Zhan Long Chapter 1288

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„Li Xiao Yao......"

Lin Tiannan sits on flower garden bench, said: „Sits?"

Zhou Yang, Tang Qi were discussing the matter on practice, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue and Qin Wen are tidying up the tableware, I walked, sat in the bench opposite, looks at Lin Tiannan, obviously he had the words to me say.

„Buesst's matter, sorry." His pair of pupil just likes the swarthy universe, can completely understand all, then said: „Initially was I am too big to your prejudice, thinks that Wang Ze Cheng was one may make the material, has not actually thought that Wang Ze Cheng was the bastard of this hiding malicious intent under a fair countenance, many appearances thanks to you, otherwise I am unable to imagine Wan Er, if approached to be with Wang Ze Cheng any consequence."

I show a faint smile: „Actually you do not need to worry that Wan Er is a very intelligent girl, she can make a clear distinction between right and wrong, can completely understand that what goods Wang Ze Cheng is, even if I do not appear, Wang Ze Cheng cannot approach Wan Er absolutely."

„Ha Ha." Lin Tiannan smiled suddenly: „Your meaning i.e. Wan Er can make a clear distinction between right and wrong, but when my this father was blind cannot completely understand Wang Ze Cheng unexpectedly?"

My hurried [say / way]: „No, I am not this meaning!"

Lin Tiannan laughs: „I know, but, had a matter I to you tell."

„Um, what matter?"

„Three days ago, one group breeds to think of the person to play the role of the staff member to enter Tian Xin Corporation to set up in the experiment base in Xiaoshan, as to steal our bone-script defense system."

„?" I in consternation, said: „Haven't they lost heart?"

„Um." Lin Tiannan nods, said: „Although Wang Ze Cheng has not appeared directly, but this goods breed to think of the instigation person of person definitely are he, they have killed more than 30 staff members, has stolen the system template of bone-script, but they do not think absolutely this template has the self-destruction procedure, their car(riage)s had been detonated by us on the highway, this is three days ago on the reason of Shanghai elder brother high-speed explosion."

I: „, Has the Wang Ze Cheng whereabouts?"

„Temporarily had not found, he hid too well, we resorted to all means not to find him temporarily, I thought that he hid certainly in some corner, did not need to worry, so long as he dares to crop up certainly can hold."

„That must be careful." I said: „Wang Ze Cheng own body has also poured into the strengthened medicament, but the first dragon blood soldier of rank high A level, he even can control the part of Yang Flame strength."

„Right?" The Lin Tiannan knitting the brows head, said: „If were really this were too troublesome, what means with can massacre him?"

„Nano bullet was unable to penetrate the outer covering of his body surface, perhaps the pulse ion artillery has the opportunity, or is the laser cannon can try, temporarily has not confirmed."

„Um." Lin Tiannan nods, said: „In ruins that near the previous Xihu fights, we collected the scales of some dragon blood soldiers, with the destructive power of various weapons tests to this type of scales, quick should be able to put out one set to cope with the Wang Ze Cheng plan to come, no matter this bastard is the S level or any rank breeding installing, so long as dares to move Tian Xin Corporation, I certainly will make him regret!"

„You are also careful." I think him, said: „Wang Ze Cheng wants to obtain the intention of bone-script to be too obvious, perhaps cannot obtain code-breaking of bone-script, he will begin to you directly."

Saying, I look from afar to Zhou Yang, said: „Uncle Zhou's strength, although is good, but meets the Wang Ze Cheng words, stratagem which ensures success continually two Chengdu not, perhaps...... I leave Hangzhou, protects your Cooldown?"

Lin Tiannan could not bear smile, the racket my shoulder, said: „Young fellow, you stay here, protection Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue well, I do not think that their two have an accident, Wang Ze Cheng may compared with me begin to the probability that they began mostly, said again, Wan Er to me important, you should also know."

I silent several seconds, said: „You to Wan Er important, you should also know."

Lin Tiannan astonished, passed the long time, said with a smile: „I know that I know...... You are the good children, should not receive that many threats, relax, I have joined the military region, becomes in establishment, the military will also send for protecting me, our also as soon as possible speed Wang Ze Cheng clutching!"

„Um, is certainly careful."

At this time, Zhou Yang walked, patted my shoulder, said with a smile: „Relax, Mr. Lin agreed to join Chinese Military, and status of official according to technical adviser two days ago was awarded the lieutenant general the military rank."

„?" I smile: „That congratulated Uncle Lin!"

„What has to be good to congratulate?" An appearance of Lin Tiannan idle cloud wild crane, said: „Wang Ze Cheng this pinch breeds to install the appearance of person, my this whole life will not join the military, mistrusts each other compared with these, I rather every day fish, bubble to make tea and have a look at the newspaper, that life is I wants truly."

I show a faint smile.

Zhou Yang said: „Mr. Lin insisted that party-independents status, perhaps awarded incessantly was the lieutenant general military rank, after all his Tian Xin Corporation to the Chinese national defense simply was a shot!"

„Good." Lin Tiannan said: „Lao Zhou, do not hold me like this, I do not pay the wage to you, walks, we should embark to go to Shanghai, in the afternoon also has an important meeting."

