Zhan Long Chapter 1297

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Li Mu cleaned bloody Jianfeng, the corners of the mouth has raised, said with a smile self-confidently: „Although the clear pupil developed black ink as if to wear a skirt with the sky rose, but said, these goals want to realize any difficultly, not to mention any general."

I asked: „Several other battlefields situations how?"

Yue Qing Qian brandishes both arms one set to surround and attack the sur- red fox to grasp the second to kill two knights continually, leaves to draw back anxiously, calls two melt god cavalries to protect her, at the same time said with a smile: „Quite is frigid, does not turn over to that side the sea, Yanzhao uncle's person had been killed by Hybrid Demon group by group, but the uncle and Jian Feng Han have issued the dead order, died in battle immediately must resurrect to rush to the battlefield immediately, cannot make the army of Hybrid Demon territory cross does not turn over to the sea to attack Tian Ling Empire. The fire Divine Mountain direction, Ye Lai and Misty Clouds supervise combat personally, temporarily the too major problem, the Russian does not want to take fire Divine Mountain in short Cooldown is almost impossible, Wu Shenhe the direction, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Bai Li Ruo Feng and dying fresh long separation and war casualty as before are struggling hard to these people of Guildmaster level, currently takes the lead in the battlefield situation."

I deeply inspire, said: „It seems like the genuine key point lay in the dragon certainly restricted area, if we could not defend, the Chinese war zone must be broken through by each point comprehensively, was right, the seven luminaries city and didn't the highest heaven city have the sound?"

Yue Qing Qian said: „The news of my intelligence personnel is very clear, the clear pupil of seven luminaries city develops black ink and other Indian players in practicing the level, what are more was seizes the chance the broken lonesome god plan to fly upwards, the highest heaven city made war with the Linhai city, the demon mountain and 7 K broke off, at present both sides are engaging in a decisive battle in the highest heaven forest, in short Cooldown will not have the result, but our China area did not dispatch the reenforcement the words, perhaps 7 K will suffer a loss, NPC total military strength that the demon mountain had over 1 million, moreover fire god Gaia led a cheer, 7 K did not have that many hard strengths."

I nod: „Um, first resisted sky rose mad dog general fiercely attacking to say again!"


The western battlefield of dragon restricted area completely degenerated into a purgatory certainly, the sky rose truly was insane, dispatched the crack troops attack dragon certainly restricted area, her bombing to Long Jing artillery completely was in the situation of disregarding, but the urging major guilds constantly attacked fully, the casualty rate of both sides players was almost 1 : 2 exchange, but the words of such exchange we compared to suffer a loss in fact.

In an instant two hours pass by, on the plain overspread a corpse layer upon layer, the majority is the iron skull city player and NPC corpse, but at the foot of the hill, [Zhan Long] and [Appearance Alliance] player has also left behind several thousand skeletons, in addition other guilds, at least the battle loss above 200 000, our strong defenses has made the match pay serious everybody, but which own price also not necessarily misses to goes.

, The iron skull city at least also more than ten million players, the distant array, many people are gathering by far, obviously is preparing the attack of next round, moreover this Cooldown will not be long, the sky rose has not planned to give us too many times to regroup.

In the sincere hoofbeat, Li Meng Yao leads one crowd of [Zhan Long] to ride the war is the player runs, said: „Elder brother, we greatly slightly has basically cleaned equipment, should not surpass equipment above Emperor Tier to lose the battlefield."

„Um, lets everybody rapid lineup."


Nearby, Matcha is cleaning is turning over to the blood on Yuan sword, the person who she kills were too many, opens the god shape to rush ahead everywhere, meets no resistance, the player plans of several iron skull cities „small monster" strangle this in the battlefield, but actually by Matcha exquisite evades to chase down, and instead kills many people, this made the sky rose almost give up to the assassination of Matcha.

„The people in iron skull city were insane, completely attack not awfully, big enmity." Matcha said leisurely.

I show a faint smile: „We almost extinguished the surrounding server only, the sky rose naturally was uneasy whether sitting or standing, she did not go all out is their iron skull city that feared next to be extinguished."

Wan Er instigates the silver dragon to descend slowly, said: „Most over 20 minutes, the offensive of next round will not come, moreover this time we are in the absolute inferiority."

„Why?" Matcha asked.

Wan Er shallow faint smile: „The military baggage of iron skull city has shipped, I a moment ago when the high reconnaissance have discovered the shadow of heavy artillery, Long Jing artillery at least over 1000!"

Matcha is astonished a big or medium mouth: „Not? Long Jing artillery total absolutely over 2000 of iron skull city, they do not use these heavy artilleries in the frontal battlefield, brings the dozen of dragon certainly restricted areas, thought highly of us?"

Nearby, Mu Xuan is raising staff, before throwing out the chest the twin peaks, the queen stance reveals completely with nothing left smiles, said: „Perhaps sky rose already regarded the frontal battlefield the dragon certainly restricted area, ten generals who the iron skull city confers, 9 sufficiently prove this point in the dragon certainly restricted area map, in the eye of sky rose, was small in the battlefield function must have the threat strength compared with Fang Ge Que."

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „This really has not known that was the luck is the calamity."

