Zhan Long Chapter 1296

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The sky rose does not advance by rushes, although in the population has the overwhelming superiority, but actually fortifies at every step prompts forward the position, the front line about 1000 + crossbow car(riage)s and Stone Pao were pushed to transport, the rear area is the dense and numerous cavalry soldier square formations, again in the future will be the archer, Mage and others, typical steady tactical style.


The hoofbeat, the mail-armor and helmet collision sound and pointed weapons leave the sheath sound and battle drum echo sound promiscuously in the same place, our matches have made the gesture of attack, the battle range of crossbow car(riage) is about 500 meters, over one minute they cannot enter this path length, airborne, rides the player of lion vulture from the sky to circle, lion vulture, characteristics mount of iron skull city, attack and defense attribute by far in warhawk, although is inferior to the Dragon Rider that overwhelming power, but the quantity sufficed many words to make any match have a headache sufficiently.

Obviously the sky rose has not been idling in these months, the iron skull city has the player total of lion vulture absolutely in hundreds of thousands of audiences, dense and numerous piece, including Swordsman is, the Knight department, has the archer department, the crowded archer rides on the lion vulture, in the hand is raising the long bow, momentarily can from airborne launch the attack.

„How can archer ride mount?" Wang Jian is raising Dragon Xiangdao, asking of some surprise.

The Dancing Forest comparison understanding actual situation, said spookily: The „West of iron skull city has a lion vulture mountain, above also lion vulture temple, player, so long as makes can obtain a lion vulture to take mount, therefore their archers can also ride the lion vulture, but also can only ride the lion vulture, is unable to obtain other mount types."

Death God's Elegy said: „This hangs to exaggerate, can ride mount including the archers!"

„This is the characteristics of iron skull city, does not calculate that hangs."

I draw out the butterfly sword suddenly, said loudly: „Prepares to defend! dragon crystal artillery, non- difference bombing!"

Decisive battle Cooldown arrived.

In the frontal line, the [Zhan Long] riding war is the player draws out the pointed weapons, before the shield pushes, on faces full is the look of challenge, the group of people who we face are the entire server sharpest players, includes elite of US war zone first Guild war sharp knife blade, they are to the enemy who we create in a big way threaten, once fights a decisive battle to win here, we also natural were the most powerhouses of entire server.

In the mountainside, an all trades dragon crystal artillery starts to manifest suddenly, „" carries over range about 50 meters mushroom clouds, I the person iron skull city admitted desirably have fired off again, the firing accuracy has promoted, naked eye obviously innumerable players in fire miserable howling, HP Shua Shua fell, equipment and Level of player little will have been killed by the second to the present level, but the large-scale reducing blood made their attack steps be affected, after all met head-on their is also the Chinese war zone strongest several guilds.


Each round of dragon crystal artillery probably causes about 30 thousand damage to the player, to the player of god shape injures appearance that only then 200 000 does not arrive, but intensive bombing lets the players in iron skull city as before, when has not contacted died in battle over a thousand people, the front player insanely has raised the pointed weapons generally, the cavalry soldier started to our impacts, then the row of crossbow car(riage) and Stone Pao were starting to build, their priority targets are our crowds in the player who at the foot of the hill deploys troops for defense.

Under mountain be continuous several li (0.5km), the uniform Tian Ling Empire player and NPC, about 100,000 people construct together the barrier protection here, is waiting for the impact of match.


The butterfly sword one time punctures suddenly suddenly, punctures thoroughly to kill a war sharp knife blade player of group team leader rank, before he at the point of death, grabs my sword hilt with the hand as before, said loudly: „Brothers, [Assault]!"

My wrist skill turns, shakes it draws back, the rear area is really the impacts of several people, comes real good, the long sword shakes, rides the wind to cut to howl, several people kill by mistreatment rapidly in [Assault] on the way, but my vision one cold, actually also discovered over ten thousand crossbow car(riage)s and Stone of Pao opposite party already Qi Qi launched the attack, the dense and numerous thick Chungking Steel Works arrows and stones throw!

Matcha looks clearly, said hurriedly loudly: „Shield wall defense!"

The front player held up shield, Lin Wan Er, Li Mu and other Dragon Rider gentleman players has resisted the crossbow car(riage) and Stone Pao with the body of big dragon attacks, but before I jumped onto, was built on airborne, the left hand opened, whole body the strength of star territory started to gather, „Shua Shua" accumulation shield of protection a giant stars in position front, Cooldown „bang bang bang" the bang pounded the sound to be unceasing, attacked the instrument to fall on the shield of stars innumerably, but has not actually caused any damage to me.

The instance that the shield of stars is defeated and dispersed, Dancing Forest said loudly: „Archer, ejection!"

The innumerable arrow arrows go to the string, dense shooting at match, if said that the position advancement tactic of sky rose is steady, our position defense lineup perfect, several thousand archers hide on the foot, leans on about 10 meters altitude advantage to carry on the ejection, such attack power cannot belittle.

„Puff puff" the sound is lingering on faintly, our archers attack fall in the crowd of opposite party unceasingly, although cannot the second kill, but actually large scale killing HP, does not wait for them to extract the second arrow arrow, Fox has grasped the fire rifle sling one crowd of Musketeer to arrive at behind the frontal line, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Bombing, with your strongest skills, is Musketeer Class rectifies names!"

