Zhan Long Chapter 1307

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Also waited for about one hour, finally gathered over 500 thousand players in the Luhu map, the majority is the player who each battlefield died in battle gathers, many people are 234 levels, cannot fly upwards in 235 levels by the card, fell the level is 234, if will again hang to meet here next time is 232 levels.


Distant place neat hoofbeat transmits, is away from the plain to see the bright flag, the NPC army from Tian Ling Empire, after approaching , the discovery is the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, commanded Qu to protect the series armed forces to come personally, total number of people approximately in 10 thousand high and low, it seems like drew back from the battlefield of fire Divine Mountain, Qu Hu rode to come, before my body, rolled off the saddle to discontinue to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Holds the spear greatly, Qu Hufeng the decree comes to be ready to accept assignment, my this time has brought 5 thousand infantry and 5 thousand rides the armed forces, in addition has a heavy artillery camp, 70 dragon crystal artillery and 200 hot crag artillery."

„Is very good!"

I nod, regain Jiu Li City just to need a NPC army like this, the 300 thousand people of sky rose are only the players, not too many heavy instruments, so long as in my hand is grasping this legendary Emperor Yu armed forces, captures Jiu Li City definitely is not the issue.

Li Mu in bypath: „Player person total about 600 thousand, Xiao Yao, us!"


I raise the sword to ride Dragon Bei, after an order, the player enormous and powerful team of starts to push onward to Jiu Li City, even [House of Prestige], [Vanguard] and other Guild the players followed the lead by me, does not have the means that came the prestige in player I to be top, two came me to dispatch the NPC army directly, this ability was to let the players feels the awe, although I was a person, but was actually representing the entire Chinese area NPC military power, this was the well-known matter.


Above again is unobstructive, the sky rose is not stupid, she will not make the players in iron skull city go out of town to attack us again, that courts death, reduces the military strength that they defend a city in vain, best the means regarding the present sky rose is the whole staff cannot persevere in Jiu Li City, consumes us, to delay Cooldown using the city firm superiority, but in fact she also does.

Across nine Lebanese forests, distant, a garnet secondary lord city appears at present, Jiu Li City!

What a pity, on Jiu Li City is fluttering now is not the Chinese national flag, but is the US stars and stripes and war flag of iron skull empire, airborne, lion vultures in the circling keenly blowing, on the city were being the dense and numerous iron skull city players have taken place, and also some NPC, were China, but after the city was captured, revolted, has been transporting fire crag artillery and crossbow car(riage) and other defense instruments, what a pity they did not have the dragon crystal artillery, because the Jiu Li City dragon crystal artillery was assembled up, luckily was like this.

Does not wait for my order, arrived at the city next later China players to start attacking a city, after being under my permission, Li Mu and Matcha also led the [Zhan Long] 1 thousand + person to coordinate to attack a city, the artisans of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces were NPC provide many scaling ladders, the attacking a city combat tanks to let the player more convenient attacking city.

„Orders dragon crystal artillery aiming city gate heavy bombing." I said one.

Qu Hu holds the fist in the other hand: „Yes, holds the spear greatly!"

Next quarter, fire rumble, what surprises me was very the Jiu Li City south gate „" one opened, inside gushed out several hundreds to raise the player of shield to compose the so-called aegis wall emphatically, the rear area was troop Healer cures the technique to draw the blood in the group of going all out, finally the dragon crystal artillery crowded bombed in the crowd, but the aegis wall stood erect not but actually, had at the same time the Healer treatment, within seconds only died in battle several people, the blank position rapidly is also supplemented on.

„Sky rose is really intelligent." The Yue Qing Qian small mouth, said: „Unexpectedly protects the city gate security with this consumption way."

I nod, raise butterfly sword saying: „We clash a time city gate, having a look at their aegis walls to block the player and double-barreled attacks of NPC heavy artillery!"


I and Lin Wan Er, the Yue Qing Qian three people almost simultaneously opened the god shape to fly, the speed certainly, the dragon crystal artillery was wreaking havoc quickly as before, hazy, I have crashed in the smog, a body spin „bang" the hit on the aegis wall, lifted the hand to ride the wind to cut the bang to kill directly above the shield wall, „clang clang clang" Venus spattered in all directions, although the player of aegis wall can share certain HP and withstands the injury, but as in my violent 15 struck dead in battle dozens people, on the aegis wall presented a large shortfall.

The Lin Wan Er direct impact comes, dragon tooth sharp knife blade and remnant rainbow chaotic dance, „ka ka ka" cut to pieces continuously several shields, the bright moon storm + beautiful woman danced wreaks havoc together, started the skill silver spear to strike, immediately the emergence of surrounding wide scope the silver Ge Jianren attack, the archer on city fell over a hundred people by the second directly!


The flame rises suddenly, is Yue Qing Qian grasping of red fox, erupts loudly in the Knight crowd, kills dozens people at one fell swoop, such several hundred aegis wall cavalry soldiers who came the sky rose to dispatch the protection city gate dying in battle half had, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and Fox and the others long-distance output, remaining was also quite uncomfortable, the attack output of [Zhan Long] was too fierce, their Healer did not pull back HP.

Is falling in this time airborne cold glow together, is the sky rose occupies a commanding position strikes!

Among hasty I lift the left hand directly, does keeps off the sword standard!


Spark scatters, the strength value of sky rose is also well below me, was shaken flies to draw back, but I make use to fight the boots to tread rush with the strength, the eruption air/Qi glow, combo starts, [Strength of a Thousand Men]!

