Zhan Long Chapter 1282

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Beside abatement Dragon Xiangkui, Bai Qi appeared quite mean-spirited, moreover only blew out a handle silver sword, 240 levels of Demon Harvest pointed weapons, since the serial number of Demon Harvest broke through 9999 after two months ago, own value in starting to depreciate unceasingly, must miss the big scale compared with a star magical instrument and inferior magical instrument, although wanted to be stronger than the stall goods, but ended to explode equipment of Demon Harvest in the auction room is actually a big pile.

Demon Harvest, sur- two day plume, the fourth BOSS drop rate simply is pitiful.

However, my vision stays in that tea fragrance and color skill book, puts out a hand to grasp, the arm shakes slightly, the introduction of books reappears in the nighttime sky, several female were immediately astonished has opened the small mouth, no one has thought that unexpectedly most beckoning the skill book on Bai Qi exploding, this time has made up for the loss of equipment drop rate completely

【Sword broken landscape】( star territory military Secret Art ★★★★): Launches the sword intent attack, kills to formation sword air/Qi within front 120 yards, sword intent such as the landscape picture scroll is vast, after 1.5 seconds , the picture scroll disintegration, creates own attack power 150% attack killing, cools the Cooldown 60 seconds, the study consumes 50 Charm, needs the Level 240 levels, needs Class: The entire soldiers are Class.


Lin Wan Er shallow faint smile: „Congratulates our family pig head, this time has not attained any equipment, but has at least attained a skill book of star territory rank, looks like the very strong appearance!"

I nod: „Um, the lethality and kill zone compared with [Seven Star Fragment Slash] much, simply be the group fight the sharp weapon, good skill!"

Saying, was lifting the hand to wield, the skill book vanished in the palm, has studied successfully, in my skill fence also naturally left a skill, was the design of sword and picture scroll overlap, looked like with the shield of same radiance stars, was at heart feeling pleased, at present should I be only simultaneously have two star territory rank skills players? The shield and sword broken landscape stars, defends attacks, supplementary insufficiency!

The skill studies successfully, looked for an open area, I lift the right hand suddenly, immediately a vigorous strength emerges the right arm to concentrate on crazily fiercely in the butterfly sword, the long sword ray rises sharply, wields suddenly, „whish" golden light clears the way, in 120 code lengths, in a width at least 20 yards range unfolds rapidly together the picture scroll, the mountain range, river, beautiful woman and other present, after 1.5 seconds , the picture disintegration, changes into ice edges and rocks to kill suddenly in the open area, in an instant has formed a piece of gully in confusion on this road, unexpectedly has certain destructive power to the map, this skill blockhouse!

„Was good, other was beautiful."

Lin Wan Er eats a hand that smiles, in the palm three cards, said with a smile: „The Bai Qi star card, received."


I have swept one, the Bai Qi star card seemed to be overbearing

【Star card & Bai Qi】 × 3: Promotes 150% attack power with 40% Military Control effects( team physical defense + 80%) , to continue for 120 minutes!


120 minutes of in addition holds the team attribute, such star card absolutely is the treasure of valuable non- city, after all major Guild challenge ultra god level BOSS time earnestly seeking degree to this type of card quite exaggerates, these preliminary star cards that in the market condition circulates can only promote many 10% Military Control effects, promoting team 20% physical defense to be extraordinary, but these 3 Bai Qi star cards promoted user own 150% attack and team 80% physical defense unexpectedly, kills not two choices that BOSS and country fought simply!

Receiving, this type of card is not needing to consider that has sold, we can serve a need.

Considered that Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest work as the possibility of team leader not to be high, therefore divided a Bai Qi star card to give Wan Er, other two I was receiving, in own manpower, when the time comes received is also a person on one's own side who in any case moistened.

Receives the good card, I said: „Was good, should we embark next? Also does not know that the beginning imperial tomb fifth also has anything, perhaps was the beginning emperor is greeting us directly."

Dong Cheng Yue said with a smile: „His old bones, we can definitely be him in any case."


I am raising the long sword, gradually moved toward five along stone steps, four female also cautiously followed, arrived at 50% me to open the god shape, cannot be negligent absolutely, no one knows that beginning imperial tomb five also had anything.


Fights the boots to tread when the underground five grounds, I had a scare by the surrounding situation, five vast that is far from us imagining, even is only one fine and space not big tomb chamber, this is one is similar existence in main hall, probably the beginning emperor main hall according to Xianyang constructs, on the giant stone column the coiling dragon surrounds, stern incomparable, but does not have any guard, in extreme of main hall, is not the emperor place, what replaces it is a giant coffin.

„The coffin of Qin Shi Huang......" Darling Duck somewhat is slightly small excitedly, after all the Qin Shi Huang mausoleum until now where is a riddle, moreover reality also nobody found the inner and outer coffin of beginning emperor, although now in game, but is unavoidable excitedly.

I am raising butterfly sword close inner and outer coffin step by step, is at heart getting more and more excited, some not good premonitions, will Qin Shi Huang always jump to give me to come one set of nine cloudy bones of the dead fingernails from the inner and outer coffin?

