Zhan Long Chapter 1284

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offline, ate a thing to rest in a hurry, five people of squads stopped over for several hours in the beginning imperial tomb map, under everybody almost did not have to commit a footfault, at this time also this well rested.


Lies on the bed, making body relax as far as possible, the intent sea opens slowly, like this periphery some little strength fluctuations will also be realized by me, but the energy too big fluctuation will make me wake up from the dream, although Buesst disintegrated and breed to install the person organization to hide thoroughly, but I know that they will not give up, Wang Ze Cheng had issued a warrant for arrest by Chinese Police, even Sun Xiang and other military officers sent out the special troop to trace the Wang Ze Cheng whereabouts, at this time I should alert.

„Hey, Li Xiao Yao?"

„Um, is I! Who are you?"

„You guess!"

„Like flower?"

„Go away!" The opposite party sound is sweet, is very angry: „Is good your Li Xiao Yao, now accompanied the wealthy family daughters to be in the school Xiao Yao, has forgotten our these old colleagues, was?"

I was astonished, hesitates, said with a smile: „, I knew, Shen Bing!"

„Hee hee, remembered finally is I?!"

After this is we are long-separated the first dialog!

The green grass, in a spring breeze genial fertile plain, a Shen Bing straight police uniform, the uniform short skirt next pair of beautiful white leg especially is day after day charming, the front twin peaks support high the uniform shirt stick out, the beautiful figure fires imagination, she moves toward me with a smile, pursed the lips, shows very suffering from injustice expression, said: „I am quite here lonely, you and Wang Dui did not contact with me, snort!"

„The Shen Bing elder sister......" I stand in same place, the whole body cannot move, puts out a hand to touch her, actually discovered that the Shen Bing back passes away more to walk is farther, as if not want to turn head to visit me.

„The Shen Bing elder sister, do not walk......" my pain such as the blade to twist, shouts: „Do not walk, you...... Your last few words have not told me......"

Shen Bing then returns to turn around, the attractive pupil visits me, said spookily: „Is living well, is living for me well......"


Wakes up suddenly, originally is the dream.

I sit set out, chest incomparable ache, supports the quilt to roll up there, the basis could not feel the great strength of own Yang Flame powerhouse, thinks that endless dilutedness on the contrary after Shen Bing, side I make anything to protect the important person, supports the quilt, whole body boiling hot, the train of thought just likes the river bank breaks, faint trace Yang Flame flame has shown my body, ignited the cotton-wadded quilt.


I cannot control scurrying about in within the body strength, in an instant a quilt of bed is ignited by Yang Flame the vigor that I controlled all, the fire-alarm on roof has made a sound, the indoor started to spray water, but the moisture content fell , on me incites immediately was evaporated rapidly, the water how genuine Yang Yanhuo.

„Toot toot......"

The one side placed the cell phone on window to make a sound, I deeply inspired, the voice control said: „Connection, exempts raises."

Telephone that has broadcast the voice of old man, worries very much: „Li Xiao Yao, your boy how?! A bit faster control own mind, your aura becomes incomparably manic the disorder, this way ruins sufficiently your, is a bit faster tranquil!"

The old men should in Hangzhou, not, but his cultivation for is impossible to realize the change of my strength.

Finally, one of the old man shouts, I from rebuking oneself to awake to turn around with the guilty mood, Yang Flame the fire of whole body seeps within the body rapidly, re-enters that type warm, the condition of deep sleep, looks on the bed again, a piece in confusion, the quilt could be burnt ashes, even bed body few steel and iron had been melted part by the rapid fever, my Yang Flame hot temperature was too high, is good is affected because of the rug, the mist on ceiling as in spurting, rapid fire fighting.


„Was all right?" The old men asked in telephone.

I nod: „Um, has been all right, I controlled, thank you, Master."

An old man deep sigh: „Your boy...... Cannot pass sentiment pass/test, I know, that after the female police officer who called Shen Bing died, let your state of mind disorder, but this was the roads which must be taken of our follower, the birth and death, the person was, led a pious life well, again these chaotic mental, after all you also had a more important person to accompany you."

Is that I have Wan Er, East city, Meng Yao, Wolf, Fox and other group of brothers are accompanying me, how can like this be deliberately bad?

Has dealt with old man several, he also no longer talks incessantly, but said that finds time to come to see me, has made afterward the telephone call.

I lower the head to have a look, actually smiles bitterly, discovered the own incomparable distress, the night clothes had been burnt cleanly, Yang Yanhuo in within the body had not received any control a moment ago, showed outside body to be several thousand degrees, present I was stark naked, the broken cloth strip that only then several lump coke fell also hung on the body, forceful muscle but was actually very pleasant.


At this time, some people knocked on a door, the Lin Wan Er sound conveyed: „Pig, you, why triggered the hot dwelling to report to the police, how? I opened the door......"

