Zhan Long Chapter 1281

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Operates the shield of stars to proceed to clash directly, my distant hand, [Great Realm of Desolation] locks Bai Qi, „" starts, immediately the BOSS surrounding outer covering disintegration, has revealed the image of below military might, is not general family Bai Qi such brandishes the military person who the big axe is chopping randomly likely, this Bai Qi looks like likely is one generation of deicides, is using a handle blood brilliant abundant long sword, the crotch warhorse body swarthy like the lava, the double pupil flood the flame, is not understanding at a glance affably.

„Come, the Qin three services, attacked along with this commander-in-chief together!" Bai Qi raises the long sword to exclaim loudly.

One crowd of terracotta warriors were summoned, surface flaking, raise the lance to whip one's horse on, has fired into me with Bai Qi together, the hoofbeat shocks entire four, this truly is suffices to shock.

Lin Wan Er raises the dragon tooth sharp knife blade, skill starts, airborne blooms suddenly Black dragon Wang Yinge form, the innumerable sword edges descend from the day, since the attack in close order, on the cavalry soldiers and horses was attracted the hatred value, the Lin Wan Er longleg step on trod the ground to jump to fly, led 300 iron cavalry soldiers to fly to the distant place, Dancing Forest also in the god shape to take off the past.

I control the Bai Qi hatred value by [Blade Spin] once more, this Warring States four big stars rank the brave general in first place to roar to kill, Dong Cheng Yue also the data sharing of Bai Qi in the team channel, the entire team was at the same time highest on her Level, can read out the BOSS attribute

【Wu'an Monarch Bai Qi】( God level BOSS ★★★★★★★)

Level: 255

Attack: 114000-147000

Defense: 70000

HP: 650 million


Introduced: Bai Qi, the meritorious military service illustrious Qin star, is four big star's heads, goes on an expedition entire life innumerably, once led the army to attack Zhao and Wei Allied armies to rescue South Korea, beheads more than 130,000, nine years later attacks South Korea, beheads more than 50,000, the Battle of Changping, buried alive Zhao 450,000 to fall died, the life total slaughtered 1.65 million people, the achievement the name of deicide, suicided, but after perishing, the Bai Qi soul was restless, is willing to guard in the beginning imperial tomb, urged for the beginning emperor

„Oh, this introduced that was really the blockhouse" my heartfelt to praise sighed.

„Has well any" Wan Er flies in airborne, pouts to say with a smile: „Almost every large-scale history class game can design a map of Qin, then deicide Bai Qi was brushed repeatedly, traded to be others already to cry."

Dancing Forest throws smiles: „Said is also, Guildmaster you, the Bai Qi striking power so is carefully high, you may not be killed by the second."

„Um, knows."

As soon as I raise hand, has used a Meng Tian's star card, because felt that must use, otherwise this pass is not necessarily able to pass, the Bai Qi attribute is more intrepid than Wang Jian, has to early prepare, although I have the overlord rebirth special effect, kills BOSS is the affirmation, but everybody is flushing the level now, I in the level, simply was actually out of sorts.

Just is thinking, the Bai Qi long sword brought the spiral fire dragon to kill together on the shield of my stars, this is his third attack, the shield of stars is scattered shatter, but I have also retaliated [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo, changes the destiny card sign, unexpectedly is the green sign, has not related, 3 seconds of CD, turned again one time, the red card, opened does!

[Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] Jiajia holds, although Bai Qi can large scale broken guard, but thinks that the second kills me almost to be unlikely, moreover I behind have Darling Duck to add the blood, own attack can also swift and fierce fast absorb HP, the blood strip up and down fluctuates in 50%-80%, but does not fall to below 50%.

About three minutes of Cooldown, Wan Er and small dance solve 300 brave warriors, the return help in the fighting!

They do not come fortunately, coming later Bai Qi to start to assume an awe-inspiring pose, the flame above long sword was even more strong, a anger divided suddenly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Sword broken landscape!"


The sword air/Qi that in the bellow, rumbles is unexpectedly tall and pleasing to the eye, extends just like a paper picture scroll, is fluttering the snowflake and picturesque landscape, but in the next quarter, the picture scroll suddenly was shattered, the snowflake becomes the piercing ice blade edge, the scenery shatter becomes the crag blade edge of murder, rolling goes, extends about hundred meters, but I in the attacking track, the body one wiped out thousand coldly + HP, moral nature one tight, the angle of BOSS choice is too accurate, Lin Wan Er and Dancing Forest also in the attacking track in sword broken landscape!


Holds up the tapping umbrella, opens suddenly, Lin Wan Er starts the race special skill the standard to keep off, but the attack of sword broken landscape was too fierce, wipes out her to surpass thousand HP as before, but behind Dancing Forest blood shield effect wiped out instantaneously, HP also brushes to fall, results in HP that 10% did not arrive at thrillingly, she stands in dull same place, the whole person soon coagulated.

„Adds the blood quickly!"

My hurried [say / way], but was late, Bai Qi has locked Dancing Forest is the target, distant is a hand, quack laughs saying: „Deicide again world!"

One scarlet purgatories cover, Dancing Forest had been killed by the second immediately, Darling Duck leaves to draw back anxiously, simultaneously raised staff to the Lin Wan Er milk, otherwise Dancing Forest also together in the ray of deicide again world, must fall by the second.

