Zhan Long Chapter 1279

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Beginning imperial tomb, underground three.

Gloomy wind front surface blows, beginning imperial tomb three as before, rows of combat tanks were portrayed terracotta warrior proud Li as before by far in the roads, each combat tank has two warhorses to draw, on the vehicle a groom, two soldiers is grasping the bronze long halberd, in addition two grasp the guard of blue bronze sword, most central is two is grasping the long bow soldier.

The Qin are good at firing from horseback, the archery above combat tank naturally is also not empty.


„This time took the combat tank as a combat unit, on each combat tank 7 people, best killing, brought in too could make us be thrown into confusion."

I grip tightly the butterfly sword, is judging calmly, making us extinguish the group to be insufficient but actually, but has an accident not to hold on the monster accidentally, Dancing Forest and Darling Duck were attacked the second to fall by 3-4 antiquity warriors easily together, Level was too important regarding them, can therefore not fall the level try not to fall the level.

Lin Wan Er is gripping tightly the dragon tooth sharp knife blade and remnant rainbow, said with a smile: „Pig directed the monster, small dance to look has knocked down the groom with the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, making the combat tank lose the accurate aim to run all over the place, like this killed quite safely."

Dancing Forest nods.

I raised the sword to clash Going out, distant launch [Blade Spin], did sword „tittering" penetrates the chest of groom and bronze swordsman, immediately the clay funerary figurines outer covering disintegration, showed the fierce facial expression, the warhorse neighed, the whole body was dense the death strength, the combat tank is also being billowing and good, directly soars us to come swiftly and violently, speed fast!


A Dancing Forest aimed fire just right, stuns the groom directly, immediately the warhorse loses the control of reins, does not come in our directions, is having the combat tank hit in nearby stone wall, the opportunity is just right, my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] covers to cut to kill, coordinates the Lin Wan Er bright moon storm + beautiful woman dance, almost makes the 7 people on combat tank fall into the paralyzed state instantaneously, the Dancing Forest meteor arrow penetrates the crowd from out of the blue, comes a multiple arrow again, when Dong Cheng Yue [Thunderbolt Finger] wreaks havoc in monster group, 7 ancient Qin soldiers were then miserable howling sound Qi Qi has dropped down.

Thin in crash-bang empirical value ray flies randomly, blew out three equipment, is the stall goods, in collects to throw into wraps, too bad decomposed [Soul Army] Fu Hao directly.

Continues to forward, at first is killing of combat tanks, afterward discovered that can simultaneously direct 2-3 not to have what pressure, kills quite quickly, was only painstakingly I, must keep came to square to keep off various attacks with the shield of stars, did not make HP fall to below 40% as far as possible, such on suitable was unsafe.

The Shua monster process slightly is arid, but everybody was used to it, looks that empirical value growth this continuously joyful made the person enjoy, short nearly 3 hours, Shua up three monsters, I also rose 242 levels.

Three maps finally, arrived at the BOSS guarding place.

This time is an acquaintance, terracotta warrior static standing of one crowd of hand arming with knife shields in three end places, altogether 120, dense and numerous piece, but their rear areas, then stands to ride the warhorse the senior general, the hand grasps a handle long blade, although the whole body was bound by the clay funerary figurines, but can see as before dauntlessly with the facial expression of being insufferably arrogant.

„Really was one's turn Wang Jian." The Lin Wan Er dimple smiled faintly: „Has not brought Wang Jian to come luckily together, otherwise this scene he possibly can not being able to get down hand......"

I nod: „Um, Wang Jian and Bai Qi are the Qin stars, here should meet, Li Mu and Lian Po are Zhao Guo stars, leads them actually, but I was worried unable to find the beginning imperial tomb, will come up empty-handed, has not asked them to come together......"

Dong Cheng Yue is supporting the small milk-white bosom, teased the interrogation: „You did not fear that we do come up empty-handed disappointedly?"


„Um!" Several female nod together, hundred fight also rapidly falls on me, on the armor transmitted an honest feeling, physical defense significantly promotes!

Double sword one cold, I already flushed Going out, moreover is opening the shield of impact stars, I one close, 120 terracotta warriors started to flake the watch case, roared to hold up the blue bronze sword and shield rushes ahead, distant place, a Dancing Forest multiple arrow fire, on their shields unexpectedly „bang bang bang" the rebound injury, the Dancing Forest instantaneous remnant blood, frightened the cheek to be green, said loudly: „Swims, do not treat to me, I must maintain the conditions of 14% blood kill BOSS!"

It seems like the small dance must breakneck.

I walk the position rapidly, seizes opportunity to start rides the wind to cut, „puff puff" the sword blade edge penetrates the sound of shield to transmit, is simply easily accomplished, immediately over 50 bronze swordsmen were massacred, but remaining 60 + people of also crazy killing come, above the sword blade edge was reappearing death strengths, cannot make them start the skill, otherwise my poor life was difficult to guarantee.