The flintlocks in their hand are the same are, the standard weapon, does not need to think that this definitely is the Palace Spirit masterpiece.

The bombing skill that the next quarter, Musketeer strengthens wreaks havoc unceasingly in the crowd, the might is inferior to the dragon crystal artillery, but firing accuracy and intensity actually by far in the dragon crystal artillery, a flash trim tried to attack the player in our position to fall to the ground dead in battle, especially the Fox murdering god three artillery, consecutively three struck, massacred the several Knight bang of full blood directly, the might was astonishing!


„Be careful, is lion vulture archer!" Lin Wan Er is pointing at airborne, said loudly: „Lifts the shield, defends their puncture injury!"

The sky rose is being the commander-in-chief in this US war zone, was firepower Qi Kai, over 10,000 lion vulture archers flew, was located in us airborne about 200 meters position to anchor, no longer approached, therefore our archers and magics could not reach their, but they can actually depend upon the air superiority to come the plunging fire, skill might maximization!

„Heavy Armor is the god level player complete god shape, with me on together!"

I gave a loud shout, enter the god changed the shape, the under foot trod the superior god corona, leading Li Mu and Xue Rou, Wang Jian and other players to overrun upwardly, coming was the lion vulture archer dense and numerous arrow arrow attack, fell on the face, chest ache especially, these people were the elite archer Class player in iron skull city, the equipment armor piercing effort are very big, even if were I goes against several hundred people of fires also to divide the minute to project on 70% blood, was good is good because of CD of shield of stars!


Dependence flying speed superiority, I almost bring the sonic bang effect bang to kill in crowd of one group of lion vulture archers, Wan Er, Matcha and Li Mu and the others also in abundance mobilizes the skill and match strangles to death in the same place, but I lift the hand, [Thundering Heavens] + Longteng nine days of Ling Tian erupt, is very dazzling, entire airborne was almost illuminated.

Under the side, Chi Yu Qing has led 2 thousand + Flame Hawk Archers killing!

„Dispersion , to continue the salvo, kills one is!" A lion vulture archer is ordering loudly.

This group of people are truly strong, dispersing, the skill of salvo is skillful, the player who also lets several of us god shape is painful, suddenly Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K remnant blood ran away, Lin Wan Er rides the big dragon, suddenly opens the iron umbrella, „crash-bang" an iron umbrella under the god shape by the amplification the might, just liked opens one to hold up a day of great umbrella is Li Mu and the others provides to bless generally.

„Mother, hateful!" An archer gets angry: „Air supremacy was too difficult to snatch, retreated, their Fan Shu City NPC army came!"

One group of people want to walk, but where is so easy, I and Lin Wan Er, the Matcha rapid counter- pursuit, has constrained several thousand people, a flame piece, Flame Hawk Archers fires together, instantaneously rides the archer to kill together about 3000 people of lion vultures, but also 7000 people escaped to go, proceeded again is their lion vulture airborne regiment, we should better not to chase down, I do not want reimburse together several god level players and tens of thousands Flame Hawk Archers.


An experimental surprise air attack made the sky rose give up the idea of air beat, I 10 thousand Flame Hawk Archers that from Fan Shu City assembled simply is the present stage world to the strong air force, has been lucky these Flame Hawk Archers, otherwise the sky rose put out several hundred thousand to ride the lion vulture the air force, we did not have what means with her, once the air supremacy were robbed, greeted our is fighting of very frigid sleepy beast.

The attack of ground aggressively, the attack of crossbow car(riage) makes us quite passive as before!

Moreover this their crossbow car(riage) is specially-made, the steel arrow is very sharp, even can penetrate us to defend the shield of slightly weak player, causes the huge penetration damage, over ten thousand crossbow car(riage)s start together, the [Zhan Long], [Appearance Alliance] and other Guild player of the battle loss speed rapidness, the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry is good, physical defense is sufficient, has the Healer treatment only to be killed several hundred people, the loss of [Appearance Alliance] in several thousands, several other the loss of small guild was more astonishing, some already over ten thousand.


„The dragon crystal artillery is not quite powerful!" Li Mu turns head to look to the heavy artillery camp on mountainside.

I shake the head: „It is not the dragon crystal artillery is not powerful, but was the match has spelled, the killing population of dragon crystal artillery went far beyond the crossbow car(riage) absolutely, but the intention of sky rose we can also see that she too wants to win, wants to seize the dragon certainly restricted area in several hours probably, otherwise their next plan is unable to unfold."

„? What also has to plan?"

„Li Mu, you thought how many guild less than 1000 thousand military strength doesn't turn over to marine Hybrid Demon not to hit [Prague] and [Vanguard] that? You must know that there almost does not have the NPC army, according to the past Hybrid Demon attack intensity, perhaps already crack."

„This...... That why doesn't Hybrid Demon attack fully?" Li Mu is silent.


My vision one cold, said: „Although the Indian players in seven luminaries city have not attacked us, but the clear pupil develops black ink to want through the hand of Hybrid Demon to destroy completely Tian Ling Empire! Does not turn over to the sea is a board game piece, the wilderness is a board game piece, Ze deep pool city players in fire Divine Mountain is also a board game piece, in addition sky rose attack dragon certainly restricted area military strength, so long as the crack, they can immediately the general!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1296

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