Zhan Long Chapter 1287

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Lin Tiannan must come, I and Wan Er do not have on any energy immediately, immediately sends Qin Wen to go out, I wear my clothes flurriedly, Wan Er and East city must change the clothes, because my has them unable „honest relative", therefore I was rumbled, returning to own room to look that the bed changed into newly, the place that falls dirty also 11 clean cleanly.


At noon, the Lin Tiannan 12 points are punctual, our chefs have also prepared very sumptuous midday feast.

The Lin Tiannan facial expression seems like not good, is being protected by 4 bodyguards, one is the Royal Air peak ability, about 40 -year-old high and low appearance, vision like electricity, but when he visits me, actually revealed for several points to awe, this was the disparity between followers, my aura made him have to live the fear.

„Li Xiao Yao, said that this was Zhou Yang." Lin Tiannan introduced this follower for me on own initiative.

I walk to go forward with a Zhou Yang handshake, said with a smile: „It seems like your relations with Uncle Lin is certainly good, Uncle Lin's safety depended on you, many thanks you, Zhou Yang."

Zhou Yang nods feeling overwhelmingly flattered, said: „Relax, so long as there are me side him, anybody gives up any idea of the wound to Mr. Lin the slightest, relax!"

Lin Wan Er is holding the hand of Lin Tiannan, said with a smile: „Does father, you do seriously? A bit faster takes a seat, is quite hungry, at noon has made many delicious, parsley dried beans that you most like eating!"

After the Lin Tiannan vision contacts Lin Wan Er, becomes gentle, seems not that earthshaking Chairman Tian Xin Corporation, but is only an affection father, Tian Xin Corporation separates from the overseas group, returns to homeland to devote to the manufacture of advanced weapon, experienced many disturbances can be imagined all the way, Lin Tiannan will already whet an iron man in these disturbances, however, Wan Er was actually this iron man moral nature deep place softest place.

Qin Wen visits me in side with a smile, the appearance that momentarily must complain, I also think quite undeserved, actually I have not eaten Wan Er, if this were a scapegoat too were injust.

Qin Wen has not said anything luckily, soon after Tang Qi also went out of the room, saw that Lin Tiannan and Zhou Yang sit near the table, immediately said in consternation: „I go, that many people, I...... Do I want to avoid?"

„If you do not want to eat meal." I said.

Tang Qi facial skin impregnable bastion: „Since big brother Xiao Yao such requested me to remain to eat meal, I was respectful might as well obey orders, Uncle Lin was good, was this mister?"

Zhou Yang puts out a hand to say with a smile: „My name was Zhou Yang, National Security arranged in my this Cooldown to be responsible for the safety of Mr. Lin, did you call Tang Qi? Really a familiar-sounding name."

„I am Tang Hao's son, I have heard your Zhou Yang's name, when my several years old, you have gone to my family."

„? Tang Hao's son?" Zhou Yang cannot bear say with a smile: „Has not thought that your boy was long so in a big way, really has not thought that unexpectedly ran into dead person's son here."

Saying, Zhou Yang narrows eye to look to Tang Qi, said: „Was the aura of your within the body vigorous, what degree cultivates?"

„Royal Air, peak." Tang Qi said.



„Did that finish eating the food to have interest duel one? Has not thought that you have cultivation so young are, is really is not simple!"

„Ok!" Tang Qi has stretched the arm, said: „Speaking of cultivates is, who can also have Li Xiao Yao this boy to be so abnormal, was less than 25 years old, unexpectedly had cultivation of Yang Flame scala media is, perhaps in nearly 2000 he was the first person."

Zhou Yang laughs: „Li Xiao Yao is the talent of having god-given wisdom...... Your boy should also respect some to others, after all in cultivation for on, he enough made you follow."

Tang Qi said with a smile: „Uncle Zhou, you were too cautious, is really unnecessary like this, the Li Xiao Yao person is actually very amiable, is not that Yang Flame powerhouse such nobody in legend approaches, or...... After finishing eating the food, can arrange you with his duel, made him direct you?"


Zhou Yang reveals an excited appearance, my apparent, this Zhou Yang absolutely is Wu Chi, therefore said: „Has not related, then on duel one, but finished eating, now has an empty stomach, does not have what strength."

„That was good." Zhou Yang is excited.

Lin Tiannan also endures handsome to say with a smile: „Lao Zhou, you may really be the child, duel one make you so excited."

Zhou Yang dao: „Oh...... Mr. Lin you are impossible to understand that my mood, my 31 years old breaks through the Royal Air scala media, to the present, 10 years had passed by, are unable to break through as before enter Yang Flame, Yang Flame simply is the follower long-awaited domain, today can see a living Yang Flame level follower, this feeling is unable to explain simply."

„Good." Lin Tiannan said with a smile: „After that finished eating the food, you with his duel one. Li Xiao Yao, under must have the discretion, cannot injure Lao Zhou!"

I laugh: „Uncle Lin felt relieved that my innate discretion."

The Qin Wen end comes one plate of vegetables to place on the table, said: „Also called Uncle Lin? Was quick can change to call?"

I am somewhat awkward, Lin Tiannan smiles not to speak, Lin Wan Er cheek micro red, in fact is a little early, Wan Er 20 years old, have not then reached the age of being married, are good, our also several years can such boisterous and frivolous past, enjoy the feeling of liking.


The midday feast is quite truly sumptuous is also quite delicious, absolutely is the five-star hotel rank, to hire these chef Lin Tiannan has not spent little, can eat well for the beloved daughter.

