Zhan Long Chapter 1308

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The war is fast changing, a 7 K defeat of Port City, made the entire situation reverse immediately instantaneously, the situation in Chinese area also fell into an extremely stern potential state, had slightly carelessly, we really directly were possibly lost in Tian Ling Empire this history by „general" „the first famous city", we could not lose, Tian Ling Empire made no mistake.


„Ba Huang City player, be only less than 100 thousand people, the NPC total less than 50 thousand, absolutely cannot block the attack of highest heaven city main force, was not quite then good."

I hesitate, looks to Jiu Li City in flames of war, said: „Q-Sword, you lead everybody to continue to attack here, I must reenforce Ba Huang City."

Q-Sword naturally knows formidable, said: „Xiao Yao you could rest assured that we will again certainly seize Jiu Li City, even if dies also to the iron skull city flag on Jiu Li City capture completely!"


I turn around to look that rides to search rapidly to the warhawk of palace guard, asked: „Has the paper?"

„Has!" He takes out one page of paper volumes, above has the seal article of palace guard.

I pull out hold the copy that the spear and palace guard command greatly under above seal, afterward said: „You transmitted orders immediately, making the heavy cavalry who the Han deep pool and Xiao Lidian elects 5 thousand palace guards withdraw from the battlefield, goes to the east coast . Moreover, the entire day plume empire warship completely as centralized as east coast, I am useful."

„Yes, holds the spear greatly!"


The warhawk whipped the wing to fly away, my body week has encircled completely the [Zhan Long] player, under me decided in that Li Mu grasped fully is being the long sword of blood, said: „Then what to do, we go to the Zhenhai pass/test, fights to the finish with the demon mountain?"

My sip purses the lips, said: „Goes to at the forum to post, the Chinese player in set city, at least must gather to surpass 200 thousand people, then...... Li Mu and Wang Jian, this duty gave you, you led these 200 thousand + people to meet head-on the demon mountain the main force, must drag this group of people inevitably in Ba Huang City Holy Flame Desert and hobo camp these maps . Moreover, cannot make them wipe out Ba Huang City absolutely, at least to me insisted that over 5 hours, can be good?"

Li Mu cracks into a smile: „Although I nearly 24 hours have not closed the eyes, but I am good, this duty guarantee is complete!"


I pat him and Wang Jian shoulder, said with a smile: „Good brothers, to defend!"

Some Wang Jian surprise, asked: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, we defends Ba Huang City, do you do, attacks from the back? This is our habitually used tactics, perhaps the demon mountain will certainly see through."

I smile: „Is the circle that if I circle very big? Will the demon mountain also see through?"

Wang Jian stares: „Is it possible that the Xiao Yao elder brother you thinks...... Faints......"

He guessed correctly.

I continued to transmit orders with a smile: „Wan Er and Qing Qian, gather the [Zhan Long] sharpest 5 thousand people, goes to the east coast set, in one hour must handle."

„Oh." Two female nod together.


Afterward, everybody handled affairs respectively, Matcha, Old K, Wolf and Dancing Forest and the others helped two beautiful woman vice- pledges assemble the team, but my direct impact clouds, flew to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, right, at this time should deploy the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den military strength.

After five minutes, enters the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den domain, this innumerable is cold uncultivated land Dragon's den many time has reconstructed, the entire city appears is very quiet and dignified, I dive to fall, two Dragon Rider gentlemen took off to welcome going forward rapidly, saw after me, said with a smile: „Dragon Rider is the Sir, you? We also think that was Hybrid Demon attacks!"

I nod smile: „I look for Lady Frost, she where?"

„Administrative hall, Lady Frost is receiving the envoy who came from the highest heaven city."

„, Envoy?"


After falling to the ground, I walked with long hurried strides, two Dragon's den armed soldiers block the path, said: „Dragon Rider the Sir, Lady Frost is receiving the honored guest now, receives you inconveniently."

My vision one cold, the butterfly the sheath half, has lowered the sound to shout to clear the way: „I am Tian Ling Empire hold spear greatly, momentarily can take action first and explain later, were you tired of living? Moreover, Lady Frost had saying that can't allow me to enter?"

„Does not have...... However Lady Frost has said that anybody can not disturb......"

„Makes way!"

„Yes...... Is......"

These two young armed soldiers naturally do not dare to block me, I lifted the hand to open the front door, bringing the cold wind and snow to step into enters the warm hall, envoys in one crowd of highest heaven cities, this time were a marquis, about 40 -year-old high and low appearance, the highest heaven city symbol on shoulder was very striking, he turned around suddenly, the anger shouted to clear the way: „Who this is, dares to excel at rushing to the meeting hall?"

Queen Zi Shu holds the arm in the bosom, sits on the window, said with a smile: „Tian Ling Empire three services command and big hold Ge Xian, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider, Lady Frost to pass on disciple Li Xiao Yao, you said that is who?"

She said a big string given name, I listened quickly blurry, the marquis actually frightened the complexion to be pale: „How the marshals in day plume empire can...... How to come cold uncultivated land Dragon's den?"

„Here is my family, why can't I come?"

I let somebody cool off or calm down visits him, afterward took a step the past, arrived in front of Frost, said: „Jiu Li City the person by iron skull empire had been attacked and occupied, do the people in this highest heaven city come to here are want to do?"

