Zhan Long Chapter 1303

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„How many people came?" I asked.

The warhawk rides to search said respectfully: „Altogether more than 100 people of appearances, entered the position of iron skull city army, we discovered already late, they the region that has not battled from us in the past."

„Um, knew, goes."



In the team channel, the Dancing Forest surprise asked: „Isn't the highest heaven city is making war with Port City? Why...... Does the battlefield of their iron removal skull city do?"

Matcha somewhat is also confused: „Yes, properly speaking...... Comes 100 people useful, but also insufficiently we fill the gap between teeth! Moreover I obtain the combat report, demon recluse in the Port City battlefield, in this group of people surely did not have the demon mountain."

Wolf said: „That why?"

Fox comparison wily old fox, narrowed the eye saying: „Mother, is not mostly good, you still remember that initially the demon mountain did compete for the dragon certainly restricted area using NPC transmission with us the matter? I had inquired, the several palace masters in this transmission highest heaven city imperial palace can use, I thought in 100 people that this time comes definitely has the palace master in highest heaven city, except for transmission, but can also have something to threaten us?"

My moral nature one cold, said: „That really must! If this transmission can transmit infinitely, on that day the spatial rose was grasping several million people can at any time the soldier near fire Yun City, Tian Ling Empire, under Fan Shu City city, these cities may be the empty cities now, several million people can break through in one hour absolutely."

Lin Wan Er orders immediately: „Saves, immediately dispatches [Zhan Long] all warhawk player Going out searches, having a look in the big map there some people to appear, then pays attention to the official forum crowded, I post, making the player in big map see that the appearance of massive iron skull city player immediately posts the post to warn!"

„Um, good!" The Yue Qing Qian nod smiles.

Some of my slightly comforts, there are two competent vice- Guildmaster truly for our province many hearts.

Continue, resists the iron skull city army's attack in at the foot of the hill of dragon restricted area certainly, what letting the person is unable to understand, if the sky rose the belt main force transmitted, that this group of People can at present the deceptive attack one, but they were actually going all out with us, that only then one type explained that the sky rose wants to use present these iron skull city players to constrain our [Zhan Long] main force in the dragon certainly restricted area, then implemented her sneak attack plan, this little girl was really too ruthless.


Slaughters, while opens the good friend to list, found the demon mountain, has sent a news: „Demon mountain, your what meaning, dispatching NPC to go to the position help of sky rose to transmit, did you clarify must hold a blade behind the Chinese area? Don't forget, we have agreement orally, during this country fights Tian Ling Empire and highest heaven city mutual non-aggression."

After several seconds, demon mountain reply: „Xiao Yao, should not be angry first, I do not know really has this matter, does NPC of highest heaven city have the dragon certainly restricted area? Is insufficient, I do not know the circumstances of the matter completely."

„Your, in any event, this time, if the involvement because of highest heaven city causes the Chinese area to have the serious damage, I will not let off the highest heaven city absolutely, this is not the threat."


Also several minutes later, the demon mountain has sent in the telephone conversation request, expression unusual being furious, said: „Mother, irritated me! Xiao Yao you listened to me saying that the highest heaven city really had to send out 20 palace master Going out, but was not my [God of Thunder] hammers the Guild person to bring Going out, but by the Indonesian artificial main spoliator Guild behavior, spoliator Guild Guildmaster invincible was highest heaven City Regiment systematic vice- marshal, these palace masters obeyed his order the dragon certainly restricted area, this matter I did not know the circumstances of the matter."

I in consternation: „Spoliator Guild? The demon mountain, isn't the highest heaven city you decides?"

„How possible......" in the expression of demon mountain is passing reluctantly, said: „The highest heaven city were many on the branch, afterward the purple bagpipe and 7 K separated Going out, but also had the spoliator as before and other big piles of guilds , the highest heaven city was the server that dozens countries formed, our Germany war zone, oh, this matter was our highest heaven city was not right, I will try to make up and solve."

I show a faint smile: „You should better make up quickly, otherwise, the highest heaven city first one step will possibly fall to the enemy compared with the iron skull city, you should understand that I was saying anything."

The demon mountain Ha Ha said with a smile: „I know, if the invincible this fellow is a spoliator, that Xiao Yao Zi Zai you is a vanquisher, but this matter...... In any event processes, if Tian Ling Empire wants to use military force against the highest heaven city, although that comes, my demon mountain other does not have, a gagger has, I any was not threatened."

I smile: „That is good from treasuring!"

Switches off communication, in fact demon mountain acts in a play to me looked that this no one knows, but stands in the angle of demon mountain, naturally is hopes that the sky rose can gain the victory, so long as can Chinese area basin stirring earth-shakingly, that highest heaven city is profitable, perhaps first extinguishes Port City, then attacks fire Yun City, step by step rises in the southeastern corner/horn of big map, if I am the demon mountain, I such will also do.