At this moment, Lin Wan Er drops from the clouds suddenly, is opening the god shape, treadons a monster lotus illusory image, the bright moon storm erupts, a beautiful woman dance, the perfect control, over 50 dogfaces are unable to move, I made use to raise the arm, the strength of thunder and lightning surge, the thunder and lightning that depended my superior god godship + the incorruptible + flame + the sacred four heavy principle strengths start the skill, [Thundering Heavens] itself am combining the thunder and lightning, incorruptible, the three sets of strengths of flame, the attack injury by the amplification to the strongest boundary, the innumerable thunder bound the ice cone and roaring flame to wreak havoc on the earth, has not wreaked havoc, the Longteng nine days surged once more, The innumerable dragon shade circling bang kills, causes sacred damage, does not need Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest to get rid, was I and Wan Er has only destroyed completely in 120 dogfaces to be majority of!

Dancing Forest is using to fling bow displacement skill, gets rid two dogfaces chase down at the same time one after another it kills, Dong Cheng Yue is also opening the god shape, massacres several other dogface bang, was Wang Jian.

5 V 1 single Tiao, this did not have what issue, Wang Jian must die again here.


Raises the sword to take a step to go forward, when I approach about 20 yards, the Wang Jian body shivers fiercely, the outer covering clay funerary figurines flake crazily, the arm shakes suddenly, a handle flash item of long blade flashes in us at present, this is about 35 -year-old high and low Wang Jian, when the maturity, fills on the aggressive face to have the anger, shouted at: „You and other petty people dared to invade imperial tomb, is simply unforgivable!"

Among the hasty, Dong Cheng Yue read out attribute sharing of BOSS in the team channel

【Wucheng marquis Wang Jian】( God level BOSS ★★★★★★★)

Level: 255

Attack: 110000-142000

Defense: 70000

HP: 600 million


Introduced: Wang Jian, the Warring States period Qin star, the beginning emperor extinguishes six country biggest heroes, Wang Jian goes on an expedition entire life innumerably, but wisdom non- violent, brave and multi- stratagems, in flooding desire with slaughtering the Warring States age establishes a new school, even the beginning emperor Venerable it is a master, fully obviously Wang Jian forte, after it dies, the soul does not extinguish, is willing to continue to guard in the beginning imperial tomb, about long partner king


„Has been careful, [Seven Stars Teleportation] god level BOSS." I look at the Wang Jian appearance, said: „Appearance, was inferior that our [Zhan Long] Wang Jian is so delicate, but by the strength, definitely ended to explode our Wang Jian, 14 thousand attack power upper limits were so terrorist, everybody was careful, I opened BOSS!"



The long blade swings together the bone-chilling cold blade air/Qi unexpectedly, immediately I and Lin Wan Er were affected by the blade air/Qi, simultaneously in the team channel has transmitted two terrifying fight System Notification

Fight System Notification: 【Wucheng marquis Wang Jian】 Starts the skill 【Dragon Xiangji】, To player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Has created strength difference injury 27542 × 10!

Fight System Notification: 【Wucheng marquis Wang Jian】 Starts the skill 【Dragon Xiangji】, To player 【Cang Tong】 Has created strength difference injury 65172 × 10!


In a flash, Wan Er almost the remnant blood, the strength disparity too was big!

I turn on the shield of stars to block Wang Jian next one strikes, said loudly: „Was careful, should not be struck by this dragon again happily has hit once more, will be killed by the second!"

Indeed, Wan Er is the strength and Agility double cultivates the assassin, was divided that many HP depending on her by a blade, moreover her HP upper limit shared the silver dragon, has surpassed 1 million, perhaps otherwise changed into the words that the small dance and East city, swam to withstand this skill injury all the second to kill!

The Wang Jian strength value must be higher than about 3 thousand points compared with me, is how terrorist, but this dragon strikes the skill happily is the strength difference is multiplied by 10 fixed injuries, if loses Wang Jian to the crowd of player in, perhaps a dragon struck the life to spread the coal happily!

cloth armor is the player ultra frightened this skill . Moreover, this skill is also main tough Monk and sheet iron Knight natural enemy, no matter what your physical defense is high, a strength difference attack can teach you to cultivate the behavior!


Fights, I while the observational study Wang Jian skill, after the second dragon strikes to start happily Cooldown is 30 seconds, means that this skill is 30 seconds of CD, this was easy to do, acting bashful of Lin Wan Er to skill CD was accurate, avoids this time interval to be OK, but Dancing Forest these 20% blood did not arrive continuously in a fierce attack of distant place arrow arrow, under attack output that in shooting day bow type was not concerned about face, Wang Jian HP pit-a-pat fell, in this case, so long as his second did not fall me, that on must die.

After 20 minutes, Wang Jian HP is lower than 10%, really launched attacks, the continual dragon struck the attack happily, was almost a dragon happily strokes every 5 seconds strikes!

In this case does not have anything saying that the domain of my god has applied, every second 10% HP restorations, faces continuously Dragon Xiangji sufficiently.

Finally, after several minutes, during Wang Jian is miserably howling, first [Seven Stars Teleportation] god level BOSS like this poured under our swords.

Zhan Long Chapter 1279

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