Zhan Long Chapter 1286

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Sleep wakes up, is the next morning, the genial fall sunlight sprinkles from the slit of window curtains on the bed, I have rubbed the awake song sleepy eyes, the discovery bosom is actually holding a tender soft body, lowers the head looked that a pretty face buries in my napes of the neck rests really soundly, since the small mouth also slightly digs the appearance, the gruff condition revealed completely is not with nothing left mouth-watering on the difference.

The flash my heartbeat soon stopped, very early in the morning has such welfare, was simply happy.

Lin Wan Er wears a light resting skirt, even I can feel that she has not worn the underwear, a pair plentiful tall and straight, but the elastic astonishing peaks and ridges press in my chest, and her both arms open to hug me, thinks that yesterday evening I had fallen asleep first, her certain very crisp has traced my whole body.

Um, does not pay a return visit the non- gentleman, this is must also!

I move the arm cautiously, the right arm am holding her slender waist, the left hand am covering on her clear outstanding buttocks, the feel truly makes the person be overwhelmed with emotion very much, slightly makes an effort enclasps her, my corners of the mouth bring back, close both eyes to enjoy this rare early morning moment, but at this time Lin Wan Er also ying warned, awoke, she moves the head, seems looks up me, afterward cracks into a chuckle, the body wriggled in my arms.

Intense touch disorderly, especially that anything of lower part of the body was also pressed by her in the both legs, as if conflicted any quite soft place, even if I have not bumped the woman also to know where that was, Cooldown was utterly confused, the entire body has been similar the electricity general was dry and hot, Wan Er was shames the cheek to be red, but has not left, later was hugging me, said with a smile low voice: „Big idiot, you wants to be too many, my below wears the underwear......"

I felt unexpectedly somewhat disappointed, the response of body has actually been beyond control oneself, at this time said again anything stood firm the square inch already late, the old man already threw into beyond the highest heavens to go to my instruction, some part of body cannot help but stood upright, was just going against among the Wan Er both legs.


Lin Wan Er also felt, opened the juicy big eye to visit me, shamed and vitality: „You want to do...... East city in...... A bit faster anchors, I......"

I lowered the head to kiss her red lip, how this asked me to anchor.

Wan Er hum, then no longer said anything, a Ding Xiang little tongue responded to mix in me together, body also felt hot, was kissing, while was moving the body slowly, she also bore certainly very uncomfortably, because if not for her individuality also compared to act with constraint in this aspect, must have an accident.

At this time, wanted or should not be an issue, I was utterly confused, but the palm moved on the attractive girlfriend excellent body is stroking, like ate has dazzled to step unable to stop, breath of Wan Er even more rapid, the cheek blood flushes, above the double pupil just liked have covered mist, ended, Wan Er was moved......

Two people look at each other to look, I can visit her to my attachment, naturally, I deeply am also loving her, two individual hearts have the cleverness kisses once more in the same place, I hold her cheek, Wan Er am lifting the hand to support in my chest, as to sit, but she stopped her movement suddenly, „hum" called the whole person stiffly there.

I am such as was struck by lightning, at the same time that entire body Ma Ma, Wan Er wants to sit, actually as if carefully did not sit to my some spot, a piece arrived hardly in the Wan Er both legs the mysterious place, her whole person stiffened, I also looked up her, the small girl has lain with me, under her has not worn the underwear.

Cooldown as if stays in this romantically actually the thrilling moment, Lin Wan Er, so long as sits...... Fellow readers were happy.


However at this moment, placed nearby cell phone to make a sound suddenly, was the alarums of Lin Wan Er 9 o'clock.

Not far away, Dong Cheng Yue turned the body, rubs the eye to sit sets out: „Several points, rest well soundly!"

East city got up, which Wan Er also dares to maintain with me this exciting posture, immediately stands up from failure, I take advantage of opportunity her hug the bosom right myself.

„I...... Haven't I disturbed you?" Dong Cheng Yue asked one suddenly.

The Wan Er cheek is red: „Does not have...... No!"

Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles: „Snort, is not strange."

It is not good, cannot make East city this girl like this run on a bank Wan Er, I must make anything, thinks of here, my barrier height the pillow, supported Wan Er partly to sit, said: „East city, you sleep wear the clothes unexpectedly, I also think that your certain custom bare - 0- rest."

Dong Cheng Yue groans saying: „Does not have the means that does not have the boyfriend sorrowful, I think actually does not wear the clothes, looks to whom......"

Saying, her vision such as electricity looks to me and Wan Er, said: „...... I fall asleep, what hasn't had? Your complexion so is how red, what misdemeanor has done?"

Wan Er cheek red counter-attack: „No, even if were we make anything, was not considered as the misdemeanor, this originally on the matter that this meeting had."

However, is this counter-attack somewhat as if weak?

Dong Cheng Yue eats to smile, said: „Snort, what is the matter that should have? We are the students, in school with the boyfriend lives together, and...... Uh-huh, tastes the forbidden fruit secretly, you said that you forgot up the ideological and moral education!"

