Zhan Long Chapter 1306

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The player of Vietnamese server came . Moreover the population surpasses 40 thousand, then the Luhu forest lived it up!

I said in guild channel immediately: „All people to first group of closing up, merged, prepares to meet the new match, the Vietnamese came, population 40 thousand, the goal is we."

„Vietnamese server?" Li Mu smiles: „This group of people may really be obedient, quickly turned into the watch-dog of US server, making them not dare to forget the west toward east, bah!"

Matcha said: „They followed the lead with the Indian server, has not thought that fire Yun City was extinguished by us directly, therefore, can only look for the new lord now, iron skull city now in Western one alone big, can contend with the main city of Chinese server only, whom does not go to them also to go to go."

I said: „Their overwhelming superiority, is almost our 40 times, once we were sphered somewhat to be dangerous, therefore also needs to reenforce, periphery Qing Qian, you relate the guild that reenforces the Luhu forest, has a look altogether to have many military strength, making them hit the main battlefield, our these 1.2 thousand people from the flank attack, played the role of surprise-attack forces to be OK."


Yue Qing Qian nods gently, after several minutes, said: „Brother Xiao Yao, comes the main guild of reenforcement is [House of Prestige], is led by vice- Guildmaster Quick Thunder Swift Wind, altogether 3 thousand + people, in addition dozens Guild, the total number of people probably 200 000, gathered at the Luhu edge array prepares to meet the enemy, Quick Thunder Swift Wind is our old enemies, can help?"

I smile: „During country fights, does not have the old enemy, first makes them hit, after hitting, we fiercely attack from one side and that's the end."



I look to the people , to continue saying: „Combat unit takes thousand people to roll for the standard, the upper limit that the single player forms a team is also 1000 people, all teams leader prepare the star card, no matter your star card attribute is what kind, has always compares has not been better, really does not have the person of star card to go to Qing Qian vice- Guildmaster there to receive, this war must the entire journey use the star card, otherwise our losses will be serious."

The people nod in abundance, in 12 teams leader also only then One Second Hero and Wolf did not have the star card, star card type of thing was quite rare, but had, can buy in the market condition, since previous time came out after the beginning imperial tomb I told that Yue Qing Qian purchased the star card with the guild fund, actually the worst star card can also promote team 5% attack power or physical defense, the use and did not use absolutely is the outputs and defenses of two levels.

Wind moves the leaf, rustle makes noise.

The Luhu forest had been divided into two pieces by Luhu, a piece of West goes nonstop to does not turn over to the sea, has interrupted to the Jiu Li City path, therefore we in an east region, but now, Quick Thunder Swift Wind was the 200 000 + China player of head has prepared to meet the enemy in our south arrays, therefore I led more than 10,000 melt god cavalries to push onward to south from the east side forest slowly, the secret marched forward, not hiring informer.

After near a half hour, arrives in the established place, our troop person hides in the luxuriant jungle completely, but I and Wan Er, East city and Wang Jian and the others stands in the jungle edge, looked at the past from afar, has been able to see on the open plain between jungles the innumerable Chinese players in the array, the men shouting and horses neighing, was lively, but the crowd front line, Quick Thunder Swift Wind was raising Axe, was opening the god shape, although was the lower position god, but also awe-inspiring, had an imposing appearance.

The far place, heard the serious hoofbeat, the advance guard support of Vietnamese player must come immediately.

They to ride the war are player overheads, the rear area is the long-distance output and supplies, therefore the marching speed is slow, but does not worry, we also in the waiting opportunity, the Chinese player in Luhu forest more gathered more, over 2 million directly have attacked Jiu Li City.


„Came!" Wang Jian excited looks to the distant place.

Really, rode the war is player appeared from the jungle, but not with the [Assault] speed, but approached in the walk speed of player, the Vietnamese did not worry, they must stand firm the lineup, with Chinese player positional warfare.

Probably waited for nearly 20 minutes, the Vietnamese occupied woods of trim, dense and numerous cannot look at the end, Swordsman of opening god shape is the god level player is raising the long sword soaring sky over the formation, Jianfeng points to the north, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Attack, lets this crowd *** knows our fierce!"

The formation moves rapidly, the cavalry soldiers started [Assault]!

In the Chinese position, facing two times in own match, Quick Thunder Swift Wind is also extremely arrogant makes the person admire, has lifted up high the top Axe, loudly shouted to clear the way: „We are the descendants of Yan & Yellow Emperors, we are Huaxia are proud, this group of clumsy mischief-doers dare to scold us are ***, the brothers, defend the dignity time arrived, rather died in battle, is not insulted, with me on together!"

The hoofbeat lets in the jungle no longer tranquil, both sides attack in together, about 30 thousand cavalry soldier tangled warfare rapidly in the open field, back row Mage, archer and Musketeer approach rapidly, start with the person who the skill point kills these to be able to reach. The entire Luhu forest falls into sanguinary rules rapidly, because [House of Prestige] the group of people hang in the battlefield, therefore the overall strength and was inferior person who has not hung, hits well-matched in short Cooldown unexpectedly, cannot have the too big superiority.

