Zhan Long Chapter 1295

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If heaven pities me, smile good and evil is also one generation of masters, is the entire server close combat is in the player few characters, but is being fought like this randomly he radically on not being able to come to a stop foot, randomly fighting with the fists dead master craftsman, let alone also has Dong Cheng Yue and in Dancing Forest these two long-distance of position god rank is the player is staring at him, the surroundings were melt the god cavalry not awfully, dying in battle of smile are just the Cooldown issue.

The smile dies, the morale of British war zone player reduced half instantaneously, announced with several systems, several that the British war zone is a rear survival flew upwards for the player of god also 11 died in battle, slaughtering was massacred by me, Apollo, the summer two people by Lin Wan Er assassinating, the entire British war zone fell into a piece of death fear.

I do not have to seek for any god level player to kill desirably, but brandishes the double sword such to chop in the crowd, shortly after the country fights just started, actually points of everyone is similar, kills anyone is 10 points, at this time absolutely by quantity win time.

However along with the drop of morale, the player in British war zone actually displayed from unprecedented tenacious, just like the smile said that rather completely died in battle absolutely is not the military deserter here, therefore, even if were the output of airborne Flame Hawk Archers is violent, these British players were die to fight do not draw back, the less than half plain was been quickly incarnadine by the blood.

When late autumn, in the fragrant aura of wilderness is combining a strong smell of blood, corpses poured here, waited for resurrecting, nobody retroceded, that tangled warfare in the same place.

The fight has continued for one hour, with not, is not the pure slaughter that I imagine, large scale at the same time oneself that we kill the match also has many losses, in hundred people of squads that I command in any case died in battle 18 people.

Until the hand of French war zone first person of Waterloo also hangs finally, this meeting engagement evolved a war of annihilation, the UK , France war zone altogether thousand + person almost did not have the life, on the entire plain everywhere was their corpses.


Treadons the ground, spun the body to fly to airborne, on the plain of distant place dense and numerous full were the crowd, the main force that the sky rose led comes finally!

I fly rapidly to the ground, said loudly: „Retreats, returning to dragon restricted area under the mountain to take advantage of the heavy artillery to carry on the defense counter-attack tactic certainly!"

Facing the crack troops of sky rose, if also wants to fight to the death on the plain, that really can only die, our population were too few, is insufficient a war, must rely on the superiority of terrain and heavy artillery can win.

The crowd evacuates rapidly backward, even the battlefield without enough time cleans, at this time also had no need to clean, if can defeat the sky rose, some are our battlefield cleanup opportunities, if cannot win, Lian Zhucheng lost, cleaned the battlefield to be what kind.

A giant precipice prominent mountainside, I fall on above, Wan Er, Li Mu and Jing Yin, Mu Xuan and the others also.

Jing Yin cleans the bloodstain that cheeks have stained, in the eye is passing a helplessness, said: „Their they unexpectedly also so many mighty forces, Sir, how should we resist?"

I said with a smile: „Is ready to cope with anything, does not have anything to be fearful, said again, the vault of heaven armed forces and imperial guard arrived immediately, so long as we defended the dragon restricted area to suffice certainly, initiative as before us."


„Said the battle loss?" I said.

The Yue Qing Qian complexion was not quite good, said: „thousand melt god cavalry fought lost 1200 + people, was a little miserable."

I look to Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing, asked: „Is the Fan Shu City army battle loss how is it?"

Chi Yu Han both hands hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Sir Qi Bing, Cliff Dragon Cavalry died in battle more than 23,000 people, Flame Hawk Archers died in battle more than 4000."

I nod, this is not accidental, after all we have wiped out the 1 million audiences of match, own buckle 2-3 Chengdu is the expected matter, even I do not dare to inquire that the battle loss of palace guard, the heavy cavalry to the front, the loss that will suffer will not be certainly few.

Ok, waited to fire off this weaponry to say again!

Distant place, dense and numerous iron skull city and western boundary treaty of alliance army not Xu not slow comes, the naked eye can see them to bring some crossbow car(riage) and crossbow artillery and other simple attacking a city instruments, has not carried as for the heavy artillery, because that will affect the marching speed enormously, the sky rose cannot delay, the Russian players while Ze deep pool city fiercely attacks fire Divine Mountain, at this time broke into the Chinese area interior map, this was their best opportunity, if will be my I such will also do, must taking Tian Ling Empire in one vigorous effort, otherwise took other city is the futile effort.

What is more important, I understood more and more sky rose and clear pupil develop black ink and maplewood are drunk, brown pupil these matches at the same time, they also more and more understood me, the especially clear pupil developed black ink and sky rose, if they attacked the full moon city, I will certainly not sit by and do nothing, will make an issue by this greatly, looked at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate to constrain them with one, subsequently captured the iron skull city or is Ze deep pool city, this was they cannot lose.

