Zhan Long Chapter 1292

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„Only can be two roads." Matcha grasps is turning over to the Yuan sword, said: „Comes from the wilderness, crosses Wu Shenhe to attack Tian Ling Empire, another arrives at the south circuitously, launches the attack from the south of fire Divine Mountain, the route is the same with the present Ze deep pool city players."

I hesitate: „Perhaps two directions will both have the person, this their military strength was too strong."

Ye Lai nods, said: „The US war zone had about 3000 thousand players, in addition western boundary treaty of alliance the UK , France and Japanese Han and other players of joined, their total military strengths at least in 7000 thousand about, may be more, this already steady above the population of our China war zone, moreover adds on about 2000 thousand people in Ze deep pool city again, can say that we in population are the absolute inferiority."

Mu Xuan said: „Moreover we must branch out part of people of not to turn over to the sea to resist the Hybrid Demon invasion, fire Yun City, Full Moon City also need to dispatch the certain amount of garrison troops, therefore the population contrast inferiority of this frontal battlefield at least was 1 : 3."

Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song look at each other in blank diamay.

I am grasping the sword hilt of butterfly, comforts saying: „Has not related, we are native place battle, said again, we have leading a cheer of Chinese war zone that many NPC armies, definitely will not have any issue, what is most important is the god level player enough more than 60 people of our China war zone, accounted for one-third of god level player total to be many, moreover we united, this third round country war spelled was preying between god level players, some hit absolutely."

Mu Xuan nodded, says with a smile: „I relate Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword, lets them in Wu Shenhe the West bank fortification, resists the iron skull city player from wilderness?"


I put out a hand a finger of south, said: „Each Guild sends out the warhawk to ride to search the Going out reconnaissance, must determine where the main force of iron skull city, found the position of sky rose and ancient musical scale, momentarily notification, if they planned attacks really from the south of fire Divine Mountain, we needed more to go too far Divine Mountain to fight a decisive battle with them on the south plain directly."



Although I have not joined the day imperial book repository, fights my direction prestige in the country is good, at least several ally Guild Guildmaster is willing to obey my dispatching, is lucky Ye Lai, mist, Mu Xuan and Han Bei Song and the others, otherwise the feeling of [Zhan Long] also somewhat one person alone cannot save the situation.

Directs south the camp, the fire rumble unceasingly, the players from Ze deep pool city is attacking fire Divine Mountain crazily, so long as fire Divine Mountain were broken through, they can attack Fan Shu City and Tian Ling Empire of vast stretch of flat land.

North the mountain range, the transport teams of large quantities of palace guard are escorting the grain and fodder and shell climb mountains, the ammunition expenditure speed of dragon crystal artillery is not the general rapidness, but has not related, Fan Shu City rested lives to rest up was so long, the dragon crystal artillery shell that the casting left was not general many, enough dealt with this war absolutely.

On the other hand, I do not have the Dragon's den armed forces NPC army in too early use Fan Shu City, although this army already over 30 thousand, and can share my attribute, but now is also not the time, first makes the player spell mutually, the people in Chinese war zone want many to fight points with some countries, early makes the Dragon's den armed forces come after all not to be against the wind good.

Stands in the mountainside, Jing Yin, Xiao severe are built on the one side, but Han Yuan rides Thunder dragon to lead the palace guard heavy cavalry to rush ahead under the mountain, besides them, large quantities of players is also rushing ahead under the mountain, this is a war of consumption, who can support finally who is a winner, but our native place battles, died in battle later falls 1 level of direct rebirth to come, but the after players in Ze deep pool city want the rebirth, at least rushes about for 78 hours to arrive in the battlefield.


The Thunderbolt dragon drops from the clouds, Matcha raised the long sword saying: „Boss, we reconnoiters, 7 th, 8 and 9 three big Guild total about 16 thousand military strength of Ze deep pool city are preparing to cross the mountain on the western mountain ridge of our position in the past, it seems like it is the plan launches the attack from us, their are too few, our scouting players had been massacred much."

I nod: „Matcha, you led 1 thousand melt god cavalry to clear in the past."

„, Did 10,000 suffice?" She sticks out one's tongue, says with a smile: „I feared that I will be cleared instead, 1 : 16 is not quite good to hit."

I laugh: „Relax, other military strength."

Saying, me was returning to turn around saying: „Jing Yin, dials to take 5 thousand palace guards, moves with her together."

„Yes, Sir!" Jing Yin holds the sword to say.

I hesitate, the thought control the Fan Shu City military strength, extracts 10 thousand Flame Hawk Archers to attack, is directed by me personally, the place that since the people in Ze deep pool city want not to garrison from us crossed fire Divine Mountain, that must give the disciplinary punishment, otherwise they also really think that the Chinese war zone was good to bully.


After several minutes, the troops, melts the god cavalry and palace guard in large numbers pushes onward toward the West along the mountain range peak in abundance, the horse's hoof is treading top the mountain range, spreads bang the sound.

„Jie Jie......"

The distant place, a flame, belonged to Fan Shu City 10 thousand Flame Hawk Archers to come, is my military strength, since obtaining Fan Shu City was also cannozed as the broken cauldron male, my private armed forces are finally have also blossomed in radiant splendor, 30 thousand Dragon's den armed forces, this battle efficiency must be more formidable than the palace guard absolutely, the previous country war, the sky rose was bets to want to destroy completely Fan Shu City, what a pity failed, but this time, they also want to destroy completely Fan Shu City more difficult again, 30 thousand Dragon's den armed forces, shared my proportion attribute, resisted ten million/countless the player army sufficiently!

