Zhan Long Chapter 1309

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„Roar roar......"

More than 300 Dragon Rider gentlemen control the big dragon to paste the water surface low-altitude flying, the big dragons are exuding the low and deep roaring sound, making the water surface of entire East China Sea produce giant ripples, gathers the dreadful rough sea waves finally, the spray whips on the bow of warship, makes noise, I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Matcha and the others stands in depending on the deck of bow, the front surface blows to be salty and wet sea breeze.

Looks at the big map, I said: „Most 20 minutes approach shored again, hope that Li Mu and Wang Jian they can support Cooldown longer, at least must insist for over two hours."

Lin Wan Er has thought that said: „Perhaps is very difficult, the population was too disparately big."

A Xue Rou pair of clear pupil looks at the ocean waves of distant place, said: „Has not related, so long as we appear in the rear area of highest heaven city start to launch the attack, basically the demon mountain certainly will return to remove, after all compares to Ba Huang City, their highest heaven city important, but the highest heaven city is away from a Ba Huang City at least two hours of traveling schedule, so long as we two hours killed in the city on the line."

„Kills also the important person to defend."

I am holding the sword hilt of butterfly, leans on it in the deck, the cloak flies upwards, said: „Matcha, you inform Port City 7 K, making the person who they dispatch the entire city general military strength march forward to the highest heaven city now, our 200 000 elite duties are to crash in the city capture the sovereignty, after capturing, with the request system, making the Port City person defend, whom does this highest heaven city give to be quite good?"

„Gives the cold winter! Purple bagpipe very happy defense highest heaven city."

„Um." I nod, said: „So long as our blitzkrieg seizes, then gives the purple bagpipe them to defend, the demon mountain attacked a city from the surrounding is not simple."



I deeply inspire, the static waiting approach shores, if can let 7 K and cold winter two solid allies really guards Port City and highest heaven city separately, southeast that mainland the direction is officially stilled, which city then no matter attacks to focus on some.

Less than 20 minutes, 1000 + warships completely open the sail, the sailor row, full speed has fired into the seacoast.

The distant place heard the conch sound, NPC of highest heaven city has discovered us, but they use to guard the person in harbor not to be many, moreover not necessarily had the player, is not OK to the opportunity that they disclosed secret information.


The butterfly comes out of the sheath, I jump to enter the god shape suddenly, drinks one lowly: „Carries on, the Dragon Rider gentleman blocks the airborne domain, do not make any warhawk ride to search to be lost, controls your information."

Qing Luo nods, drinks to have several hundred Dragon Rider gentleman flying apsaras tenderly, controls the airborne range rapidly, dozens warhawks of harbor garrison rode to search just took off degenerated into the ghost under Dragon Rider soldier sword, two's strength disparity was too big, 100 warhawks rode to search also not necessarily is a match of Dragon Rider gentleman.

The warship approach shores one after another, 5 thousand [Zhan Long] player rapid first Cooldown disembark, afterward is the heavy cavalry and cold uncultivated land Dragon's den of 5 thousand palace guards 10 thousand elite armies, sweeps to be clear the harbor rapidly, climbs up Shangshantou, looked at the past from afar, the highest heaven city was away from us, only then less than 5 li (0.5km) remote, this was also only several minutes of traveling schedule!

„Surprise attack!"

Frost grasps is cutting Hua sword to soar in airborne, ordered the later 10 thousand Dragon's den armed soldiers to start toward the highest heaven city in abundance overran.

But I the god level players looked with Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Matcha, Old K, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang and other [Zhan Long], immediately lifts up high the butterfly sword, said: „All Dragon Rider soldier and god level player full speed overruns with me together, captures the city gate with the blitz tactics, do not ruin the city gate, opened the city gate to suffice, making the rear reenforcement kill to be right!"

The people nod in abundance, 11 enter the god shape, wallops with me together forward.


Highest heaven east, several NPC garrison troops hold the iron halberd to sit under the crenelation drink and are eating the roast chicken, after a full belch, a veteran said: „Xia Huojun, the Longxu Armed forces and ice shield armed forces three big trump card regiments went out of town to attack Ba Huang City to go completely, they will certainly capture the glory, was our imperial guard, but was defending Wang City, the highest heaven city was situated in the southeastern border region, where some people will attack the city, we want to perform good deeds do not have this opportunity, was really hateful!"

Another young soldier holds up wine pot: „Do not say, drinks drinks! Was satiated with food and wine has also changed the guard, we went to the tavern to understand ** character and style."

„Aha, is this, drinks!"

They are drinking time, suddenly some people are in the city wall to warn loudly: „Enemy attacks! Enemy attack! Xumi harbor authorities to raising rocket!"


A senior general of Yorozuo long rank stands up suddenly, heaving in sight truly several hundred Dragon Rider gentlemen from the sky kill, was hundreds of thousands of iron cavalry soldiers raises the dust of soaring to the heavens to threaten the border to come, flash Yorozuo's long complexion was green: „Damn, where many do so soldiers and horses from come? Hateful, the garrison troops of important pass eat the excrement? Unexpectedly put that many people to come!"

„Comes the person, shuts tightly the front door! The archers scout!"

„Heavy artillery camp!? Hurry up, your cannon rusty words have not opened fire to me immediately, came many Dragon Rider soldiers, was the day kills, the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den person comes?"

„Didn't the Feilong marquises send to the high quality goods to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den? Damn, this what's the matter?"



