Zhan Long Chapter 1290

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This sleep rests gloomily, waking up time is around 10 : 00 am, quick approaches noon, on before the cell phone also has Lin Wan Er a half hour , the news that sends, they have gotten out of bed. Immediately crawls, takes a shower, reorganizes the measuring appliance, goes out to eat meal.

The lunch is very as before sumptuous, probably is certain high schools want the college entrance examination previous the day, the cafeteria meals quality of examinee improved was the same. The country fights to us is no different than the college entrance examination, even is more important, this war must have the suppresive superiority, will otherwise unify the plans of seven big empires repeatedly to delay.


At noon 11 : 50 point, gets online!


Appears in Tian Ling Empire, the butterfly that an overlord coverall, the hand grasps the world Country Weapon rank, summon raspberry, stands up from failure to ride on Dragon Bei, summoned Ancient Heavenly Tiger again, although the pet of present stage player the attack and defense appeared somewhat worn out feel weak, but the player actually cannot give up, perhaps which day came out the material piece to be able the attribute of big enhancement pet.


A news, came from Li Mu: „Xiao Yao, the [Zhan Long] majority of players were centralized in Fan Shu City, the current situation is quite complex."

„How complex law?"

„Last night, Ze deep pool city built up at least over 2000 thousand allied armies, scattered in the west boundary the server gathers us in together, the army threatens the border across the ice hot plain, direction locking fire Divine Mountain, therefore [Zhan Long] and several ally Guild centralized prepare the dozen of defensive wars in Fan Shu City the military strength, but also yesterday evening, that side the day imperial book repository rumor thinks that should attack on own initiative, therefore built up 1000 thousand + the Chinese server player went to Full Moon City, prepared to wait for an opportunity from the Full Moon City attack iron skull city."

„Did Fang Ge Que go?"

„No, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han as before keep in Tian Ling Empire."

„That is good, the main force had not carried off does not matter." I hesitate, said: „This time we continue to defend, defend Tian Ling Empire to surpass for two days, immediately looks at the situation to attack."

„Which place main city attacks?" Li Mu slightly somewhat excited asking.

„Iron skull city and Ze deep pool cities one of the." I make a fist, say with a smile: „This time wants to destroy completely the US war zone, either destroys completely the Russian war zone, two big powerful enemy few, making one that leaves behind be isolated and cut off from help, almost our unified planning can make the substantial progress, first defended, words anything that could not defend is needless to say."

„Um, when do you get angry Divine Mountain?"




I naturally cannot reduce heat immediately Divine Mountain, but repairs equipment, the supplies all need the goods, raised the butterfly to fly to not to turn over to the sea direction, this country fought solely is not player's attack, as if did not turn over to the sea Hybrid Demon and sea-nymph clan also eyes covetously to Tian Ling Empire, this must deal with properly is good.

Those who let me not think, arrives does not turn over to the sea coast defense line time, here made war, the innumerable sea-nymphs gush out from the sea water, impact the position of human army, but here defends imperial is not others, [Prague] + [Vanguard] + [Flying Dragon] three big Guild are the player teams of head, as well as strong wind from afar regiment, fall harvest regiment and purple spirit regiment three big armies, total number of people in 500 thousand above, but is not necessarily able to resist.

Bent down, actually saw only one group of snake people to raise the long halberd to flush ashore from the sea, howls is firing into the shield army of fall harvest regiment, one crowd held the NPC soldier of shield to be dumbfounded, their many just enlisted in the military soon recruit, when saw such weaponry, the average person has been possible not to have the opportunity to see that a non- snake inhuman monster raised the sword to batter, and snake person was 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, the impulse was very strong, the strength was ultra, had an easily accomplished imposing manner simply.


I flushed, aims at the snake person most crowded crowd, has raised the long sword before landing, immediately a wonderful picture scroll in airborne extends like lightning, in the picture the beautiful scene in abundance illusory disintegration, becomes talus cone, ice blade edge, wind blade and other forms of defensive action, 11 strangle to death in the crowd of snake person, several days of Cooldown, the sword broken landscape had been practiced the god step 6 levels by me, attack power progresses by leaps and bounds, the strings of high quota injury figures flew randomly






One crowd of [Flying Dragon] player is dumbfounded, Fierce Tiger grips tightly Axe, looks up to me, in the eye is bringing astonished: „Damn, hasn't made a mistake? Is seven figure injuries? Too has exaggerated also......"

Mu Tianti a handle lance, is clenching teeth saying: „Li Xiao Yao is the god level of superior god, it is said the coverall of whole body added more than 30,000 points of strengths, flies upwards the promotion to add a growth, he compares the common god level player to earn many, makes such injury is also normal!"

Fierce Tiger roared, Axe divided an air wave bang to kill in the snake crowd, but actually only then 200 000 + the injury figure, he added fully, a Cooldown face somewhat was green, the disparity was too big, big to has injured his self-respect.

Above the ground, the [Flying Dragon] crowd front, a player personal appearance flying shuttle of opening god shape, is Drunken Spear, the long spear one cold starts puts on the crag to puncture suddenly, the (spear gun) blade edge changes into the statures of Xuguang penetration snake people, carries over over 30 thousand injury digit, attack power is good, this boy, what makes me more astonished is, short spear trick personal appearance, in the palm is revolving green mountain images, the next quarter single palm wields suddenly, in the snake person to 20 yards range has created the non- difference talus cone attack!