„The Xiao Yao elder brother, do we also want to wait?" Wolf is grasping the dagger, is narrowing both eyes, as if has not wanted to endure patiently again.

The enemy truly has hit very fiery, is opportunity that we sneak attack.

„Clang clang!"

I draw out the butterfly continuously and do, will shout to clear the way loudly: „[Zhan Long], teaches the extremely arrogant match with me together!"

Obviously, when the opposite party shouted that ***, the [Zhan Long] 1.2 thousand melt god cavalries angrily were full, although real fury points has not filled, the energy that but can burst out now absolutely is highest, I cannot constrain everybody's war intent at this time, must make everybody vent Going out, makes the match ask for advice our anger!

More than 10,000 melt god cavalries almost promoted completely in one minute high, was acted as the pointed knife of team by me and Wan Er, Matcha, Wang Jian, Li Mu, Old K, Meng Yao, One Second Hero and the others, all leading players entered the god shape, used up the star card, rushed ahead together forward, but what I used was the Bai Qi star card, promoted my own 150% attack power, promoted team 80% physical defense, therefore was turned into the iron sheet by my Military Control 1000 people!


The sword broken landscape clears the way, turned into the remnant blood a troop person rapidly, the skill of Yue Qing Qian, Wan Er and East city has joined, the uniform second killed, I turned into [Zhan Long] first secondary attack quickly!

East the Vietnamese player position player handles to guard, where thinks that suddenly runs out of that many one group of people, moreover attack power must keep them from withstanding, the rapid lineup rout, was been broken by [Zhan Long] cutting of more than 10,000 people of uneven Shua Shua, the entire position is together is been as if same by the cloth that the scissors cut out, but our [Zhan Long] more than 10,000 melt god cavalries are that sharp scissors.


Skices rushes ahead for ten minutes, is all the way irresistible!

In the noses has transmitted the aura of lake water, we from Luhu less than 100 meters, I have raised the butterfly sword immediately, orders in the guild channel loudly: „Launches the lineup, runs amuck the impact, does not need to attack, advances in the enemy Luhu, is drown to death they!"

The players will swim inborn, but one long will feel weak to be drown to death under water Cooldown, this process is about 10 minutes, wants is these ten minutes!


My body sinks, numerous hits on one row of shield, nearby Meng Yao and Matcha layer on layer are also hitting shield of match, the rear player hits the front, making the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry forward advance, but 70,000-80,000 people of match had been extruded in a very narrow and small space, they are not the god level players, cannot fly away cannot escape, a pot gruel crashes into Luhu in abundance.

„Continue, hits their lineups!"

I am ordering loudly, a Cooldown entire position quickly randomly fell, the [House of Prestige] player in distant place looks dumbfoundedly, a group team leader even opens the mouth saying: „My grass...... The [Zhan Long] person was also too strong, originally the positional warfare can also such play......"


The scene randomly becomes a piece, the feeling that some types catch up with duck Xiatang, crosses a meeting again, the players in 60,000-70,000 Vietnamese war zones completely fell into the lake water, trampled one after another, many people directly stepping on into the lake bottom felt stifled by the person on one's own side, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others raised the pointed weapons organization melt god cavalry to defend in the bund, came up to kill one, did not make them come ashore, I brought Wan Er and Matcha and the others to continue in the surroundings to rush ahead, was [House of Prestige] and other guilds solved the biggest resistance.

Finally the [Zhan Long] more than 10,000 people of appearances turned around the entire situation directly, power balance originally turned into the unilateral slaughter, Quick Thunder Swift Wind roared is having a person of crazy fierce attack, the army in Vietnamese war zone then to start to retreat in defeat again and again.

Luhu is vast, the center of the lake region belongs to the profundal zone, the player is unable to survive, the player who 60,000-70,000 fall in the water completely became the corpse after 20 minutes, probably before they arrive, is ambitious, does not have to think one have become the frogmen in Luhu.

The fight also rapid superheating of ashore, chases down.

The distant place spreads the news once more, from Tian Ling Empire the player composes 200 000 + team, has blocked the escape route of Vietnamese war zone player directly, near one hour of slaughter, 40 thousand + Vietnam war zone player survivors over 1%, basically completely were not buried in Luhu forest map, this was the lesson of blood, the ephemeral fly shakes the tree and acting recklessly, this was also Vietnamese war zone crowd clamors the Chinese players is *** price.

The clumsy mischief-doer, dies pities insufficient!


Battlefield cleanup, what surprising people are, the [House of Prestige] person is polite, making the [Zhan Long] player advance battlefield cleanup, Quick Thunder Swift Wind raise Axe, walks to go forward, the facial expression on face was not in the past to my hatred, but had several points to admire, said: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, your [Zhan Long] is truly strong, this point must acknowledge that you battlefield cleanup, give you first ten minutes."

I thank for a kindness immediately, say with a smile: „That might as well obey orders respectfully, but [Zhan Long] will have the discretion."

Therefore, we only clean the battlefields about 20% regions, other gave them.

The equipment evaluatio, potion tidies up into the supplies completely, the [Zhan Long] players very much manages a household to be correct, knows the simple truth.

Zhan Long Chapter 1306

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