Zhan Long Chapter 1293

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„Fans out in two groups!"

Matcha the player abdomen that hangs from one extracts the sword blade edge slowly, at the same time said: „Boss, you have 5000 people to continue to chase down, I have 5000 people to detour to the mountain range south, obstructs their return avenues, striving makes these 16 thousand person one not want to walk."


I also kill intent to be just thick, no one want to walk!

Matcha has 5000 people to wallop to descend the mountain, I also order Chi Yu Qing to lead 5 thousand Flame Hawk Archers to help along with Matcha, after all 5000 melt god cavalries were too few, once the match makes fighting of sleepy beast, that Matcha definitely cannot ask for the advantage, but are many 5 thousand to have ridden the archer not to be different, will make the courage that opposite party even connected Kunshou fights together lose.


Has slaughtered crazily for nearly two hours, above the double sword already dyed completely the blood, but soon, Xiao severe led one group of palace guards to ship the dragon crystal artillery to come, altogether 100 dragon crystal artillery set up in an array above the summit, this position was attacks and occupies, but 16 thousand Ze deep pool city player teams at least had been killed 10 thousand by us + the audiences, other distressedly ran away.

My country fought points also to fight to promote first directly, first without a doubt, my attack output was even higher than Fang Ge Que, and was the superior god god shape changes the body, hid attack power definitely also to promote more, basically all matches were two swords can solve, even the archer, Mage and others were one sword second kills.

With the main hand butterfly sword starts the sword broken landscape time , to promote to 150% attack power, in addition the god special effect of butterfly sword, 100% triggered Superior to strike certainly, hits cloth armor and leather armor basically non- violent strikes also the injuries of over 60 thousand, but leather armor of present stage was, cloth armor is total HP just in 200 000 -40 thousand, collapsed at the first blow radically.

Kills the whole body is the blood, but the moral nature is very unexpectedly substantial......


„Brother Xiao Yao!"

In the wooded mountains, the Yue Qing Qian beautiful form opened the god shape to fly, said: „The latest news, sky rose led the main armies in iron skull city about 1000 thousand + people really to come from the mainland south border region, but has not joined the attacking mountain army in Ze deep pool city, they must continue to march forward toward the East from the south side, it seems like wants to attack from the fire Yun City direction directly."

„Does sky rose want to take fire Yun City?"

My Cooldown felt immediately creepy feeling, had most feared anything comes anything, fire Yun City after all is also a super lord city, but we arrange not to be most in the fire Yun City military strength over 300 thousand people, if the sky rose wants to take fire Yun City that really absolutely is not the simple threat, with the strength and appetite of sky rose, can eat up fire Yun City really!

Fire Yun City was Wan Er has managed the less than half year city, cannot hand over absolutely!

But such one, we were bogged down in difficulties three all enemies, god knows at this time can the demon mountain of highest heaven city come behind us, that was really difficult to manage.

„Returns to the camp with me, discussed!" I said.

„Um." Yue Qing Qian clever nod.


When I arrive, Wan Er, Li Mu, Ye Lai, Mu Xuan and Misty Clouds and the others also, tactical situation even more intense, we walk one step to be careful every time, after all the hard strength of match by far in us, if we lose to the match in the strategy, that really anything must end.

„Said?" Ye Lai works on blue pennants, inserted in the fire god Shannan side of sand table, said: „The people in iron skull city are most for over one hour unable to arrive our south, or they can with Ze deep pool city about soldier one, either directly pass through, attack fire Yun City, 2000 thousand armies but who our military strength here arrive in Ze deep pool city a little become serious, the words that blocks again appeared understrength."

I nod: „Yes, but cannot the to ignore sky rose have the person of past, this is equal to letting a wolf into the fold, once the military strength of sky rose seeps, we will fall into absolutely the passive situation, said quickly that now each battlefield situation how?"

Lin Wan Er raised the dragon tooth sharp knife blade, the left hand is grasping the remnant rainbow to select the corner/horn of sand table, said: „Does not turn over to the sea the tactical situation to be frigid, now is not only the sea-nymph clan, but also presented the Pearl army, from the sea continuously ships 7 levels and 8 levels of Hybrid Demon with the warship, therefore Fang Ge Que dispatched several Guild to reenforce in the past, we participated do not turn over to the sea the player total number of people already over 1000 thousand."

Saying, her, was saying: „Moreover, iron skull city also over 2000 thousand people fan out in two groups to attack from the wilderness, attacks the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces station and armed forces of military god West Bank directly opens up wasteland, therefore Fang Ge Que is leading about 2000 thousand Chinese player armies there frontage preying, finally was here, total military strength total 1000 thousand were more, but the match was the 2000 thousand person and 1000 thousand of iron skull in city Ze deep pool city elite."

„Couldn't set aside more people to reenforce us?" My knitting the brows head.

Wan Er said: „Before Fang Ge Que several minutes, reports news, after three hours, he will make Q-Sword lead over 500 thousand people to reenforce us, but is not before then good, the offensive of opposite party is fierce, looks like wants to take Wu Shenhe the key position in several hours."

„Really is thorny!" Li Mu pats the table, said: „The Hybrid Demon territory is really is too not concerned about face, why has attacked Tian Ling Empire, actually doesn't attack the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city?"

