Zhan Long Chapter 1283

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Other did not say, butterfly sword once more recast time, certainly has filled aggressively, this point is almost very affirmative.

Palace Spirit wholly-absorbed casting pointed weapons, but Fox anxious is waiting for in the one side.

With Fox anxious different, what I am more is the anticipation, world Country Weapon, this handle butterfly sword soon must under Country Weapon by the casting, be experienced Dancing Forest me of shooting day bow might naturally to anticipate all day long own pointed weapons become world Country Weapon.


The process that builds has continued enough a half hours, during this period I summoned Wang Jian, put out Dragon Xiangdao, Dragon Xiangkai, Dragon Xiangkui to him, told him this is our trip of harvests, was suitable he, Wang Jian this boy how intelligent, naturally knows how should do, immediately pulled out 400 thousand R motherfucker to give me from the pin money, making me take away to everybody divides.

I also know that each one cent of general family is the hard-earned money, naturally cannot take, returned half, only took 200 thousand, moreover oneself have not divided, swam everyone online account number to transfer accounts directly respectively 50 thousand to Wan Er, East city and small dance.

Wang Jian drew Li Mu and the others to go to Shua BOSS to go, because had the coverall part to trigger blowing out of other parts, at present therefore Wang Jian must do was looks for four-star above god level BOSS to challenge, this can have certain opportunity to obtain the other parts of dragon happy coverall, the third round country fought imminently, Wang Jian thinks that also hopes can collect the coverall earlier, then fought in the country shines the ray greatly.


After half an hour, built up in the furnace is the ray had already soared to the heavens, making the entire Fan Shu City players astonished in building up Fangli exactly what happened, outside gathered the person who a troop has watched the fun.

On the cheek of Palace Spirit has also written all over excitedly, „buzz", the butterfly sword in furnace sends out together the astonishing ray suddenly, sweeps across all around, the shape is the same to the shock-wave, on the big map looked at the past, the golden ray was centered on Fan Shu City together first built up the work place surged, even has affected not to turn over to the sea and Tian Ling Empire, birth of this weapon also rather extremely in shocking.

The treasured sword draws a charge, hangs in the midair, the ray is radiant extremely, and shape of sword blade also had some changes, has been short of one point of fineness compared with the original butterfly, actually had several points of emperor to be aggressive, at the same time, a ting reverberation was from the sky unceasing, second world Country Weapon appeared


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Palace Spirit】 【Butterfly sword + 7】( Magical instrument ★★★★★) official evolution promotes as 【Butterfly sword + 7】( World Country Weapon), the player skill skilled breakthrough limit, completes the sect divisional level achievement, the skill promotes as officially 【Casts soldier technique】( LV- god level 1), player 【Palace Spirit】 Obtains the reward: Level + 5, Charm + 200!


„Oh, good happy......" the joy on Palace Spirit face does not need to conceal, this truly is one is worth the happy matter, entire server the first ordinary casting soldier technique will promote to the player of god level, broke through the 20 levels of upper limits of player completely!

„Ha, congratulated spirit becomes the god level casts the soldier master!" I congratulate with a smile.

Palace Spirit holds the butterfly to walk to go forward, says with a smile: „Brother Guildmaster, your weapon, will not be definitely disappointed, has a look at the attribute quickly!"


Finally the butterfly sword, was shocked instantaneously by the formidable attribute, the sword is the weapon attacked the upper limit compared with the bow be many, but I have not thought that the butterfly sword compared with will be higher than that many attack power for the world Country Weapon shooting day bow unexpectedly

【Butterfly + 7】( World Country Weapon)

Attack: 28200-37500 ( 9870-13125 )

Strength: + 1050

Stamina: + 1045

Magic: + 1020

Agility: + 1000

Additional: Promotes user 255% attack power and 140% attack speed

Additional: Neglects goal 70% physical defense

Special effect: Will never wear, uses cannot lose durable

Special effect: star explodes, has 10% probabilities to trigger the star territory supernatural power, causes 10 times of damage to the goal

Special effect: The gods certainly, 100% probabilities trigger Superior to strike

Special effect: When Dinghai, target, 15% probabilities trigger Dinghai injury, making it fall into 3 seconds of dizziness, and restores own 70% HP

Only effect: [Kill for Blood], kills a player every time, weapon attack power + 2%, highest 400%, after offline, gets online once more, then the overlay layer is the half before offline

Only effect: Ultimate strengthening, passive , to promote in users and surrounding 1000 yards the friend side player all equipment 20% intensities

Special effect: With player Xiao Yao Zi Zai binding, cannot fall

Special effect: Has a familiar task and handles it with ease, reduces to need Level to request 30 levels

Introduced: Before the Flood, the shore of South China Sea had a Longchi, the legend presented the Shenlong tour every hundred years in the pond, the Longchi water was limpid, drinking may have the effect of stronging and healthy body, Shen Jiang for „Qin Fang", elected beyond the day the meteoric iron to be the material, unearthed in Mt. Qingyun Shenyu to direct, built the thatched shed in Longchi, after 7 years, cast [Soul Army] finally, named Dragon Reservoir Sword, the legend brandished Dragon Reservoir Sword to summon the strength of starry sky, making the match crazed, and in recast later order named butterfly

Needs the charm: 2000

Needs Level: 255

Recast: Palace Spirit


„Buzz", I soon the encephalorrhagia, the butterfly was evolved world Country Weapon, this attribute was to open absolutely hangs! Probably Ouyang Nuoyan has not thought that the butterfly will be evolved to strengthen to this situation? The superelevation second killed the level attack power not saying that special effect were also the strong oddness.

star explodes, 10% probabilities oppose the enemy 10 times of injuries, this extinguishes one move of god, was triggered these 10% stars to explode the attack effect by me, in the player does not have anybody to be able to resist.

