Zhan Long Chapter 1280

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I rose 243 levels successfully, killed BOSS to obtain 50% empirical values directly, this setting loved simply!

Wang Jian drops down at the same time, blew out several equipment, his long blade exploded, in addition the front reappeared the Shenlong gloss armor, understood at a glance that was not every, I walked to go forward, one and received equipment, afterward 11 in the team channel shared these equipment attributes, first was that armor

【Dragon Xiangkai】( Magical instrument ★★★★)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 7350

Strength: + 545

Stamina: + 530

Agility: + 525

Magic: + 520

Additional: Promotes user 170% magic defense and 150% physical defense

Additional: Promotes user 70000 Max HP

Additional: Promotes user 100% attack power and 4000 foundation attack power

Special effect: Dauntless, 10% injury transformation that will receive are the HP absorptions

Special effect: Dragon Xiang , to promote own 2500 strengths

Coverall part: Dragon happy coverall armor

Introduced: The dragon happy coverall, this set fought the armor is the famous artisan of before the Flood is one generation of star and General Qin Wang Jian is tailor, it is said bought in the world spiritual energy and strength of casting Shenlong, there are beginning emperor to take the blood as the intermediary personally, making in this armor fill Dragon Qi, can protect the user to be exempt from the devil to invade

Needs Level: 240

Needs the charm: 1000


Is grasping Dragon Xiangkai, I cannot bear smile: „That...... I have almost thought that who most suited this armor."

„General Wang Jian!" Wan Er throws smiles.

„Yes." I am holding the armor as before, said: „Wang Jian this boy is our [Zhan Long] indispensable senior general, but equipment is worse, therefore is inferior in Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han these top soldiers, but if can collect one set of dragon happy coverall, that Wang Jian has with the strength that Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword speak the last words absolutely, at least will not lose too miserably."

„Um." Dancing Forest said with a smile: „That does not have anything said that this dragon happy coverall decided but not yet announced was good to Wang Jian, making him pay a similar price to purchase, did not need too expensively, at least unable to make him unable to withstand."

„That is." I had not planned makes money by this coverall, words that but does not collect fees, perhaps is not quite good to Dancing Forest and Darling Duck, after all others come Shua BOSS laboriously, has the person to strive, the spoils of war that obtains sees somebody off directly is not always good, the good and evil must be divided Qian Caihang.

Continues to look again, the sword that Wang Jian uses was held by me in the hand, above the knife edge the ray is chilly, this absolutely is one good blade that is easy to set up, looks at the attribute, unexpectedly is the five-star magical instrument

【Dragon Xiangdao】( Magical instrument ★★★★★)

Attack: 18200-25500

Strength: + 770

Stamina: + 760

Magic: + 755

Agility: + 720

Additional: Promotes user 195% attack power and 80% physical defense

Additional: Neglects goal 35% physical defense

Special effect: When the revenge, the player was attacked, 20% probabilities retaliate the match to strike instantaneously, the power to injure calculates by the ordinary injury

Special effect: Dragon Xiang , to promote own 3000 strengths

Only effect: Dragon happy strength, the hand grasps Dragon Xiangdao, if there is part of dragon happy coverall, then always , then promotes 20% weapon injuries

Needs the charm: 1000

Needs Level: 240


This attribute somewhat looked at the person to be speechless, NND, Dragon Xiangdao, although with the dragon happy coverall was not a coverall, but had the effect of interaction unexpectedly, this also means person of collection uneven one set of dragon happy coverall, if used Dragon Xiangdao again, Dragon Xiangdao attack power turned time, this was quite terrifying, this set of equipment and weapon complemented one another, simply sharp to the extreme, moreover this Dragon Xiangdao in addition an attribute was also liked by me, when the revenge, was attacked on having 20% probabilities retaliated one to strike instantaneous, did not waste own. The attack and skill CD, liked simply!

And, I also noted, the dragon happy coverall should have the dragon happy special effect, the lifting capacity size, this simply was an overlord coverall of duplication version! Wang Jian this boy had the luck.

Admits the package Dragon Xiangdao, four female naturally do not have what objection, must sell to Wang Jian in any case, but I cannot relate Wang Jian now, after all this map we did not have Shua to end, assurance that cannot win, if extinguished group weapon equipment exploding by BOSS, that lost face!

continues, pushes onward beginning imperial tomb fourth, I also at heart am considering simultaneously, we entered beginning imperial tomb 10-hour-long, this pit father's some map how many levels?

Finally, when we step into four entrances, Dong Cheng Yue hum called the sound, drew my bracer not to be glad.

„How?" I asked.

Lin Wan Er also asked: „East city, how?"

The Dong Cheng Yue cheek is red, has not spoken.

I had already guessed correctly 78, unemotionally saying: „To urinate directly says, like this to be why coy, this does not tally with your style!"

Dong Cheng Yue the sound, said: „Others is a girl, how can lower oneself to the same level with your this big uneducated person!"

The Dancing Forest serious appearance, looked at the stars that airborne is reappearing suddenly, said: „Has not thought that you so are unexpectedly bold, East city knows that Guildmaster was big and thick......"

Dong Cheng Yue the violent walked immediately, has punched a Dancing Forest fist, said with a smile: „Small dance, your this female hoodlum, wants dead!"

