Zhan Long Chapter 1310

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The melt god cavalry is trampling the king main road in highest heaven city, Matcha, Meng Yao and Old K and the others rapid advance, in addition I and Lin Wan Er, Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue from the sky reenforce, in addition the baptism of 300 + Dragon Rider gentlemen, which the player and NPC on king main road can also be able to resist, was conquered rapidly by killing, less than 30 minutes of Cooldown already soldier near imperial palace front.


„Makes way!"

Frost shouted lightly, a hand, such as in the palm of jade was surging slightly stars gloss, „bang" changed to the shock-wave to rumble together, the imperial palace front door that immediately, the steel and iron casts at present was burnt directly has melted, the front road became the vast stretch of flat land.


The Han deep pool is raising the long blade, dumbfounded, said: „Which this is the strength that humanity can have......"

Xiao severe nods: „No wonder Lady Frost can contend with the dark blue billows Great Emperor......"

Han deep pool: „Was a pity that has the chest to have the woman of buttocks to be so strong, which man dares to want?"

Frost turned around to look at their one eyes suddenly, immediately two people trembled, for fear that Frost are angry have picked their heads, was good because of the Frost temperament is also good, said: „You are the Li Xiao Yao subordinates, I do not kill you, otherwise you flying ash has annihilated now!"

To come, her temperament truly is good.


In the imperial palace hears the war cries, large quantities of highest heaven city palace guards flushed, puts on yellow Jinjia, on the armor before left chest is carving one „imperial" character, on the pointed weapons that uses is carving own name, one group of people wallop, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Protects your majesty, defends the highest heaven city, kills Going out!"

The corners of the mouth that the Han deep pool cannot bear raise, disdain saying: „The highest heaven city long time does not pass through war, has not thought that their palace guards were unexpectedly inferior to this degree, so fancy equipment, possibly could withstand the baptism of war? Come the brothers, palace guard heavy cavalry give me [Assault], what teaches their palace guards to be, protects the sovereign, not necessarily must have a high and respected position in the city, the palace guard in our day plume empire, must fight up and down the country!"

One group of palace guards are high-spirited under the drive of Han deep pool, moreover these 5 thousand palace guards basically are elite in palace guard, at least over 10,000 temple Knight level powerhouses, in addition excellent pointed weapons, armor and warhorse, in imposing manner already complete crush match, Han Yuan, Xiao severe two god level Yorozuo long loudly, attacks to kill together with the heavy cavalry.

The [Zhan Long] players have not fallen behind, press forward clashes, the palace guard in highest heaven city, after having killed, fights points to the country, moreover gives also many, does not kill does not kill in vain!

Is less than 20 minutes, more than 8000 highest heaven city palace guards turned into the corpse.



Is treading in the imperial palace the lawn of garden, I and Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Lin Wan Er and the others moved toward the main hall together, when dyed the overlord boots of full blood stepped in the white stair immediately has left a blood footprint, was hand-held the sword hilt, step by step walked to go forward, but the front residual several hundred palace guards only dared distantly was pointing at me with the sword, the courage of unexpectedly continually resisting did not have.

In the main hall, the civil and military whole body of ministers of highest heaven city, what a pity, them soon will change the lord.

„Halts to me!"

Suddenly, the front hears the low and deep shouting at sound, carefully looks, is one about 20 years old over point young sovereign, really in legend real, the demon mountain held the imperial throne a young young emperor, it seems like it was this person, he put out a hand finger of I, angry [say / way]: „Who you are, dares to excel at rushing to the imperial palace!"

Unexpectedly does not know that who I am? The day plume empire symbol on my shoulder is not false, is he emperors in highest heaven city meets unexpectedly does not know my kingdom symbol and military rank?

Nearby, a military commander said: „Your majesty...... He...... He is Li Xiao Yao, day plume empire holds the spear greatly, person who governs the day of plume empire several million armies......"

„What?" The young emperor gets angry: „Tian Ling Empire how holds the spear to arrive at the highest heaven city greatly, massacres him to me, a bit faster massacres him, otherwise I have cut your heads!"

I am silent, although this young emperor is similar to the age of shallow forest, but...... Was very different!


I turn round to look that hints saying: „Massacres the sovereign!"

„Yes, General!"

The Han deep pool lowers roars to overrun, the long blade swings to shake two military commanders, does not wait for that young emperor to have anything to respond that a knife point spin hears „" one, the blood spatters in all directions, the head of sovereign flew, this young emperor shouted that does not have, Han Yuan blade was too quickly is too quick.

I tread the bloodstain of emperor to walk to go forward step by step, the butterfly sword in the hand flood the fearful gloss, blood red, [Kill for Blood] 400, Xiao severe was also already leading the palace guard to follow me together, probably to protect me.

Civil and military of one crowd of highest heaven cities that dumbfounded looks that the sovereign was killed, their matter has not been done unexpectedly, looks that the administrative style and achievements of local officials of this highest heaven city are also suffice to be defeated, at least absolutely does not have the means to compare with Tian Ling Empire, wants to come the demon mountain very much not to be usually good at managing these, I have possibly striven to excel in this aspect much.