Just said that the gate was opened, with them stayed together I have not locked to get married.

„Wait / Etc......."

I had not shouted with enough time that Lin Wan Er walked, what awfully was Dong Cheng Yue also together has come, immediately a Wan Er face shocking visits me: „You...... You how......"

Looks that the cheek of Wan Er was red, she has not visited me like this honestly relative: „Fool, a bit faster has not worn the clothes, like this looks like anything!"

The face of Dong Cheng Yue was also red, but as before greedy looked at several, the face was redder: „Oh, the stature of this fellow is really good......"

Wan Er: „......"

I: „......"

Several seconds later, I said awkwardly: „East city Going out, Wan Er to my closet in one clothes to me, I takes a bath goes out again."


Dong Cheng Yue turns around to go out, does not forget to turn head to look at my one eyes again, although looks like very starry eyed, but as if she also only will have such performance to me, has no way to blame her, looks looked that must have a meat.


I take a bath, is telephoning on hearing outside Lin Wan Er, making the person make a new bed and one set of new bedding comes, the present bed definitely has no way to use again.

When I wash the bath goes out, wears one new clothes, discovered Cooldown already about six points, perhaps because my this time must be late.

„Hurry up, Matcha just telephoned, they to god dwelling place of celestial beings."

„Um, immediately!"

I worked on the cell phone to force in the pocket to hold the hand of Wan Er to embark, her sip small mouth, when will soon go out I turned head, has kissed one on her lip, has not spoken, smiled silently, she also visits me, on the beautiful small cheek was rippling the happy expression.

Outside, East city young lady wears the fall clothing that harnesses to look at as in we, her attire is very tasteful, inside is a student women's clothing, outside is a windproof coat, in addition a supple long hair, the makings of whole person situated in the adorable and imperial elder sisters, this lethality to the young male student were too strong, no wonder East city is Liu Hua University only one can in the beauty with a Wan Er high below female student, by chance these two female students in my side, therefore attended class each time always has the innumerable pair of looks to kill me, how I not have attended class now.


Opens A4 to directly soar the god dwelling place of celestial beings, now is getting off work peak, the Hangzhou transportation simply is incapable of spitting the trough, only needed 5 minutes of traveling schedule to stop up our nearly 40 minutes, this, listening to Wan Er saying that some people when getting off work peak went to Xiaoshan from Shangcheng District, stopped up 8 : 00 pm from 3 : 00 pm, was really one city that made the person love and hate!

Near 7 o'clock, when we enter the theater box, Old K already negligent saying: „Our chrysanthemum is about to thank......"

Wolf and Fox unemotionally.

Matcha curls the lip: „Only then old K this English daisy thanked, all right, knows that the transportation stopped up."

I sat, has swept one, besides beside old K, Wolf, Fox and Matcha [Zhan Long] work room, female, the milk that the violent walks, Guildmaster of six palace cosmetics, I said with a smile: „Today is the internal conference of [Zhan Long] work room, looks like...... Yan is Mo plans to join the [Zhan Long] work room?"

Yan Mo shows a faint smile: „Right, yesterday evening, I through the votes of work room 4 people, did not need the Boss your agreeing officially to join the [Zhan Long] work room."

Matcha said: „Boss, our work room officially expands to 5 people now."

„Um, well."

Wolf said: „Service person, serves food, we must chat while eating."

The one side has the bao tooth and eye to be small likely is a seam, and eyelid without a fold, height one meter 49 100 kilograms in weight service person nods warmly, said with a smile: „Good, you wait a bit, immediately started to serve food!"( Women who may let alone leaf write about were a beautiful woman, you looked that this service person surpassed clown)

„Xiao Yao elder brother, selects liquor?" Wolf asked me.

Actually my heart is a little also chaotic, dying in the line of duty of Shen Bing was too big to my impulse, once calms down is easy to fall into endless remorse and unendurable, then nods: „Um, comes two bottles of days blue!"



After several minutes, has served food, the serving food speed ultra-fast, divides the minute to chock up one table, the liquor also came, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue know me to be annoyed, therefore telephoned to look for the generation to harness ahead of time, today drinks a happiness.

After round liquor, I said: „Discussed the proper business, while the two beautiful woman managers of today's composed design firm both , the small wolf you have any idea directly to call, did not use politely, was the people on one's own side."

Wolf said: „Um, making the Matcha elder sister say that she quite experienced."

The Matcha micro smile, said modestly: „Actually I also first time participate in company matter, but usually also has with this line of contacts, therefore knows, now workshop and office card anything basically can handle, the provider of raw material I have also related several, only defective was the brand with designing, therefore, hopes that Wan Er and East city can provide one in the composed design specially for the team that our company provided the dress designing plan."

Lin Wan Er nods with a smile: „Naturally does not have the issue, in our design team absolute industry first-class."

Zhan Long Chapter 1284

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