Darling Duck opened the eye: „You sexually harass Guildmaster like this, doesn't fear the Wan Er vice- pledge vitality?"

Lin Wan Er jumps to leap the ornamental dragon tooth sharp knife blade under the stars ray, said superficially: „Has not related, annoys the wool I, I did not speak began directly......"

Dancing Forest spits the tongue, said: „Wan Er, we are the relatives with same surname, some words said well that do not begin, I acknowledged that cannot hit you......"

Indeed, Dancing Forest attack power is strong, perhaps but to the words on Lin Wan Er this peak assassin, stratagem which ensures success three Chengdu did not have.

By a Dancing Forest such saying, smiling that Lin Wan Er also endured handsome: „Was good, a Shua map, you can keep chatting, really cannot bear you, East city, do not go to the washroom? Hurry up, our also offline slightly drinks a water, after five minutes, gets online!"



Therefore, collective offline urinates.

I have drunk a water, afterward gets online, quick, four female one after another political lines, collect the person, sets out to four!

However expected this map according to me also this to the end, after all Qin star also that many, Meng Tian, Wang Jian, Wang Ben came out, then should be Bai Qi, other star unqualified entered the stage in behind.

In four maps, this time appears is not the iron hawk sharp gentleman is not the combat tank, but the pure iron cavalry soldier, the uniform heavy cavalry, the hand grasped the lance, the body put on of sincere armor, but the armor looked is the iron hardware casting, but the main pointed weapons and war armor of Qin were mainly Bronze Tier, because the bronze craft of Qin was skillful at that time, but during the same period iron hardware quite skillful was Yan, therefore the Qin cavalry soldier equipment iron armor basically was unlikely, but we had not investigated that these were reasonable or not, in like this game of magic originally on not. Anything reasonable and research may say, can joyful everybody, be the good thing, but the design of destiny most pays attention to this point exactly, this is also its success.


I raise the sword to go, come three iron cavalry soldiers, 255 levels of antiquity warriors, are the top branch of the services.

When approaches me about 20 meters, three iron cavalry soldier uneven Shua Shua horizontal the lance, on the face full is angry, exclaimed lowly: „Qin cavalry, impact!"

They started [Assault], moreover was not the [Assault] skill of player, had the gesture not to be different from the gloss, I raised the sword am [Seven Star Fragment Slash], „" disclosed the innumerable dust, when the dust has not fallen to the ground to see only three iron cavalry soldiers to clash, „bang bang bang" the continual hit on me, formed certain shaking to draw back the effect unexpectedly, their strength values definitely were inferior to me, attack power was also inferior to me, formed to shake draws back the effect is the skill reason.

Above the sword blade edge is reappearing the golden six glow stars diverge slowly, making me somewhat speechless, my god step 3 levels of [Combo] were shaken unexpectedly directly draws back has broken, NDD, the good and evil I am also a superior god, these iron cavalry soldiers too did not show due respect for the feelings simply, therefore I cannot show due respect for the feelings, tread the [Ice Domain] effect, frozen was occupied by these three people, one set rode the wind to cut to carry off!

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue behind look to think funny in me, Dancing Forest could not bear, laughs at me to haggle over with the monster generally, when late at night, everybody Shua the map is also very bored, therefore starts to tell the story, a Wan Er lecture of story is quite cold, the story that East city and small dance told compared H, heard me and Wan Er, swims is red in the face, when Wan Er lecture cold joke, the cold wind passed over gently and swiftly, on the terracotta warrior of noise-maker cavalry soldier quickly frozen, but when the small dance spoke the H joke, the [Assault] effort of iron cavalry soldier was not general.

To the early morning about 4 points time, finally, we arrived at four end, but four final BOSS had really been guessed right by us, the Bai Qi clay funerary figurines ride the warhorse to wait for us in the end, is a troop iron cavalry soldier, this time was quite thorny, BOSS in dogface front, once will attack definitely will mobilize the army to attack, but Bai Qi at least led 300 iron cavalry soldiers to wait for us.


„300 brave warriors, enough hit to shake our Brother Xiao Yao continuously draw back until death, what to do?" Dong Cheng Yue said one issue that makes people unable not to go to face.

Dancing Forest said: „Kills hardly, takes the words that the price exchanges with the skill and skill, should be able to massacre 300 brave warriors."

Dong Cheng Yue blinked: „Needs me to use Aiersha scepter the entire map frozen?"


I said: „, Such can not massacre."

Lin Wan Er shows a faint smile: „Makes me come, the skill silver spear of dragon tooth sharp knife blade strikes is the entire map attack, meets pig to inspire 300 iron cavalry soldiers to be separated from the clay funerary figurines condition, I use the silver spear to strike to attract them, then leads away these 300 brave warriors, the small dance, you open the god shape to fly, destroys completely these 300 brave warriors with me together, our advantage thought the shape the flight superiority to be good, these iron cavalry soldiers could not project on our, pig attracted Bai Qi, swam the blood, I and small dance cleaned up monster to come back slightly."

I layer on layer nod: „Um, this proposition is quite reasonable!"

The new month, has monthly ticket to throw to [Zhan Long] ~~

Zhan Long Chapter 1280

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