Zhan Long Chapter 1302

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On the plain battle drum sound is thunderous, the attack of preparation next round iron skull City Regiment that the sky rose personally leads been ready, the tactic as before, the quantity over ten thousand prevention and cure of schistosomiasis knights take the lead, follows is the aggressive riding war is the team, in later is Mage, archer, Musketeer, Healer and other long-distance and auxiliary.

Nearby, several palace guard soldiers in the cold water to Long Jing artillery semblance pouring are cooling the barrel, the launch has made many heavy artilleries explode the situation of chest cavity close, Han Yuan unloads to fight Armor, oneself wrap up the injured arm, his HP once projected on below 30% by the player, in fact is the severe wound, Lin Qiong and Situ Xin are better, but was consumed by the player to 50% blood about, actually also because several main NPC will soon die in battle, otherwise I will not order to retreat.

Regarding Tian Ling Empire and Chinese area, these NPC military officers are the priceless treasures, their values in the war dramatic rise, such as Lin Qiong and Han Yuan, these two at least separately have killed over 500 people in the fight, this absolutely is the standard of first-class player master, moreover they have formidable Military Control and fight promotion function to the army, the country fights is actually wars, such military officer compares anything to be precious.

Mu Xuan looks at the battlefield of distant place, said leisurely: „It seems like sky rose decided to with us fight to the death in the dragon restricted area certainly, although we can resurrect fight again, but was impossible to reactivate infinitely, the general sky rose hit was this idea."

I deep frown, said: „Um, we were too passive."

The Lin Wan Er helpless dimple smiled faintly: „That does not have the means that our population inferiority were too big, if kills, perhaps not over three hours on possible whole army has been annihilated."

„Yes, waits, when the sky rose is used attacks the mountain the main force to consume the similar time, we can get rid."

Nearby, Yue Qing Qian said suddenly: „Brother Xiao Yao, Wu Shenhe the fight occurred greatly transforms!"

„Um, what's the matter?"

Matcha also said with a smile: „Fang Ge Que worthily is Fang Ge Que!"

„What news?"

Li Meng Yao said: „Elder brother you watched the forum, Fang Ge Que wins total victories."


Opens the forum hurriedly, just a news red had been topped by in addition

【Victory report】( Country war): Fang Ge Que digs out in Wu Shenhe the swimming shore, in the river water introduction cool breeze forest, caused „anxious spin to swirl" in Wu Shenhe, the western boundary treaty of alliance total 2000 + crude warships tilted in the vortex, was over 1 million people by being drown to death population, Fang Ge Que takes advantage of opportunity to lead [Legend], [Hero's Mound] and other guild and flame Long Jun, the hot axe armed forces and crazy Lei Jun three big NPC regiments makes use to chase down, the western boundary treaty of alliance player rout, in the player rain the rhythm had been struck to kill by Fang Ge Que!

The player of system notification struck the news that killed to be too many a moment ago mutually, unexpectedly has left out this! In the rain the rhythm is Guildmaster of US second guild, his dying in battle also means the campaign that Wu Shenhe was the Chinese area wins!

I a moral nature loosen, said immediately enjoyably: „Finally can relax, person who Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword they rout the western boundary treaty of alliance, later should reenforce fire Divine Mountain and dragon certainly restricted area."

The Matcha nod smiles: „Um, quick!"

At this moment, battle drum sound shoots up to the sky, distant place transmitted resounds through the earth the war cries, the next wave of attack of iron skull city started, hundreds of thousands of cavalries speedily fired into the dragon certainly restricted area on the plain, brought to soar to the heavens the dust, on the distant place mountain top was the rocket is more unceasing, this war various points blossomed, everywhere was fierce battles.


Draws out the butterfly and does, I said: „Prepares to meet head-on!"

We advanced at the foot of the hill the position once more, Long Jing artillery and crossbow car(riage) and other instruments completely have also taken place, even Situ Xin has also shipped over ten thousand stone artillery from Tian Ling Empire, these Shi Paocai with swaying from side to side the design, can throw over a thousand jin (0.5 kg) giant stone, although the might slightly has insufficient compared with the shock-wave attack of Long Jing artillery, the attack that but quantity enough words, the giant stone flies randomly is very terrifying.

Sky rose previous time retreated for us provides the rare opportunity, the palace guard and imperial guard soldier has transported many stones to pile up on the mountain around the stone artillery, made up for the crisis that Long Jing shell was insufficient by this.

Situ Xin grips tightly to bring the bloodstain lance, rides a white warhorse, on the whole body mail-armor and helmet full is the scar, but fights intent to be soaring, simultaneously has a look at behind the body, angry [say / way]: „Long Jing shell was getting more and more scarce, this war how long, the ministry of public works and Ministry of War these damn scoundrels have made a false report the stock quantity, our genuine Long Jing shell reserves only then insufficient 200 000, they make a false report thousand unexpectedly, is really damn, now is booing, we have Long Jing artillery not to have the shell spatially, the day kills, waits to fire off this weaponry, I must open reported that your majesty tidies up these scoundrels of ministry of public works and Ministry of War completely!"

I nod: „Um, now we can only do everything possible."

Situ Xin shows a faint smile: „With holds the spear to fight greatly shoulder to shoulder, is my Situ Xin glory!"


