering probability 30%, the person who so long as basically stared by Wan Er could not escape, only if capable of returning to the body to massacre Wan Er."

I shake the head: „This was too difficult, you have a look at the only special effect, Wan Er to strike to kill 10 units every time on promotion 1% physical defense, went to new village casual Shua Shua small monster to promote to 300% defenses, in addition Wan Er armor of god, whole body physical defense turned time, this was of ordinary assassin defends 600%, the destiny first hard armor assassin was about this."

Lin Wan Er purses the lips to smile: „HOHO, let alone, next BOSS have I shouldered, try?"

„OK!" I consented joyfully.

Continues to look that Meng Tian continues these to equipment that we explode, in addition the pitch-dark long halberds, look, is the three stars magical instrument, I also had no need, to receive, after going back, inexpensive sell in guild, [Zhan Long] that many Knight were the player, Yue Yao Yan, One Second Hero and ice coffee, Tearless, Tang Xin and Lin Little the evil these people should have the demand, they can with equipment that and could afford, first gave them.

Third equipment is an armor hard helmet, a star magical instrument, this was purely is the goods of auction room, did not have what question, gave the Lin Wan Er collector, turned head to sell a cent of money, provided some income for everybody, was quite good.

Last equipment most out of it, a Divine Tier monk's staff, the attribute is very ordinary, has not defended the effect, [Zhan Long] first Monk approaches Buddha should not to need wholeheartedly, stall goods!


Afterward, several strengthened gems, 11.

Was trying to find out goes to the beginning imperial tomb three paths, suddenly toot toot came a voice to apply, was Wolf, um, should have the matter, otherwise the small wolf looked for me generally is an information matter.

After the connection, the Wolf sound conveys: „Xiao Yao elder brother, busy?"

„Also good, any matter." I am holding cloudy and cold moist wall, is bringing four female step by step steps into underground three.

Wolf smiles, said: „Is this, yesterday the old K mother came to see him, said that looked at a he idle appearance, all day played the game also to wear a name brand, highly does not believe that therefore...... Old K this goods is a frank or straightforward person, he said that must do an enterprise to come, otherwise did not return to Yuhang Town."

„?" I also smiled: „How do that old K this goods plan a undertaking?"


„What factory?"

„Is this, this morning I and Matcha elder sister and Fox discussed that decided that everybody does invest an office clothing factory together, the Xiao Yao elder brother your side does not have the method? Aha, is Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue that composed design firm, purchases some design proposals from their side, then uses this clothing factory to manufacture the clothes, does the direct sale shop again online, slowly makes the brand, you thought that is rich the way?"

I without hesitation: „To make that to do, I approved absolutely."

„That...... Matcha elder sister's pin money has pounded in this set of villa, I and old K their savings do not calculate too, therefore needs the Xiao Yao elder brother you to invest part, everybody collects." He inexpensive smiling

„Knows! I in the Shua map, turn head I to bring Wan Er and East city to go back work room now, discussed together equals?"

„OK, such settled! Old can K marry the wife to look that our elder brother several enough tried hard!"


The QQ official opening native of Canada of leaf, the old cadre of 12 years of Q age... Q th 30609856, want to add on in addition, but besides inviting me ate meal do not report the temporary news, otherwise my Q will be exploded, the QQ space said that will synchronize with the micro blog, as with a platform that the reader friends exchanged ~

Zhan Long Chapter 1278

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