Zhan Long Chapter 1285

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Has not thought that Matcha turned on own pocket to grasp a rolled paper, said grinningly: „I already prepared, this is the cooperation signing contract of composed design, comes, Wan Er and East city have a look, has signed without the words of issue, according to the hand imprint."

I am somewhat speechless, said to Wan Er: „Looked carefully, be not given the pit by Matcha......"


Matcha stamps the feet, said: „Boss, you are the person in our [Zhan Long] work room, how you can the arm elbow turn outward! Also, the company has established the Boss you to invest!"

„? Investment? Throws many......"

„Probably throws 80% stocks!"

„80%?" I hold the volume to say with a smile: „Is good, your operational experience does not have, this clearly in the pit Boss' money, I makes a money not easily."

Fox said: „Little has blown, is you one month of game income at least because of over 50 million good!"

As if truly similar.

I have eaten the meat, then also asked: „Discussed the special details, Matcha?"

„Um." Matcha nods, said: „Because we want to build industry in the first-class men's clothing brand, therefore the earlier period needs to invest the large amounts of funds, including the operation of factory district, raw material, worker, design as well as Taobao day cat, temporarily budget input 3000 thousand, but I and small wolf, Fox and old K collect, can pull out less than 1000 thousand, the Boss, you looks to manage......"

I curl the lip, pull out a card, said: „This is the old man gives my spending money, inside has several hundred million...... However cannot spend freely at will, must therefore guarantee that can make money to be good, turns head I to give in the Matcha card to transfer accounts 2500 thousand, calculates that my stock was most likely good."

Matcha said with a smile joyfully: „Boss is refreshed, is well good, from now henceforth the Boss is the chairmen in our company, the girl no talent, oversteps one's authority CEO, what kind , don't you have the opinion?"

Wolf chuckle: „Ok, does not have the opinion."

I asked: „Since plans to found a men's clothing brand, the brand name you did think?"

„Just is thinking, did not have a conclusion, therefore thought that when Boss you after us together discussed again together that decides on the present, everybody gave own comment respectively, must, if not the registered brand, after saying the brand name of proposition, must say the reason of this name." Matcha said.

Wolf puts down the chopsticks, said with a smile: „I suggested that brand named ‚graceful god', after all the man wears the clothes to attempt a commander-in-chief, moreover what our brands face is 25-35 -year-old man."

I: „......"

Lin Wan Er: „......"

Old K is narrowing the eye, said: „My suggestion name was called ‚male god', concrete, although said some evil customs, but you think that brain platinum marketing strategy, was the continuous bombing of a visual and sense of hearing, finally became at that time the classical case of that time. Our men's clothing brands with male god name, then directly make Li Youngster be the spokesman, you are the male god, appropriate......"

My heavy line: „Did not have a little name of scale, this name sounded a little non- mainstream, had the feeling of not being able to amount to something."

Fox said: „My proposition is called ‚love affair', you understand, the man of this age should also slightly with the love affair."

Lin Wan Er looked up, said with a smile: „Had been registered, was really a pity."

I asked: „What that Matcha has to propose, the name that you give what is?"

Matcha the small milk-white bosom, self-confidently said: „This nobility, my Zha Guo, this name had not been registered, moreover from men's clothing brand Z. Droid of Italy, we use this brand, with the international standard, then the composed design of Wan Er and East city as far as possible uses the elements of some Italian men's clothing, makes the international Fan's men's clothing, this had the opportunity doing this brand in a big way."

Lin Wan Er nods joyfully: „Um!"

Matcha looks to me: „Does Boss, you think?"

„Compared with the small wolf and old K their reasonable, looked at Matcha in any case is the girl of studying."

Fox was not convinced said: „I have also studied."

Dong Cheng Yue: „You are not a girl."

Fox: „......"


Therefore, the rapid take brand assigns, I directly have transferred accounts to Matcha with the cell phone bank 2500 thousand, as fund that I infuse, when Matcha and Wolf they made money to continue to pour into from the game again, this is quite good, everybody makes together this brand, moreover we are [Zhan Long] this team, cooperates intimately.

After cargo top carriage, we depend upon our human spirit to come the strength to go against this brand again, this nobility men's clothing, was doomed to become the brand that over 20 gentlemen favored. Actually main must make money, we cannot play play for a lifetime, the especially small wolf and Matcha they, now they are during ages 20-25 -year-old, by the reaction rate and tactical change ability is golden Cooldown, now they can haunch a stretch of world in the game, but the later reaction capacity degenerates, that difficultly said that therefore the later need makes money with the intelligence quotient, but is not the speed.

I do not need to worry that actually own future, a strength of Yang Yanji powerhouse will be any country will regard as important, so long as I will want, the government definitely will provide the fund to me, because my function was too big, when will erase breeds to think of the person maintains is quietly, will not destroy too many commodities, will not create to the society too in a big way affects, this will be my value.

In the future, as my practice is getting deeper and deeper, perhaps a person can be equal to an army, this does not exaggerate absolutely, moreover is army that can catch off guard.


After the brand has decided that everybody's heart has also decided that today Wolf, Old K and Fox is obviously happy, with I rounds proposing a toast, has drunk nearly 9 o'clock the time, has been drunk does not know one were surnamed anything, the table has chocked up the empty jar, moreover was the white liquors, today has really spelled, I was 70% am drunk, the head was dizzy, supported the fragrant shoulder of Wan Er to go downstairs.