„Quick resurrecting" I was somewhat speechless.

The double sword brandishes, chops to divide furiously , to continue to pull back the hatred of BOSS rapidly, but Darling Duck hum was calling in the distant place, was releasing the skill guidance, the next quarter, brought back to life successfully, Dancing Forest resurrected. Is good is intelligent because of Dong Cheng Yue enough, uses up consecutively for three twinkles, hiding stiffly BOSS fatal strikes.

„attack picture was quite beautiful" Lin Wan Er added the blood, while sought for the attack position, but also had the leisure to pay attention to the BOSS skill picture unexpectedly.

„The feeling of picturesque landscape" Dong Cheng Yue is losing the skill, at the same time said with a smile that the girl is really perceptual, to the BOSS skill picture attention by far destructive power.

Actually the picture is truly attractive, a sword chops, the picture scroll unfolds together like lightning, afterward likely in the front launches one such as the picture scroll of picture landscape, next quarter its shatter, transforms as the terrifying lethality . Moreover the skill spreads about 100 meters, the attack width is also enough, simply is a AOE killing god level skill.

„Everybody opens the angle alternately, cannot in online." I urged everybody: „Small dance must pay attention, killing Cooldown of sword broken landscape skill in the picture scroll shatter that quarter, you held that short time to play dead one time to suffice."

„Um!" She makes an effort to nod, so-called plays dead, is Regent, this is archer player's pet name to this skill.

After 60 seconds, the second sword broken landscape comes.

Moreover those who make us be surprised, after CD of sword broken landscape good, Bai Qi does not abide by the hatred rule, is separated from my immobilization to progress forcefully the position, right! BOSS is seeking for the angle unexpectedly!

The warhorse halts suddenly, the long sword raises, is a fatal attack, the BOSS walk position has locked Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest these two crisp players, has not resulted in simply breaks!

„Be careful!" I only with enough time greeted one.

Dong Cheng Yue is good, was too quick-witted, two booklets leap continuously, crosswise left the attack range of sword broken landscape, but Dancing Forest depending on walking the position without enough time, the caper is not enough to be separated from the attack range, can only come hardly, shot the date bow not to stop attacking, „bang" struck to fly BOSS, but the injury of sword broken landscape same must eat.

The critical moment, the Dancing Forest accurate judgment ability has applied finally, entered the Regent condition in that moment that the picture scroll tore into shreds, 1 second, saved a life sufficiently, this sword broken landscape skill like this perfectly was melted, this made my cannot help but rejoiced secretly that was good several female is quite powerful in the team, will otherwise be extinguished very much easily rolls.

Also because of this, after before BOSS next sword broken landscape CD is good several seconds I let Darling Duck fell back on beyond hundred meters, otherwise Healer died, nobody gave to bring back to life, that really must extinguish rolls.

Beginning imperial tomb four lively pictures of being in chaotic situation, Bai Qi back and forth runs tries to create to strike to kill, but we do not have to give him again such opportunity, the dogfight nearly 40 minutes, has rubbed a final point this [Seven Stars Teleportation] god level BOSS HP finally, Dong Cheng Yue asked: „Who comes the blade quite to be last good?"

I asked: „East city, your charm value how many?"

„1900 +, how?"

„Was enough!" I nod: „Your charm value is not worse than me are too more, moreover you need the massive empirical values to keep the Level first person of status, this BOSS finally strikes you to come!"

„Good, Brother Xiao Yao helps me shoulder the injury!"


Therefore, I control own output, is only with [Binding Chains] and skill of [Great Realm of Desolation] this large scale promotion injury value, but Lin Wan Er also punctured [Gouge] to strike to taunt several with the back, let the Dong Cheng Yue safe output, when BOSS HP, only then 0.5%, we stopped the output, Dong Cheng Yue performance Cooldown, [Thunderbolt Finger] and flame stone, [Flame Beast Burst Fire] and roaring flame Stroke wall started suddenly together, the thunder and lightning and flame principle the superiority of position god godship revealed without doubt, the damage of instantaneously causing is extremely terrifying.

Finally in an ice fire roared, Bai Qi miserable howling kneed down, hung!


Dong Cheng Yue promoted, but I divided 12.5% empirical values, same promoted, 244 levels, more and more close 255 levels of peak altitudes.

Bai Qi crash-bang blows out one pile of equipment to come, in the meantime , the tea fragrance and color skill book blows out, lets my unusual regarding as important, but is Wan Er looks at equipment, she takes up a dignified hard helmet, after looking, loses to me directly, said with a smile: „Come, gives your good brothers, the luck is really good, probably is you carries Long Xiangkai the relations, unexpectedly triggering blew out Long Xiangkui!"

Really is Long Xiangkui, this Wang Jian really gained has sent greatly, probably he has not known one had been set to attain that many equipment.

Properly speaking, this boy should not be short of money, after is one of the [Zhan Long] [Valiant Bravery] camp leaders, attempts and kills BOSS anything divides to many good equipment, usually sold some equipment, the sale price at least already above thousand, this was the sale price that a [Zhan Long] player needs inevitably, otherwise definitely explained that the [Zhan Long] strength had the moisture content.

Zhan Long Chapter 1281

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