Xuyang raises, by far, on mountain range dense and numerous appearances a troop person, really the Russian player from Ze deep pool city, various Class has, rides the riding war of snow wolf is, raises Monk of monk's staff, to grasp the archer of long bow as well as flies Wind Elf Mage in midair, really had the audiences of 16 thousand.

„The reinforcements of Chinese came!"

Under the rising sun, a Ze deep pool city Knight player has raised the long sword, calls out one to say loudly: „Attack, destroys completely them, their population are not many, NPC, reduces together!"

One group of person Qi Qi drawing a sword, „clang clang clang" the sound is quite delightful, indeed, they only saw 1 thousand melt god cavalry who Xue Rou leads, had not actually seen another side of the mountain range 5 thousand palace guards as well as the low altitudes are circling 10 thousand Flame Hawk Archers . Moreover, our Matcha are not the lamps of province oil, after turning over to the Yuan sword to come out of the sheath, said loudly: „Melt god cavalry, the full speed [Assault] attack, after attacking 1000 meters, turns head to attack repeatedly!"

The melt god cavalries draw a sword, Old K, Yue Yao Yan and Li Meng Yao three people stop up in the front line, progresses to dash about wildly to go in abundance, in this thousand person at least 3 god shapes change the players of body, in the strength is a deterrent, moreover welcomed the population by far to start [Assault] in own enemy, was not does not fear death, but was self-confident, as we all know, the present 16 thousand people will not be our matches!

Meng Yao opened the god shape, is grasping the shield to the front line, starts the ruling skill hit suddenly in opposite shield, „bang bang bang" continual hits 78 people, the sword blade edge same place, consecutively for the bombardment that three dragon edges cut, the superelevation attack power second of time has killed one group of archers, but the innumerable magic bang come, Meng Yao also has nothing to dread, lifts the hand to hold up the back iron umbrella to keep off in the front, the intensive attack falls on the iron umbrella, naturally also made to Meng Yao inadequately too has greatly injured, and Meng Yao was opening the god shape, this had the hideaway attribute crush of superelevation., The opposite party absolutely does not have god shape to change the player of body, can hit Meng Yao damn.

Said that flying upwards of Meng Yao completely by oneself, after having killed 10 loose spirits, continuously collects 10 shatter godship, finally synthesized a lower position god godship to fly upwards, said that my this became the elder brother not to be really competent, the light was helping Wan Er and East city flew upwards, wants to help Meng Yao again time could not go in broken lonesome god.

Without the means that in the map of broken lonesome god is unable to relate and is unable seek for the Coordinate, wants to help others be too difficult, only if stays together.


1 thousand melt god cavalry attacks swiftly and violently, the mount flying general can reduce 70% rides the fast deceleration effect, therefore the effect of mountain range terrain on the cavalry soldier regarding melting the god cavalry has almost ignored, the dual dizziness effects that finally the flying general + speeds away the player dizziness of Ze deep pool city there, covering that 1 thousand melt god cavalry meets no resistance are killing one after another.

I also raise the butterfly low altitude to fly, starts the sword broken landscape suddenly, a paper picture scroll erupts the star territory skill on the mountain range the ray, the second kills a piece of person, making the players in Ze deep pool city scared.

Knight of remnant blood retrocedes again and again, is raising already by the shield that a sword rumbles is damaged, on the face full is the panic-stricken color: „Damn, is Xiao Yao Zi Zai, he also here!"

Another archer clenches teeth saying: „Comes to intercept our is Tian Ling Empire [Zhan Long] Guild, Xiao Yao Zi Zai is this Guild Guildmaster! What to do, group team leader?"

„What to do can also?" Remnant blood Knight Mu Fenghui blood, knocks the next potion bottle, on the face fights intent abundant, said: „Brothers, continue to rush ahead, do not have anything to be fearful, they are also the flesh and blood, we must capture this mountain top, otherwise behind several million compatriots are unable to show the strength, on!"

A small inspiration, makes the person of this crowd of Russian servers roar, their cavalry soldiers also started to get ready to attack.

At this moment, suddenly north ray Sheng of mountain range, the innumerable flames fly greatly, that is an only Flame Hawk Archers form, covering that the next quarter, 10 thousand Flame Hawk Archers blot out the sky kills to come, Chi Yu Qing grasps the thorn whip to control an flame hawk to the front, a whip brushes suddenly, is forever glorious, „bang" leaves behind dozens meters mark in stone wall, pulled out dozens people!

The attack of Flame Hawk Archers is simple, is a character shoots!

But the crowded flame arrow arrow makes the players in Ze deep pool city fall into the purgatory, the attack of Flame Hawk Archers frequently blows out the super injuries of over 60 thousand, each Flame Hawk Archers has my foundation attribute, but my present butterfly [Kill for Blood] 400, this crowd of Flame Hawk Archers had over 30 thousand attack upper limits, but they are the Fan Shu City 9 levels of branch of the services, hides the attribute promotion, although is inferior to me, but attack power lets any player absolutely sufficiently ****.


In an instant, meeting engagement degenerated into a slaughter, 16 thousand Ze deep pool city armies completely lost strength of the war under the attack of Flame Hawk Archers, therefore became the object who the palace guard and 1 thousand melt god cavalry kill.

Zhan Long Chapter 1292

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