The chaotic crag strikes, star territory Wu Jue *, is fierce enough, every struck can cause the damage about 40 thousand, if I have not murdered the god effect, his skill injury cannot the inferior sword broken landscape be too many.


Does not want to be too many, kills the snake person same to obtain the country to fight points, this time was Hybrid Demon and player starts to Tian Ling Empire together has attacked, therefore points combined.

Opens the god shape back and forth to rush ahead in snake crowd, especially I start the time that rides the wind to cut, the world changes color simply, after a series of injury digit , the uniform second kills, snake person also on 500 thousand + HP, rode the wind the half injury quantity of cutting unable to eat continually is massacred, therefore I generally was also a sword sword mainly came Ping Kan with the butterfly, output using butterfly formidable attack power.

Meanwhile, I opened the country to fight the attacking mode, therefore my BUFF surrounding player can also share, [Prague] and [Flying Dragon] players were amazed

After Yan Zhao Warrior chops a sword, looks at the long sword to be surprised the different way: „What's the matter, did my Ping Kan sword also on 18 thousand high and low injuries, now turn into about 22 thousand injuries? Really strange......"

Six he nods saying: „Yes, my draw chopped you each time are more than 2 thousand, now many 3 thousand......"

Drunken Spear raises the long spear to walk randomly in frontal line, the distant loudness said: „My is also same, the attack output has at least promoted about 15%, is really strange......"

Quick, several people look together to me, I show a faint smile, said: „You have a look at the attribute of weapon list first butterfly, has the ultimate strengthening effect, can promote the equipment intensity of surrounding friend side player, in other words attack power and physical defense will promote 20%, this is the reason of attack output promotion."

„......" Yan Zhao Warrior smiled: „Xiao Yao, do not walk, engaged in fierce battle not to turn over to the sea to be good with us here, this was the day imperial book repository gives us three big Guild duties, must pledge to fight to the death to complete......"

The attack that I do not stay kills strangely, at the same time said: „This has a look again, helping you resist me to walk a while mostly, the tactical situation in fire Divine Mountain is possibly more intense than here, don't forget, the Russian brought the heavy artillery to come, the long-range bombardment, no one could bear."

„Um, is, refuels!"



Does not stem from my anticipation, is less than one hour, the fire Divine Mountain direction made war, Li Mu, Wolf and Lin Wan Er reported the news to let me in the past on -the-spot direction, arrived at the war, in the guild will always lack the direction, although Matcha, Wan Er and Li Mu were the command talents of being second to none, but [Zhan Long] Guild the online total number of people have surpassed 10 thousand now, after all was not everyone is Han Xin, the roll-call resorting to arms better and better, in fact the player's person in the game can the upper limit also 1000 people on -the-spot direction population + some, again many probably randomly become pot gruel.

Greeted I to fly away with Yan Zhao Warrior, Drunken Spear, Jian Feng Han and Simple and the others, fire Divine Mountain belongs to my battlefield, in did not turn over to the sea to slaughter for one hour, points has gained actually much, already steady entered the entire server first ten, ranked 7 th, was about because entered the war the quite late relations, but has not related, later will pursue slowly.



The full speed flight, the hideaway flying speed under god shape also has the promotion, the flying speed of whole person approached the speed of sound unexpectedly, even has after death been producing the sonic bangs results, very also is very magnificently scary.

Few minutes, arrive in fire Divine Mountain, actually discovery fire Divine Mountain soon degenerated into a sea of fire, on the mountain everywhere is the roaring flame, I situated in the upper air, looked at the past from afar, the south of fire Divine Mountain all the player and NPC army from Ze deep pool city, looked at one sketchily, the NPC army of Ze deep pool city should turn out in full strength, the population has surpassed 100 thousand absolutely, was bringing the innumerable heavy artilleries, in Tian Ling Empire garrison troops with fire Divine Mountain to rumbling.


Above the earth had two mushroom clouds, in addition the dazzling flame, is the invincible might artillery of palace guard, the might was too fierce! Moreover these invincible might artillery improve after artisan unceasingly, the might will be also getting bigger and bigger, the palace guard altogether has 25 invincible might artillery, but now 15 invincible might punmetals mountings on the key position mountain range of fire Divine Mountain, absolutely are the nightmares of Ze deep pool city player.



The dragon roar transmits, airborne presented the Dragon Rider gentlemen unexpectedly, and is not the Dragon Rider gentleman in Chinese area, is the Russian in Ze deep pool city, they also had the players of Dragon Rider department finally, big dragon mount that altogether 7 people, had was the medium sacredness is mount, the Red Dragon and green dragon had, I hid in the cloud layer, is just thinking how to kill them, actually heard Li Mu sound in guild: „Mother, these Russian also really worked as the entrance fire Divine Mountain, dares to send including the Dragon Rider gentlemen, was this courts death? Wang Jian, Matcha and Old K, prepare to take off, does them together!"

In Dragon Xiaosheng, in the mountainside 4 Dragon Rider gentlemen fly together, [Zhan Long] four big Dragon Rider have attacked.

Zhan Long Chapter 1290

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