Zhan Long Chapter 1294

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Dragon certainly restricted area, this is a very ancient map, before for a long time we here and Wang Ze Cheng and demon mountain and other power struggles this domain, but now, the dragon crystal mineral lode in dragon restricted area is almost excavated certainly, the disciple keeps a Kongshan, the terrain of this map is unusual, mountain peak are many, the alley in ravine are also many, but each road is narrow, seeped has formed Yixiantian in the mountain ranges, is terrain that one man guards the pass Yorozuo opened.


„With thrust!"

The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, stood up from failure Thunder Dragon's dragon back, Qu Shen has shouldered a foundation of dragon crystal artillery with the shoulder, shouted to clear the way lowly: „His mother hasn't eaten meal? Makes an effort, our Cooldown are not many, must erect the heavy artillery rapidly on the mountain, otherwise the people in iron skull empire do not look that we arrange the position actually not to launch the attack!"

He said very right, our Cooldown do not calculate too.

The gradient of dragon restricted area is not exaggerates luckily certainly , an all trades dragon crystal artillery was pushed to climb mountains rapidly, seeks for the smooth ground to erect, in addition the crossbow car(riage)s also unfold in a at the foot of the hill character, Jing Yin led one group of elite palace guard heavy cavalries to await orders. Before the vault of heaven armed forces and imperial guard arrive, can only depend upon them to resist.

At the foot of the hill, [Zhan Long] and [Appearance Alliance] were the player team of head were building up rapidly, total number of people approximately in 100 thousand about, but wants to resist the sky rose with this person 1000 thousand + people truly appears somewhat has too many problems to tackle, without the means that must defend, otherwise let the sky rose soldier near fire Yun Chengcheng under all late.

Warhorse long hissing, 10 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry also uneven Shua Shua the unfolding lineup on at the foot of the hill plain, Chi Yu Han raises the long sword to be ready, often review visits me.

I naturally cannot a war like him, I probably continue eagerly.


Airborne transmits the big dragon to whip the sound of wing, Lin Wan Er controls silver dragon Little Bai to dive from the cloud layer, stops slowly in my dead ahead, leaps the body to jump down the dragon back, said: „Came, most over 10 minutes will not enter our view, the audiences of first group of 100 thousand, are at least similar to our present population, has not seen the exact location of sky rose, this first group of people majority are west the person of boundary treaty of alliance, the UK , France players are in the majority."

I: „How long do following one batch of People make to be able?"

„After one hour, is distanced quite far, the first group of people are almost the uniform riding war are the players, therefore Movement Speed is quite quick."

„That is good!"

I draw out the long sword suddenly, turns round to look to behind player, said: „Their rapid march is not necessarily able first Cooldown with our close combat, does not use they, once they appear in our fields of vision, all riding wars are the player clash Going out with me together, kills their one to be caught off guard!"

The people draw out the pointed weapons, especially 1 thousand + melt god cavalry, is ready to fight, has been eager to try.

[Appearance Alliance] Mu Xuan does not have what sound, but two beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster have stood up from failure to start, Wild Beauty, falls the wild goose two people both are the Chinese war zone close combat is the outstanding person in player, and all flies upwards is the lower position god, was ridden the war by their two commander [Appearance Alliance] about 4 thousand is the player is suitable.

In a while, the hoofbeat of distant place shocks on the plain, in the horizon presented the dense and numerous player forms, looks distantly, on the shoulder of everyone the blood red symbols, that is west the mark of boundary treaty of alliance, this crowd of person some are the Full Moon City people, some are the cold flame city and Qingyan city and other players in secondary lord city, after was conquered by the Chinese war zone , the homeless person, now formed an avenger alliance to attempt to the Chinese area to carry on fighting of revenge, what a pity, the strength was placed there disparately, wanted to take revenge on must look that the fist was hard enough.

The battle drum sound gets up, a Yorozuo of palace guard is beating a drum steadily personally, Jing Yin also stands up from failure to start, a pair of beautiful pupil looks to me, is having the inquiry, I am not scruple, raises the butterfly sword high, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Makes war!"

The hundreds of thousands of armies under mountain start to move, the speed is getting more and more fast, the riding war of player was the team has probably occupied 40 thousand people, Cliff Dragon Cavalry 10 thousand, palace guard 5 thousand, the airborne also 10 thousand Flame Hawk Archers armies, altogether 65 thousand armies dashed to go, the match was 100 thousand western boundary treaty of alliance players, fought the deciding time to!

The speed that the Xiaolongnu fly is getting more and more fast, to into the light, „Shua" transforms quickly together, only the remaining my forms, the god shape opened, direct impact that the double sword violent walks in the crowd of opposite party, the front surface is several British Knight is a player, as if also knows that my fierce, halts suddenly, pounds the shield bang in the place, a People sound track: „Is Xiao Yao Zi Zai! Blocks him with the steel and iron shield wall, the brothers, show your courage, cannot this to overstep our barriers!"

Really decent, the long time does not confront with English, their morale as if compared unexpectedly must.

I do not have to stay slightly, promoted the extreme strength, „bang" a hit on the shield wall, the chest transmitted one immediately sadly instead shakes the strength, the shield wall of English so was incessantly simple, the back row player resisted the back of front player with the shield, almost displayed the acme the strength of association, was a pity that the strength value was too bad, was broken through three by me as before rapidly!

„Blocks him!"

