Zhan Long Chapter 1301

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In the crowd, piles of monticles appear, rock magma spraying, burns the surrounding Chinese player, was the lava broken skill of sky rose, the flash creates a no war zone, dozens [Zhan Long] and [Appearance Alliance] within players range is almost killed by the second, the sky rose flew upwards as position god, moreover was the entire strength adds, the skill had the physics to attack the addition, the lava broken might naturally may not belittle.

The ancient musical scale rushes ahead in the crowd along with the sky rose, about the long sword brandishes, carries over sword air/Qi, suddenly arm one horizontal, the place above crazy thunder energy revolves, strikes the thunderstorm fist to fall in one crowd of melt god cavalry player crowds loudly, One Second Hero was also rumbled again and again retrocedes, HP fell below 30%.

„Massacres that One Second Hero!" The ancient musical scale drinks one lowly.

Immediately one crowd of strong gales ride overrunning of devils, but side One Second Hero few [Zhan Long] player, has raised the lance to shout angrily is one time suddenly punctures the attack, rides the thorn to fall under strong gale, but were also encircled by one group of people, nobody can save him, I am distanced about hundred meters am impossible, can only look helplessly One Second Hero + was shaken by [Combo] cuts spatially massacring.


System announcement: Players 【Ancient musical scale】( US) struck to kill the lower position god level player successfully 【One Second Hero】( China), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!

Meanwhile, airborne hears two tings

System announcement: Players 【In rain rhythm】( US) struck to kill the lower position god level player successfully 【Xuan Yuan Feng】( China), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!

System announcement: Players 【Tress's smile】( US) struck to kill the lower position god level player successfully 【The Seventh Tang】( China), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!

Some of my moral nature round of cold, Wu Shenhe the battlefield definitely also retreated in defeat again and again, otherwise Tang Qi and Xuan Yuan Feng these two [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] backbone player will not be massacred.

„Go away!"

The butterfly sword sweeps away, shakes several people together flies, I continue to rush ahead in the crowd most promiscuous region, when to the Fangji fire I opened the shield of rush stars, the butterfly sword is already soaked by the blood, but the line of sight institute and a frigidity, the army of imperial guard and vault of heaven armed forces was almost actually massacred by the Large expanse of bang under the demon crystal artillery, the several positions of close summit also 11 fell into enemy hands.

Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others led the [Zhan Long] player to be encircled, has given out unyielding roaring, but how, the match never may pity to us, is similar to we will not pity to the match general.

Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers that the distant place, Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing lead have been not much left, loves dearly, can my 200 000 Fan Shu City army such ruin completely in the dragon certainly restricted area?

It is not good, must retreat, otherwise not only the dragon restricted area cannot defend certainly, we will also kill off!

The sword blade edge wields, rides to kill two strong gales, I fly to the mountain, simultaneously orders to say loudly: „Retreats, withdraws on the mountain peak to construct the position! Li Mu and Wang Jian, leading everybody to break through, I assist you outside!"

Saying, me has been crashing in the Eastern position, launches the attack in the rear area that the strong gale rides, sword broken landscape [Tempest Sword] kills one group of people, the long sword one cold, fights the attacking mode to start eternal boundary skill by the country, consumes 200 points to be angry instantaneously, is the teammate within 1000 yards provides a BUFF effect, the attack promotes 50%, defenses to promote 150%, restores 20% HP every second, such comes, only if were killed by the second, otherwise wants dead is also difficult.

Brandishes the double sword, as if spiral storm back and forth alternates in the crowd equally, rapid about 50 meters encirclement ring ripping thoroughly, but in I rip open the defense saw instantaneously Wang Jian the spin of war halberd is erupting at present, has massacred several people, the player who [Zhan Long] remaining thousand have probably not arrived, breaks through with the [Appearance Alliance] person together outward.

When we break through successfully, a sky rose face is angry, immediately loudly orders saying: „Commando unit, with Varelia quartz, blocks their escape routes!"

Immediately, the strong gale rides about 5000 + people neat has pulled out the quartz, they decide the Coordinate on our behind summits, white lights that Cooldown brushes glitter, 5000 + strong gales ride such appear on the road that we retrocede, the sky rose also, instantaneously made us fall into being attacked front and rear region.

„Ended" Mu Xuan to raise staff to fly, on the face full was helpless: „Sky rose good ruthless heart, this do not capture the dragon certainly restricted area, but wants to kill off us thoroughly"

In the Wang Jian hand on the long blade full is the bloodstain, war armor has covered entirely scars, his corners of the mouth wriggled, reveals one , but weary look: „Sky rose was too ruthless"

5000 + strong gales ride to form the new force to block our escape routes, their surrounding can encircle once more, but we as if did not have the military strength and strength that breaks through again, the large-scale skills of many people fell into during cooling, the impulse will also be greatly affected, but, we have BUFF of eternal boundary, how can be without a fight?

I am raising the double sword, said loudly: „Do not be depressed, clashes with me together, isn't the fixed-point transmission? Massacred them to be good!"

