Zhan Long Chapter 1291

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The roar vibration entire mountain range of big dragon, winter horse Changsi, Russian war zone second Guild vice- Guildmaster, 241 levels of lower position god players, control Red Dragon to circle in the sky, the big dragon stands up from failure to hover suddenly, the passing over gently and swiftly earth, fell in torrents one group of roaring flame in the ground in the crowd of [Zhan Long] player, these were Knight and Monk that was responsible for defending, the magic defense difference, was burnt instantaneously badly battered, winter horse Changsi revolved a sword, was mad the glow to surge, already struck to massacre several [Zhan Long] players.

Another six Dragon Rider gentleman also low-altitude flying, avoid the track of dragon crystal artillery, falls sword air escapes in the crowd, but the distant place, the heavy artillery from Ze deep pool city also in abundance starts, the crowds erupts the bunch of explosion roaring flame in [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate] and other Guild, their wishful thinking were too simple, uses the air-to-surface suppression of Dragon Rider gentleman, must be responsible for under the mountain defending the imperial player to eradicate us.


7 Dragon Rider gentlemen are killing emerges, suddenly expansive sky long and loud cries, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Matcha and Old K also kill, similarly is the Dragon Rider gentleman!


The Li Mu tactic is barbaric and effective, controls the big dragon direct opening anger to touch the effect hit of Zhoushan not to carry on the back in the winter horse Changsi dragon, in the bang sound two people crash together, Li Mu is in the dragon to carry on the back the match for ten thousand to open, rumbles the combo Wu'an Xuanwei together on winter horse Changsi, but winter horse Changsi is not a vegetarian, single-handed condenses at the same time the shield, was somewhat similar to the shield of my stars, has counter-balanced the majority of injuries of Li Mu, but as before by Li Mu again time [Blade Rush] + [Combo] the technique gave the bang to fall about half HP continuously.

„......" Winter horse Changsi was hit presented the spitting blood effect, but in the eye fights intent to be soaring, a long sword spin, erupts the bone-chilling cold ray, combo and [Combo] almost erupts together, but his private car big dragon also roars, the sharp claws worry on Li Mu mount, made Li Mu HP fall below half instantaneously.

Wang Jian and Old K strangle to death with several other Dragon Rider gentlemen one after another in the same place, Matcha is quite light and lively, she mount that there obtains from Queen Zi Shu is a Thunderbolt dragon, the Thunderbolt dragon is in a Thunder dragon clan Movement Speed and skill most Agility branch, but this Thunderbolt dragon approached has grown up, the hovering speed certainly, in Successful Skill Break with lightning Cooldown of enemy Dragon Rider gentleman wrong body, turned round to supplement one set of skill quickly, the direct second killed!



System Announcement: Players 【To like tracking down】( China) struck to kill the lower position god level player successfully 【Snow fox】( Russia), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!

Attractive, such quickly completed has struck to kill, and match was a god level player, therefore the system circular, this to Ze deep pool city absolutely was serious attack on a morale!

At this time I also rushed to clouds, the double sword was grasping, looks clearly, a that winter horse Changsi impact from bottom to top, hit with the dragon Li Mu flies to draw back, two people both turned into the remnant blood, was not really easy, winter horse Changsi was the person who the Russian war zone ranked among the best, ranked RBN 3 rd, but the CBN rank of Li Mu only then 13 th, can actually fight to a draw, this was the strength is, but reason that I that quick flew to help in the fighting, was actually was worried that Li Mu will be massacred...... Although my strength to the brothers has the absolute confidence, but the ability of match was placed there after all, Li Mu was strong, meets the sky rose, the brown pupil and maplewood to be drunk this top master, met the bed sheet to select to massacre, this did not have the means that can only effort step by step , to promote step by step, the masters like this quenching.

The winter horse Changsi abacus is separated from the immobilization of Li Mu, looks for the opportunity to return to the blood, but airborne is a big battlefield, he saw big dragon flying speed not his rapidness of Li Mu in the confrontation, so long as the blood returned to be able with Li Mu to fight it out again, winter horse Changsi treasured the own first death opportunity, thinks that was not cost-effective with the Li Mu exchange!

What a pity, he will not think in the cloud layer also some people!

Is controlling the big dragon direct impact clouds time, suddenly airborne „whiz" meteor crashes a together, but also brings to arrive in the sonic bang results that the speed of sound produces, does not need winter horse Changsi to have any response, my butterfly sword already had the god step 7 levels of [Wind Blade] anger to divide!



Without the double effects of destiny card sign, actually also sufficiently only then he of one-third blood will cut to massacre directly, even the winter horse Changsi big dragon almost from beginning to end cut in half by me!


System Announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) struck to kill the lower position god level player successfully 【Winter horse Changsi】( Russia), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!


„Ha Ha, the Xiao Yao elder brother does attractively!"

Wang Jian waves Dragon Xiangdao, from Russian server chops two Dragon Rider gentlemen retreats in defeat again and again, walks the position flight circumvention attack reasonably, while Ha Ha laughs is cheering for me.

„Satisfies a craving!"

Old K roars, airborne starts jumps to cut the skill, kills with joint forces 235 levels of Dragon Rider gentlemen who another has not flown upwards with Wang Jian, laughs saying: „Kills, kills off this flock of tortoise!"