Swordsman lowers is roaring, brandishes the long sword, is the roaring flame cuts + [Combo] skill, I disregard such attack completely, the butterfly sword raise, Pu Gong injures to puncture thoroughly his chest, and an arm heat, triggered the stars of 10 times of injuries to explode the special effect, a big injury figure flew


This definitely was the direct second! One crowd of British Knight are the player dumbfounded visits me, probably they have not thought the steel and iron shield wall that trains hard will collapse at the first blow under my sword? The attack aggressively, does not pay attention to their astonished, I drink a whole body golden light greatly Sheng lowly, in the surroundings small map the world changes color, the god level skill started, rides the wind to cut the direct bang to kill in the crowd, punctures thoroughly dozens people, caused the second of small range to kill the effect!

At this time, back row melt god cavalry, palace guard, Cliff Dragon Cavalry and others also hit above the shield wall, some can break through, some were rebounded, can only carry on the close combat to fight hand-to-hand, at this time everybody has to face up to the present match, these British players were actually Full Moon City elite, 1000 thousand people of this sky rose choice absolutely did not have the weak one, completely was elite of major war zones, was to treat butchers the lamb without any.

„Do not retrocede, kills!"

Airborne broadcasts the Li Mu sound, he controls the big dragon to fall the sword air escape in the crowd, very rampant order big dragon mount by dragon claw attack ground, but Matcha, Lin Wan Er and Wang Jian are also same.

Another direction, the Chi Yu Han long sword changes into the flowing light to flow swiftly to fall in the crowd together, creates 40 thousand uniformly + injury, Chi Yu Han the step at least was the five-star god has challenged now, otherwise could not make such injury, but he Military Control Cliff Dragon Cavalry was brave may not work as, wielded the long sword to divide in abundance in the crowd, each sword at least 35 thousand above injuries, they shared my proportion attribute, but did not have my equipment and skill special effect effect, will therefore output will be more inferior, but the difference will not be many, formidable attack and defense already sufficiently by the present UK , France players. Had tears streaming down the face.


The position right wing, beautiful woman military officer Jing Yin did not say a word, leading the palace guard heavy cavalry to attack, in an instant tore into shreds the defensive position of match, afterward continued to enter.


The flame fierce wind vigor sweeps across in surroundings, who [Tempest Sword] carries over sweeps across the surrounding player, my side has formed a stretch of death area, absolutely does not have what player to dare to approach me, because approached died, my Movement Speed was quick, may be beyond control they, arrow step electricity shot the front suddenly, the butterfly sword raises, exceedingly high ray radiant flood, the sword broken landscape fell in the crowd, tore into shreds the crowd instantaneously, One Second Hero, Meng Yao and Yue Yao Yan and the others proceeded to clash together, easily accomplished has destroyed the line of defense of match.


In the crowd, a player of Guildmaster level has soon cried, is the smile, the British war zone first person, EBN fights net first, once the god same player, may under the situation reverse, brave of smile also no longer past years, especially face the master of [Zhan Long] this steel and iron again, the smile has the strength unable to cause, the whole person almost soon the violent walked, the lance shakes, body Zhou Fan forever the persistent injury effect alternation of star territory in the crowd of [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry, he calmly is looking at the surrounding all, the flying general who walks the circumvention melt god cavalry + speeds away the dizziness of bringing. The effect, the front is turning on the shield of burning hot, the wrist skill turns, the lance has the star speed of light to cut the skill broken wind, has killed to the second a melt god cavalry directly, lance suddenly one horizontal, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Flame surge!"


Flame are centered on it surging forward to go forward, the [Zhan Long] player who to a troop attacked has caused the greatly strengthened damage.

„Cannot draw back!"

The smile grips tightly the lance , to continue to hold the attack effect of flame surge, at the same time loudly shouted to clear the way: „If our first wave cannot defend, why we make the sky rose believe that the British server can stage a comeback? The brothers, we are the formidables in English Channel, cannot say the defeat easily, even if died in battle completely here, at least we cannot the humiliation was chased down dead!"

Perhaps is the smile words played the role, many had staged a comeback in the player of rout, making the tactical situation is more confusing.

In this time, Dong Cheng Yue in team is speaking suddenly: „Small dance, opens your firing distance effect, I attract the smile, you kill!"


Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest with riding the war are the player come, at this time fell into the frigid positional warfare, the coordinate bright eyes of their two long-distance departments, the Dong Cheng Yue palm raises actually, [Thunderbolt Finger] „tittering" rumbles, the shield of burning hot will smile breaking.


The smile clenches jaws, extracts from a chest of melt god cavalry the lance, has fired into Dong Cheng Yue rapidly, but Dong Cheng Yue is not anxious, opens the hand is a roaring flame Gang wall prevents the advance of smile, afterward is [Flame Beast Burst Fire] comes the baptism, smiled miserably snort HP already below half, filled next big health potion hurriedly, the lance raises, the green ray fell, in addition 70% HP, are really a high output and high reply Knight is the outstanding people.

Person who what a pity, the smile must face incessantly is Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest!


A cold arrow passes through from the crowd of melt god cavalry, the direct bang on the shield of smile, is several fast swift and violent arrow arrow attacks, and „bang" triggered the anxious spin effect, smiled is surged slightly in airborne with horse stayed for 1 second, strikes the flying effect, how surrounding one group of melt god cavalries will let up like this good opportunity, killed the past rapidly, started [Blade Spin] + [Combo] + [Blade Rush], in an instant smiled puts to death by dismemberment!


System Announcement: Players 【Wang Jiang】( China) struck to kill the lower position god level player successfully 【Smile】( Britain), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!


Zhan Long Chapter 1294

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