Frost sip the red lip, was saying with a smile: „Feilong Hou to come here is to be on good terms with the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den peace negotiation, wants to ration 100,000 sets of armor and 100,000 handle pointed weapons to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den every year, in addition has many grain, draft animals wait / etc., others have quite moved......"

I think the beautiful woman teacher who this very lacks prospects, could not bear say: „Actually...... The highest heaven city has dispatched troops, Xia Huojun hundreds of thousands people arrived in the Zhenhai pass/test, momentarily will start to the attack of Ba Huang City, the support requirement letter of Queen Angela should quick delivering, once Frost you sign this agreement with them, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den must lose Ba Huang City this important supplies city."


Frost stands up suddenly, the complexion is pale: „Xiao Yao, real?"

„Um." I layer on layer nod, said: „The military situation that I obtain is the palace guard personally reconnoiters, how to have the vacation?"

The Frost great anger, Jianfeng comes out of the sheath, arrived directly in the napes of the neck of Feilong marquis, got angry: „Your this mean villain, the highest heaven city must attack Ba Huang City, how this matter didn't you say?"

Feilong Hou Xia must the both legs shiver: „I...... I...... Queen Sir you have not asked that I naturally had not said that subordinate...... The subordinates also think that you do not care about the Ba Huang City matter, our highest heaven city is willing to fix with cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, moreover here also has the handwritten letter of fire god Your Highness Gaia is the card, real......"


I sneer: „Gaia soon became the highest heaven city has advocated, which her was also the god, the highest heaven city to embezzle Ba Huang City patted the messenger to come cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, should not be more exposed."

Frost looks to me, asked: „Xiao Yao, you think how I do do?"

I deeply inspire, said: „Has killed him."


My voice just fell, Frost cutting Hua sword punctured thoroughly the nape of the neck of Feilong marquis, leaves behind a tiny blood hole, but the Feilong marquises die too suddenly, even does not have what response, opens the eye such straightly poured, I look immediately to surroundings Qing Luo one group of Dragon Rider gentlemen, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Kills off person who the Feilong marquises bring, does not remain!"

The sword blade edge comes out of the sheath, the Feilong marquises bring dozens people, which is actually the match, suddenly completely was cut to massacre, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den cultivation of the group of Dragon Rider gentleman each people good, but Qing Luo, the new gal and feather will put down and the others have promoted Dragon Rider, protected Dragon's den quite powerful, but killed people equally is also powerful.

This time I do very renounce, does not have a softheartedness again, as if has strengthened also a point in me, wants to capture this world to unable to be softhearted, will otherwise only degenerate into others' captive.


„Do they want to attack Ba Huang City really?" Seurre some do not believe.

I nodded saying: „Absolutely true, therefore my this time comes......"

„To invite reinforcements?" Frost smiles: „Said that how many people you want, wants the multi- discount dragon?"

I visit her with a smile: „This time with is different, I who you imagine need cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to turn out in full strength, helping me fight a time major battle, can help me including you personally?"

„What? Turns out in full strength? Do I also want to go?" The beautiful woman teacher has opened the small mouth.

I nod saying: „Um, the highest heaven city attacks not losing hope of Tian Ling Empire, this time I plan in one vigorous effort, to lead elite to take the warship from the east coast directly, the harbor from highest heaven city approach shores, there has the one pace from the highest heaven city, starts the surprise attack to capture the city instantaneously, this is my plan."

„It seems like, needed cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to deploy the enormous military strength......" Frost to say.

I nod: „Right, I need to set out all Dragon Rider gentlemen, the sur- 10 thousand Dragon's den armed soldiers, Queen Zi Shu remains to defend cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, other people go with me together, do not delay, now, gets there first!"

Frost almost does not have any hesitation: „Um!"

Military order, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den started to call the troops, after near a half hour, large quantities of cavalries have fired into the east coast, and airborne is circling leader Dragon Clan, now cold uncultivated land Dragon's den had over 300 Dragon Rider soldiers, seriously is the well-trained and equipped army!


The east coast, warship dense and numerous approach shoring, 5 thousand palace guards and 5 thousand [Zhan Long] players have taken place, embarks, our time has almost assembled the battleship of whole nation, in addition the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den 10 thousand military strength, altogether 200 000 elite all enters the sea area, 1500 + warship raising sails enter the sea area deep place, circles a great-circle to avoid the warhawk of highest heaven city to ride circuitously to search, this [Zhan Long] 5 thousand people are the people on one's own side, will not divulge a secret, other 15 thousand are NPC, is sturdier, so long as we evaded that the opposite party the informer, can start the surprise attack, lets the entire highest heaven city with me. Our motions subvert!

In the sea level, thousand sails advance together, the scene is quite majestic.

Good approach one hour, the Ba Huang City direction has transmitted the combat report, Li Mu and Wang Jian were the 200 thousand + China players of head with the 1000 thousand + armies of demon mountain have encountered under Mount Xing Yun in Ba Huang City domain, but definitely was not the match, can only hold using the terrain . Moreover the demon mountain was still continue dispatch the military strength, over 1000 thousand highest heaven city players from Port City battlefield maneuver.

Zhan Long Chapter 1308

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