In this time, a big dragon is dropping from the clouds suddenly, is Wang Jian, the body is also bringing sword marks, as well as on the breastplate one pile of arrow arrows are also shivering, the blood crossflow, fills the restoration of health potion fiercely.

„How?" I turn round to ask hurriedly.

A Wang Jian face is dense, said: „Mother, sky rose woman is really sly, unexpectedly sent a substantial number of lion vulture knight to fly from map ZONE, has attacked the vault of heaven regiment and imperial guard grain and fodder camp, was good is quite prompt because of our defense, but the military baggage had been burnt down much, moreover this group of people were too deceitful, probably every 1000 lion vulture knight one group of motions, attacked our completing the order form players or population few teams in our lines of defense, at present, in the Eastern map of dragon certainly restricted area, at least 50 groups of such lion vulture knight squads in carrying on harassment task, I on had met one a moment ago. Thousand people of lion vulture knight roll, has punched air/Qi by the archer and swordsman randomly, is good runs away quickly because of the bright shape, otherwise definitely was massacred."


Li Mu makes a fist, gets angry: „Sky rose is not concerned about face , the tactic that the small enemy force harassment, such is not concerned about face also only then she can want to result in comes out."

On the pretty face of Lin Wan Er is bringing some dignifiedly, said: „It seems like, the sky rose must display to be incisive the characteristics branch of the services of iron skull city, our Tian Ling Empire is rich in the ground cavalry soldier type, but the spatial cavalry soldier compares absolutely but, it is said lion vulture mount of entire iron skull city gathers has thousand only above, but all flights of our Tian Ling Empire will be mount put together will not surpass thousand . Moreover the warhawk will ride to search this type not to have the cavalry soldier type of too strong striking power majority."

Death God's Elegy is raising town Yue Dao, face spunk said: „Boss, or with the sky rose grinding chirp, we do not gather all god shape player and Dragon Rider gentleman and warhawk directly rides to search, goes airborne to fight to the death with them, so long as were caught by us can kill his 1000 lion vulture knights, I do not believe they can have many lion vulture knight."

I shake the head: „It is not good, this instead on intermediate total."

Saying, I put out a hand a western battlefield of finger of dragon certainly restricted area, said: „The attack main force this thousand person of sky rose, but we stop up in the dragon restricted area keep them from jumping over Lei Chi one step certainly, what actually worries is the sky rose, because she sends out the lion vulture to harass our rear areas like this, the god level player and Dragon Rider gentleman dagger guards the dragon certainly restricted area, the rear area sent some people to go to the concentration of effort defense suitably on the line."

„Um." Death God's Elegy nods: „The Boss considers thoroughly, this country war hits is really the elegant brain capacity, a lot one impulsive especially being swindled"

I smile: „Has not related, we maintain the calm judgments, certainly will not lose!"


At this moment, suddenly a heavy cavalry of palace guard dashes, several hundred people, Jing Yinti the long sword is speeding away in the front line, before arrives at my body straightly, Jing Yin holds the fist in the other hand, said: „Sir, our Long Jing artillery consumed similarly! Before half double-hour, I dispatch two multitude of people long to go to Tian Ling Empire to request that the supplies of Long Jing artillery shell, the request rations 100,000 Long Jing artillery shell to give us, actually does not want to be embezzled 70,000 by that impolite rear service general, has only shipped in 30,000!"

„What did he say?" I knit the brows to say.

Jing Yin said: „Rear service general said various armies in aspect to need the heavy artillery shell, is not only the palace guard, at present also can only ration to give us that many."

„That Fan Shu City Long Jing artillery?"

„In fire Divine Mountain has also consumed seriously, Long Jing artillery that we keep in stock has used has been over half, hit to fear the Fan Shu City armed forces storehouse to again empty."

„Has not related." I implored the tone: „Immediately dispatches to go to the Fan Shu City transportation shell to come with large army, the dragon restricted area cannot fall into enemy hands certainly, even if fire Divine Mountain falls into enemy hands must defend the dragon certainly restricted area!"

„Yes, Sir!" Jing Yin starts to speak but hesitates.

„What matter also has?" I asked.

Jing Yinyao silver tooth, panting in indignation saying: „Sir, in the ancient book of Ministry of War had already written plainly, Long Jing who in the state treasury keeps in stock artillery shell at least over 1 million, these digit are on records, but that crowd of greedy official illicit sale weapons and lining one's purse of Ministry of War, even it is said Ministry of War vice minister was addicted to gambling to become second nature, sold off more than 100,000 Long Jing shell to give the barbarian in foreign country, now they made many forged accounts and bad debts to deceive the monarch with hold the spear greatly, these people were really hateful!"

I nod smile, the racket her fragrant shoulder comfort said: „Records the names of these officials, after firing off this weaponry, tidying up, make certainly their one unable to run away, as for the present, but also needs to transport the weapon with them, temporarily is keeping their heads for the empire potency."


Jing Yin feels relaxed, says with a smile: „Follows the Sir to fight up and down the country, is really is a serviceman biggest luck!"



Jing Yin supervised the matter of transportation shell, in fact we have also been lucky 500 Long Jing artillery unceasing fire, otherwise the Chinese player of dragon restricted area at the foot of the hill could not resist the opposite party flood impact certainly absolutely, in situation that especially the sky rose supervised combat personally, simply was master of the oppressor.

Zhan Long Chapter 1297

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