Zhan Long Chapter 1311

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The attack of demon mountain is earlier, even has not waited for the military baggage that we come to arrive in full starts to mobilize the player to attack a city, he was worried that is worried about the garrison troops in highest heaven city to be getting more and more, but oneself is a player in mourning owner of lost articles city, after dying in battle, does not have including the resurrecting point, once will hang the rebirth in the randomly Coordinate on big map.

When the time comes the will of the people really has dispersed, wants to seize the highest heaven city more difficult such as to ascend to heaven again.

Under the city, the players in innumerable original highest heaven city surge to the city, is crowded.

On the city, the cold winter Guild Guildmaster purple bagpipe raises the long sword, said loudly: „Long-distance attack in close order, do not make them approach the city!"

The players large number of elderly persons of cold winter, does not fear, the archer, Mage, Musketeer counterattack, under to city carries on the crush attack using the city players of altitude advantage, in the highest heaven city altogether three NPC armies, total thousand people had been surrendered by me, captures the military authority later these armies to subordinate in the Chinese war zone, therefore obeys in my this holds the order of spear greatly, in addition in the city altogether 200 + Long Jing artillery and 1000 + hot crag artillery were collected to erect on the city, the present demon mountain is certainly painful, own heavy artillery on the contrary was used for the bang now kills the person on one's own side..

The west side of Beicheng wall, the [Zhan Long] thousand + person is guarding, Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, Fox and the others output fully, the Dancing Forest present attack speed went to the situation of exaggeration, in one second 3 arrows about, kill one person every 2 arrow seconds, therefore she is fluctuating unceasingly the position, the scalding hot arrow arrow strikes to kill the players under city unceasingly, frequently a very-long-range AOE injury of meteor arrow, making the player of attacking a city very painful.

This gained the country to fight the points good opportunity I naturally not to miss, opens the god shape to rush to the city to cover directly kills, the person of demon mountain wants to kill me unable to massacre, can only degenerate into the killed object, again shortly, Wan Er, Old K, Matcha, Meng Yao and other god level members also leap the city to meet head-on to gain many points with my location together outside, but Yue Qing Qian and Dancing Forest these god level players cannot get down, after all the defensive power is slightly low, the resiliency is not quite good, was massacred by the second easily.

The Beicheng wall was just the stress biggest point, [Zhan Long] such gang cold winter Guild stiffly shoulders the pressure, person who near a half hour of struggle, has not let the demon mountain extremely in close city.

The war is just luxurious, raised the demon mountain of fire god spear to appear by far, instigated the warhorse, in the eye is having the spunk, exclaimed lowly: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai! Your what meaning, my demon mountain where offended you, did you have the human to sneak attack our highest heaven city unexpectedly?!"

I hold up the sword to fly, replied: „You have not offended me, but has the human to attack Ba Huang City, this was equal to offending the entire Chinese area, I was the Chinese player, naturally cannot visit you to attack Ba Huang City!"

The demon mountain clenches jaws, raises fire god spear saying: „I work as the friend you, are you like this cloudy I?"

My hanging down butterfly sword, is pointing to him, said: „Demon mountain, I also took you to work as the friend, hopes Tian Ling Empire and highest heaven city mutual non-aggression, but you break a contract in first, can this no wonder I, not?"

Demon mountain great anger: „Since this, that fights to the finish, the sky rose feared that you and clear pupil develop black ink to fear you and maplewood are drunk to fear you, my demon Shan Ke does not fear you!"

Saying, the demon mountain was roaring to start the god shape to clash, with five opening god shape players, is his subordinates 12 gods a player, at this moment, in the guild channel broadcast the Li Mu sound: „Xiao Yao, the invincible skill of demon mountain has used, cools the Cooldown also 25 minutes, you look at the office."

I secretly rejoice immediately, looks backward, said: „Everybody shields me, we one round strikes to kill the demon mountain, making them lose rapidly resists."

Saying, me has been raising the butterfly sword to clash, uses a star card, raises the long sword is one time flies high to divide to chop!

The demon mountain horizontal the country fire god spear comes to square to keep off, only listens to „clang", the fire god spear is only country, the butterfly is actually world country, stiffly shakes the rebound to go to the ground him, I have not delayed, pursues rapidly, [Tempest Sword] opens, lifts the hand to erupt the Longteng nine days, directly soars the demon mountain the body to go!

The demon mountain is in the midair actually to look clearly, knows that cannot be struck by me directly, calls out one to start the flame shield protection in the front, unexpectedly weakened the Longteng nine days of injuries large scale, before landing that moment, the fire god spear speedily presses in the ground, has almost become the arch, having the body of being bewitched mountain rapidly to recoil, fought the boots to contain the vigorous strength to trample!

My body one side, the overlord fights the knee to press suddenly, meets the approaching enemy his war boots.


The god level energy spatters in all directions, this is a superior god and collision of position god.

The game operation of demon mountain truly is the peak level, strikes cannot hit, fire god spear already poisonous snake from one side swallows to come, I turn around without enough time, then left hand, the shield of stars condenses, shaking stiffly opens the attack of fire god spear, right hand butterfly sword golden light greatly Sheng, rides the wind the attack that cuts to be vivid!