Tang Qi eats while blows, he also flew upwards, although is only the lower position god, but this year, basically can fly upwards now is a Sir, after all opens the god shape to walk on the avenue soaks the success ratio of little girl to turn several times, moreover flies upwards after importantly, even if the lower position god, the prime attribute growth can also promote 50%, Tang Qi Magic attack power can promote 30%-40% in whole, the output should completely not be different . Moreover the god shape is to also add the hideaway defense and attack power.

What is more important, only then flies upwards the player of god to continue to promote, does not fly upwards can only keep 235 levels to be bullied, the price, although flying upwards is expensive, but as before large quantities of players in contending, but, the superior god, the godship of god was too as we all know scarce, is rare, therefore the most person can only mingle among the person boundary, more kills to disperse in the surface layer collects the lower position god godship spirit.


A meal food finished eating, is afternoon 1 o'clock, is entertainment Cooldown.

After I have drunk one cup of tea, changes a quite relaxed enjoyable leisure attire, inspires the arm, the naked eye obvious air current lingers to wield the powder around the both arms, said with a smile: „OK, I prepared, did we go to the courtyard duel?"

Zhou Yang said excitedly: „Good!"

He has taken off the jacket, reveals inside shirt, then such wears the leather shoes to arrive in the courtyard with me.

Lin Wan Er somewhat worried that said: „Pig head, careful."

Tang Qi somewhat could not tolerate: „Wan Er, a Xiao Yao finger can defeat Uncle Zhou, his strength is the absolute crush, was not worried that Uncle Zhou is actually worried about Xiao Yao, this called any matter......"

Wan Er throws smiles: „I am worried about him, what's wrong?"

Lin Tiannan represses laughter: „Female does not remain greatly......"

I truly do not plan to injure Zhou Yang, has not used Yang Flame the strength, but promoted Yang Flame the altitude the aura, pure by the Royal Air way and Zhou Yang duel.


Zhou Yang steps search the hand is a fist, the fist wind bone-chilling cold.

I lift the left arm am a time forcefully standard keep off, „bang" a hit results in the fist wind to be bone-chilling cold, the footsteps step near, arrives by the calf violently on Zhou Yang's calf, destroys his below plate center of gravity instantaneously, one side of the personal appearance is a violent elbow strikes, is a bang, Zhou Yang draws back several steps continually, stumbles in the fence of flower garden.


He calls out in alarm one, could not bear smile: „Does good skillful vigor, study under what Men?"

„Wudang air/Qi sect." I said with a smile.

„So that's how it is."

Zhou Yang inspires the arm suddenly, condenses the air current once more, said: „Like this does not do well enough satisfies a craving, the Xiao Yao little elder brother, you uses Yang Flame, I also want to experience a Xiayang flame the true might."

I in consternation: „I fear......"

„Does not need to fear!" Zhou Yang pats strikes one's chest, said: „If injured me , was also my technique is inferior to the person, said again, my this whole life can witness strength of Yang Flame, also not regretted!"


My single-handed Ping Ju, opens the five fingers suddenly, immediately the flaming roaring flame is surging on the palm, I not with hot armor guard, but concentrates the Juyang flame the double fist above, and has only used about 20% strengths, the temperature of flame was also pressed quite lowly, even if like this will injure Zhou Yang not to be heavy, actually, if I acted fully, perhaps in one second can execute Zhou Yang this rank.

„Comes again!"

Zhou Yang laughs, this time uses the leg suddenly, jumps suddenly, a left leg violent tramples to come, my superficial standard keeps off, but Zhou Yang is in airborne suddenly one side, the both legs exploded to kick to attack once again continuously several times, cannot help but secretly cheered including me, the good leg law, this Zhou Yang absolutely was the expert in leg law.


The double fist shakes his leg, in his 4 th time the instance of leg, my suddenly moving sideways near body knocks out the fist to attack fiercely, is in airborne him only to be able the both arms cross battens to keep off, „bang" was shaken continuously by me flies to draw back, clothes above the both arms instantaneously were also scorched.

„Very strong......"

Zhou Yang stands in silently same place, the both arms are still shivering.

At this time, Tang Qi could not bear, has taken off the topee clothes, made a fist saying: „I also want to come together duel, Uncle Zhou, both of us punch Li Xiao Yao together, how is it?"


Zhou Yang fights intent to be soaring, two person coming of one on the left and other on the right, Lin Wan Er hurried [say / way]: „Two dozens one, is not bashful!"

I laugh: „Wan Er that being all right!"

I too clear each other strength disparity at this moment, spun the body to sweep the fist to shake draws back Zhou Yang's foot to trample, being sideways knee attack standard kept off cut- of Tang Qi, shook drew back two people at the same time instantaneously, speed suddenly to increase, „bang bang" two fists shook two people together to retrocede.

„My goodness!"

Tang Qi drinks one lowly, the both arms are wrapping the cyclone, is incomparably fast three [Combo], my speed is faster, all melts, but flank Zhou Yang is a series of leg law attack.


My sinking body, avoids the attacks of two people suddenly, moved sideways to arrive at Zhou Yang, on the right fist full was the roaring flame, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Was careful!"

This time promoted the strength 40%!

Zhou Yang and Tang Qi happen to online, this are my idea, one string two, completely solve them.

„Shunts quickly!"

The Tang Qi reaction rate is faster, at the same time who shoves open Zhou Yang have also hidden.


The sound of fist broken wind especially bone-chilling cold, can this fist change direction continue the bang on their bodies, but was worried they cannot withstand my 40% strengths strikes, therefore taking advantage of opportunity makes this fist fall on the iron fence of fence!


A fulmination, the iron fence was rumbled directly a Dadong, two sturdy iron rods had been melted by the instantaneous fever, fracture place fiery red piece.



On Zhou Yang's face passed over gently and swiftly endless fearing intent, said: „Good terrifying Yang Flame......"

Zhan Long Chapter 1287

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