Zhan Long Chapter 1289

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„Transmitting orders officer, beat a drum!"

My NPC transmitting orders officer to not far away ordered saying that obviously the future was bad.

The transmitting orders officer nodded: „Yes, holds the spear greatly!"

The battle drum sound in west gate is thunderous, the imperial guard that in the city makes an inspection tour receives the team speedily to march to the imperial palace immediately, entire Tian Ling Empire entered the war defense attitude rapidly.

Fan Shu City is tightly guarded, some innumerable NPC Dragon's den armies in defending imperial, moreover Lancome also guards now in Fan Shu City, in addition Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing brother and sister, my defense to Fan Shu City have the absolute confidence, they want to attack and capture Fan Shu City to be unlikely, and has eaten previous time owing, I believe the iron skull city and people in Ze deep pool city will not grow memory attacks Fan Shu City once more, this radically is the barrier of god a place is unable to attack and capture.


„How, how? Tian Ling Empire how?" In guild channel, Li Mu anxious asking.

Yue Qing Qian said: „The NPC army of Ze deep pool city is approaching area fire Divine Mountain, is away from Tian Ling Empire approximately also three hours of traveling schedules, has pitched camp, therefore the palace guards on fire Divine Mountain lit the rocket."

„Can country war come?" Lin Wan Er asked.

„Also was the time." I said.

Yue Qing Qian hee smiles: „The official has not given the circular, in fact in the game the world situation is the control central is controlling, perhaps the people of gizmondo do not know concrete Cooldown that the third country fights, only then and other system control centrals have decided that they will give the notice."

„Qing Qian is really intelligent, truly is this." I approved one.

Yue Qing Qian is much happier: „Brother Xiao Yao, this time you are one of the two superior god players, can definitely kill the four directions greatly, the MVP throne belongs to you!"

I said: „The maplewood is drunk, the Indian players occupy in the seven luminaries city, it is estimated that already wants to kill, the maplewood will be drunk definitely will struggle with me high under."

Li Mu said: „He becomes an official definitely not to struggle you."

I laugh: „I am modest, you leave take seriously, the maplewood is drunk, only if collection uneven adds the strength equipment, otherwise my one set of skill leads him to walk."

„Your younger sister......"

Li Meng Yao: „Asked me to do?"

Li Mu: „Does not have...... Is all right......"


Again shortly afterward, official website left to announce, the third round country fights will soon start, but is not the present hits, but must wait till 12 : 00 pm officially to open the country war tomorrow, as for the present, most is Cooldown that the military strength deployed troops for defense.

Looks up, warhawks ride to search from Tian Ling Empire to take off, fly to various places, these are the mounted scouts who reconnoiters the match military strength deploying troops for defense situation, only has to keep abreast of the situation of match to be able correctly to deal.

The players are excited, actually many people on the day of the anticipation, especially these flew upwards for the player of god, was anticipating in can fight the god shape to kill the four directions in the country greatly, but also has many 235 levels of players to fight bravely in broken lonesome god as before, and a substantial number.

Broken lonesome god powder almost soon killed off spirit, is really pitiful, must wait for that very long Cooldown can some Shua new soldier slaves evolve to disperse the spirit, this player quantity that will be doomed to fly upwards certainly is also controlled.

The country fights will soon start, system at the right moment preparation has also maintained, maintains in 12 : 00 pm close-down for 2 hours, will have a news regarding the player , the bad news, the good news will be the powder in broken lonesome god spirit, patrols the quantity that hunting for and god will revere to be able Shua to come back newly, will restore to the original standard, the bad news will be the god king and quantity of god emperor is to maintain invariably, will not increase, can only wait for the god Venerable to swallow to evolve voluntarily the god king, subsequently will swallow the promotion becomes the god emperor, but this process will be too slow, perhaps many players will be..


Is raising the butterfly sword, I walk to the Tian Ling Empire imperial palace, is actually not anxious, takes your time, some will be Cooldown, the country fights will open tomorrow, will start the beforehand player at the country war is impossible to have the too big sound, will attack to kill mutually does not have points to take. Lowers the head to have a look at the butterfly sword in hand, this handle world Country Weapon has the world to strong attack power, moreover there are very I motherfucker A special effect attribute, now thinks carefully that actually the butterfly sword evolves the later integral lifting to surpass weakening of overlord rebirth, after all depended dead in battle to pile the attribute, this was in itself the performance that instigated, my present pursue should be lossless kills the enemy and ourselves not dead, the enemy died!

Above the main hall, the whole body of ministers converge, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior, short spear trick and other player military officers , the people have whooped, the scene is somewhat chaotic, the shallow forest sits quietly in the throne, anything had not said that that static looks the whole body of ministers were arguing.

„Holds spear Li Xiao Yao to enter palace greatly!"

The sound of palace gate is really loud, was a little deafening, these NPC military officers is also tranquil, no longer argued, after all I in the prestige of Tian Ling Empire NPC camp am without a doubt!


„Li Master, you came finally!" The shallow forest stands up saying: „The situation of Tian Ling Empire this facing very critical."

I said: „What situation is concrete? I had not understood temporarily."

„On forest arched general, you and Li Master said!" Shallow wood-road.

Lin Qiong holds the fist in the other hand: „Yes!"