Yue Qing Qian sip the red lip, said: „According to non- reliable information, Hybrid Demon territory command holds the congress, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood is drunk also attended the conference with the status of god level player, finally the clear pupil develops black ink to give a straightforward account what is formidable was Tian Ling Empire ‚fine talk' several, finally, Pearl that crazed Princess Tian Ling Empire decided that must recover Tian Ling Empire."

Dong Cheng Yue is nipping the silver tooth: „Clear pupil develops black ink this young prostitute to pound, just signed the armistice agreement like this to frame us with us unexpectedly, was really too mean!"

Lin Wan Er throws smiles: „Does not have the means that she is the person in Indian war zone, she also hopes to return to the south, seizes fire Yun City again, therefore she handles these matters actually to understand."

I nod, actually each of us is the same, I can monopolize for the Chinese area, has not never handled many matters of being contrary to convictions.

„That present what to do?" Mu Xuan said: „Can't the person on to ignore US war zone not manage?"

„Naturally cannot!"

I make a fist, falls in the sand on sand table slowly, said: „Blockade is imperative, person is short of us also to attack again to indicate the standpoint! Thus, I will dispatch two NPC armies to lead a cheer, in sur- Fan Shu City dispatches the 200 000 Dragon's den armed forces, in addition needs Guild to attack with us together, who comes?"

Ye Lai strikes one's chest: „[Judgement] comes!"

Misty Clouds knit the brows, said: „Ye Lai, you stay behind guard fire Divine Mountain, the [Judgement] synthesis battle efficiency is stronger, did not suggest to leave, once [Zhan Long] removed defends, fire Divine Mountain somewhat was void."

Mu Xuan is supporting the plentiful chest, said: „That can only our [Appearance Alliance] get up with [Zhan Long] together."

I think actually very appropriate, nod said: „Ok, then blocks with [Zhan Long] on [Appearance Alliance] together! The approaching speed of sky rose is quite fast, should not have the belt heavy artillery, we have the superiority, immediately transmitted orders, [Zhan Long] and [Appearance Alliance] two big Guild remove immediately defends fire Divine Mountain, arrives on the southern plain circuitously, moves into the dragon certainly restricted area, takes our defense battlefields by the dragon restricted area certainly."

„Dragon certainly restricted area?" The Mu Xuan delicate eyebrows raise, say with a smile: „Hee hee, really worthily is slightly, unexpectedly can be the battlefield to this map, good good, on dragon certainly restricted area!"

Dragon restricted area terrain is certainly rugged, not suitable large-scale regiment war, so long as we ship ahead of time the dragon crystal artillery, that is Yi Shounan attacks the place absolutely.

People Going out has prepared, Wan Er, Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian and the others in dispatching the [Zhan Long] player team, but I make the Han deep pool and Jing Yin lead 10 thousand palace guards to go to battle, other remains to guard fire Divine Mountain completely, the Fan Shu City words, sets out the 200 000 army, leaves behind 10 thousand + to continue to defend a city, must guard against others to sneak attack Fan Shu City, after all Fan Shu City was too important to the Chinese area.



The warhawk rides to search to whip the sound of wing to transmit, a warhawk of palace guard rides to search responding to a call comes, to hold the fist in the other hand said respectfully: „Commands the Sir, what matter has to tell me?"

I took a paper, in seal my copy, said: „Goes to Tian Ling Empire to mobilize soldiers, ordering Lin Qiong, Situ Xin to lead the vault of heaven armed forces and imperial guard entire force to go out of town , helping in the fighting to the dragon restricted area certainly, the speed the quicker the better, goes quickly!"


Nearby, Jing Yin looks up warhawk rides to search to fly away, cannot help but some doubt: „Sir, army from iron skull city...... So is really strong? Unexpectedly makes the Sir you that uneasy whether sitting or standing, absolute elite drew the imperial guards and vault of heaven armed forces two."

I deeply inspire, hesitate a sound track: „Right, their armies and adventurers put together at least 10 million, this is also we most formidable enemy, imperceptibly, we thought a dragon restricted area war is equal to certainly, therefore our decisive battles, once we defeat the match, can obtain the initiative of war, will otherwise fall into absolute passive."

„......" Jing Yin thinks that holds the fist in the other hand, said: „End fully will fight certainly, fulfills their mission!"

I smile: „Um, but must pay attention to security, you are the senior general, in the unnecessary situation [Assault] do not breach enemy lines personally, does not have that necessity, you must learn, when will seek."

Jing Yin is on the rise, a pair of intelligent pupil visits me, suddenly smiles: „Scenery sound many thanks the cultivation of Sir, will certainly not disappoint Sir!"

The senior general of palace guard are many, altogether 19 Yorozuo is long, but actually obtains actually only then 6 that I entrust with heavy responsibility, four beside will be Jing Yin and fine silks, therefore scenery sound regarding this very sensitive, this also to must have the consciousness that.


Large quantities of military baggage including dragon crystal artillery ship across the mountain valley tunnel to the dragon certainly restricted area, large quantities of heavy cavalry guards in one side, distant place, airborne flame, in ground dense and numerous cavalries, was the Fan Shu City 200 000 army came, Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing brother and sister went to battle personally, but Fan Shu City gave Lancome to guard, the Lancome present strength different in those days, has been able to assume sole responsibility for an important task fully.

Zhan Long Chapter 1293

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