In an instant, 7 Dragon Rider gentlemen who the opposite party sends already remaining 3, but Li Mu and Wang Jian Old K protection only injure in me and Matcha, under do not die, which the Russian players also dare to fight again, a red Dragon Rider gentleman grasps the reins immediately, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Hit, retreated, removes to the ground goes, gives up the air supremacy!"

They turn around to dive to the earth, there is the dense and numerous Russian players, the innumerable arrows and magics have aimed at us, we cannot also bring death to this situation in silly, do not need.

„Goes back , to continue to defend fire Divine Mountain!" I said that Wang Jian and Li Mu and the others has drawn back immediately.

However I have not gone back actually immediately, but received the god shape changed the body falls in one crowd of [Zhan Long] Monk crowd, acted as an infantry, brandishes match who the long sword cut to kill to attack our lineup, first folded full Lezai to say the butterfly sword 400% [Kill for Blood] attack layers that every time killed a person to promote 2%, killed 200 to be OK, was not difficult, but the overlay 400% weapon injuries were too important, was equal to that gave me to provide the extra 112800-150000 main hand attack power upper limits, such attack was too scary, a little could not bear including me......

The attack power ratio of butterfly did will be higher than too, after all world Country Weapon grade, therefore I as far as possible own „heavy skill" left the main hand sword to divide Going out, the sword broken landscape, [Seven Star Fragment Slash], [Tempest Sword] , etc. wields with the main hand sword, attack power was strong, let the confidence and courage that the match lost resists sufficiently.


Is less than 20 minutes, folded the full [Kill for Blood] layer, but near the ear dropped one, has broadcast the Lin Wan Er sound: „Crying foul, you is a commander in chief, is not the infantry, hurries to direct the overall situation war!"


I am calculating, Cooldown should arrive.

The diving posture, the farewell wholeheartedly to Buddha and other [Zhan Long] Monk and Knight is a player, directly soars the temporary direction camp on fire Divine Mountain mountainside, is actually very simple, majority of branch build, this easily does not become the goal that the enemy heavy artillery aims.

The Han deep pool and scenery sound two will encircle by the sand table, saw me to come to be good immediately an attractive straight military salute, simultaneously I also noted also to have another group of people, a military commander wore the silver armor, was throwing over the white robe, carefully looked, was the sovereign shallow forest!

„Shallow forest, how do you come?" I knit the brows to ask.

Shallow wood-road: „Li Master, fire Divine Mountain has become the day of plume empire and land that must fight for of Ze deep pool empire, I am lord of the country, naturally must arrive at fire Divine Mountain, Li Master does not need to care, the shallow forest just to raise the morale here, the monarchs in Ze deep pool empire can the royal cart draft, my shallow forest also!"


I go, Wan Er, East city, Matcha, Li Mu and other main players also walked, crossed again the minute, Ye Lai, Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song also walked, the people gathered round the sand table, I opened the hand to share the big map, overlapped with the sand table, making the deformation more concrete, afterward said: „Did everybody feel?"

„What feels?" Old K asked.

Han Bei Song smiles: „Old K tampers, naturally cannot feel."

„What? To fight!" Old K was anxious.

I laugh: „Actually does not have anything, is the match who we must pay attention , the person in iron skull city, should appear! If I have not guessed that wrong, the iron skull city main force has not certainly attacked Full Moon City, but bypasses Full Moon City, pressed up to Tian Ling Empire from the wilderness, is right?"

Jing Yin nods with a smile: „Sir is wise, you have guessed right, the kings in iron skull empire left behind hundreds of thousands of armies to protect beside the city, almost turned out in full strength to press up to Tian Ling Empire, moreover was the royal cart drafts!"

I nod, deeply inspires, said: „This time...... Does not know that must have several sovereign numbers of people to fall to the ground!"

Nearby shallow forest Yuyang marquis is stunned, said: „Li Master, is your this saying intent has referred to? You may know this words saying that before your majesty simply is the treason and heresy!"

Ye Lai has smiled, said to Han Bei Song low voice: „Slightly praised, did you think this NPC some SB......"

Han Bei Song nods the head: „Do we throw it to Luhu in hey the fish?"

The Yuyang marquises stare, said: „Your majesty, you must take responsibility for feudal official!"

The shallow forest Ha Ha said with a smile: „All right, likes the minister feeling relieved!"

My hand presses the sand table, said to Yuyang Hou: „Your marquises, here is battlefield, this is a life and death war, without that many art, will fall carelessly the fate of bringing ruin and shame upon oneself, since the king royal cart drafts, was captured or died in battle can expect that the shallow forest also understands certainly this truth."

Shallow Lin Shen inspires, holds the fist in the other hand to say to me: „Shallow forest, if can unify seven big kingdoms, becomes an eternity emperor, that relies on the skill in fine arts and in military arts of Li inevitably, since the shallow forest royal cart drafts, that is then willing to become a Li Master subordinates valiant general, even if dies in battle not the regret this life!"

I nod smile: „Relax, I will not let on you battlefield, the shallow forest only needs to work as this monarch and that's the end, other have any this doing, should not do, I will help you complete."

„Thanks, Li Master......"


My hand presses the sand table, looked up Ye Lai, Misty Clouds and other players, said: „Where will the people in iron skull city start to the attack of Chinese area? This is our primary problems......"

Zhan Long Chapter 1291

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