He has turned around, bright sound track: „Qi Bingda holds the spear, the Ze deep pool city 500,000 army soldiers near the fire god Shanxi side, some scouts report back, Ze deep pool city sovereign completely its three services, the royal cart drafts, in the first armed forces, have dispatched troops to the direction as if are the empire govern Full Moon City, in addition has the news, did not turn over to within the four seas also to have the sound, the innumerable demons and snake people came ashore from the sea, eye covetously, might advance on the Tian Ling Empire domain anytime, was farther the place, as if the Hybrid Demon territory was also ready to make trouble."

My knitting the brows head of: „Believes firmly that the Hybrid Demon territory also does have sound?"

„Yes." Lin Qiongdao: „Your Highness Pearl...... Command Pearl of that Hybrid Demon territory in the frequent reassignment army, was not stationed in the soldier to have 100,000 seven luminaries cities to increase to for these days for these days in the soldier 1 million audiences."

I am narrowing the eye: „You said that Pearl wants to bypass cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, never turns over to the sea to advance troops to Tian Ling Empire?"

Lin Qiong nods: „Is the general, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den has superior god Frost and dragon god Zi Shu and other powerhouses is guarding, Pearl must think over own component to attack again, therefore I think that Pearl is the plan crosses does not turn over to the sea, attacks the territory of day plume empire directly."

Crazy Lei Jun commands Ou Yeti to make a fist saying: „This time has troubled, Ze deep pool empire and iron skull empire, does not turn over to the sea and Hybrid Demon territory launches an attack together, Tian Ling Empire is superhuman may unable to block!"

„Don't be upset!" I drink one to look severely to him: „You are armed forces command, how to calm down?"

Ou Yeti is silent.

Shallow wood-road: „Li Master, at present how can we?"

„Is ready to cope with anything and resists by whatever means available, do not confuse own situations is OK." I smile with ease, said: „Tian Ling Empire development until now, military strength, although cannot compare them by far, however our armies can draft cleverly in fighting, can socialize with Hybrid Demon, in addition the weapon, grain and fodder and heavy artillery are sufficient, so long as we defended Tian Ling Empire to make their perfection from drawing back."

The navy commanded Qin Yidi to shout to clear the way: „Holds the spear greatly, you such being the case are calm, my Qin Yixiang asked one, joined the iron skull empire with not to turn over to the sea-nymph in sea to collaborate to attack Full Moon City together, how can we?"

Wish the sea to hold the fist in the other hand to the emperor said: „Your majesty, the old minister requested that immediately deploys three heroic fearless armies to reenforce Full Moon City, Full Moon City similarly is the city in empire territory, they were away from us to be too far, if not dispatch troops now, perhaps Full Moon City must fall into the hand of iron skull empire, we cannot stand by!"

The shallow forest knits the brows: „Orphaned king knows that allowing me three to think."

Few Master Yang said: „Your majesty, please the anxiety, end does not be willing to lead the farm tractor armed forces to go to reenforce Full Moon City!"

Shallow wood-road: „Li does Master, you think?"

I am silent, said: „Temporarily I do not have the idea, might as well ask other people."

The shallow forest inquired by the vision that the imperial guard commands Situ Xin to hold the fist in the other hand to say immediately: „Your majesty, Full Moon City, although is important, but is far from Tian Ling Empire being important, Tian Ling Empire is our foundations is, makes no mistake, if we branch out too many military strength, must go to enter by the enemy."

Yan Zhao Warrior said: „Will start in any case tomorrow, sits and watches it changes, now dispatches troops to reenforce, that was also too anxious."

Fang Ge Que shows a faint smile: „General Zhao Kaiguo said extremely, hey......"

Fang Ge Que teases Yan Zhao Warrior, the uncle is not glad immediately, said: „Side vice- commanded do not crack a joke......"

Drunken Spear also smiles: „Two commanded do not talk nonsense......"

The shallow forest does not have conclusion shortly, asked me: „Li Master, under your opinion how?"

At this moment I actually the understanding the situation was brighter, said: „Full Moon City is guarded by Moon Elf Queen Fiona personally, her subordinates have 50 thousand Moon Elf armies, in addition about 50 thousand human armies, the dark Moon Elf archery is unusual, is good at defending, the Full Moon City attack iron skull city perhaps strength has insufficient, but defends actually has more than enough to spare, at least defensive three days three nights will not be the issues, therefore I suggested that the Flying Pigeon will pass on the book to make her cling to tenaciously Full Moon City to Fiona."

Shallow forest vision one cold, said: „Li Master...... You believe that the goal of iron skull city possibly radically isn't Full Moon City?"

„Right, if I am they, on reaching one's goal instantly captures Tian Ling Empire directly, this can disintegrate the day of plume empire's rule at one fell swoop, but does not need the limited military strength consumption under city firm wall thick Full Moon City."


A shallow forest nod: „According to Li Master, the army prepared!"


Finally, on the third round country warhorse must start comprehensively!

Around 10 : 00 pm, inspected the situation of palace guard in Fan Shu City, arranging Han Yuan, the scenery sound two people to lead 50,000 palace guards to guard in fire Divine Mountain protects this front, other palace guards remain behind Fan Shu City, Han Yuan is fierce, fight brave, but Jing Yin is careful, they guard fire Divine Mountain to compare to make people relieved.

As for me, sleeps well, when the bright heaven fights opens, does not know when can also rest!

Zhan Long Chapter 1289

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