The gods certainly, 100% Superior strike, it is well known, below the god level weapon is divides Superior with non- Superior, the magical instrument default is Superior, but the Superior weapon 10%-30% probabilities trigger Superior to strike, the injury that Superior strikes will probably promote 50% injuries of this attack, but this god is 100% Superior strikes certainly directly, is very terrifying.

Dinghai, probability promotion, from 10% promoted 15%, and can restore 70% HP instantaneously, simply was the dizziness with restoring god level special effect!

[Kill for Blood], the only effect, 200% was improved from upper limit 400%, and every time killed a player to promote 2%, the overlay difficulty reduced, what awfully was this time is not offline on elimination all [Kill for Blood] effects, but retained the previous time half effect, in other words my previous time has superimposed 200, offline again on time can also preserve 100, this was too simply crisp!

The ultimate evolution, the only effect , to promote the users and surrounding friend side player all equipment 20% intensities, I looked up equipment intensity effect in the official data, understood what is this, the intensity, is the equipment effect meaning , to promote 20% intensities, means that weapon attack power promotes 20%, armor physical defense promotes 20%, various types attach the effect also to promote 20%, this simply nearly in 20% entire attribute promotion!

What does this mean?

Means me, so long as is raising this handle butterfly sword, fights in the country opens the country to fight the attacking mode, then the Chinese players within surrounding 1000 yards will obtain 20% strengthened additions, especially these equipment quite good player, instantaneously can have the attribute effects of four star magical instrument coveralls on a star magical instrument coverall, went against heaven's will simply!


Excited, butterfly sword equipment in the position of main hand sword, just likes in the palm grasps one group of warm roaring flame once more instantaneously, the battle efficiency of whole person nearly is also wanting the explosive table was formidable

【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( Town day Dragon Rider)

Level: 244

Attack: 132135-171495

Defense: 47732

Life: 853120

Magic: 136492

Charm: 2253

CBN Battle Ranking: 2

Title: Broken cauldron male

God level: Superior god


Is grasping the butterfly sword, in my chest the heroic spirit soars to the heavens, has such magical instrument, basically I have been able to chop the iron skull west gate from the Fan Shu City east gate, chops three days three nights do not bring to close the eyes, and in addition the effect of overlord rebirth, was doomed the next country war is my stage, with such equipment hardware, the sky rose, the brown pupil and demon mountain and the others must be apprehensive to me, because could be given the second by my one set of skill carelessly.

The attack is the best defense, perhaps in front of my such attack power, strongest defense Knight also will become will collapse at the first blow, the neglect defense effect of butterfly sword will be 70%, asked that the defense of how many Knight entire day under will have and Monk to have the confidence standard to block me to disregard to defend 70% attacks?

Palace Spirit said with a smile in side: „Congratulates Brother Guildmaster to attain world Country Weapon! Not, thanks Brother Guildmaster!"

„What thanked me to make?"

„That......" she hee smiles: „Because the entire Chinese area casting skilled of soldier technique rushes to 20 levels of 99% people at least above 100 people, but no one can break through that so-called ‚threshold to buddhism', had been lucky Brother Guildmaster this evolved the butterfly, triggered the skilled promotion of my spirit, obtained the god level the casting soldier technique, in the formula indicated that so long as the spirit present had the sufficient material to build the magical instrument!"

„Builds the magical instrument?" I in consternation: „Oh...... Can the magical instrument build?"

„Um, but needs the atlas of magical instrument, when kills high-level BOSS to have the mean probability to project on the atlas, although I also see only a weapon of god level to build the atlas to the present."

„So that's how it is, come on, our [Zhan Long] first god artisan!"

„Hee hee, must, Brother Guildmaster also refuel!"


In this time, „drop", an external news, came from the Lin Wan Er cell phone: „Pig offline has not eaten meal, a bit faster ate meal!"


I have replied one, immediately offline, received a message at this time, came from Wolf: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, at exactly 6 : 00 pm, the article god Xianju restaurant all the way, we have decided the theater box, you brought the Wan Er elder sister and East city come to be good, we discussed matter that started an undertaking."

„Um, is certainly punctual."

Said that on offline, a feeling of having a dizzy spell, online Cooldown was too long, moreover was also too excited.

The spirit evolution butterfly sword under Country Weapon, the entire clothing circular, NND, this time everyone knows all day long unexpectedly my butterfly sword turned into world Country Weapon, thought the low key low-key.

Moreover, the butterfly sword evolution under Country Weapon, this attribute truly is all day long pleasing, who will sue my me in any case again is will not yield absolutely, even if will be Ouyang Nuoyan acts unable to this face, world Country Weapon should be so overbearing, should the magical instrument points Bang Shuai second shooting day bow reach 40% points!

Who dares to sue my butterfly sword, with six his views is

The resentment dies he!

Zhan Long Chapter 1283

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