I passed over gently and swiftly sky over suddenly this Yorozuo's long top of the head, lands on his suddenly, the sword blade edge erupts to ride the wind to cut the crazy fierce output of + [Strength of a Thousand Men], left three 10 times of injuries continuously, making his HP fall 40% high and low, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue came one set of skill respectively, I came god step 7 levels of [Combo] again, killed it directly!


Is raising the head of this Yorozuo long belt blood, I soared in the city, held up the head high, said loudly: „The highest heaven city has fallen into enemy hands, puts down the weapon to forgive you not dead!"

The airborne, giant shadows passed over gently and swiftly, the big dragon in the dragon rest/breath emits on the city, the Eastern city wall in highest heaven city rapidly has become a sea of fire, one group of soldiers are dumbfounded, finally, „clang", a sword blade edge of imperial guard fell to the ground, one after another more and more imperial guards have thrown down the pointed weapons, the Dragon Rider soldier is how strong, ordinary humanity is unable to resist, let alone under the city also has the mighty force, the NPC army that approaches the city defense lost the courage of having fought.

„Opens the city gate!" I show a faint smile.

Old K and One Second Hero two people flew, shakes the spanner, opens the city gate, this heavy iron gate at least over 100,000 tons, during the migrations make „humming sound" sound, but on the city many people are resisting as before, puts up the Chinese players and NPC who under the bow and arrow fire city fiercely attacks, but this is only the praying mantis arm, when the car(riage), rapid was brought the Dragon Rider soldier killing by Qing Luo, about 10 thousand garrison troops on entire East city wall almost win victory without firing a shot was taken by us, remaining was unceasingly in crowded the highest heaven city players toward the city wall!

The demon mountain at least leaves behind over 500 thousand players to defend the imperial city, how many people but some under our blitzkriegs can respond rapidly?

„Kills! Attacks the imperial palace!"

Has aimed at the imperial palace direction of highest heaven city simply straightly, my double sword screw flushed Going out, sword air/Qi wreak havoc in the crowd, whole body rapid dyeing the blood, the whole person as if turned into the deicide to be common completely, brings to advance on the urban main road that the [Zhan Long] 5 thousand people are breaknecking forward, but airborne is the reenforcement of Dragon Rider soldiers, the flame in all directions emits, making in the ground the players in highest heaven city be at a loss.

Quick, was a main NPC army of highest heaven city has killed, BOSS of overhead grasped the double axe, on the shoulder is reappearing the symbol of commanding, shouted to clear the way loudly: „The brothers who porch raises the armed forces, attack to me, protect your majesty, cuts to kill all invading enemies, does not want the frightened Dragon Rider gentleman, they are also the flesh and blood, making this group of bold evildoers experience the porch to raise the might of armed forces, with belaying, belays Dragon Rider!"

The NPC soldier who in the ground, the porch raises the armed forces has promoted machine crossbows, „whiz whiz whiz" continuous emission many [say / way] belay, low-altitude flying comes that Dragon Rider soldier rapid bedding bag to live, the big dragon landing, the Dragon Rider gentleman goes all out to struggle, but does not help matters, that belays is the special material quality manufacture, generally the pointed weapons are unable to cut off.


The sword shield soldier who one crowd of porches raise the armed forces overran, the sharp sword chops to chop disorderly on the body of big dragon, but spatters in all directions Spark, unexpectedly is unable to break Dragon Jia!

„That is only young Dragon, on Axe!" The porch raises commanding of armed forces to exclaim loudly, grasps Axe to overrun personally, with dozens Axe soldiers.

When Axe falls, the body of that young Dragon left deep wounds immediately, the blood crossflow, the next quarter, this young Dragon was ripped the fragment together with own contract Dragon Rider gentleman again together, the flesh and blood is dripping!

I look in the heart a pain, the Dragon Rider gentleman truly is also a person, will be killed.


„Ha Ha Ha Ha...... father said that Dragon Rider is also a person!" The porch raised the bureau of investigation collar height to raise high the head of that year light Dragon Rider soldier, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Attacks to me, the father does not believe this group of Dragon Rider soldiers to take over our standing erect thousand years highest heaven city not but actually!"

At this moment, after making war, Frost that had not begun to kill people had the movement finally, the whole person changed into a lightning to plunder, cut Hua sword to plunder, the next quarter, the porch raised the head that the armed forces commanded then to roll in the place, in the nape of the neck is spurting the blood crazily, incarnadine Frost white battle dress skirt-width, she walked to go forward silently, carries the porch to raise the head that the armed forces commanded, drank suddenly greatly: „Dares to resist stubbornly again, kills without the amnesty!"


The Frost sound is having supernatural power, just likes the shock-wave lets the eardrum ache of people generally, the soldier who even many porches raise the armed forces on knees down directly, under the Frost Lord pressure that the knees shiver cannot gain ground, in a flash, the porch raises the battle efficiency of armed forces to reduce, only then about 30% , can only degenerate into the conquered by killing object, hands over the weapon does not kill, other cuts to kill completely at the scene!


Frost gets rid, not only the NPC awe into submission submissive, the players also fear, 500 thousand garrison troops that the highest heaven city leaves behind are not elite in player, many people concentrate on producing Class, where can be our matches, immediately many people also soon gave up resisting.

Actually they do not know, only if others attacks to contract malaria uncultivated land Dragon's den, otherwise Frost will not get rid to strike to kill the player on own initiative.

Zhan Long Chapter 1309

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