But from the northern threat, the Qing pupil developed black ink to sign saying that with me third round and fourth round country fights will not attack the Chinese war zone on own initiative, but does not mean that she will not supply ideas for the sky rose, they definitely in secret had the treaty of alliance, otherwise impossible first Cooldown to make the main military strength of Chinese area fall into the mire.


The battle drum sound resounds, the distant place, a warhawk of iron skull city rode to search to fly slowly.

Dancing Forest lifted to shoot the date to bend, said: „Must cook him."

I beckon with the hand hurriedly: „No, looked that he wants to say anything."


This warhawk rides to search also to plant, is facing the Chinese area players and NPC in Manshan also dares to descend unexpectedly, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, our family Guildmaster sky rose invited you airborne to gather, did you dare?"

I smile: „What has not to dare? Guides!"


He turns around to fly, I also opened the god shape to fly, but Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Matcha and the others worried that I by the airborne ambush, will be opened the god shape to pursue, therefore the [Zhan Long] god level player all flew with me, this weaponry was really somewhat scary.

Distant, in the cloud layer sky rose really, rides a rush of blood to the head red war to ride, the scud beast, is mount of first four star god level BOSS steps, already heard, this is first time sees with own eyes.

The sky rose led many people, several Dragon Rider gentlemen, sur- ride the flight mount player, about 30-40 people of appearances, but should not want to ambush us here, otherwise not only then a little person.

„Ha, Xiao Yao Guildmaster, long time no see." She greeted on own initiative.

I also show a faint smile: „Yes, has had not seen you for a long time, has not thought that said goodbye talks in the battlefield."

Sky rose vision glance looks to the earth: „You only then a little pitiful troops? Quite pitiful, entire clothing first person of Xiao Yao Zi Zai in legend only then can a little person direct? I also heard that you are the appointment hold the spear in Tian Ling Empire greatly, the verbal command three services, look like your this three services command have not held the soldier completely!"

I cannot help but laugh, said: „Rose why said that this words, you and clear pupil develop black ink to design to separate the strength of Chinese war zone, making us be split up to be tired out by dealing with, not for this result? However you could rest assured that although in this dragon certainly restricted area only then 1 million audiences, but I can resist you self-confidently!"

The sky rose delicate eyebrows raise, said: „Xiao Yao, you rather too high looked at yourself, you had a look at me behind, the iron skull city came thousand person, completely was uniform elite, could you indeed signal resist us really? Moreover truly speaking, you want to depend upon terrain to defend, how long but can the terrain of this dragon restricted area protect your certainly? Passes for quite a while again, the heavy artillery of iron skull city can transport, waited for me to rumble to put down these small massifs of dragon certainly restricted area, how many can your 1 million people also the remaining?"

I hear to send at heart secretly coldly, the sky rose truly is an intelligent match.

„Has not related, grazes a horse and that's the end, the Chinese area will not disappoint you." I said.

„Good, prepares to accept a challenge, we walk!"

The sky rose turns around to walk, I also bent down with one crowd am opening the [Zhan Long] player of god shape to fire into the ground, the sky rose was is not threatening me, the person who mixed this level also disdained in threatening, she will live up to one's words.

In the dragon restricted area, the battle drum of palace guard thunders certainly, but the distant place earth gets up the iron skull city player and NPC army surely also has been the drumbeat soars to the heavens, at this moment, suddenly has the messenger to register, the vault of heaven armed forces and imperial guard troops arrived, Situ Xin, Lin Qiong progress to climb mountains shoulder to shoulder.

„Holds the spear greatly!" Lin Qiongdao: „We arrived!"

I nod: „Immediately transmitted orders, defends the dragon certainly restricted area, cannot iron skull city to cross Lei Chi one step."


They told that the vice general transmitted orders, defends side me as before, Lin Qiongdao: „Holds the spear greatly, has moved including imperial guard, thinks that this will fight will be definitely intense?"

I show a faint smile: „Um, can live is going back is lucky!"

Lin Qiongqing caresses the sword hilt, said: „If can die in battle, is we are the serviceman biggest glory."

Situ Xin nods: „Um!"

The vault of heaven armed forces thousand troops, imperial guard reaches as high as thousand, was known as that empire population most regiments, two armies put together thousand, but we are well below the match in the population as before, can make me feel that what only rejoices is the dragon restricted area map is not too certainly big, the both sides are ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) cliff, only then the dragon restricted area can pass certainly.

But the map is too small, so long as actually thousand person can crosswise hold, the population superiority of such sky rose does not come out on the display, remains is the battle of attrition, either the sky rose kills off our near thousand person completely, either is we them completely the consumption light under the dragon certainly restricted area!

„They attacked!" Wan Er said in the side.

I nod, ordering Jing Yin, Situ Xin to remain to assume the armed forces, but I led Wan Er, East city and the others to descend the mountain to meet head-on, we were the players, must capture a country to fight points, otherwise MVP was won by others is not quite good.

Zhan Long Chapter 1295

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