What I did not have saying that in fact I do not know the charm that which on one came can make these NPC loyal and devoted, be dead set on to oneself unexpectedly, perhaps, my charm was wholeheartedly wants to win the power for the day plume empire, but didn't seek the authority and status for oneself? Moreover I am the teacher in emperor shallow forest, holds the spear and broken cauldron greatly male, in fact status already extremely official, but fights wholeheartedly, has not formed cliques for selfish ends in the temple.

I am a player, my dream can series seven big kingdoms, not be played this game by oneself in vain, in shamelessly seeking gain as for game, these I did not care.

Also luckily this is a game, otherwise, my such individuality perhaps already by disloyal subject plotting to murder

Suddenly the iron skull city armies arrived at present, is one slaughters frigidly!

[Zhan Long] has reorganized thousand + the melt god cavalry, engages in fierce battle under leadership of one group of god level players above the frontal line, [Appearance Alliance] also sent out thousand + to ride the war is the player defends the imperial frontal line, in addition, came the players of many guild to help in the fighting from Tian Ling Empire one after another, [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] respectively have sent about ten thousand cavalry soldiers, was increased one point of energy for us.

The quantity of Long Jing shell are getting fewer and fewer, therefore I can only order the palace guard to reduce the frequency and quantity of launch, displaces is Shi Pao the attack, „buzz humming sound" the sound is unceasing, giant stones fly high to dance in the air to fall the position to iron skull city, the quantity are too many, instantaneously is over ten thousand, the lion vulture regiment of airborne chaotic dance was battered to death directly several hundreds, which also dares to continue rampantly, in abundance backlash.

Shi Pao on intensive falling in position, „bang bang bang" the sound is unceasing, pounded pile of hashed meat the warhorse and knight together, the blood has spattered in all directions in the surrounding person, making the players in iron skull city fearful and apprehensive, they have not thought that Tian Ling Empire also had stone artillery move, has not thought that we after struggling hard also to have such opposition force repeatedly.

The frontal line player draws out the sword, the anger is killing, a Cooldown flesh and blood flying in all directions, the dragon restricted area falls into the flames of war certainly once more.

I start the god shape directly, various skill eruptions, becomes in the entire battlefield outputs the highest player, the sword broken landscape, rode the wind to cut two in a big way sacred is the skill power to injure has promoted much under the godship principle, many internal injuries were, basically my front enemy who the player could not see is unable to survive to surpass for 3 seconds, they abandoned my this stretch of position, therefore I can only back and forth walk randomly the reenforcement in the frontal line, no one could retain me by the flying speed, but by the sharpness of butterfly sword, no one could block me.

The bloody battle is continuing, my points also steady mounted this country to fight the first place that

1 st, Xiao Yao Zi Zai( China) country fights points: 【274120】

2 nd, Fang Ge Que( China) country fights points: 【210390】

3 rd, sky rose( the US) country fights points: 【193740】

4 th, Cang Yue( China) country fights points: 【192300】

5 th, Mu Xuan( China) country fights points: 【191220】

6 th, Dancing Forest( China) country fights points: 【187330】

7 th, Cang Tong( China) country fights points: 【184220】

8 th, to like tracking down( Portugal) country to fight points: 【179280】

9 th, demon mountain( Germany) country fights points: 【173290】

10 th, brown pupil( Russia) country fights points: 【172220】

Even has widened the second Fang Ge Que big disparity, although said war of total number of people that Wu Shen the river Fang Ge Que is are most, is the first battlefield of recognition, but competition of dragon certainly restricted area actually frigid, and match who faces is also most intrepid, but we many can also resist by few enemies, the main player of dragon restricted area is on the list certainly, Dong Cheng Yue and Mu Xuan two mages are on the list are expected, Dancing Forest is the [Zhan Long] first bowman, the hand grasps world country, is on the list also normally, the comparison accident is Lin Wan Er, before only points list, ten. The assassin is the player, the assassin excelled at Shan Sha, in the group fights appears some weaks, moreover easily was struck to kill, but Lin Wan Er is different, she has armor of god, the defensive power is to turn time, moreover there is silver dragon Little Bai to share HP, wants to kill her too to be simply difficult, she regards herself the soldier to use, several AOE skills, were on the list again are also natural.

Moreover, as Matcha equipment and Level continually promote, this female war-god [Vanguard] has revealed completely, ranks eighth, still in the highest heaven city first person of demon mountain and above the Ze deep pool city first person of brown pupil!

„Holds the position, should not be flustered!"

Wang Jian raises the long blade to slaughter the surrounding iron skull city player as before, at the same time shouts the stable morale of troops.

Iron skull city players are getting more and more intense to our constrictions, their are too many are too crowded, as if can never kill general, but kills is killing, I always feel some incorrect places.

„Did sky rose appear?" I asked in squad channel.

Yue Qing Qian shakes the head: „Does not have, has not seen."

„Doesn't she want to compete for the country to fight MVP? Unexpectedly doesn't participate in the fight?" I accidental.

Lin Wan Er is narrowing a pair of beautiful eye, said: „What is more essential is all members of war sharp knife blade has not participated in the fight, properly speaking can their at least also 60,000-70,000 people, how not enter the war?"

In we are puzzled, suddenly in top of the head a warhawk rides to search slowly to descend, is scouting of palace guard, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Holds the spear greatly, we discovered that one group came from the people's in highest heaven city suspicious entry dragon certainly restricted area region from the jungle of military god Henanan, at present crossed the mountain ridge, entered the position of iron skull city army."


I shouted the brewer's grain secretly, considered everything, has not calculated that the people in highest heaven city met started to us at this time, then must!

Zhan Long Chapter 1302

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