Zhan Long Chapter 1305

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The serious hoofbeat from far to near, as if hit on each of us's heart, Wang Jian has swallowed a saliva, turns around to have a look at me, in the vision has one to worry that we have 3000 people, but the match has 4000 audiences, although is the ambush, but own loss little will not be mostly many, but returns with his self-confident happy expression, because of us, although only then 3000 people, but in my 500 yards, means that they can enjoy 20% equipment strengthening effects, the weapon attack, the armor defense promoted 20%, this had exceeded in the match.


Death God's Elegy makes an effort has grasped town Yue Dao, asked: „Guildmaster, when town Yue does Zhange use? My anger filled."

„Hits to use again, you used the town mountain battle song I not to use the eternal boundary."


The next quarter, rode the flame warhorse the player to run out of the shrubbery, the player in iron skull city, Guild vice- Guildmaster that was listed 17 th, the hand grasped the lance, on the face is having color angrily, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Trivial several thousand people want to control Jiu Li City to the Tian Ling Empire key position, these Chinese have the daydream simply, everybody overrun together!"

Famous iron skull city players appear one after another, has not stayed, full speed flushed, probably thought that in the population does not drop the wind, therefore wants to fight to the death with us here.

However this side had also reflected a point, the sky rose is very anxious, although she has seized Jiu Li City, but also knows that is an orphaned city, if reenforces the strength unable to enter, her thousand + troops sooner or later will be surrounded and exterminated in Jiu Li City, that is not the result that she wants, therefore, breaks through from the surrounding, the intention will make a connection with Jiu Li City and western boundary treaty of alliance player of Tian Ling Empire channel to be getting more and more, perhaps, the demon mountain of highest heaven city perhaps can also insert a hand, therefore, defended the Luhu forest on appearing at this time is most important.

„Do not attack." I lowered the sound saying: „Makes them attack, we defend first, then counter-attacks!"

„Yes!" One group of [Zhan Long] player Qi Qiying said.

Suddenly about thousand cavalries of opposite party swiftly and violently approached us, they as if also see in the jungle the fragmentary red dot, determined here some people in ambushing, therefore raised fights the blade edge, distant started the sword air/Qi daybreak, Axe to throw and other skills, „clang clang clang" falling on the shield of melt god cavalry, but everybody's defensive power was not low, disregarded this attack completely, instead a shield organization tenaciously.

The people in next quarter iron skull city have crashed in the scrub forest again, slams into, in we melt above the shield and body of god cavalry, I raise the butterfly rapid two swords to kill one person of second of front rapidly, shouts loudly: „Makes war!"

The people hold up the pointed weapons counter-attack, simultaneously instigates the warhorse to start to march forward, is headed by me and Wang Jian, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest several god shapes changes the player of body launches the counter-attack, basically my attack blows out fatally strikes can the second kill, but generally speaking faces any match is two swords tidies up one, after all 100% Superior of god effect struck certainly has gone against heaven's will simply, every struck can carry over the Superior injury the green digit, 10 times of injury red digit that occasionally exploded were to let enemy courage Ju Lie!

The Dong Cheng Yue group method keeps releasing, flame stone [Flame Beast Burst Fire] almost turned into the purgatory the battlefield suddenly, can live for over under her magic player nobody three seconds, single body second of output at least in thousand above, but Dancing Forest is the sniper in distant place, shot the date bow fatal injury to make this group of iron skull city players want the immortal.

The Wang Jian dragon happy coverall gathered 3, the special effect of dragon happy strength therefore to three, the weapon injury effect has also promoted 60%, in other words the present dragon happy blade in fact is thousand attack upper limit, is higher than the foundation attack of my world country butterfly, naturally, is counted the 400% [Kill for Blood] effect of butterfly, Long Xiangdao had no way to compare, this was also a Wang Jian blade chops thousand +, but my sword was thousand + reason.

Both sides battle for nearly three minutes, saw the difference rapidly, the fit and unfit quality has stood sentences, we had 5 god shapes change the players of body, but opposite party did not have, therefore the entire team such has encountered our conquering by killing, I and Wang Jian, Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue several people met no resistance lead the melt god cavalry back and forth to rush ahead, flying generals + sped away the dizziness effect of carrying over to decide in same place the match, these 4000 people of battlefields were cut to separate rapidly, once separated on the battle efficiency sharp decline, but the melt god cavalries were more than 100 people of wisp of impacts, each team of pointed knife players were [Zhan Long] are few. Master, the match wants to kill our any person not quite to be easy.

At this time, the [Zhan Long] might revealed without doubt, we are unable to display this team strength 30% in the beforehand dragon restricted area tangled warfare certainly, therefore lost seriously, but now at outside field operation, moreover in own domain, the self-confidence full house, displayed naturally is also better.

Is less than ten minutes, opposite party that rode the commander complexion of red warhorse to be green, was vice- Guildmaster actually as if wants the appearance that turned round the wharf to run away, but I have not given him this opportunity, distant [Great Realm of Desolation] [Blade Spin] made a giant blood hole its front directly, such second has killed, raised the long sword, loudly shouted to clear the way: „One bleeds off individually!"

Wang Jian drinks one to summon the big dragon lowly, chases down using the dragon rest superiority of big dragon, but my also god shape changes the body by killing these player who tries to escape, result nearly 20 minutes of Cooldown, 4000 people of that this comes could not have walked, turned into the corpse in battlefield completely, the soul was to return to the iron skull city went, the corpse will want Cooldown to renovate.