But the friend turns over to the friend, really which step once arrives, I and demon mountain no one will be forgiving.

A few words, fight a happiness!


Wu Shenhe the direction spreads victory report once more, about 3000 thousand armies of western boundary treaty of alliance were routed completely, moreover bursts the thousand li(500 km), [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [House of Prestige] and other guilds are mobilizing the cavalry soldier to chase down, at present the 3000 thousand armies of western boundary treaty of alliance remaining are less than half, has drawn back into the wilderness, has Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword two sect divisional level players to assume the main battlefield, truly makes people relieved.

However at this moment, the combat report transmits once again, outside the Jiu Li City city presented the massive US war zone player, the sky rose , and war sharp knife blade Guild total 5 thousand + people enter the war completely!

„Was bad!"

Yue Qing Qian honk small mouth: „Jiu Li City ends the calf......"

„That is the Fang Ge Que den......" Li Mu said.

I: „Also was wishes sea den, the three big regiments in Jiu Li City almost went to battle completely, most remaining tens of thousands people defended a city, the quantity of player was also less optimistic, the country fought opens, all lord city transmission closed completely, was not quite then good."

Matcha said: „Boss, can we divide forces to reenforce Jiu Li City?"

„Without enough time."

My straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards tighten, said: „Sky rose at least led 100 thousand people in the past, we are the quickest speed go to Jiu Li City also to nearly one hour, when the time comes all late."

„That present what to do?" Wolf somewhat worries: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, we cannot sit look at Jiu Li City to fall into enemy hands!"

„Truly cannot......"

I look at the mighty force under mountain, said: „But we were the clay buddha cross the river to be unable to defend oneself now! Like this, the melt god cavalry in rapid collection mesosaurus restricted area, clashes from the flank with me certainly together descends the mountain, attacks their transmission directly, the palace masters that 20 highest heaven cities butchered to say again! Moreover, Qing Qian forms some small Guild, making their riding wars be the player reenforces Jiu Li City rapidly, we smash transmission immediately to pass, otherwise their people will transmit more are more."



Built up 2 thousand + melt god cavalry rapidly, [Zhan Long] elite is uneven, marches forward to north from the summit, has walloped to go to the west to the battlefield edge immediately, the autumn wind and oppression of the people of vine on mountain under was trampled one pile of mud, the people everyone had not retained, speed Qi Kai, directly soars under the mountain with the special effect of melt god warhorse flying general.

A transmission Coordinate, we paid the price that 27 warhawks have ridden to search to find, in the dead ahead, was away from us about 2000 meters, actually also two kilometers, but the surrounding had the dense and numerous iron skull city players to guard, even several demon crystal artillery were also waiting for us, the sky rose and ancient musical scale were not silly, know that I can sneak attack.


Knows to turn over to know that we must rush to massacre that 20 palace masters in the situation that they know hardly!

Took me and Matcha, Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and the others as [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry can it be that them of pointed knife said that kept off can block, before killing rapidly thoroughly, tertiary shield, continued advances to inside, I raised the sword blade edge to start [King's Domain] skill, the member attack, defense and resistance promoted 150%, restored 10% HP every second, these 2 thousand melt god cavalries already entered the invincible boundary.

After all elite had carried off by the sky rose, keeps here person unable to resist, was been fierce to kill under transmission by us suddenly, a transmission backdrop shoots up to the sky by far, the players in some Western also many iron skull cities spill into transmission as before, around transmission, 20 palace masters are adding hold the magic, according to such speed, entered Jiu Li City domestic iron skull city players at least should already over 200 thousand?

The sky rose is very intelligent, not having choice to attack Tian Ling Empire, because knows that the Tian Ling Empire garrison troops quantity are many, the player are more, therefore is the plan overcomes Jiu Li City first, uses Jiu Li City to launch an attack to Tian Ling Empire as the foundation again, really has taken advantage good.


I give a loud shout, the sword broken landscape clears the way, holds up the iron cavalry soldier of shield to hew the remnant blood one crowd, Li Mu and Wang Jian attacks together forward, the Yue Qing Qian soaring in the midair, grasping of red fox massacres one group of remnant blood players, several hundred melt god cavalries enter a transmission range rapidly, but we cannot enter transmission, therefore starts to kill the palace master in the surroundings.

„The highest heaven empire will never decline!"

The palace master was killed also has dubbing, is really the person of loyalty and righteousness.

Kills 10 palace masters continually time, transmission broke, but Lin Wan Er and Matcha two female natural dispositions are discrete, insisted that also massacres remaining 10, such came the transmission tactic of opposite party to be broke, but we also fell into tight encirclement, the surrounding iron skull city players eyed covetously to us.


„Now what to do, Xiao Yao elder brother?" Wolf distant asking.

My Jianfeng to northern one finger, said: „Breaks through to north, goes to Jiu Li City directly, we should reenforce!"

„Um, good!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1303

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