Zhan Long Chapter 1298

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Engages in fierce battle to continue as before now, Wu Shenhe direction tactical situation already extremely frigid, the western boundary treaty of alliance surpasses 3000 thousand people to set up in an array in Wu Shenhe dozens head riversides, repelled the Chinese war zone regiment of Fang Ge Que leadership stiffly, the bloody water incarnadine Wu Shenhe, competition of destiny bateau-bridge is like a raging fire, it is said died in battle in the military god river bank every second of over hundred people, and what awfully was, iron skull city second Guild feather god Guild felled the trees of purple demon forest directly, the NPC artisan who let accompanying in the bund casting warship, struck an attitude to take Wu Shenhe in one vigorous effort.

The population is disparate, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword and the others resists very laboriously, moreover Wu Shenhe the front was too long, with our dragon certainly restricted area, not having the danger may defend, does not favor meets head-on, Cooldown fell into very passive region.

Therefore, I have rejected the request of Q-Sword reenforcement dragon certainly restricted area, makes [Hero's Mound] defend imperial Wu Shenhe as before, once Wu Shenhe lost, the players in iron skull city same can in entering Tian Ling Empire of vast stretch of flat land, if the demon mountain also betrays the treaty of alliance to collaborate from outside with the inside from the southeast to attack, Tian Ling Empire will be bogged down in difficulties.

This time we must hit Going out fist, therefore cannot be bogged down in difficulties, otherwise all ended.



The distant place, the fire rumble, mushroom clouds ascend in the mountain ranges, not far away, blade shield of one group of palace guards was exploded torn to pieces, horrible to look, heavy artillery same [Vanguard] of iron skull city reveals completely, and just joined the fight, [Vanguard] Sheng, is some is not quite really good to cope, but, as if their 1000 dragon crystal artillery only arrived at less than 200.


Old K was exploded dirtily, raises Axe to instigate to fight the dragon backlash to avoid the next aiming of dragon crystal artillery, said: „The person heavy artillery of iron skull city, one dozen of!"

Matcha smiles: „Because the heavy artillery true name of iron skull city was not called the dragon crystal artillery, but was called the demon crystal artillery, the attack effect of sacred department compared with our dragon crystal artillery inferior 40%, but increased 10% darkness is the injury, and accurate has also promoted 20%, overall was inferior to the dragon crystal artillery, so long as the quantity were enough, the might of fixed-point salvo was very terrifying."

I asked: „Wan Er, did not say that the sky rose has assembled 1000 heavy artilleries? However present actually is less than 200, what's the matter?"

Lin Wan Er blinked, said: „My!"

After several seconds, she said: „Looked up! The heavy artillery camp accompanying heavy cavalry guard group of iron skull city encounters ‚thousand armed forces broken' the interception of Chinese Guild in the edge of ice hot wilderness, only then the 200 demon crystal artillery of advance guard support came, other 800 hit with thousand armed forces broken guilds on the ice hot wilderness, but......"

She, said: „Thousand armed forces broken only went to about 5 thousand people, the sky rose actually assembled 50 thousand people to turn back in order to help friendly forces from the dragon restricted area evacuation certainly, thousand armed forces broken Guild were absolutely impossible to support surpasses for 1 hour."

„Do thousand armed forces break? Is whose Guild?" I knit the brows to say.

„Call Me Master." Yue Qing Qian in bypath: „I know that this Guild predecessor is the rising sun like the blood, after the Cang Cheng reality commits a crime, does not have on to commit a footfault, therefore Call Me Master and Su Yan, moon/month Yao feudal official these people have reorganized the guild, changing name is thousand armed forces breaks, now is turns a new leaf."

I nod: „The thousand armed forces broken senses of smell are keener than us, unexpectedly knows that blocks the opposite party on the ice hot wilderness the military baggage army, they help to delay, our present battle losses will turn time absolutely."

Li Mu said: „Call Me Master that young girl, truly also good."

I think that said: „The brothers who Li Mu, you lead [Valiant Bravery] Battalion are defending here, I have the melt god cavalry quickest speed of [Zhan Long] camp to reenforce, has a look to have the opportunity to give while convenient to ruin their 800 demon crystal artillery, if possible we will defend the dragon certainly restricted area on pressure small many."

A Li Mu nod, raises proudly fully is being the long sword of blood: „Feels relieved, person in position in!"


I turn around, said: „Transmitted orders, [Zhan Long] camp all melt god cavalries instantly withdraw from the battlefield, from dragon certainly restricted area as circuitous as fire Divine Mountain north, skices the ice hot wilderness to launch the surprise attack!"


People Qi Qi nods, Li Meng Yao, Moon Feather, One Second Hero, Death God's Elegy, Old K , etc. rode the war is the player turns around to walk in abundance, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest and other god level players are not idling, reenforces together, the main battlefield of dragon restricted area can also support certainly is very long, but on ice hot wilderness, if we do not reenforce, the thousand armed forces broken people of definitely will kill off.

Gathers the riding war of 2 thousand [Zhan Long] camp rapidly is the player, simultaneously I also ordered, ordering Dragon Xing to lead 2 thousand heavy cavalries to accompany, Chi Yu Han led 6 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry to move together, like this will hit us not to suffer a loss, must ruin these demon crystal artillery essential, otherwise this motion wasted Cooldown.