„Battlefield cleanup!"

The project that under my order, everybody most likes came finally, picks equipment that takes to want respectively, the iron skull city players are our number one enemy, after all which equipment basically miss to do not go, the luck good also to attain 1-2 magical instrument rank equipment, that may get rich, although various equipment depreciate at present in abundance, but the magical instrument basically has not depreciated, because after it is said the player reaches 255 full levels, any magical instrument rank equipment including inferior magical instrument can strengthen to becoming 255 levels of equipment, various species have the promotion, therefore the magical instrument does not depreciate, this is the well-known matter., Even if a star magical instrument, at least can also sell on 100,000 prices.

The battle loss counted, this war altogether annihilated the match 4237 people, but our losses had 45 people unexpectedly merely, these 45 people have caught up in Tian Ling Empire resurrecting one after another.

On the other hand, many players who [Zhan Long] reactivates were heavy Huilong certainly restricted area the position, there also had thousand + iron skull city players to fiercely attack as before, but we were the NPC regiment and [Appearance Alliance] are meeting head-on for the player team of representative, I had talked over the telephone with Mu Xuan, making her probably defend the dragon certainly restricted area, cannot let the seepage that the players in iron skull city opened access, otherwise they by the highest heaven city as supplies place, unceasing „preparing for war" resisted Tian Ling Empire, we had a headache.

The battlefield cleans, everybody continues the alone angle deer that cleans up to renovate unceasingly, but I raise the sword to sit on the limb, opened the good friend to list, found Fang Ge Que, has sent the news: „Fang Ge, your fights ended to hurry to evacuate, Jiu Li City took by the sky rose, we cannot sit by and do nothing."

Fang Ge Que answered rapidly: „Xiao Yao, I know, but western the group of people of boundary treaty of alliance die but is not stiff, gathered at least more than ten million players on the wilderness, even the Singapore, Vietnam and other server of the people also came, the population are getting more and more, but also has shipped in many demon crystal artillery and Long Jing artillery, if I retreat, they will take advantage of opportunity to capture Wu Shenhe, Tian Ling Empire was when the time comes dangerous, if I have not guessed that wrong, in two hours, they on can gather to surpass thousand person, the population were more than us, therefore I have not returned Tian Ling Empire."

I sighed, everybody crossed not easily, wasn't the pressure that Fang Ge Que must bear perhaps smaller than me?

Therefore returns to the covered passageway: „Um, come on, sky rose I will block with every effort, you let die in battle the player of resurrecting do not go to the wilderness again, gathered in Tian Ling Empire completely, the accumulation surpassed 100,000 talented people able, prepared to go to the Luhu forest, population enough we started to Jiu Li City the war of regaining, the person of sky rose cannot run away."

Fang Ge Que sends in a smiling face symbol: „Come on!"

I have grasped the butterfly, the above bloodstain is flowing slowly, lets some sword hilt slippery hands, but I have not managed that many, after pulling passes away, one section of overlord cape, the sword hilt cleaning, has caused originally by the blood incarnadine battle dress blood red, and above covers entirely the hole hole that the sword has created, some where equipment repair the later that brand-new feeling, the cape that is damaged gave the whole person to add a battlefield Xiao Sha feeling actually, although was only the game, but as if everybody liked this being bathed in blood battlefield and invincible feeling.

In the short two hours, the thousand melt god cavalry of [Zhan Long] ambush in Luhu forest successively has intercepted 27 military strength, biggest has 7000 people, smallest only then 200 + people, corpses lie down under the tree of Luhu forest, our striking here kill the total number of people also to surpass thousand person, but we withstood 3000 + people injury, the players who died in battle came back, this is the home game superiority!


A news came from Mu Xuan: „Is small , the people in iron skull city as if too have not wanted to attack the dragon certainly restricted area, at first can also prevent several hundred thousand people to attack the mountain, now a wave of attack only then tens of thousands people, my scouting had discovered that they shift to the fire god the military strength, should to attack the position that Ye Lai and Misty Clouds guard."

I reply: „That Mu Xuan beautiful woman momentarily observed performance, if necessary you help Ye Lai."

„Um, but if the leaf fatty original work thinks what to do sentimental I am interesting to him, after all others thoughts were small on your body" Queen Mu Xuan Ao Jiao.

I awkwardly, reply: „Your thoughts I understand, but how the sun permanently, not to change, a bit faster defends the position"

„Good!" Although said at sixes and sevens, but Queen Mu Xuan as if also very happy appearance.

In this time, suddenly „drop", the news, came from Drunken Spear: „Xiao Yao, you in the Luhu forest, right?"

„Yes, how?"

„Our [Flying Dragon] scouting player had discovered west a major stockholder the military strength of boundary treaty of alliance came from Ba Huang City circuitously, must obey the son the Wushan direction to start to your attacks, the population are many, above thousand, you are at least careful."

„I go, which server?"


„Um, understanding."

Switches off communication, MLGBD, delivered the points person to come!

Because has duplicated the beforehand rank form, therefore fights in the ranking the Matcha nationality to forget to revise in the country as before is Portugal, but was she returned to the Chinese area in fact, read to everybody creates inconvenient also please much forgive ~~

Zhan Long Chapter 1305

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