Matcha and face froth two female deliver them to go back, downstairs have a business automobile.

But our generations harnessed also came, was an uncle, must open my A4 to deliver us to go back.

„Yo, drank was older?" This uncle Northeast accent: „Does this young fellow sit to front?"

Wan Er said: „No, he sits the back row, drank too."

„That line, careful."

Wan Er boards first, then East city holds me to board, in the turning out back row place sat three people, East city sits down next to me, draws in the vehicle door, said: „Driver, drives!"

For harnessing the uncle envied envy to hate at that time, after looks in the mirror to visit us, finally my head is murky, a left hand hugs Wan Er, the right hand is actually holding in the arms the fragrant shoulder of East city, Dong Cheng Yue estimates darkly in crisp.

By the chair, I exhales the one breath leisurely, suddenly said the sentence: „East city, Wang Ze Cheng truly kills the Ah Lei secret murderer, this Shen Bing died in the line of duty directly is also related with him."

East city stares, gains ground is visiting me, a pair of beautiful pupil was spooky, said: „I know...... I know......"

I close the eye, said: „I pledged that certainly personally butchers Wang Ze Cheng, is Ah Lei and Shen Bing revenges, otherwise the oath is not a person."

Wan Er said: „Wang Ze Cheng...... the police and should the military be able to handle him?"

„No, is a little difficult." I shake the head, said: „Wang Ze Cheng now is not person in the true sense, you will not understand, the average person how him, the military was not good."

For harnessing the uncle then said: „Jiro Wang, I knew that my wife most liked looking at his flat and thin piece."

Lin Wan Er unemotionally: „It is not that Jiro Wang, drives your car(riage), Uncle!"

For harnessing uncle: „......"


What we did not have to say again, Wan Er by my shoulder, she also drank, the small face was ruddy, Dong Cheng Yue depended in my front sobs gently, was I mentions Ah Lei to make her sad mostly, had one to love own elder brother, has suddenly gone away, could East city possibly forget Ah Lei?

Approximately, won't Dong Cheng Yue forget for a lifetime Ah Lei this elder brother?

Similar to I, elder sister who can never forget Shen Bing this police force.


Returns to the dwelling time was very late, what a pity my bunk completely has not done well, several workers are moving toward the room in the part of new bed, wants to come unable to rest for a short time.

„What to do? Sleepy?" Wan Er visits me.

„Um, in dire straits." I nod, rub the eyes, the spirit is the good thing, can lull the nerve of person, making the person put behind that is sad and anxious.

Wan Er sip the red lip, said: „That what to do?"

Looks her difficult appearance I endure to be out of control smiles: „Was inferior that in the evening I do rest your room?"


„I hug you to rest."

„?" The small cheek of Wan Er was thoroughly red.

Saying with a smile that , Dong Cheng Yue plays a dirty trick: „Hurry up, your majesty turned sign, your not a bit faster Xie Zhulong also here shy yarn!"

Wan Er as if there is big courage, said: „Good, but cannot paw!"

I: „Relax, I am most honorable gentleman!"

Saying, was entering the room, Dong Cheng Yue looks in side that the small cheek was ruddy, hum said: „Was this wants shelled peanuts to cook the cooked rice really? The envy died I!"

I shot a look at her one eyes, said: „East city, your room door lock also makes the worker trade while convenient, stemming from the security in order, you also rests the Wan Er room, there also has a small bed."

„Really? I feared...... Your voice is too loud, quarrels I unable to fall asleep!"

„What thinks, are we that person who you think?!"



Qin Wen has not come back to rest today luckily, probably was goes to boyfriend there to rest, couple days ago heard she started to be in love, who knows that no matter she.

Takes a bath, changes my new night clothes, goes to bed.

Approximately was too shy, two female propositions turned off a light, turn off a light turn off a light, my vision was in any case good, moreover had taken a bath, does not need to walk back and forth.

Two female decisions take a bath together, in the bathroom crash-bang the underwater sound makes the person heart be hard to take simply itchy!


I lie on the bed, waited for that they take the bath.

Waits, on tipsy feeling, unexpectedly damn, when fell asleep!

Asked the monthly ticket, the issue gave the [Zhan Long] voting schoolmate's rank statistics while convenient until now, was in turn as follows

1 st, the cold pledge dot pit god 16 tickets, 2, dot Yaya Yaya Yaya 10 tickets, 3, [Zhan Long] posts the backing group 10 tickets, 4, shallow evenings die young 7 tickets, 5, cold pledge dot do not sue to the person 5 tickets, 6, male gods your most graceful 5 tickets, 7 and quiet dream 5 tickets, 8, for your dancing demon 5 tickets, 9, record the park 5 tickets, 10, Xin butterfly 5 tickets, 11, swallows must very happy 5 tickets, 12, compared with night blacker black 5 tickets, 13, aristocrat bright stream 5 tickets., 14 and five wolf 5 tickets, 15, I must the steady V happy V5 ticket, 16, stars however most love the cold pledge. 5 the tickets, clay fertilizer of circle 5 tickets 17, god, 18, big falls play chess 5 tickets, 19, entrains 5 tickets, 20, xipi K5 tickets, 21, show 5 tickets, 22, day regretless 5 tickets, 23, FlAx snow 4 tickets, 24, white variable nice4 tickets, 25, kill 3 tickets distinctly

Asked the monthly ticket!!

Zhan Long Chapter 1285

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