The butterfly sword pricks on the King stair suddenly, my shouted at: „Hasn't knelt down?"

Those who let me not think, these civil and military has not revolted unexpectedly, such 11 one after another knelt on the ground, even some people loudly were shouting: „Holds the spear to long live greatly!"

My vision is imposing, is this feeling of conquering?

„Who is Ministry of War Shangshu?"

I asked.

An about 40 -year-old high and low person walked: „Holds the spear greatly, below."

„Immediately submits all military tallies."

„Holds the spear greatly, do you want?" He visits me in consternation.

My corners of the mouth raise: „Isn't clear? I must govern entire highest heaven city all military authorities, immediately gives me the military tally, hurry up!"


All military tallies start, but did not mean that I governed the national soldiers and horses of highest heaven city, after all three big regiments engaged in fierce battle in Ba Huang City, these military strength I am unable to control absolutely, issued Han Yuan, Xiao severe and the others the military tally rapidly, making them transmit orders, NPC of entire city stopped revolting, complete obedient day plume empire's management.

One the foot tramples the king throne, wrecks successfully, jumps out condition that several have been able to choose, seizes and abandons, request, but my direct selection delegation pattern, next quarter, a ting reverberation above sky


System Announcement: Please note, player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) destroyed successfully 【Highest heaven city】 King throne, and chose 【Request】 The pattern, entrusted the city to player 【Purple bagpipe】( Portugal) management, the highest heaven city was integrated during the city list of Chinese server officially, every day the city income submits 70% to pay the Chinese server, 30% pay the Portuguese server, all NPC resources belonged to the Portuguese server!


Handles, I raised the sword to go down the throne immediately, said: „Hurry up, if as expected one hour of demon mountain must attack a city from the north gate, we must catch up with the German war zone player in city to clean up in this Cooldown!"


Matcha nods, said: „The people of 7 K and cold winter outside the city, the purple bagpipe entered a city, she came to be happy quickly, unexpectedly has attained an independent main city use for the Portuguese server."

„Ha, kills people quickly!"


One group of people left imperial palace rapidly, is leading the [Zhan Long] player and palace guard continues to slaughter, but the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider soldier regiment returned to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den under leadership of Qing Luo, their duties have been accomplished, at my request, Frost left behind all Dragon's den armed soldiers to help to defend a city, at least must defend a powerful wave of attack that the demon mountain came back to be good.

Port City main Guild basically came, inside and outside attacks from both sides, causing the player in German war zone unable to contend, 500 thousand people were massacred about half, afterward runs away the going out of town larger part, now is cleaned up by us from the city again, the quick remaining tens of thousands people, can only launch the fragmentary counter-attack, too has not threatened greatly.


One after hour, the purple bagpipe leads the cold winter, wild with rage and other players of country server to move into the highest heaven city, total number of people approximately in 1000 thousand high and low, but the 7 K person returned to Port City to defend a city . Moreover, the person who helping the highest heaven city defend a city also has our [Zhan Long] these 3 thousand + people, as well as one crowd of NPC, were very rare, our seizing like lightning have gone to the highest heaven city, the price of but paying was not small, the [Zhan Long] 5 thousand elite battle losses surpassed the appearance that 30% , 5 thousand palace guard remaining 3 thousand did not arrive, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den 10 thousand Dragon's den armed soldier also battle losses about half, no wonder Frost With Qing Luo can such loving dearly.

Stands on the Beicheng wall, I and Lin Wan Er, Matcha and the others is waiting, but the purple bagpipe stands side Matcha, said: „Was lucky that your otherwise we forever do not have the means to capture the highest heaven city from demon mountain."

Matcha shows a faint smile: „Does not need to thank us, must thank must thank the demon mountain to have the idea of Ba Huang City unexpectedly, this is he courts destruction, has nothing to do with us, we had decided with the highest heaven city peaceful coexistence, he must receive the instigation of sky rose, whom can this also blame?"

„Actually, this country war should be the clear pupil develops a black ink plan, she and sky rose and demon mountain have the relation, although the clear pupil develops black ink not to get rid, but is she has been supplying ideas." The purple bagpipe nips the cherry lips, said: „In fact...... Did the third round country fight is the clear pupil develops black ink and gambling of Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster two people?"

Matcha said with a smile lightly: „These time was the clear pupil develops black ink to lose obviously, she has not expected the Chinese district conference to be so bold, pushed directly into directly the demon mountain den smashing."

The purple bagpipe looks to me, asked: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai Guildmaster, although our present main city quantities have surpassed the match, however our population are well below, what to do do you plan?"

I look that the distant place demon mountain leads the mist and dust of army to be billowing, the fist falls on the crenelation gently, said: „And other iron skull city and people in Ze deep pool city die completely after the Chinese area domain one returns to the city, we can start have counter-attacked, pushes directly into, attacks Ze deep pool city and iron skull city, I do not think that ranking four and fifth country has fought, this time must fight to decide the universe, lets the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city submits to!"


The purple bagpipe visits me in consternation, in beautiful eyes is bringing endless astonished.

Zhan Long Chapter 1310

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