East city said is reasonable, Wan Er had nothing to say in reply unexpectedly, only probably was an attractive cat same almost rolls up in my arms.

This was too exciting in the morning, I do not want to get out of bed, the meaning that Wan Er and East city have not gotten out of bed, Wan Er naps in my arms, I put out the cell phone, flipped the official forum, has a look at us not in Cooldown has what happened.

Dong Cheng Yue also depends upon in the head looks at cell phone, the quilt falls in the waist, reveals her snow white night clothes, I looked at the past from afar, the face was red, this fellow slept has not worn the underwear, night clothes the outline of chest outlining, was too rare, C covered the feeling that the scale of cup has not sagged unexpectedly slightly, two groups of peaks and ridges towered tall and straight, looked like incomparable proud Jiao.

East city turns around to have a look at me, discovered that I am visiting her, cheek one red, but is not convinced stretches out the fragrant tongue to lick the lip, held originally very tall and straight peaks and ridges with the palm, the next quarter, she as if thought that this likely is a bad girl, immediately draws the quilt, I looked at the heart to be chaotic, immediately lowered the head in the Wan Er forehead kisses.


East city finally earnest a point, said: „Yesterday evening flew upwards five people, Qing Qian, the micro cool two sisters, sur- Soaring Dragon, Quick Thunder Swift Wind and Xuan Yuan Feng three people."

Wan Er blinked: „? Does Qing Qian and micro fly upwards coolly? Any godship."

„Is the lower position god godship, the player who enters the boundary challenge god king has basically defeated, therefore also few individuals also want to challenge the god king again, rather the first lower position god flies upwards, when one month later challenges the god king again."

I said: „Do you have the plan to enter illussion once more, challenges god king?"

Wan Er micro smile: „If you accompany us to go together, Ok, this has the stratagem which ensures success."

I think that said: „Um, my butterfly has evolved for world Country Weapon, the attack power truly violent increased, when T and output have more than enough to spare, in addition the god shape changes the addition of body, Emperor single Tiaoshen almost did not have what issue, but also wanted nearly one month to cool CD to enter broken lonesome god once more, does not know that in this month can also also the bright emperor make us kill."

„Relax." Dong Cheng Yue said with a smile: „Most had confidence these people who defeated the god emperor basically to fly upwards successfully, the sky rose, the demon mountain and Qing pupil developed black ink and Fang Ge Que these people similar to our CD, took one month to enter the illussion once more, when the time comes looked that who was smoother."

I said: „Sends for drawing up the maps of person day three boundaries, otherwise we are not quite when the time comes good to meet."

„Um, has been managing, almost the major guilds are developing the map, the map of illussion too was just big, the map only energy that the player passes through remembered greatly slightly direction, the deviation is a little big, especially the boundary, the map is much bigger."

„All right, takes your time, words said that you haven't planned to get out of bed?"

„Can lie down should not be sitting, waits for the lunch......" Dong Cheng Yue sluggish lying down in the head, started to hit the angry bird.


I continue to read at the forum, examines some new rules and stage props, after all wants to grasp the majority of initiative words in this game to understand that various details, for example my heavy great power boundary, comes the deicide emperor the card using I Ching pill, the purgatory ghost, this entire item matter is pays attention to each detail actually the result, indispensable.

Now thinks the strength rank of god emperor again, being doomed must the player be able large scale [Drain], otherwise is unable the protracted war, even if the Simple + Jian Feng Han two people estimated that is not the match of god emperor.

Also after a while, suddenly East city „oh".

„How? Can get out of bed?" I asked.

„Um." Her cheek one red: „Must urinate......"

„That goes......"

Dong Cheng Yue getting out of bed cautiously, I cannot look flagrantly that then rolls up in the bedding, holds Wan Er to be greasy a meeting, Dong Cheng Yue actually panting in indignation urinated.


Continuously quickly to 11 points time, „thump" hears the knock, outside is the Qin Wen sound: „Wan Er, haven't you awaked? Xiao Yao and East city not in room, how?"

Immediately Lin Wan Er visits me nervous: „What to do?"

„Replied her." I think that said: „East city, gives Qin Wen to open the door."

Saying, fast wears a shirt, sits on the bed as before, Wan Er looks for the underwear without enough time, can only continue the wear to rest the skirt.

Dong Cheng Yue fast opens the door, Qin Wen wore the work clothes to walk, visits us astonished, said: „Oh, this scene, only then can see in Pianzili that you experienced anything yesterday evening......"

Saying, she has a look at Wan Er, the corners of the mouth to raise, teases says with a smile: „Our Wan Er have grown up, dares to rest with the boyfriend! Ahem, did not fear that I did tell the uncle?"

Lin Wan Er reveals one point of queen stance, said with a smile: „I do not fear you, said again, didn't the cousin live that side the boyfriend yesterday?"

Qin Wen spat the sound, ridicules saying: „Small girl, you understands anything! Good, a bit faster gets out of bed, the uncle said that at noon today must come to eat meal, you should better a bit faster, otherwise, hey, I cannot guarantee that he saw after the treasure daughter had been rested, will have anything to display."

Zhan Long Chapter 1286

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