The personal appearance of demon mountain had been controlled by me under the side, wants to walk cannot leave, one that bears calls out in alarm, he knows that rides the wind fierce that cuts, grasps world country and in addition to hold the attribute of strength of superior god by me, can with riding the wind to cut absolutely strikes the second to massacre his.

At this moment, transmitted a chill in the air, the vice- Guildmaster eternal waterwheel of demon mountain came, above the sword blade edge was reappearing incorruptible, the consecutively three swords divided to chop on my shoulder, unexpectedly stiffly riding the wind to cut the gesture breaking, this skill was good!

Almost does not return, I started directly have trod broken heavenly thunder skill!


A body spin, plane sweeping of butterfly sword in hand, when I turn around, the butterfly has chopped in the napes of the neck of eternal waterwheel, the sweeping away attack of [Seven Star Fragment Slash], blew out fatally strikes!



System announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) struck to kill the lower position god level player successfully 【Eternal waterwheel】( Germany), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!

Another several directions, the helper of demon mountain also came, but my person also came! Lin Wan Er, Old K, Matcha and Yue Qing Qian flushed, fights with all might with pure gold horseshoe, ocean waves, true character, ghost eye and other highest heaven city god level players directly in the same place, in the meantime, Dancing Forest to shoot the date bow burst demon mountain, has made his HP fall about 30%.

Although the demon mountain is quite straightforward, but in the game also knows when this onset and retreat, under he is angry has not gone to chase down Dancing Forest, knows that will fly a kite, actually turns around to walk, shouts to behind player greatly: „The [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, massacres them to me! The entire firepower covers!"

Under the city after is their domains.

But my this time really does not want to make the demon mountain run away, massacres him in this at one fell swoop, simply comparing favorably with mighty force merit! Therefore the butterfly sword one overran horizontally, depends the effect immunity of overlord helmet heroic heart to fall all dizziness and deceleration effects, fired into the demon mountain straightly, on the armor the arrow arrow and magic has wreaked havoc, did not draw back as before, the butterfly sword raised, prayed: „Star explodes!"

So long as the star explodes triggering, 10 times of injuries can certainly the second of demon mountain!

What a pity, all are not smooth, has not exploded, but the Superior injury falls on the shoulder of demon mountain, but has also let the remnant blood that he turned into 10% not to arrive at!


The demon mountain is also a crabby, the fire god spear shakes, going all out turns round directly to me one set of skill, the fire god spear after is country, the striking power is fierce, in addition the unceasing bombardment of surrounding Mage, my HP also arrived at about 20% in an instant, the hurried [Cleansing Rain] technique returns to the blood, simultaneously sinking body [Blade Rush], the cutting edge of butterfly goes straight to the napes of the neck of demon mountain, delivers gently!



The weakness injures Superior attack, finally massacred!


System announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) struck to kill the god level player successfully 【Demon mountain】( Germany), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!

Surroundings bow and arrow, magic and flintlock fire in all directions came together, I the backlash of body, simultaneously the left hand raises hurriedly in a flash, the shield of stars starts, the radiant stars become protects my heavy shield that fortunately this star territory Wu Jue Cooldown, only then several seconds, otherwise I definitely died here, double fist difficult enemy four, under this city the people in highest heaven city far more than were four are so simple!

Returns turns around, the system announcement sound again and again, Lin Wan Er had already struck to kill the ocean waves, Matcha strikes to kill the pure gold horseshoe, Old K Yue Qing Qian with joint forces strikes to kill the true character, and other god level players in abundance escaped as for the evening light, the ghost eye, they are not silly, death in vain under the city, actually the demon mountain will not be silly, but after not having invincible skill, cannot escape from my chasing down.


Matcha looks that my remnant blood returns, cannot bear say with a smile: „What person is so fierce, punched this appearance our eldest children?"

I am speechless: „Gangs up on"

On the city, Darling Duck rapid treats to me, after returning to the full blood, immediately returns to the body murder to gain points, at this moment, Yue Qing Qian eats to say with a smile: „Brother Xiao Yao, good news!"

„Um? What good news?"

„We have the warhawk to ride to search to be in sight the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate and in the map between iron skull cities noticed that the demon mountain has renovated there from a highest heaven city at least 8 hours of traveling schedule, even if the demon mountain can fly that also at least over 5 hours traveling schedules, you said that is the good news?"

„Ha Ha, this truly is the good news!"

My mood is greatly crisp, after demon mountain and the others lost the highest heaven city, degenerated into the vagrant player, fights in the country is killed is the entire map randomly passes on resurrecting, should better transmit Chi You tribe resurrecting to west boundary border region them to be good, rides the war ordinary is the player goes to the highest heaven city from Chi You tribe just stretches across the east and west of entire destiny map, at least 12 hours of traveling schedule, changes into the walk player, a that at least 20 hours of traveling schedule, was equal to taking plane to circle Earth flying half-turn, loved.

It is estimated that now demon mountain has soon irritated

Zhan Long Chapter 1311

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