Zhan Long Chapter 1304

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Demon crystal artillery erupt in the surroundings, carries over bone-chilling cold shock-waves, tears on the face full is the burning feeling, will fly the speed of marching forward certainly to be affected, even some melt god cavalries will be away from the shock-wave to be too near, was blown directly is off their feet, we will kill to wipe out transmission, the people in iron skull city naturally do not have to put us to leave easily, surrounding with huge crowds of people very reliably.

The fire with encircling kills, the melt god cavalry fell to the ground dead in battle, many people are second time died in battle, visited me to love dearly, but did not have other choice, this was the war.


In the thick smoke, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha three Dragon Rider gentlemen break through the tight encirclement, but I bring up the rear with Lin Wan Er and Dancing Forest three people, I am relying on the strong prevention and cure of schistosomiasis and Level superiority can the protracted war, the Lin Wan Er survival capability is not bad, Dancing Forest added held the quick good effects of many levels, round trip like the wind, Movement Speed is quicker than the full speed cavalry soldier, therefore she turned into the natural King under the mountain valley terrain, no one will be her match.

When all of us run out of the tight encirclement, turns head to look, under the mountain is densely covered the corpse of Chinese player and American player, the melt god cavalry affirmed that had many people dead in battle there.

Cancels the god shape, is controlling the raspberry low-altitude flying, Dragon Zhaota the broken thorn, I already overtook Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others front part, has a look behind, when the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry compares the quantity the buckle were many.

„Also remaining how many people?" I asked.

Matcha said: „When comes 2.3 thousand melt god cavalries, now also remaining 1.2 thousand about, the Boss, our each time [Assault] breaches enemy lines the enemy who must face to be too many, the attack scope that receives is also quite big."


I grip tightly the butterfly sword, said: „The population has been short also well, the friend side units in my surrounding 500 yards can obtain 20% equipment strengthening effects, that is not little, one will flush with me together and that's the end."



Our these 1.2 thousand melt god cavalries have not returned to the dragon certainly restricted area position, there no longer is the important battlefield, but turns went too far Divine Mountain, directly soars the Jiu Li City direction to go, the flying general effect of melt god cavalries almost full, even if can also maintain 100% Movement Speed in the wooded mountain region, the hoofbeat is neat, the momentum is astonishing.

Speeds away for ten minutes, Tian Ling Empire appears in the field of vision by far, this palatial main city is built on the place of state as before proudly , is, but again toward the north that we guard is Jiu Li City, the combat report passes on, Jiu Li City fell into a sea of fire, the sky rose at least transmitted past 300 thousand + iron skull city player, the garrison troops garrison troops in Jiu Li City actually only then less than 500,000, want to defend is too difficult.

Finally, we have not entered the Jiu Li City domain time heard heartrending ting, no one has thought that the country fought until now, unexpectedly was the Chinese area takes the lead a main city


System Announcement: Fellow players please note, player 【Sky rose】( US) has destroyed the Jiu Li City king throne, and decided 【Seizes】 The pattern, Jiu Li City belongs to US war zone officially, before the country war completes, the Chinese players enter Jiu Li City to seize the king throne again, then can seize the city sovereignty instantaneously again!



The small wolf raises the dagger to curse angrily one speechless: „Such quickly lost Jiu Li City, why the players in Jiu Li City in eat?"

„Cannot blame them."

Lin Wan Er is controlling the silver dragon Little Bai low-altitude flying, said: „Actually they transmitted 300 thousand + people to come incessantly, the sky rose already secret order 10 thousand + lion vulture Knight secretly took advantage that the dim light of night more went too far Divine Mountain, in other words the Jiu Li City city gate had not been broken through, airborne had been seized, one crowd of lion vulture Knight dropped from the clouds to destroy completely the defense player and NPC directly, then opened the city gate, the sky rose leads the cavalry soldier main force attack, in one hour took Jiu Li City also is really belongs normally."

I knit the brows: „Jiu Li City has turned over to the sky rose, they had now have repaired equipment and supplemented that the potion city, is equal to inserting the next wedge in the Tian Ling Empire, we fell into passively."

Wang Jian is raising Dragon Xiangdao, asked: „That now we what to do, but also goes to Jiu Li City?"

„As if cannot go to......" Lin Wan Er pair of beautiful eyes to look into Jiu Li City of distant place, said: „After capturing Jiu Li City, the NPC army in city will have part to belong to the US area, the sky rose is also a smart person, certainly will send out the military strength to defend the imperial fortification, our more than 10,000 people were courting death in the past simply."

„What do we make now?" Li Mu asked.

I said: „Sky rose should gather the majority of military strength in Jiu Li City, however summon fire Divine Mountain and Wu Shenhe nearby iron skull city and western boundary treaty of alliance player enter Jiu Li City, uses Jiu Li City to attack Tian Ling Empire as the foundation, therefore we do not need to handle other matter now, intercepted their reinforcements to be right in Jiu Li City and map of Tian Ling Empire border, when Fang Ge Que withdrew troops, we attacked Jiu Li City again."


Li Mu grins to smile: „Always felt that the dispatch of Xiao Yao had the wind of senior general really more and more."

I curl the lip, laugh: „I am Tian Ling Empire holds the spear greatly, cracks a joke, although the command capability is not first-class, but will definitely not miss, at least compared with rumor!"