Cooldown is night in game, the moonlight sprinkles on the earth, I summoned speed hold of god fierce fine horse with everybody consistent, 10 thousand pure ground cavalries sped past on the plain, the moonlight incline on the mail-armor and helmet and pointed weapons of people, flood the silver glory with absorbing the cold glow of person heart and soul, 100,000 people speedily marched, nobody spoke, but I have acted as the pointed knife of team, walked in the front line, Lin Wan Er and Matcha two female controls the big dragon flight in the two wings of formation, acted to scout with the air effort.

The rapid good approach 30 minutes, arrived at the western boundary end of fire Divine Mountain, distant have been able to see that flames shoot up to the sky, the eardrum was also bombed sound times to shock, we were away from the battlefield to be getting more and more near, and person NPC army of iron skull city has used the demon crystal artillery to kill the thousand armed forces broken people at the bang, does not know how on really main that 5 thousand people supported are so long, really pressed them.

In fact everybody also knows that the Wang Ze Cheng fact declines, almost all people know that the rising sun such as the blood was any thing, on the lord, Su Yan and the others also knows certainly one helped a tyrant do evil for a long time, therefore naturally hopes that came to wash white for the guild taking this opportunity, they deeply love the person of this game, hopes one can prove itself in the game.



Summon raspberry, does not wait for Xiaolongnu to appear enters thousand frost wing effects, hides the personal appearance in the nighttime sky, the bird's eye view entire battlefield, actually the edge of discovery ice hot plain in fact is the mountain valley region, but the thousand armed forces broken players had been sieged all round in the mountain valley, the players in iron skull city are using the archer and Mage even are the demon crystal artillery carry on the wanton bombing to the small saddle.

The thousand armed forces broken people of were few, absolutely over 2000 people, we do not come to be later again, they meet whole army has been annihilated!

After seeing clearly the terrain, my Jianfeng to south one finger, said in a low voice: „Brothers, we cut into from the south, block iron skull city the escape route of person, do not hesitate, clashes with me together forward, the goal is their demon crystal artillery, ruined these demon crystal artillery is the duty has completed, do not prolong contact, do not covet the number of people, made war!"

Dives to the ground, opens the god shape to lead 10 thousand heavy cavalries speedily to advance, we come too quickly . Moreover the majority is the NPC army, they will not disclose the combat report, therefore western the player of boundary treaty of alliance does not garrison, when nearby we rush also discovered that these western the people of boundary treaty of alliance unexpectedly are not the players in iron skull city, but was the player in day Korean War area, after they joined the western boundary treaty of alliance, degenerated into the lackeys in iron skull city, was really sorrowful.

The dead ahead is the first Guild King state of South Korean war zone, personally is led by Lee, distant even can see that the teams leader of this KING corps are opening the god shape, brandished the long sword to clash, Lee also has definitely discovered us, therefore wanted to intercept us in first Cooldown, so long as blocked our first round impact, they can constrain by the population superiority and demon crystal artillery subsequently massacre us.

„Clashes with me!" Lee gives a loud shout: „Was the Tian Ling Empire Chinese player, the opportunity of revenge to!"

Over 3 thousand South Korea war zone players roared to clash, we have not chosen the leeway, can only the coming face to face with an adversary formidable win, I looked to airborne, said: „Wan Er and Matcha chase down Lee with me together, must first Cooldown massacre him to attack the morale of South Korean war zone, otherwise our duties were difficult."


Wan Er and Matcha are the peak level players, in addition I, kill one South Korean war zone first person people should not be the issue.

I have locked Lee in the crowded crowd, under the god shape had overrun at the maximum speed, shouted at the double sword to start the [Combo] skill to ask the way, but Lee was not the new military recruits, the long sword revolves, „clang" surged [Combo] first struck, afterward the arm trembled, the shield pounded suddenly in my front, spattered in all directions a vigorous serious strength, the ink shield skill also opens.

The operation of opposite party absolutely is peak level, I can only to operate + strength to punish him, treadons the void rapid side moving away position, takes advantage of opportunity the [Combo] skill following the five time attack side pound completely on the shield of opposite party, shook the shield with the strong strength, on the face of Lee passed over gently and swiftly a startled color, was not flustered, opens the god shape empty to shake a sword, deceived my sword to fail, actually retroceded half step, the arm trembles, the skill was ready black ink to dye the universe!

I go forward in big strides, lift to fight boots to gather to be mad Cooldown to trample while him on his lower abdomen, dyes the instance that the universe will soon rumble in black ink, left hand, does vanishes the sword, what replaces it is the shield of ray radiant stars, dyed the attack of universe to eat black ink directly completely, shook the butterfly rapidly, the golden light shoots up to the sky, rides the wind to cut the second to kill!

However Lee is not the fool, the diving posture illness draws back at the same time discovered that does not evade coverage scope that rides the wind to cut, must clench teeth to start skill, the golden color protects the shield to appear in the surroundings, keeps off my attack for the standard, unexpectedly opened invincibly!

„He must run away!"

I continue to chase down, Lee also can only retrocede, when the invincible skill will soon vanish, suddenly „Shua" the bright moonlight falls in the Lee motion path together, he looks up suddenly, in the eye completely is panic-stricken: „Cang Tong!"


The bright moon storm starts, is a beautiful woman dance, lived to the lethargic sleep Lee, one side, Matcha raised to turn over to the Yuan sword to clash, was makes in the Lee eye emerge , but unwilling, without the means that ran into such players of three peak levels absolutely is the nightmare of any top player, wants to run away is not good, after hitting invincibly, died.


Zhan Long Chapter 1298

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