The sky rose is in airborne actually bites the silver tooth to start the scalding hot flame shield, melted the first four attacks of [Strength of a Thousand Men], [Wind Blade] that but fifth strikes „" has actually cut to pieces her chest armor, carries over „498171" injury digit, frightens the sky rose hum to call out in alarm, flickering that speedily a time Jianfeng advances moves!


Her form shot in the airborne electricity, arrived at the Wang Jian body side, lifted the hand is [Combo], has projected on about 50% Wang Jian HP instantaneously, but Wang Jian was not the new military recruits, smiled, while the sky rose attacked own Dragon Xiangdao to tremble, fought spin of + [Blade Spin] halberd to start directly, the cutting edge changed into burns the fierce cold glow to cut in the air continuously, causing HP of sky rose to fall to about 20% directly.

In the sky rose was planning Jianfeng advances shifts once more time, suddenly a beautiful form grazes, but, is Matcha, almost „bites" two by speed that no one has seen, the sword light spatters in all directions the activeness, sky rose that almost no Jianfeng advances the gesture unexpectedly that by Successful Skill Break, entered the delay condition in a flash, the body was almost uncontrolled, invincibly is unable to open.


In a flash, the Matcha star territory fast cuts + star flame violent to strike almost falls on the shoulder of sky rose together, attribute and attack power that by Matcha flown upwards, massacred the sky rose is not the issue.

At this moment, I read some to despair and helpless in the eye of sky rose unexpectedly, yes, even if were she also had no alternative under besieging of numerous Chinese top player, she has made contribution, how the match to be too strong, any sufficiently socialized with oneself, oneself almost handed over up all skills, but the match was also actually retaining various skill and large-scale skills.

When Matcha soon a sword will settle the sky rose, suddenly on the city Knight calls out one: „Sacrifice!"

A blood line rushes to the city to fall on the body of sky rose, making a series of attacks of Matcha injure to shift the body of that Knight completely, sky rose has sent lossless, that Knight actually knelt down on the city, miserable snort hung, moreover was Knight of flying upwards lower position god, could not have blocked a series of attacks of Matcha as before.

A sky rose time Jianfeng in this moments advanced to shift to the city wall, has actually striven to enough Cooldown, in the city gate place above and side rear archer's tower has stood the archer, Musketeer and Mage.

„Collection fire!"

The sky rose issues an order, innumerable arrow arrows and magic bang kill to come, our [Zhan Long] only then several players keep off in the front, but actually must withstand the opposite party almost over 300 long-distance outputs, this is not definitely good!


I order decisively, simultaneously left hand, the shield of stars condenses, shields the people to retrocede, only hears „flip-flop" the sound is lingering on faintly, the ejection of innumerable arrow vector sum magic on the shield of stars expunges, gorgeous!

Discussed with Wan Er, Matcha and Li Mu and the others, does not worry, we cannot sacrifice Level of [Zhan Long] member under the city again, the hot crag artillery and crossbow in car(riage) city has rumbled endlessly, first made [House of Prestige], [Flying Dragon] and other Guild some members clash, consumes [Zhan Long] to give to strike again fatally is OK.

Therefore, we adopted the tour to fight the tactic, did not give the opportunity to the Fangji fire, started [Blade Spin], [Great Realm of Desolation] and other long-distance skills to massacre the opposite party the player to obtain the country along the city wall to fight points, cannot suffer a loss in any case.


Under Jiu Li City, the Chinese players gather more and more, after nearly one hour, about 700 thousand players encircle under Jiu Li City, even the distant [Hero's Mound] main force came back, Q-Sword, Tang Qi, Tang Gu and Sword Tears and the others in the crowd, Q-Sword progresses to dash about wildly to come, met with me directly, Ha Ha said with a smile: „Laborious Xiao Yao."

„You were also laborious."

I turn around to have a look at Jiu Li City, said: „This secondary lord city has made the American seize too long Cooldown, does the preparation fiercely attack officially?"


A Q-Sword nod, said with a smile: „I led 7 thousand [Hero's Mound] elite players to come, for was this!"


In this time, suddenly a warhawk is actually riding to search to drop from the clouds, is the person of palace guard, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Qi Bingda holds the spear, Xia Huojun of 15 thousand highest heaven cities enter the Zhenhai pass/test from the Luming forest, will enter again Ba Huang City within the boundaries shortly afterward!"


I deep frown saying: „The highest heaven city had the movement, did not hit Port City, what closed on Ba Huang City to make? Hurry up, how gave me the fight of highest heaven city and Port City?"

Nearby, Yue Qing Qian inquired for several seconds, gains ground saying: „The latest news, demon mountain adopts the dividing forces tactic, routs Port City 7 K and other teams under three blade edge mountains."

I look to Matcha, said: „Supple, 7 K has defeated, how do you see?"

Matcha spits the tongue, said: „Defeated is the accordance with expectation, they had insisted quick day a night, is not easy, had the demon mountain highest heaven city to be stronger than Port City."

Q-Sword knits the brows: „Demon mountain this is three services has not moved the rhythm that the grain and fodder advances obviously."

I nod: „Demon Shan Xiang hit Ba Huang City."

Tang Qi said: „American overcame Jiu Li City, German has wanted to have the idea of Ba Huang City, was Fan Shu City, was their this wants the Tian Ling Empire three satellite towns to wipe out completely?"

Zhan Long Chapter 1307

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