„Um, walks!"

I and Wan Er deliver them to go out, outside altogether stopped 5 car(riage)s, is the Lin Tiannan people, moreover I can look, these business automobiles are specially-made, the bulletproof glass, in the chassis also has the pulse weapon, the Lin Tiannan status also truly needs to protect like this, moreover is leading the bodyguard is also a substantial number, like this I have felt relieved, in the hand has the words of advanced weapon, even if were meets Wang Ze Cheng should also to have strength of the wrestling.


Looks that father's car(riage) goes far away gradually, Lin Wan Er blinking of looking distracted, the autumn wind blows her skirt front to fly upwards, seemed somewhat cold, trembled, I embraced her shoulder, said: „Walks, goes to the room, outside was too cold."


Although Lin Wan Er has not said anything, but I know that she was certainly worried, breeds to install the appearance of person, making a Chinese dozens years of stability present one to surge, can say that this crowd bred to install the appearance of person to change the national pattern gradually, making everybody see that the society was not stability that we imagined, the war was not quite perhaps far, we think that now is the piping time of peace, may perhaps in an instant turn into the tumultuous times.

Lin Tiannan is the hero in this tumultuous times, perhaps in the eyes of people I am also, Buesst who others do not dare to offend, we dare to speak the last words, but this must undertake enough price, the life was threatened, this is a point, I am worried about the Lin Tiannan security, was worried that Wan Er security, they are very for me important.

Perhaps was my status was too special, therefore the protector base also sent out the manpower to protect my important person, Meng Yao that went to school in Xiamen University was protected, but the aunt was also protected by in secret 24 hours, **, although mean-spirited stingy, however actually did in these aspects very well, especially after Shen Bing died in the line of duty, ** the whole person as if changed, became uncommunicative, actually as we all know, the Shen Bing individuality was of fearless, right ** did not give a thought to the relationship between superior and subordinate cracked a joke frequently, ** almost regarded own half daughter to regard Shen Bing, dying of Shen Bing. ** The attack cannot compare to my attack few many.


The time like the running water, is four days passes by in an instant.

All as usual, Wang Ze Cheng has not revealed any clues as before, but the cooperation of protector base and military crowded, I also return to base one time, has carried out „waiting for gains without pains" plan, what a pity has defended in the customs entire the day a night, does not have as before, when the appearance of Wang Ze Cheng, can only announce the duty failure.

In the game, falls over one another sharply.

And, the player of second flying upwards superior god appeared, is the first master maplewood of Indian war zone is drunk, is I have encountered repeatedly the person, the maplewood is drunk time to enter broken lonesome god again not to come out second, after the day boundary collected the masters in 15 Indian war zones had initiated the challenge to the god emperor, dead in battle 12 people of prices to strike to kill that god emperor, obtained a superior god godship of incorruptible & flame & great crag three big principles, officially became one of the I strongest matches.

These in four days nobody flies upwards actually the god, it is said is position god altogether also dozens of Jigyeong-ri, had been massacred three people by me, later had been massacred 10 by the sky rose and Dancing Forest and the others, the unceasing invasion of player causes the god war, among the in gods attacks to kill and swallow mutually, according to the incomplete statistics, some position said that the rivers and lakes hundred dawn fresh people said in broken lonesome god the total of position god already less than 10 people, wants to find difficultly, not to mention massacres in the gain the god godship, moreover in several that only saves. The god swallows mutually, the strength constantly is growing stronger, the strength has not missed many compared with the god emperor, the difficulty of killing is also ultra-large.

Therefore many people cross the boundary to go to the day boundary directly, hopes for that the direct challenge god emperor succeeds, what a pity majority was failed, and Frost has captured a superior god godship for Lancome in god once more, therefore...... The broken lonesome god altogether seven big god emperors, were killed one by me finally, had been killed two by Frost, was drunk to kill one by the maplewood, remaining 3, after perhaps could not only wait for Wan Er and the others one month of CD, enters god again, these god emperors must kill off!

Now thinks that any god emperor, any god king, like is raises pigs regarding the player actually, so long as the population collected much suffices, can overthrow these god emperor and god king's rule.

Nobody flies upwards the god, but lower position god actually many people fly upwards, is only a Chinese area has over 20 people to fly upwards in these 4 days, entire server the player of lower position god rank had 117 people, but the Chinese players have 47 people, obviously the Chinese players grasped in this game are absolutely driving.


Night, gets online, the rank has reached 248 levels under several days of trainings, this night is very tranquil, has not gone out to practice the level, everywhere strolls in the city, is strolling, suddenly has the player to point at the distant place in the city wall, said: „Looked quickly that that side had smoke to brave, toot!"

„? Is that side the Fan Shu City direction? Fire?"

„Ends, the [Zhan Long] base caught fire!"

Does not know that they are shouting anything, I jumped to jump onto the city, looked out into the distance, truly was belching smoke, but did not catch fire, that was the fire Divine Mountain direction rocket!

Rocket penetration cloud layer of bunch, even can see the faint flame.

This was the defending the border border defense has been in danger, the war came!


Is...... Did the third round country fight must arrive finally?

Zhan Long Chapter 1288

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