Lin Wan Er is following close on me, is drawing my cloak, on the beautiful cheek full is anxious, but wants to have a look in the inner and outer coffin to have Qin Shi Huang, appearance in a dilemma cute comedy.

The cold wind whiz whiz, entire beginning imperial tomb five are silent, dies the general tranquility.

My approaching inner and outer coffin step by step, lifts the hand to move on the cover of inner and outer coffin, immediately a biting cold chill in the air transmits, what in this coffin thinks is what? It is not good, definitely has matter to occur!

Tranquil is almost oppressing to result when in this type the person suffocates, suddenly behind Dong Cheng Yue came one: „Brother Xiao Yao, holds coffin autopsy......"


I and Lin Wan Er have smiled together, the atmosphere also suddenly reverses.


The coffin covers rubs the voice of coffin to be very grating slowly, I turn down half the coffin lid, does not have first Cooldown to look that in has anything, Wan Er is holding my arm, brave is extending the tall snow white nape of the neck, looked in the coffin, afterward spits the tongue.

„What's wrong?"

„Anything does not have."


I look down suddenly, actually had a scare, should lie down the place of beginning emperor corpse not to have a thing in the world, only then quilt of a rotten brocade pillow and shop bottom of coffin, almost rotted completely, thick decayed smell fills the air in the surroundings.


I was utterly confused, our time comes the beginning imperial tomb to seek to pass on the country imperial jade seal, but the corpse of beginning emperor here, where will not pass on the country imperial jade seal, became the riddle?

Sees my disappointed appearance, Lin Wan Er probably does not feel better, puts out a hand to cover the coffin shoves open completely!


A ray from the end place of coffin flood, I and Wan Er almost simultaneously looked at the past, saw together the imperial jade seal impressively, I held cautiously, saw only on the imperial jade seal truly to carve „is having a mandate from heaven, not only long-lived Yongchang" . Moreover the corner/horn of imperial jade seal had the breakage, the part that with golden patching, that should be Wang Mang usurped the throne the queen mother gets angry to move, afterward imperial jade seal wandering about destitute folk, and was found to return here by the later generation guard of Qin Shi Huang, then, these guards? Passing away up? Joins became part of terracotta warrior, moreover which did Qin Shi Huang go? It is not really good to explain.

Does not manage, passes on country imperial jade seal to succeed in obtaining!


„Was this map this Shua ends?" Dong Cheng Yue asked with a smile.

I nod: „Um, had finished, although has not attained good equipment, but the empirical value is very plentiful, the preparation returns to the city!"


Searches again, not having perquisite may fish, returns to the city!

Also at this moment, suddenly a ting reverberation above the Tian Ling Empire sky


System System Notification: Fellow players please note, situated in East China Sea Coordinate ( 38181,17262 ) map 【Beginning imperial tomb】 The official present world, the beginning imperial tomb altogether has 4, each has BOSS, each BOSS Shua new cycle is 72 hours, the Shua new cycle of antiquity warrior level monster was 60 minutes!


The map opened officially, will certainly become the stretch of land that must fight for of players.

I said silently: „Several BOSS death Cooldown have you remembered?"

Lin Wan Er carefully like dust: „Um, I, have not thought that will apply."

I show a faint smile: „That did not have what issue, let Li Mu or Fox leads a number of [Zhan Long] brothers to pass, one hour of small monster Shua new one time, practiced the level is good, remembered the BOSS Shua new cycle, hundred people roll to kill BOSS people should not be difficult."

„Knows that arranges immediately."

„OK, I made the arms upgrade the matter."

„Online so is continuously long, a bit faster offline eats the thing to sleep."



However the material has gotten ready, at this time made my offline eat meal is impossible, after the good and evil must the butterfly promoted, be able offline!

Has a look at the good friend to list, in the morning 10 o'clock, Fox and Palace Spirit online, therefore sends the news immediately, the Fan Shu City building up Fangli gathers.

When I rush, Fox arrived, in the hand is holding one pile of stage props, said with a smile: „200 ten thousand years of profound irons and 3 19 steps built the atlas to prepare readily, did your biography country imperial jade seal take?"

„Naturally, how will otherwise the system clear the beginning imperial tomb map?"

„Hey, I know that this map definitely is you in the lane, otherwise not that big sound."

At this time, Palace Spirit progressed to come, to stand up from failure to discontinue, said with a smile: „Does Brother Guildmaster, handle?"


I pulled out passed on the country imperial jade seal, the raw material that in addition Fox got so far as added on the butterfly sword one and has given Palace Spirit.

„Did I start?"


Palace Spirit starts to come busily, first builds up big pile of ten thousand years of profound irons of the smelting, the iron thick liquid tumbles to seethe with excitement in the stove, then used has built the atlas, afterward posted the butterfly sword, immediately the long sword wrapped the thick ray to hang above the stove, the unceasing buying in atlas and strength of ten thousand years of profound iron, at this time, Palace Spirit took out passed on the country imperial jade seal, put in the palm, patted suddenly broken!


This treasure changes into the powder pink / white to fall into the stove in abundance, fuses in the iron thick liquid of ten thousand years of profound iron together, can see that the tyrant soul of antiquity king in hum was miserably howling.

Zhan Long Chapter 1282

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