Li Mu said: „Compared with rumor that growing vegetables chicken oneself, you may really be too modest!"

I Ha Ha smile: „Walks, blocks nine Lebanese forest and Luhu forest two maps!"



The cool breeze has stroked the jungle slowly, by Luhu is half person of deep weeds, in the weeds a leader fawn was gnawing the lawn or the potable water, a tranquility, it seems like that the Luhu forest had not occupied, was right, the sky rose had a person of direct transmission to the Jiu Li City city outside, lion vulture Knight from sky in the past, therefore Luhu forest tranquil was also naturally.

„They have not come."

The small wolf raises the dagger to walk to go forward, the opening god shape reconnoitered, said: „Here monster still , after Shua is new, nobody has killed, we what to do?"

As soon as I wield the long sword, said: „Is divided into 12 thousand people to roll, disperses eliminates the monster in the surrounding jungle, sending out the warhawk to scout to go to the high reconnaissance, knows the trend of surrounding map when necessary."


12 thousand people rolled have divided rapidly, was the first-class player is the regimental commander, Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Matcha and the others was the regimental commander to go, but I was the first group of regimental commanders, in the team have Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng Yue two top players, other basically was melts the god cavalry, the overall strength is very strong.

Alone corner/horn deer, 245 levels of thunderous level monsters, this is in the Luhu both banks jungle the most common monster, kills but actually also some substantial empirical values by our present Level, player who especially these 235 levels have not flown upwards, the alone corner/horn deer is very good experience object, the country war, perhaps now the Luhu forest also as before occupies to practice the level by [Prague] and players of [Hero's Mound] two guilds.

Cleans up the front piece of alone corner/horn deer rapidly, suddenly in the guild channel broadcasts the Yue Qing Qian sound: „Luhu Forest Center Coordinate ( 0,0 ) ten o'clock direction, is probably distanced 2000 meters, riding war of one crowd of iron skull cities was the player passed, the total number of people about 2000 people, did Brother Xiao Yao, you order?"

I have swept detailed on map, said: „7 groups and 9 groups and 10 groups and 11 groups encircled the past, do not bleed off, massacred completely!"

Lin Wan Er is 7 groups of regimental commanders, shows a faint smile: „Understanding!"

Another three regimental commander also in abundance meeting in the past, but one group of positions that I am were not quite good, are distanced were too far, therefore does not need to pass, we waited for gains without pains here and that's the end, does not need to bustle about.


The fight of distant place started, the short 20 minutes had ended, [Zhan Long] 4000 melt god cavalry sur- 4 god level players, many Lin Wan Er such god, kills that 2000 iron skull city players simply is a piece of cake, even after destroying completely them, total battle loss not over 200 people that our four thousand people of rolling.

„Fang Ge Que do they come back not to have?" Also waited for nearly a half hour, my some impatient asking.

Dong Cheng Yue is whipping the wing of Wind Elf, sits, in I lean on the above branch, is shaking two snow white longlegs, said with a smile: „No, others are following up a victory with hot pursuit, cut to kill the enemy several million levels, you left were too anxious, the good and evil must let Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword has to pursue the points opportunity!"

I have a look at the country to fight on points, truly, Fang Ge Que changed with my disparity small many.

However, has no alternative but to want Tian Ling Empire for points!

After all the Tian Ling Empire southeastern direction also has the highest heaven city to eye covetously, the demon mountain was a fierce and ambitious, the situation forces him anxiously, the demon mountain really might dispatch troops to Tian Ling Empire, our present military strength felt weak, once the demon mountain dispatched troops, the Tian Ling Empire situation not so was optimistic.


Airborne, a warhawk rides to search falls rapidly, is the warhawk of palace guard rides to search, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Commands the Sir, the tactical situation on fire god slightly slow, Ze deep pool city armies retreat backward dozens li (0.5km), General Xia Ye makes me ask you, how now should?"

I said: „Makes Xia Ye do not idle , to continue to defend in the fire god . Moreover, making him send for escorting your majesty to return to Tian Ling Empire, cannot make your majesty brave hardships and dangers again."

„Yes, commands, the subordinate manages immediately!"

Gazed after this warhawk to ride to search to fly far, some of my doubt, how he found me slightly here, should be the system setting, not puzzled that many, after all this was a game, which can really with the reality in exactly the same.


Also after a while, Dancing Forest is raising the long bow suddenly excitedly from airborne flies, said with a smile: „My high reconnaissance, came one group of people from the broken bone forest land direction a moment ago, by the troops who Fang Ge Que scatters, the player in iron skull city, the total number of people about 4000 people of high and low, the goal is our Luhu forests, can give them to come one round here?"

I nod joyfully: „4000 people, do not calculate too, making nearby us 2 groups and 4 groups come, ambushes together!"



Quick, our 3000 melt god cavalries gather, hides completely in the luxuriant jungle, the player in the apparent distance of bushveld is about about 500 meters, in other words can only see on the big map, if they who red hostile player within 500 meters demonstrates enter our 500 meters range, wants to run cannot run away, the melt god cavalry can the enormous degree neglect the influence of landform in the flying general special effect, in shrubbery region rides the good speed is other mount is unable to place on a par.

The people turn very quiet, silently was waiting for in the jungle the enemy appears.

Zhan Long Chapter 1304

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