Also at this moment, the airborne bright moonlight falls suddenly together, „crash-bang" an seal in the crowd, is one time strangles to death the effect, Lin Wan Er drops from the clouds, skill of dragon tooth sharp knife blade starts, the silver spear struck makes HP that the surrounding 5000 + strong gales rode fall about 30% instantaneously, the silver dragon roared, emitted Long Xi in the crowd.

Meanwhile, the milk two female forms that Matcha and violent walk appear in another side of summit, is many melt god cavalry appears, in the roar of wild animal, the flame soars to the heavens, is the Dong Cheng Yue [Flame Beast Burst Fire] skill, the next quarter, staff rotation in her hand, big skill started, the anger of snow and ice queen!


Airborne hikes up the snowflake, iron skull city player on an entire mountain top majority of frozen, only sky rose, ancient musical scale and the others were held [Anti-Magic Shield] by in addition, has avoided this disaster, but they over 90% people fell into the frozen condition , to continue for 120 seconds, they have today!


I raise the long sword to go on the rush, the frozen player will massacre all the way shatter, the player also together counter-attacks, in addition mountain range another side Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue are leading the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry as well as the palace guard heavy cavalry come back, especially the anger and the eternal boundary and silver spear snow and ice queen strikes three big strong skill, is equal to striking to the [Vanguard] vigor iron skull city player directly!

Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others open the god shape to start to slaughter in abundance, 120 seconds are not many, the person who we can kill is also limited, but these 120 seconds were also too precious!

The short two minutes, at least thousand iron skull city players were killed above the summit, sky rose, ancient musical scale and the others bring the remaining strong gale to ride along the summit goes to the north escape, they lost the impulse of this wave of attack , to continue to engage in fierce battle not to grab any bargain on the summit again absolutely.

„Works as!"

The long blade of Han deep pool has cut off, draws out the saber, shouted to clear the way loudly: „The brave warriors of palace guard, seize the position again!"

The battle drum sound reverberates once more, the counter-attack of Chinese war zone, the morale of people promoted the extreme from the trough directly, Matcha thousand + melt god cavalry rushed ahead in leadership of Li Mu, Wang Jian and under crazily, almost recaptured a position in ten minutes, Long Jing artillery in abundance was also posted in the position, but was ruined near half, the loss was serious.

Under the mountain, the army rout of iron skull city goes, but has not walked away, but pitches camp there as before, the next wave of attack should not be long.

Had a good news, the Chinese players of dying in battle in abundance fell first-level to reactivate, first time died 1 level, this can also tolerate, basically all people will reactivate.

Therefore in dragon restricted area gathered 1 million audiences certainly once more, but was a pity the soldiers who the palace guard, imperial guard and vault of heaven armed forces died in battle are unable to reactivate, loses already more than half, the price to defend the imperial dragon certainly restricted area, paying greatly was too too big, moreover my Fan Shu City 200 000 army has acted as the main force, almost loss completely.

Chi Yu Han raises is hating Sky Sword, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Sir, in addition Cliff Dragon Cavalry the remaining more than 7000 people, the Flame Hawk Archers surplus more than 3000 people, we were almost annihilated!"

I nod, hurting of feeling as if a knife were piercing heart, said: „Chi Yu Han , you returns to time Fan Shu City immediately, assembles thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry and thousand Flame Hawk Archers again comes, only left behind thousand Heavy Flame Archers to defend a city is OK."

„Yes, Sir!"

The Chi Yu Han soaring goes.

Li Mu and Wang Jian brought person of battlefield cleanup to go, this time at least killed in the dragon restricted area certainly has surpassed the player in thousand iron skull city, because they the total number of people on this map reduced thousand from thousand +, our losses were serious, their losses were more serious, especially this round attack, sky rose almost war sharp knife blade Guild elite sent completely, the result several thousand strong gales rode the battle loss to surpass 70%, the non- close combat was the loss of player is not small, perhaps they were again cannot organize the attack of this intensity.

After One Second Hero resurrecting, comes back, said: „This wave attacked us to defend unexpectedly, was really a miracle."

Death God's Elegy said: „Sky rose this time with a sudden burst to come one round to us, the next attack does not know when can be, but should again not be violent."

I nod: „Because their this wave of attack has defeated, therefore possibly to us will be then more dangerous, the sky rose wanted the sword to walk the slant."

„What meaning?" The milk that the violent walks asked.

I said: „If as expected, the sky rose and clear pupil develop black ink to add the good friend mutually, the clear pupil developed black ink this woman to be too intelligent, should direct the sky rose, therefore we must deal with carefully."


„Can be uses the Varelia quartz direct transmission to our bodies behind, sneak attacks fire Yun Cheng?" Old K asked.

„Old K has the progress, unexpectedly knows that guessed the tactic of match." Fox laughs, said: „Is unlikely, Varelia quartz produces scarcely, they had used more than 5000 a moment ago, will have will again not be many, the trivial several thousand people will transmit to fire Yun Cheng under will not have the too big threat, my Zha Guo material, Varelia quartz can only transmit the open country goal, is unable in the direct transmission city."

„So that's how it is"

Zhan Long Chapter 1301

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